Top 15 Kitchen Appliance Brands in India For Smart Cooking Experience

Kitchen appliances make cooking easy and efficient. Check out the best Kitchen Appliance brands in India 2021.

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Planning to buy a new appliance for your kitchen? They make cooking simpler and faster with their effectiveness. Whether you want to buy a coffee maker, food processor, or toaster you must know the Best Kitchen appliance brands to consider. Kitchen appliances make cooking easier and faster.

The different types of appliances are an integral part of every household. Kitchen appliances provide you with ample choices for every category: microwave oven, toaster, grinder, coffee maker, sandwich maker, potato peeler, vegetable cutter, and many more. You can buy any brand as per your budget and preference. 

In this post, we discuss the top 15 kitchen appliance brands. These brands make available kitchen appliance for all your needs. With the best brands for kitchen appliances, you get variety both in terms of price and products.

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Best Kitchen Appliance Brands in India List

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1. Philips


Philips is a brand that is part of every kitchen in India. The brand has a range of products that are of very high quality. Philips is known for its simplicity. It makes cooking easy with appliances that are effective and easy to use.

Serve the perfect food with appliances from Philips. It tops the list of kitchen appliances in our list. The top brand for Kitchen appliance is also of the oldest brands in the market. 

Philips rice cookers are very popular in the market. The air fryer range of the company is also in demand because of the various unique features. The popular kitchen appliance brand gives you ample choices in every category. 

Founded: 1891


Popular Categories

  • Multicooker and Rice Cooker

  • Induction Cooker

  • Airfryer

  • Toaster

  • Microwave Ovens


2. Bajaj


Bajaj is a popular brand that also has a strong presence on kitchen appliances. Bajaj offers a range of products that are suitable for your kitchen at very affordable prices in India. Save your cooking time and also get the ease of modern technology with Bajaj Kitchen appliances in India.

Make your kitchen smart with appliances offered by the top brand such as induction tawas, ceramic coated kadais, oven toaster griller, microwave, and many more. You can buy Bajaj Appliances easily at your nearest electronics store or online.

Bajaj is popular for its rice cookers in India. The company is also known for its juicer mixer grinder range. Bajaj cookware sets are also very popular. Bajaj kitchen appliances are affordable as well. 

Founded: 1926

Popular Categories

  • Mixer Grinder

  • Hand Blenders

  • Choppers

  • Coffee Makers

  • Electric Kettles


3. Whirlpool


The home appliance brand is headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States. Whirlpool is known as one of the best consumer product brands around the world. It is also a top choice for kitchen appliances with high durability. The brand is best known for its range of refrigerators that are world-class.

The brand has a wide range of kitchen appliances for your every need. Whirlpool microwaves are equally popular with their unique features and state of the art technology. Buy the best kitchen appliances brands online in India. 

This kitchen appliance brand has been a pioneer with its innovative products that offer value for money. Whirlpool washing machines and refrigerators need a special mention. With all these qualities, it is one of the top kitchen appliance brands in India.


Founded: 1911

Popular Categories

  • Microwave Ovens

  • Electric Kettle

  • Toasters

  • Hand Blenders

  • Dishwashers

  • Electric Kettles


4. Samsung


The South Korean brand is known for its elegant designs and smart features. At the same time, Samsung is one of the most reliable brands as well. Alongside smart features, you also get durability with kitchen appliances.

The elegant designs make the brand stand out. Samsung is also a brand that has a very strong online as well as offline presence. Although the products of Samsung are slightly more expensive than other brands, it is worth the money due to its durability. 

The popular electronics brand is also popular for its kitchen appliances. Samsung microwave ovens come with many advanced features. They are a perfect addition to your smart kitchen. 


Founded: 1938

Popular Product Categories

  • Microwave Ovens

  • Refrigerators


5. LG


The South Korean multinational brand is a leading manufacturer of customer electronics. The brand is best known for its range of dishwashers, ovens, and top-mount freezer-fridge refrigerators. The brand stands out with its unique technology as well as designs.

LG offers kitchen appliances with unique features. The brand is popular across the world with its products that stand out. 

If you are looking for dishwashers then LG is one of the best brands you can consider for your purchase. LG Microwave ovens are also popular in the market. This is the reason it features in our list of best kitchen appliance brands in India. 

Founded: 1947

Popular Categories

  • Microwave ovens

  • Water Purifiers

  • DishWashers

  • Refrigerators


6. Panasonic


If you are thinking of buying kitchen appliances then Panasonic is a brand worth considering. Panasonic is a reliable brand for kitchen appliances. The brand offers a wide range of products across different categories such as televisions, ACs, Microwave Ovens, lightbulb, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, Vacuum Cleaners etc.

They also have a strong presence in kitchen appliances such as electric rice cookers and mixer-grinders. Panasonic is a brand that you find very easily as well. The products are available easily. 

Panasonic is the first brand that comes to mind when thinking of rice cookers. The company has an impressive range of rice cookers that suit every budget and requirement.

Founded. 1918


Popular Categories

  • Automatic Cookers

  • Super wet grinders

  • Super Mixer Grinders

  • Water Purifiers


7. Hitachi


Hitachi is a Japanese multinational company headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. The company has a presence in different sectors including smart life, energy, mobility, and IT. It is part of Hitachi Group that manufactures and supplies consumer products such as LED TVs, Refrigerators and Air Conditioners. The Japanese company is also popular in the kitchen appliances category. 

If you are looking for a microwave oven then Hitachi is a brand that should be in your list. The brand is also popular for its range of induction cookers and refrigerators in India. 

Founded: 1910

Product Categories

  • Refrigerators

  • Rice Cookers

  • Microwave Ovens


8.  IFB


The brand has a wide range of kitchen solutions to take care of your different needs. IFB is popular for washer dryer, cleaner, dishwasher, hobs, and chimneys. IFB  stands for Indian Fine Blanks.IFB has manufacturing locations in Bangalore and Kolkata. IFB stands out with its unique designs in kitchen appliances that add to the decor of your home.

The wide range of products offered by the company are easily available online and offline. IFB stands out for its impressive range of kitchen chimneys and hobs. The brand is also known for the finest technology in ovens and dishwashers. IFB kitchen appliances come with a premium finish. 


Founded: 1974

Product Categories

  • Chimneys

  • Hobs

  • Ovens

  • Microwaves

  • Dishwashers


9. Prestige


Prestige is a renowned brand in the kitchenware market. The topmost products include pressure cookers, induction cook-tops, pop-up toasters,  sandwich toasters, non-stick cookware, rice cookers, electric kettles, gas stoves, juicers, etc.

The wide range of products offered by the brand include pressure handis, hand blenders, mixer grinders, coffee makers, kitchen hoods and hobs, and ovens among others. Prestige has complete solutions for your modular kitchen. 

It is a brand that has become a household name in India because of its pressure cookers. But today the brand is popular for all types of kitchen appliances from induction cooktops to rice cookers and gas stoves. 

Founded: 1955

Popular Categories

  • Pressure cookers

  • Induction cooktops

  • Rice cookers

  • Electric Kettles

  • Gas Stoves

10. Milton


Milton is a trusted name all over India. The brand name offers stylish kitchen appliances at reasonable prices. Milton is popular for its range of casseroles, ice packs, tiffin boxes, tiffin careers, vacuum flasks, water bottles, jugs, water filters and many others.

Milton is also known for its range of melamine kitchenware, Softline products and thermo-steel kitchen equipment. Milton has become a household name because of its impressive range. The brand is trusted for its high-quality products. Milton products are easily available. 

Founded: 1970s

Product Categories

  • Regalia

  • Thermosteel

  • Tiffins

  • Casseroles

  • Bottles


11. Kaff Appliances


It is a Gurgaon based kitchenware company. Kaff is one of the leading brands for kitchen appliances in India. They have a wide range of trendy and attractive kitchen appliances. Some of the most popular products of the brand include built-in hobs, built-in microwaves, built-in ovens, under-the-sink waste systems, ventilating fans, cooker hoods, dishwashers, induction cook-top, pull-out systems, sinks, tall storage systems, wine coolers and more.

Kaff is particularly famous for ist range of Kitchen Chimneys. If you are buying a kitchen chimney in India, then Kaff is one of the top brands for kitchen appliances. You can easily buy Kaff kitchen appliances online.

Founded: 1997


Product Categories

  • Built-in Hobs

  • Cooker Hoods

  • Induction Cooktops

  • Wine Coolers

  • Ventilating Fans

12. Hawkins


Hawkins Cookers Limited is known for its range of pressure cookers. The brand is a leading name in the Indian market of pressure cookers. Hawkins Cookers Limited was established in 1959. The variety of pressure cookers include  10 types in 57 models. Each model is different from the other in one or other way.

Hawkins has created a name for itself with its quality products that are also pocket friendly. You can find Hawkins pressure cookers at any nearby store. 

For cookware, Hawkins is always the first choice. Over the years the brand has maintained its presence among the best by delivering quality products at very affordable rates. 



Founded: 1959

Product Categories

  • Pressure Cookers

  • Cookware


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13. Electrolux


The brand delivers the most energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Electrolux specializes in a wide variety of kitchen appliances such as cookers, hobs, and ovens. The brand offers numerous features to provide consumers with smart cooking solutions. Electrolux is a Swedish home appliance manufacturer. It is among the leading appliance makers in the world. 

The brand needs no introduction. Electrolux has created a name for itself with its impressive product range. Electrolux electric cooktops and microwaves are the best selling in the market. The brand also makes available dishwashers at very affordable prices. 

Founded: 1919

Product Categories

  • Electric Cooktops

  • Induction Cooktops

  • Dishwashers

  • Microwaves

14. Havells


Havells is an Indian brand. It is headquartered in Noida. The brand was established in 1958. Havells has a range of home and kitchen appliances. The brand is originally focused on electrical equipment. They also offer small kitchen appliances such as coffee makers, induction cookers, air fryer, blenders, mixer grinders, and much more.

The brand is most popular for small appliances such as rice cookers and juicers. You can also Havells rice cooker and induction cooker range. It adds to your choices when it comes to quality kitchen appliances. 

Founded: 1958

Product Categories

  • Mixer Grinders

  • Air Fryers

  • Blenders

  • Induction Cookers


15. Kenstar


It is a subsidiary of Videocon Group.  Kenstar is a well-known brand for home and kitchen appliances in India. Kenstar offers a wide product range. All the products of the company are available at a very competitive price range. It is one of the best kitchen appliance brands in India.

You can buy kitchen appliances online or offline. They have a strong presence in the market. The most popular products of Kenstar include rice cookers, air fryers and microwaves. 

Kenstar water heaters are also very popular. You get great value for money with this top kitchen appliance brand in India. Kenstar products are available on leading online stores. 

Founded: 1995

Product Categories

Air Fryers


Rice Cookers


So these are some of the best kitchen appliances brands that you must consider. Each brand has some unique things. Kitchen appliances are a major part of our lives so choose wisely. Take all the things that matter the most into considering while buying kitchen appliances in India. You can decide to buy kitchen appliances online or offline depending on your preference.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best brand for kitchen appliances?

Samsung, LG, Prestige, and IFB are some of the leading brands for Kitchen appliances. 

How to choose the best brand for kitchen appliances?

You should compare features, warranty, price, and service to choose the best brand for kitchen appliances. There are various brands present in the market each is very good with some unique features.

Which is the best brand for induction cooktops?

Prestige is a brand you can consider for induction cooktops. They have a range of products for every budget and use.


Which kitchen appliance brand is best for pressure cookers?

When it comes to buying a pressure cooker, two brands that come to mind are Hawkins and Prestige. Both the brands have a great variety to take complete care of your cooking needs.

Which brand is best for rice cookers in India?

Here in this article, we have mentioned 15 top brands for kitchen appliances in India. Most of the brands provide rice cookers such as Panasonic, Prestige, Havells, Kent, Pigeon, etc. All of these brands are reliable. Depending on your budget and need you can choose the best rice cooker. 

Is it safe to buy kitchen appliances online?

It is completely safe to buy kitchen appliances online. Nowadays, most kitchen appliance brands are available online. You can choose to buy from their official website or a trusted online shopping site. With online stores, you can get attractive discounts on kitchen appliances as well.