10 Best Paint Brands in India - Choose Best Paint for Your House

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Are you looking for the best paint for your house? Check out the best paint brands in India here. 

A right home is one of the necessities for all of us. We all are dreaming of possessing a niche of our own at one point in our lives and striving to achieve the same. Check out the best paint brands in India here to make your home more appealing and attractive. 

The right color and right brand will enhance the quality of living in a house. Domestic paint industries have seen massive growth in the past few years, mostly decorative paints. The market touches the estimated amount of Rs. 50,000 Crores withholding 75% market share and 25 % hold by the industrial paint.

Let’s check out the best brand available in the market of paints here with complete details about the company.  

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best paint brand in india


Best Wall Paints Brands in India 

Check out the best paint brands for home in India and where you can find them. 

Best Paint for Home in India


Establishment Year

Available on

Asian Paints




Nerolac Paints

Mumbai, India



Berger Paints

West Bengal, India



Jotun Paints

Surat, India


On Website

Dulux Paints

United Kingdom



Shalimar Paints

Mumbai, India



Indigo Paints

Pune, India



British Paints

Kolkata, India


On Website

Nippon Paints

Shiodome, Japan



Snowcem Paints

Greater Noida, India


On Website


Review of Best Paint Brands For Home in India 

Check out the detailed review for Top most popular paint brands in India  with complete brand details and their ratings.

1. Asian Paints

 10 Best Paint Brands in India - Choose Best Paints for Your House


Asian Paints Ltd. is India’s Largest paint company. The company, along with its subsidiaries, has an operation in 22 countries globally with 27 paint manufacturing facilities servicing in 65 countries through Berger International SCIB paints. 

The company was founded in 1942, and it is one of the leading paint companies with Rs193.50 Billion turnover. Now it has become one of the world’s most significant top paint company 

They have a wide paint colour that gives neat, clean, and attractive finishes to the wall. They have some exclusive paints that are completely washable. Royale, Apcolite Emulsion, Tractor Distemperand many other enamel paints are the best one from Asain paints. It is one of the best acrylic paint brands in India. 

The company currently operates in more than 15 countries with more than 26 paint manufacturing facilities in the world and servicing consumers in over 60 countries. 

Top Products of Asian Paints

  • Tractor Emulsion Paint
  • Royale Health Shield
  • Apcolite Enamel Multi-Surface DIY Spray Paint
  • Apcolite Premium Gloss Enamel Paint
  • Royale Luxury Emulsion Shyne Paint

2. Nerolac Paints

 10 Best Paint Brands in India - Choose Best Paints for Your House

Kansai Nerolac Paints is the leading paint brand in India. The company was incorporated in 1920 as Gahagan Paints and Varnish Company. Laterally it was named Kansai Nerolac Paints. The company headquartered in Mumbai, and the manufacturing unit are in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Haryana. 

Nerolac is one of the Top best paint companies in India 2021.  As it is one of the largest brands, it is also the most trusted name in the industry. The brand has a wide range of products like Impression Ultra HD, Impression Ultra Fresh, Impression 24 Carat, Impression Metallic Finish, and many more. They help to keep your furniture and walls looking flawless and protect them. 

Top Products of the Brand

  • Impression Ultra Hd
  • Impressions 24 Carat
  • Impression Ultra Fresh
  • Impressions Eco Clean
  • Impressions Ideaz
  • Impressions Metallic Finish


3. Berger Paint 

Berger is also one of the top named companies in the paint industry and headquartered in Kolkata, with more than 16 manufacturing units across India. They have more than 162 stock points, including in Poland and Russia. They deal with three types of paint: Watercolor, Acrylics, and oils. 

The company had just one factory in Howrah, West Bengal, by the end of 1947; after that Hadfield was acquired by British paints Limited. The name of the company changed in 1983 to Berger paints. They have the best semi-gloss and gloss paints that are durable for long periods. It is the Top best wall paint brands to buy in India 2021 with price.

With more than 3450 employees, the brand has more than 25,000 distribution networks and they are constantly growing.  

Top products of Berger

  • Silk Breathe Easy
  • Silk  Glamor
  • Silk Luxury Emulsion
  • Silk Illusions Non Metallia
  • Silk Illusions Marble Finish
  • Silk Illusions Vintage Finish

4. Jotun Paints

The Jotun Group is a matrix organization divided into seven regions and responsible for the sale of decorative paints and the performance coating. They are one of the best exterior paint brands in the world. The brand has 39 production houses in 23 countries and is tied up with 65 companies to represent them in more than 100 countries.  

They have various paint systems for decorative paints and protective paints. Their aim is to provide the best quality product that every wall will shine like the perfect one. They have a great combination of design and colour for your interior and exterior.  Jotun Paint is a reputed brand in Indian market and they are growing rapidly. 

Top Products of Jotun Paints

  • Fenomastic Hygiene
  • Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt
  • Fenomastic My Home Smooth Silk
  • Fenomastic Pure Colours
  • Fenomastic Primer

5. Dulux Paints

Dulux is an international brand and one of the architectural paints.  Both Imperial Chemical Industries and Dupont have used the brand since 1931. It's one of the best first alkyd-based paints in the world. Dulux is one of the largest paint manufacturers from Australia. It is one of the best acrylic paint brands in India. 

They have a wide range of interior paints, including the popular Dulux Velvet touch and Pearl Glo.  They have a special Dulux Weathershield, and Sun reflects wood and metal paints. Their interior paints have a wide variety of undercoats like water-based cement premier, acrylic primer, wall putty, etc. 

Top products of Berger

  • Dulux Velvet Touch Diamond Glo Paint
  • Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx Paint
  • Velvet Touch - Pearl Glo Paint
  • Dulux Premium Enamel Paint


6. Shalimar Paints

Shalimar Paint has three manufacturing units across the Indian, and it is one of the leading paint brands in India. They have more than 45 brands stores and depots across India. The company offers a wide range of decorative and industrial options for painting with interior and exterior paint that is offered under the architectural segment. 

They also have a range of tools for better finishing through interactive websites, including a visualizer. This brand’s pain is formulated with advanced stain guard technology, which gives superior stain resistance to household stains like tea, coffee, ketchup. It is one of the best interior paint brands in India. 

With  access to high-end technology in the industrial coating segment, shalimar pants pioneered aviation coating, amrine paints and the painting of thermal power plants. 

Top Products of Shalimar Paints

  • Superlac Advance
  • Superlac Stay Clean
  • Signature
  • No.1 Silk
  • Master

7. Indigo Paints 

They started their journey in 2000 as manufacturing lower cement- paint and expanded the segments to water-based paints and many different types of paints.  They are an innovative paint company with a wide range of interior and exterior wall paint colours. They are the best enamels & wood coating for homes & offices. 

The range covers the most segment of water-based paints like exterior Emulsions, Interior Emulsions, distempers, and primers. They have more than 1200+ vibrant, attractive shades that give a dream finish to your walls. 

Top Products of Indigo Paints

  • Exterior & Interior Acrylic Laminate
  • Metallic Emulsion
  • Multi Color Emulsion

8. Jenson and Nicholson Paints

Jenson and Nicholson Indian is the second oldest paint company in India. The brands offer various products for interior paints and emulsions, exterior paints, wood paints, and undercoat putty.  They are also specialized in industrial paints like aluminum paints, undercoat primers, and enamels, etc. 

They are known for their best quality paints and all painting solutions on their valued customers.  Their paints give a shiny new look to the surface and are highly resistant to household stains. They are trusted and one of the growing brands in India. it is one of the Top best paint company in India 

Top Products of Jenson and Nicholson 

  • Brolac Quick Dry
  • Special Effects PH+ LLE
  • Rainbow Acrylic Emulsion
  • Special Effect Natura
  • Umbrella Synthetic Enamel
  • Jensolin Cement Putty

9. Nippon Paints 

The products include interior wall paints, exterior wall paints, wood, and metal paints, and construction paint solutions with primers. The name Nippon paint itself indicates the paints have been specially made, keeping the imid infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in mind.

Their products ensure you provide clean air, and safe touch will enhance the children’s creative skills through its anti-stain characteristic features  and they are the Top paint brands in India. They are also one of the best plywood companies in  India.

 Top Products of Nippon Paint

  • Breeze Star Emulsion 

10. SnowCem Paints

They are especially known for their quality in exterior walls paints in the market. They have good quality interior paints too in five range Zenita (ultimate luxury emulsion), Celeste (for a silky smooth finish), Sentino (premium acrylic finish), and snow pearl as the super-rich paint. Apart from this, the brand has five types of primers and two different types of wl putty for better finishing. 

Snowcem looks good on the buildings and comfortable for new and old as an excellent alternative to lime washes on heritage buildings. It is one of the Top famous paint brands in India 

Best Acrylic Paint Brushes Brands in India

Here are the best 5 acrylic paint brushes brands in India 

Best Acrylic Paint Brush Brand in India

Available on

Derwent Academy Taklon Acrylic Paint Brush Set


Jerry Q 12 Piece Artist Paint Brush Set


Bomega Premium Acrylic Paint Brush Set


Bianyo Artist Grade Paint Brush Set


Nicpro 12 Piece Acrylic Paint Brush Set


Benefits of Using Acrylic Paint 

Here are some benefits of using acrylic paint, as they are water-based, you can thin them out with water rather than using other mineral spirits. Many home painters and artists use them. 

  • This acrylic paint dries very rapidly as compared to other types of paints. If you are using this one for commercial purposes, then there is no need to wait long for putting additional coats. 

  • They are mostly known for their durability and are more flexible than other paints.  The paint will stretch and compress rather than cracking. 


Note: There are more than 40 types of paint available in the market with different painting styles and techniques. 


Here is the complete information and detailed review of the best paint brands in India. The mentioned brands are the top in the painting industries for many years and still ruling the industries. They are known for the best quality and a wide range of products.  

We have shared the details for the best acrylic brushes brands, also with some benefits of using acrylic paint. I hope the information we shared will help you to choose the right brand from these top 10  best paint companies. They are trusted brands which have already been used by many people and they are satisfied with it. Compare paints and select best paint brands. 


Question You May Have 

Q. Which paint brand is best in India? 

All of the above brands are top-rated and provide the right quality products. But, Nerloac, Asian, and Berger paints are the best brands. 

Q. Which paint brand is best for interior walls in India?

The acrylic wall paint, Royale Luxury Emulsion, and smooth matt are the best for interior walls. Dulux, Asian, and Berger are the best brands for interior walls in India. 

Q. Which brand of paint is best for a home in India?

Asian Paints is one of the best brands for a home in India as it has a wide range of paints, which is almost suitable for every household in  India. 

Q. Which paint is washable?

Dulux Easycare is the best one from Dulux Paints as the best washable paint. 

Q. Which is the No1 paint company in India?

All of the above are the top paint companies in India with good quality products, but Asian paints Ltd is the No.1 brand or company in India. As the company has more than 40% market share. 

Q. which is the largest paint company in India?

Again asian paint is the only largest paint company in India. 

Q. Which among Berger, Apex, Nerolac, and Asian Paint? 

All are the best brands, but Nerolac and Berger are the best among all. 


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