15 Bathroom Fitting Brands in India: for smart and stylish homes

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Are you searching for a bathroom fittings brand that can make your bathroom look beautiful and luxurious? Here, I have a list of India's best bathroom fitting brands

Bathroom Fitting is something you should never compromise with because you don't buy bathroom fittings daily.

This is a one-time investment you make while building or repairing your house. Today we will discuss the Top 15 Bathroom Fittings & Sanitary Brands in India, which have the best washroom accessories. 

If you are confused between multiple bathroom fitting brands, read this short article to learn more about the best bathroom Fitting brands.

Also, if you are furnishing your house, you can check our list of the best websites for Home decor in India, where you can get everything you need at a much better price. 

Keep reading for Bathroom Accessories Manufacturers in India and make the best choice.

 Bathroom Fitting Brands in India

List of Best Bathroom Fitting Brands In India

Best Bathroom Fitting Brands   

Head Office

1. Johnson


2. Eros Standard 


3. RAK Ceramics


4. Roca


5. Hindware


6. Somany


7. Jaquar


8. Cera


9. Kohler

United States

10. Parryware


11. Neycer 

Tamil Nadu

12. Aquant


13. Glocera


14. American Standard

United States

15. Delta

United States

Review of Best Bathroom Fitting Brands In India

1. Johnson



Johnson is big in the Indian market, and you might have known it for the best baby care products, napkins, and more, but bathroom fitting is also one of the many things this brand manufactures. 

Under bathroom fitting by Johnson will find bath fittings, toilets, cisterns and more. Johnsons are practically one of the best bathroom fittings brands in india. You get international standard quality and design at a super affordable price. You can buy Johnson Bathroom fitting online on Amazon at a discounted price.

  • Product Categories- Faucets, Sanitary-ware, Kitchen Sinks, Multi-function Bathtubs, Shower Enclosures, Bathroom Accessories.

  • Widespread Faucets by Johnson Bathrooms - Omega, Altis, Fusion, Twirl, Jazz, and Ruby.

  • Popular Sanitaryware by Johnson Bathrooms - Vanity Basins, Omnisuites, Wall Hung Closets, Wall Hung Couple Closets

  • Johnson Bathrooms Standard Head Office - 305, Laxmi Niwas Apartments, Ameerpet, Hyderabad -500 016, India CIN: L26942AP1992PLC014033

2. Eros Standard 

Eros Standard 

Eros Standard is known for its premium sanitaryware across India. The company has manufacturing plants in Gujarat, where they manufacture bathroom fittings with unique and innovative design. It is one of the best sanitaryware brands in India and has excellent bathroom fittings. 

Eros standard sanitaryware is known to have quality, style and practicality. The brand tends to create your bathroom the most-preferred comfort zone with its outstanding products. The brand is well known for its Wall hung basin, closets, and platform basins. You can check out Eros Standard Sanitaryware online on Amazon and get the bathroom fitting at a discounted price.

  • Product Categories- Wall hung basins, closets, platform basins, counter basins, tabletop basins, intricabrasso, intricate flora, and intricagoldie branding.
  • Eros Standard Head Office - Shobheshwar Rd, opp. Picnic Centre, Lakhdhirpur, Morbi, Gujarat 363642

3. RAK Ceramics

RAK Ceramics

From Sanitaryware to Ceramics for your bathroom, this brand has a lot to offer. When it comes to bathroom ceramic, this brand is unbeatable across the world. It is one of the best bathroom fittings brands in India.

If you are looking for a designer bathroom fitting brand in India, you must check out RAK Ceramics. The brand has an outstanding designer collection of tiles, bathware, faucets and porcelain tableware.

  • Product Categories- Basins, Faucets, Bathroom Furniture, Toilets, Wellness toilets, Baths, Accessories, Urinals, Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures.



  • RAK Ceramics Head Office - 19th Floor, Commerz II, International Business Park, Oberoi Garden City, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063

4. Roca


Roca is India's largest brand for Bathroom fittings and accessories with a vast collection of products. This brand walked up the success ladder quickly because of its outstanding bathroom accessories in India.

Roca provides you with Basins, Faucets, Toilets, Baths, Shower trays, Mirrors, Urinals, and the list is never-ending. It is one of the best Indian bathroom fitting brands focusing on innovative designs and outstanding quality.

Roca has brought Spanish technology and designs to India. And their bathroom fitting will give you a distinctive European feel. You can get Roca bathroom fittings at a great price online on Amazon. It is one of India's best luxury & premium bathroom fittings brands.

  • Product Categories- Basins, Faucets, Bathroom Furniture, Toilets, Wellness toilets, Baths, Accessories, Urinals, Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures.

  • Bathroom collections by Roca- Inspira, Beyond, Alba, Khroma, Carmen, The Gap, Hall, Meridian, Dama, Debba

  • Basins & Furniture Solutions by Roca- Ohtake, Stratum, Heima, Prisma, Stratum, The Gap Original, and Victoria Basic

  • Roca Head Office - Unit 10 , 11 & 12 Ground Floor, ABW Towers, MG Road, Near Iffco Chowk, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122002, India Phone: 0124 - 4055032

5. Hindware


Hindware started with Chinese Sanitaryware in India in the year 1960. And since then, 60 years passed, and Hindware has become the most prominent brand in the Indian bathroom fittings market. The brand has four manufacturing plants in India.

With this brand, you bring home unbeatable quality and unique design. This brand also specialises in Italian bathroom fitting in India. If you want to create an international look for your bathroom, Hindware bathroom fitting brand has everything you need.

Hindware Sanitaryware collection includes faucets, washbasins, water closets, showers, urinals, cisterns, bathtubs, and accessories.

  • Product Categories- Wash Basins, Water Closets (WC), Cisterns, Urinals, Bidets, Products for Specially abled, Kids Series, Sink
  • Popular Bathroomware collection by Hindware - Modern Industry, Pirate’s Quest, Vibrant Wonder, Space Odyssey, and Submarine Dream.
  • Hindware Head Office - 301-302, Park Centra Sector-30, National Highway 8. Gurgaon, Haryana Phone: +91- 124-477 9200

6. Somany


Somany is a growing bathroom fitting brand in India but has become popular among people because of its unique designs and contemporary style. This brand comes among top sanitary brands in India. It has a great range of sanitaryware products, and each has its own signature presence.

Who said bathrooms are boring? With Somany bathroom fittings, you can add elements to your bathroom and create an aesthetic look. Somany manufactures cisterns, water closets, seat covers, health faucets, vanity basins, and cabinet basins. You can buy Somany bathroom fitting ranges online on Amazon.

Product Categories- Wash Basins, cisterns, water closets, seat covers, health faucets, vanity basins, and cabinet basins.

7. Jaquar


Jaquar is a leading luxury bathroom fitting brand in India with 5 manufacturing locations across India. Jaquar produces around 24 million Sanitaryware in a year. This brand is specialized in crafting showers, free-standing bathtubs and other sanitaryware that can add elegance to your bathroom.

Jaquar Sanitaryware always offers an extra degree of performance. The most amazing product by Jaquar till date is the cordless rain shower, body jets, and fully remote-controlled accessories.

Product Categories- Faucets, Showers,Sanitary-ware, Wellness, Shower Enclosures, Water Heaters, Flushing Systems, Washroom Accessories, Lighting

8. Cera


Cera is a new brand that has entered the fitting bathroom market and made a name for itself. Cera has its manufacturing plant in Gujarat, and it produces around 3 million sanitaryware products every year.

Cera started with tiles and then moved into the bathroom fitting. Now they have a great range of bathroom fittings products, including Faucet, Showers, bathtubs, Jacuzzi, Wash Basins, Kitchen Sinks and Vitrified Floor & Wall Tiles.

Product Categories- Sanitary ware, Wash Basins, Urinals, Cisterns, Bath Accessories, Green Products, Faucets, Tiles, Water Heaters, and BIM Products.

9. Kohler


Kholer is a US brand for sanitaryware, and it is world-famous because of its high class and best sanitary fittings. It operates over 40 different locations and is also massively popular in India.

Kholer has over 13000 patents in its name for sanitary fittings, and it is one of the finest luxury brands for bathroom fittings in India. The best collection of Kholer includes Faucets, Toilets and showers. Besides Bathroom fittings, Kholer is also famous as a kitchen fitting brand in India.

Product Categories- Fittings, Accessories,Bathing, Bidets,Faucets, Showers,Lavatories, Suites & Ensembles, Toilets, Natures Chemistry and Artist Editions

10. Parryware


Parryware is a well-known brand in India for manufacturing bathroom fittings, and it has recently partnered with Roca. Parryware has seven plants manufacturing bathroom fittings across India.

The most popular product by Parryware is electronic toilets. The electronic toilets by Parryware come with antimicrobial seating. This brand is the first to come up with such an exciting idea. Parryware is known for its exquisite design, which makes it different from other bathroom fittings brands in India.

Product Categories- Fittings, Accessories,Bathing, Bidets,Faucets, Showers,Lavatories, Suites & Ensembles, Toilets,Natures Chemistry and Artist Editions

11. Neycer 


Neycer is an Indian brand of bathroom fittings that started in 1960 with Ceramic Sanitaryware—neycer bathroom fitting trend because of their colours, styles, features, and design. The brand has a manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu. 

Neycer manufactures premium sanitaryware that has the potential to create a statement and transform your traditional washroom. You get wall-hung washbasins, table-top washbasins, electronic closets, and many more exciting bathroom fittings by Neycer.

Product Categories- Fittings, Accessories, Bathing,Bidets, Faucets,Showers, Lavatories, Suites & Ensembles, Toilets, Natures Chemistry and Artist Editions

12. Aquant


Aquant launched as a bathroom fittings brand in 2007, and now it has captured all major cities of India. The brand manufactures premium sanitary ware and an extensive collection of natural stone basins.

If you are into offbeat material, you will find sanitaryware made out of Onyx, Concrete, Wood, etc. This brand has everything you need from classic showers to baby jets to waterfall showers. Their products come with a ten years warranty and excellent service.

Product Categories- Fittings, Accessories,Bathing, Bidets,Faucets, Showers, Lavatories, Suites & Ensembles, Toilets,Natures Chemistry and Artist Editions

13. Glocera


Global Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. offers contemporary and luxurious bathrooms, tiles and sanitary wares from leading manufacturers worldwide. Thus, under one roof, the brand introduces designs from Italy, Spain, Egypt, Turkey, Taiwan, Brazil, and China. It is one of the Top Bathroom Fittings & Sanitary Brands in India.

Product Categories- Basins, Faucets, Bathroom Furniture, Toilets, Wellness toilets, Baths, Accessories, Urinals, Bathroom Fittings & Fixtures.

Popular ranges of Glocera bathrooms -  Lounge, Stamford, Raina, Kandy, Spring.
14. American Standard

American Standard

It is one of the most iconic brands in sanitary ware. American Standard has gained the trust of its customers by constantly delivering style and reliability to their bathrooms. It carries a legacy of more than 140 years. American Standard offers total project solutions for residential and commercial customers.

Product Categories- Wash Basins, cisterns, water closets, seat covers, health faucets, vanity basins, and cabinet basins.

Popular collections from American Standard - Studio S, Delancey, Townsend, Town Square S
15. Delta


Delta India is a subsidiary of Masco (NYSE MAS). It also offers an extensive line of residential and commercial products. It is one of the best sanitaryware brands in India, along with premium bathroom fittings. These products incorporate style and innovation into faucets, showers, and bathroom accessories for the Indian market. It is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. Its central warehouse is on the outskirts of Mumbai at Bhiwandi, Maharashtra. 

Product Categories- Wash Basins, cisterns, water closets, seat covers, health faucets, vanity basins, and cabinet basins.

Smart solutions by Delta - Touch2O, H2Okinetic,  DIAMOND valve

Top Sanitary Brands in India

Here are the most popular branded sanitary ware in India, along with their headquarters. 


That was our list of the top 15 best bathroom fitting brands in India that can turn your dull bathroom into an elegant and aesthetic one. Our list has brands that are popular and best-selling brands which are worth investing in.

If you find this helpful information, share it with your friends and family. You can also read our article on best bathroom tiles for the perfect stylish look. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which company is best for bathroom fittings in India?

A. Jaquar is the best luxury bathroom fitting brand in India. Hindware is also on the same level. 

Q. Which brand is best for sanitaryware in India?

A. Kohler,Hindware, Jaquar, etc., are some of the best sanitaryware brand in India. 

Q. Is Cera better than Jaquar?

A. Jaquar is better in luxury bathroom fittings—other than that, they are on the same level. 

Q. Which brand is better Kohler or Jaquar?

A. Kohler is more famous for its premium bathroom fittings and accessories. 

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