10 Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India - Reviews and Comparison

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10 Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India 

Are you looking for a kitchen sink for your home? Check out the best kitchen sink brands in India for home and offices.

The requirement of the kitchen sink is increasing day by day to create an extraordinary development in the interior sector with the importance of infrastructure for every house in this new era. Check out the best kitchen sink brands in India here with complete details. 

Due to so much demand in the market, many brands have started manufacturing the kitchen sinks with different quality and design. It is not easy these days for everybody to choose the right brand with the best quality that is worth your money. That's Why we are sharing the 10 best kitchen sink brands in India with complete brand details with their key facts. 


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best kitchen sink brands in india


Top Kitchen Sink Brands in India 

Check out the top kitchen sink brands in India with the best quality products for long life and with better design.

Top Kitchen Sink Brands

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Review of Top Kitchen Sink Brands in India

Here is a detailed review of the best top kitchen sink brands in India with complete brand information and their key facts. 

1. Futura Kitchen Sink

best kitchen sink brands in india

Futura Kitchen Sinks India Pvt Ltd has a particular focus in carving the perfect sink that adds splendor and grace to your kitchen interior. They are now marked as the best kitchen sink brand in India and for their accessories too. They strive hard to process a district brand. 

They also produce chopping boards, waste couplings, baskets, drainer kits, etc. this company was established in 1997 with a high vision of delivering the best quality products to their customers. 

Key Facts

  • They have a huge designer kitchen sink series.

  •  The brand offers its products regularly in the market. 

  • They also have good quality food waste disposal. 


2. Carysil Kitchen Sinks

best kitchen sink brands in india

Carysil is one of the best designer Kitchen sink brands. They are also leading exporters and manufacturers of it in India. Kitchen sinks of this brand are known for their looks, styling, originality in the design, and its ability to delight the eyes. 

Their primary product is composite quartz granite kitchen sinks; in addition, they also produce stainless steel kitchen sinks. Carysil is the entire company involved in the manufacturing and sale of top rated kitchen sinks in our country for many years. The company is headquartered in Gujarat and started in 1987. 

Key Facts

  • The overall products of this brand have been exported to more than 20 countries. 

  • The company name is Acrysil, but the brand name is Carysil. 

  • This is improving its manufacturing capacity of kitchen sinks year by year. 


3. Kaff Kitchen Sink

best kitchen sink brands in india

Kaff is one of the top kitchen sink brands in India, as they are determined to provide every possible convenience to make your kitchen experience a better one. This brand offers the world's most advanced appliances with the most comprehensive ranges. They aim to make your daily kitchen life a pleasure by providing revolutionary solutions through innovation, designs, and style with versatility. 

The products of this brand are premium in quality and have the most acceptable range. The company is headquartered in Gurugram. The brand believes that a healthy, clean, and hygienic kitchen leads to a healthy life. 

Key Facts

  • This company's major products are cooker hoods, chimneys,  built-in ovens, built-in microwaves, built-in refrigerators, built-in wine coolers, and many more. 

  • It is a designer dream brand that makes it unique from others. 

  • They have a complete range of modular kitchens and India’s most trusted brands. 


4. Franke Kitchen Sink

best kitchen sink brands in india

The most classic kitchen sinks to modernity that discover elegant design and craftsmanship. With nearly more than 100+ years of experience in this area, they have excellent products, and everything is unique here. Their kitchen sink in India is made with the highest quality materials. The brand was founded in 1911 and headquartered in Aubg, Switzerland. 

They have a complete wide range of not only sinks but many kitchenware products like hoods, sinks, tables, stoves, ovens, etc. Franke is the top-rated kitchen sink brand in India. 


Key Facts

  • They export their products to more than 40 countries with five continents in the world. 

  • The brand believes in using unique technology to make its products comfortable for their consumers. 

  • It is one of the best stainless steel kitchen sink brands in India.
  1. Hafele Kitchen sinks 

best kitchen sink brands in india

Hafele is one of the international brands for the kitchen sink. They are also the leading manufacturer of it for many years. This brand brings the exclusive range of BLANCO sinks straight from Germany, made with a unique style and best quality material called Silgranit, Which is perfect for your elegant kitchen. This material’s surface is scratch-resistant and is designed to last even in the most adverse conditions. 

The brand was established in 1923 and headquartered in Nagold, Germany.  This brand brings the best single bowl sinks with drainboard and double bowl sinks with drainboard to meet the needs of their customers. This is one of the best kitchen sink brands in India from Germany. 


Key Facts 

  • The primary factor of this brand is that they are providing a two-year warranty against faulty workmanship or any manufacturing defect. 

  • The company covers nearly 150 countries as its customer base. 

  • The brand is continuously bringing innovation in this manufacturing technology. 


6. Neelkanth Kitchen Sink

best kitchen sink brands in india

Neelkanth is a famous kitchen sink Indian brand and known for its high-quality stainless steel kitchen sinks for more than three decades. They are improving millions of kitchens in India and overseas. Aloof, their products are made with high-quality material and paying close attention while manufacturing. They have a professional and dedicated team for the best quality products. 

Their kitchen sinks are making life easier and enjoyable while providing long-lasting beauty and value for years. The brand was incorporated in 1997. 

Key Facts 

  • They have an exclusive range of home appliances, including designer sinks, handmade sinks, single bowl sink, double bowl sink, under-mount sink, die pressed sink, washbasin, etc. 

  • One of the trusted Indian brands for kitchen appliances and stainless steel kitchen sinks brand in India.  


7. Nirali Kitchen Sink 

best kitchen sink brands in india

Nirali is the country’s no.1 and the largest selling brand in our country. They understand the importance of the healthy kitchen and its appliances. They have been working hard for almost 30 years to provide the best quality and designer kitchen sinks to us. Along with quality, they are offering a wide range of sinks with innovative designs at very affordable prices. 

The quality of its products is superior, they are making their name in other countries like Europe, the USA, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Kenya.  Their kitchen appliances are known for innovation, durability, and style. 


Key Facts

  • The brand has different types of sinks, like Omni, Olympia, Elegance, Orante, Luxor, etc. 

  • It has more than 2000 dealers in India only. 

  • Nirali is the best stainless steel kitchen sink brand in India. 


8. Hindware Kitchen Sink 

best kitchen sink brands in india
Hindware is one of the trusted and known brands in the Indian market. The company is the leading premium home and kitchen appliances provider in India.  Their main motive is to maintain health and hygiene with their highly efficient and astoundingly sturdy sinks.  This brand's kitchen sinks during technology ensure no stubborn food waste sticks to the edges in the sinkholes. 


Their special add on of sound absorption features prevents noisy dishwashing that will not disrupt the calmness of the kitchen. 

Key Facts

  • They made their kitchen sinks with high recommended food grade accessories. 

  • The company started in 1960, and it is in the leading names of the Indian Market for its innovations. 

  • They strongly believe in customer satisfaction, quality control, and product innovation. 

  •  The company has other significant products like Chimney hoods, water heaters, air coolers, cooking ranges, induction cooktops, and many more. 


9. Parryware/ Roca Kitchen Sink 

best kitchen sink brands in india

This brand is one of the leading sanitary ware brands in India. They have a wide range of sanitary products and kitchen sinks also. The company was started in 1952 and joined the joint venture in 2006 with Roca Corporations. They have a wide range of kitchen sinks with the best quality and innovation. 

It has been understood that they are the leading brand in the kitchen and bath industry for the past many years. Their best quality and fantastic design of the kitchen sinks attracts the customer in such an affordable range. 

Key Facts 

  • This is one of the companies which is started by East India Design. 

  • They believe in manufacturing and developing new products in order to maintain their leading position. 

  • They are one of the leading manufacturers or suppliers for stainless steel kitchen sinks in India. 

  • They have some other major products like faucets, sanitary ware, taps, washbasin, wellness, electronic toilets, seat covers, and many more. 


10. Cera India Kitchen Sinks

best kitchen sink brands in india

Cera kitchen sinks are meticulously designed, keeping the hygiene and durability in mind. Cera kitchen sinks have an extensive range collection with different designs. Their kitchen sinks have larger sound absorber pads beneath to reduce the level of noise created by the water falling in the sink. The brand already exports this kitchen sink and sanitaryware to more than 320 countries across the European Union. 


In addition to sanitary ware, they produce a wide range of faucets, shower products, tiles, kitchen sinks, and personal care products. It comes in different ranges, including familiar to premium, with no compromise with quality. 

Key Facts 

  • The company is one of the preferable premium brands in India. 

  • Its appliances have won many awards and raised the company in the market. 

  • Some of the significant products of this company are kitchen sink, washbasin, and sanitary ware. 

This is all about the best kitchen sink brand in India, in which we give you ten best brands. These brands will never compromise with the quality parameters and bring the best design, style, and innovative products in the market. They clearly understand the value of customer satisfaction, which leads them to new levels.

I hope the information we shared here will help you to choose the right brand and kitchen sink for your kitchen. Check them all for choosing the best one. 


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Questions You May Have 

Q. Which brand is best for the kitchen sink?

All of the above are good brands for kitchen sinks and had good quality products. But Futura and Kaff are the best of all. 

Q. What is the best stainless steel sink brand?

Neelkanth and Hindware have the best stainless steel kitchen sinks in India in a single bowl and double bowl. 

Q. What is the most durable material used for kitchen sinks?

The most durable material for a kitchen sink is stainless steel. With a higher gauge, stainless steel kitchen sinks are durable and lasting. This is the best choice you can make. 

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