6 Best Bathroom Tiles In India - Features, Comparison, And Other Details

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The bathroom is one of the most important places in your homes and it is very important to keep it impeccable and in style. A well kept and beautifully designed bathroom makes your house more attractive and comfortable. There are many different ways to style your bathroom but none better than using the best bathroom tiles in India. 

There are a number of brands and types of tiles that you can add to your bathroom which will improve its overall appearance and look. There are a number of bathroom fittings that you can use to beautify it and make it more attractive. You can read more about them by clicking on the link given here. In this article, we are going to check out the best bathroom tiles design in India and whether they will be suitable for your needs or not.

List of Top Bathroom Tiles In India

S. No.



Granite Tiles


Marble Tiles


Stone Tiles


Ceramic Tiles


PVC Tiles



Here is the list of the best bathroom floor tiles in India. You can check the list here and decide for yourself which will be the most suitable for you. Other than that, you check out the rest of the article to catch the reviews and other details of the tiles for bathrooms in India.

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Best Bathroom Wall Tiles In India Review

Now that you have seen our list of the best bathroom tiles in India let us explore each type in detail and find out what they have to offer and whether or not they are the most suitable for your needs or requirements. Each type has a different quality to it, and you can check each of them out in the section below. 

1. Granite Tiles

Even the best bathroom tiles brand in India makes granite tiles. These are produced from igneous rocks and give your interiors a grand appearance. It is considered a premium tile, and it improves the elegance and quality of interior flooring. It is durable and can be used for long periods of time. Its beautiful designs and textures provide your bathroom with a versatile and decent appearance.

What Do We Like About It:

  • It gives a grand and premium appearance.

  • This type of tile is very durable and long-lasting.

  • It comes in a number of designs and patterns.

2. Marble Tiles

Some of the best bathroom floor tiles in India are marble tiles. It is one of the most popular and sought after options for interior design in bathrooms as it is elegant and very pretty. It is a metamorphic rock made out of limestone with many processes involved and provides a luxurious look to any space it is used in. Marble tiles require minimum care and thus are the preferred choice in many homes. 

What Do We Like About It:

  • Marble tiles are very elegant in appearance.

  • They require less maintenance than others.

  • These are best suited for luxurious homes.

3. Stone Tiles

In our search for the bathroom tiles lowest price has to offer, we stumbled upon stone tiles. With their versatile and dynamic designs, stone tiles have become the optimum choice for many people and usually for bathrooms. Along with the practicality and durability, these tiles also give the bathroom a luxurious and modern look. The gripping and the warming benefits make the stone tiles an ideal tile for the bathroom and are quite eco-friendly too.

What Do We Like About It:

  • They are environmentally friendly.

  • Stone tiles give a very modern appearance to the room.

  • They have a dynamic range of designs and patterns.

4. Ceramic Tiles

While looking for the bathroom tiles price in India, one should have a look at ceramic tiles. These tiles are one of the most commonly used and famous tiles in Indian bathrooms. It is made of natural clay, which is heated and cooled. It comes in wide options of shapes, sizes, finishes, and textures. Ceramic tile has become a sought after tile choice of bathrooms in India because of the matte finish that makes it attractive. These tiles are a good option for non-slippery and safe flooring in bathrooms and are also cost-effective and easy for maintenance.

What Do We Like About It:

  • These are very attractive in appearance due to their matte finish.

  • Ceramic tiles are quite commonly used in bathrooms in India.

  • They are available in a variety of different shapes and designs.

5. PVC Tiles

Another type of tiles that are getting popular these days are PVC Tiles. Its easiness of installation and flexibility, along with the bathroom tiles cost, make it a great option for everyone. This tile is available in a wide number of designs, shapes, and textures. It fits every budget and can be used easily in every kind of interior decor. It adds a lot of beauty to the ambiance of the bathrooms. These tiles are the preferred options for those who want to complete the construction with convenience and speed. PVC tiles are resistant to scratches, dents, stains and offer durability, style, and an amazing long-lasting appearance. 

What Do We Like About It:

  • PVC Tiles are easy and quick to install.

  • These are durable and long-lasting. 

  • They are less expensive than other tile options. 

6. Travertine

Travertine tiles are made by every best bathroom tiles brand in India. It is a sought-after type of tile and is basically a type of stone that is quite similar to marble on the flooring. The travertine tile is ideal for bathrooms as its classy and luxurious look makes the texture of the bathrooms quite unique and different from other areas. This type of tile comes in a wide variety of color options. It brings in the natural touch to the interior but is also suitable for the exterior. Travertine is available in four different finishes such as polished, honed, brushed, and tumbled. It is highly durable and eco friendly as well.

What Do We Like About It:

  • It is quite similar to marble flooring.

  • These tiles provide a very luxurious appearance to the bathroom.

  • It is available in a number of color options.

Advantages Of Using Bathroom Tiles

Now that we have seen what kinds of bathroom tiles can be used for interiors let us also explore the many advantages tiles have over the normal flooring. Once you go through these, any doubts in your mind regarding whether you need tiles installed in your bathroom are bound to vanish. 

  • Bathroom tiles are very affordable, especially in the Indian market. You can select the kind of tile you want by regulating it around your budget, which makes it a great option for flooring. You can opt for higher quality tiles if they fit your budget or opt for those that are in the range you can reach. 

  • One of the biggest advantages is that you can find a large variety of tiles differing in shapes, sizes, colors, and more. There are many options for you to choose from, and you can design your bathroom interiors the way you want to with the help of tiles. 

  • It is quite easy to install a tile in bathrooms as compared to other building materials. Other types of flooring might take weeks, but tiles can be installed within a matter of days. They are neither cumbersome nor expensive than other materials. 

  • Another very important benefit of tiles is that they are very easy to clean. You do not need to worry about excess water or cleaning agents with tiles because they are so easy to wash. 

  • Tiles are also water-resistant, which adds to its list of advantages. 

Disadvantages Of Using Bathroom Tiles

Apart from all the advantages, there are some disadvantages as well that one should consider before deciding to install tiles in their bathrooms. Let us have a look at these closely. 

  • Tiles have a very short lifespan, and they do not last more than four or five years.

  • Because they are very fragile, they can easily break under pressure. 

  • Tiles are easily dirtied as they are light, and even a speck of dust can be easily spotted. 

  • They are also very slippery because they are not able to absorb much of the water that falls on them.

So these are some of the best bathroom tiles in India, their features, advantages, and much more. If you are looking for more such articles, blogs, and news, then keep following our website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which bathroom tiles are best?

A. There are a number of different tiles that are available that you can install in a bathroom. You can check the list above in the article. Each type of tile suits a particular need, and you can select the best one as per your requirements.  

Q. Which are the best tiles in India?

A. The best bathroom tiles include granite, marbles, PVC, ceramic, stone, and many others. You can have a look at the list above for more. 

Q. Which is better in a bathroom, PVC or ceramic tile?

A. Each type of tile has its own relevance as they suit a particular set of needs and requirements. 

Q. What is the best type of tile for a bathroom shower?

A. The best tiles for bathroom showers are PVC, ceramic, stone, and many others. You can have a look at the list above for more. 

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