Amazon Gift Card Free- Apps/Sites to Try in 2024

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Who does not like getting things for free? That is why we keep bringing amazing freebies for you. 

And when it comes to freebies, nothing can be better than Amazon Gift Card Free. You can redeem the gift cards for any purpose of your choice. 

If you are looking for Amazon free gift cards, then the top 10 apps and websites that I have shared in the post are of great use. Get started today for free Amazon gift card codes by simple tasks such as watching videos, filling out surveys, playing games, reading news, etc. 

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Amazon Gift Card Free

What are Amazon Gift Cards?

Amazon gift cards are digital or physical cards that can be purchased and used as a form of payment on Amazon, the popular online retail platform. They are prepaid cards that can be loaded with a specific amount of money, allowing the recipient to use the funds to make purchases on Amazon.

Amazon gift cards come in various denominations and can be purchased from authorised retailers, online or offline. They can be given as gifts to friends, family, or colleagues, providing them with the flexibility to choose and purchase products of their liking from the wide range available on Amazon.

When someone receives an Amazon gift card, they can redeem it by entering the gift card code during the checkout process on The value of the gift card will be applied towards the total cost of their purchase. If the purchase exceeds the gift card balance, they can pay the remaining amount using another payment method accepted by Amazon.

Amazon gift cards can be used to buy various products, including books, electronics, clothing, household items, etc. They can also purchase digital content such as e-books, music, movies, and games from the Amazon digital store. It's important to note that Amazon gift cards are specific to Amazon and cannot be used for payment at other retailers or websites.

List of Top 10 Apps to Earn Amazon Gift Card Free

Are you thinking about whether you will get a free Amazon Gift card for real? Then let me tell you there are various apps and websites that reward users for simple activities. Here, I have mentioned the top 10 Apps to earn Amazon Gift Card Free; for precise details, read the entire article.

App/Website Name

App Installs

1. mRewards app


2. Cred App


3. Go Daily app


4. Sikka Pro App


5. Times Points


6. The Panel Station


7. Magicpin


8. Valued Opinions


9. Money Tree App


10. Amazon Quiz


Review of Top 10 Apps to Earn Amazon Gift Card Free

Here, I have provided a review and information on Amazon Gift card-earning apps. Read the complete article to learn about them.

1. mRewards app

mRewards app

mRewards is one of the latest earning apps. They have very lucrative tasks, and the reward points are very good in this app. You can complete different tasks to earn. They also have daily sin & win, jackpots, and more. The rewards earned can be redeemed for Paytm cash, or you can choose to redeem them for Amazon free gift cards.

How to get Amazon Gift Card Free with the mRewards app?

  • Step-1: Download the app

  • Step-2: Sign up using your mobile number or Email ID

  • Step-3: Try different tasks

  • Step-4: Earn a referral bonus for every reward 

  • Step-5: Redeem for Paytm cash or Amazon Gift cards

2. Cred App

Cred App

Cred is a fantastic app for credit card bill payments. The app has many amazing rewards. You can also earn free Amazon Gift cards with the Cred app. To avail of free Gift cards with the Cred app, avail of the refer and earn offer. They have an amazing referral program that allows users to earn money online. 

With the Cred app, you get an Amazon Gift Card Free worth Rs. 1,000. Yes, a gift card worth Rs. 1,000. To avail of the offer, you need to invite friends to the Cred app.

How to get Amazon Gift Card Free with the Cred app?

  • Step-1: Open Cred App

  • Step-2: Click on Apply to Cred option

  • Step-3: Enter your mobile number and verify with OTP

  • Step-4: Fill up the required details such as name and email address and continue

  • Step-5: All the asked permission

  • Step-6: Add a credit card to get Rs. 100 sign-up bonus

  • Step-7: Share your referral code with friends to earn free Gift cards

3. Go Daily app

Go Daily app

Lucky Cherry is a very useful app that lets users earn a lot of money for free. You need to download the app and sign up. After signing up, complete the tasks and earn coins. You can directly transfer the money to your bank account.

You will find many new tasks on the app updated daily. So you can earn unlimited using this app. They promise to transfer the money within 48 hours. You can redeem Rs. 5 to Rs. 200 at a time, depending on your balance. 

  • Step-1: Download the app 

  • Step-2: Sign up on the app

  • Step-3: Enter referral code - S15929

  • Step-4: Get up to Rs. 25 bonus 

  • Step-5: Complete simple tasks

  • Step-6: Redeem the rewards 

4. Sikka Pro App

Sikka Pro App

The app rewards users for completing different tasks. There is a daily login reward as well. You can redeem the points you earn for Paytm cash or Amazon Gift Cards. Select Amazon Pay as the preferred option to redeem. Your registered number should be the same as used in your Amazon account. Once you redeem, the Amazon free gift card will be added to your account instantly. You can redeem once per card.

How to get Amazon Gift Card Free with Sikka App?

  • Step-1: Signup using your mobile number

  • Step-2: Complete simple tasks

  • Step-3: Also, earn daily login rewards

  • Step-4: Collect 300 coins to redeem

  • Step-5: Click on the redeem button

  • Step-6: Select Amazon Pay balance as the mode to redeem

  • Step-7: Gift card worth Rs. 30 will be added to your account 

  • Step-8: You can redeem once per day

5. Times Points

Times Points

The unique reward program helps you earn on use of Times Network properties such as Times of India, Navbharat Times, Newspoint, and Times points debit cards, among others. 

Get reward points for reading news, watching videos, and more. You can redeem your points for various rewards, including gift cards from top online shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc. You will earn Amazon Gift cards instantly with Times points.

How to Earn Amazon Gift Card Free with Times points?

  • Step-1: Visit the Times points website

  • Step-2: Register on the website

  • Step-3: Complete your profile to 100 points

  • Step-4: Read news and share videos to earn more points

  • Step-5: Go to the redeem section

  • Step-6: Choose Amazon Gift card and redeem

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6. The Panel Station

The Panel Station

The Panel Station is a leading online survey website. Fill out online surveys to earn points. Once you have 3000 points, you can redeem them for an Amazon Gift card worth Rs. 300. New users get 500 coins on signing up with The Panel Station referral code. Earning your first gift is easy with TPS, as you get points for completing your profile. You can earn up to 2000 points by just completing your profile. The Amazon free gift card will be sent to your registered email ID in 4-8 weeks. The website is popular worldwide. You can also download The Panel Station app to take surveys from your mobile. In addition to Amazon gift cards, you can also redeem your points for exciting rewards.

How to Earn Amazon Gift Card Free With The Panel Station?

  • Step-1: Download The Panel Station app 

  • Step-2: Register on the app

  • Step-3: Use Referral code K0HT25 to get 500 points on sign up

  • Step-4: Complete your profile to get sign up bonus

  • Step-5: Soon you will start receiving surveys

  • Step-6: Earn 3000 points to redeem as Amazon Gift Card

  • Step-7: The Gift card will be sent to your registered email ID within 4-8 weeks.

7. Magicpin


You can also earn Amazon Gift Card Free with Magicpin. It is a rewarding app that helps users earn points for free. The points earned by users can be redeemed for various benefits, including free gift cards from Amazon, Flipkart, and other leading e-commerce platforms.  Register on the Magic pin app to get started and earn free gift cards in India. To earn points, upload your shopping bills and complete different tasks. You can also redeem points for recharge. Use referral code "XUGD6387" to get Rs. 200 on Sign up/ 

How to Earn Amazon free gift cards with Magicpin?

  • Step-1: Open the Magicpin app

  • Step-2: Signup using your mobile number

  • Step-3: Upload a selfie and shopping bill to earn rewards

  • Step-4: Complete different tasks to earn coins

  • Step-5: Redeem your coins for free gift cards

8. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions 

Valued Opinions is also an online survey site. You can fill out online surveys on the website to free online vouchers for Amazon and Flipkart. The website provides Rs. 40 to Rs. 100 per survey. Once you have Rs. 400, you can redeem it for Amazon, Flipkart, and other website vouchers. It is easy to get started with the website. You need to register on the website, which is very easy.  Once you have registered, it is important to complete your full profile to get surveys based on your profile. You can fill out the surveys from the dashboard.

Here is a trick, if you choose female as a gender at the time of registration, you will get higher payouts. Valued Options is a genuine online survey site that rewards users for sharing their opinions. Daily, you will do 1 to 3 surveys which ensure you earn a good amount. The voucher will be sent to your registered Email ID.

How to earn Amazon free gift cards With Valued Opinions

  • Step-1: Visit Valued Opinions Registration Page

  • Step-2: Fill Out The Details Like Your Name, Email, Postal Code, Gender

  • Step-3: Click On Next Step And Fill Out the Details

  • Step-4: Shortly you will mail on your registered Email Address

  • Step-5: Open Your Email Address And Click On the “Take A Survey” Link 

  • Step-6: Complete Your First Survey to start earning points

Money Tree App

The earning app gives you a chance to earn an Amazon Gift Card Free by different methods such as completing surveys, downloading apps, & inviting friends.  They also have a great referral program in place where you get rewarded for every invite. You earn a daily bonus for opening the app. The mission is to increase your level so that you can earn maximum points, which can be later redeemed for gift cards.

How to get Amazon free gift cards with the Money tree app 

  • Step-1: Download the Money Tree app

  • Step-2: Sign up on the app

  • Step-3: Enter referral code B7YLK to earn sign up reward

  • Step-4: Complete simple tasks to earn reward points

  • Step-5: Also get a daily login bonus

  • Step-6: Accumulate the assigned points

  • Step-7: Redeem for free Amazon Gift card

10. Amazon Quiz

Amazon Quiz

Amazon hosts many fun contests daily to reward users. You can also participate in the daily quiz to earn a free Amazon gift card. It is simple; you need to participate and give Amazon Daily quiz answers. If you are a lucky winner, you will get Amazon free gift cards added to your Pay balance account. To make the experience more rewarding, Amazon has also started giving users stars for participation. The star that you earn can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

How to Earn Free Gift Cards with Amazon Daily Quiz 

  • Step-1: Open the Amazon app

  • Step-2: Go to the fun zone

  • Step-3: Participate in the daily quiz

  • Step-4: Stand a chance to win free gift cards

  • Step-5: Collect stars to redeem for the Pay balance 

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards Fast?

If you are looking for a method to earn an Amazon Gift Card Free, then you can try Magicpin and Times Points methods. In both methods, you will get the gift card for free instantly. Once you redeem your points, the gift card is instantly sent to your registered mobile number and email ID. You can copy the gift card ID and redeem it by logging into your Amazon account. The Panel station method is also great for getting Amazon free gift cards in India. But with this method, you will have to wait for 4 to 8 weeks. The gift card will be sent to your registered email ID, which you can also redeem from The Panel Station app. 

How to add Amazon Gift Card to your account?

Once you receive the Amazon free gift card, you can easily add it to your account in a few easy steps. You need to have an Amazon account. If you don't have an Amazon account, then you must create one to add the gift card.

  • Step-1: Log into your Amazon account.

  • Step-2: Select Amazon Pay

  • Step-3: Click on the option to add a Gift Card

  • Step-4: Enter the Gift Card code

  • Step-5: Click Add to your balance button

  • Step-6: The amount would be ready to be used at the time of checkout

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Benefits of Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards offer several benefits for both the purchasers and recipients. Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Versatility: Amazon is an enormous online marketplace offering a vast array of products in numerous categories, from electronics and household items to books and clothing. Giving an Amazon free gift card gives the recipient the flexibility to choose the item they desire, ensuring they get something they genuinely want or need.

2. Convenience: Amazon free gift cards can be easily purchased online or at select retail stores. They are available in various denominations, allowing you to choose an amount that suits your budget. Furthermore, you can instantly send an Amazon e-gift card via email, making it a convenient last-minute gift option.

3. Wide Availability: Amazon is a global brand in multiple countries. Consequently, Amazon gift cards are widely available and can be redeemed on the Amazon website of the recipient's respective country. This makes them suitable for gifting to friends or family members residing in different parts of the world.

4. Ease of Use: Recipients can effortlessly redeem Amazon gift cards by applying the unique code provided on the card or email. They simply need to enter the code during the checkout process on Amazon, and the gift card balance will be applied towards their purchase. The remaining balance, if any, can be used for future transactions.

5. Extensive Product Selection: Amazon offers an extensive range of products, including popular brands and a variety of choices within each category. The recipient can explore a vast selection of items, compare prices, read customer reviews, and make an informed decision about their purchase, ensuring a satisfactory shopping experience.

6. Special Offers and Discounts: Amazon often provides special deals, discounts, and promotional offers to its customers. With an Amazon gift card, recipients can take advantage of these discounts, getting more value from their gift card balance and saving money on their purchases.

7. No Expiration Date: Amazon gift cards typically do not have an expiration date. This means recipients can use them at their convenience, without any time pressure to make a purchase. They can keep the gift card for as long as they like and redeem it whenever they find something they wish to buy.
8. Prime Membership Benefits: If the recipient is an Amazon Prime member, they can use the gift card to renew or extend their Prime membership, gaining access to various perks such as free two-day shipping, streaming services, exclusive deals, and more.

Amazon Gift is one of the best freebies you can get online. It is like real cash you can redeem as per wish. We have mentioned some of India's best websites and apps to get Amazon Gift Card Free, like mRewards, Go Daily and Magicpin. You can easily avail of the offers and earn unlimited gift cards for free. Amazon Gift cards are very useful; add them to Amazon Pay Balance and use them for mobile recharge, bill payment, movies, bus tickets or online shopping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to get free Amazon giftcards?

Ans. There are various sites that reward users for simple tasks. The reward points that users can redeem in the form of free Amazon Gift Cards.

Q. What is Amazon gift card codes?

Ans. You will find Amazon gift card code written on the back of the card, use that code to avail of the benefits. 

Q. How to get a $25 Amazon gift card for free?

Ans. With the help of Swagbucks, you can get a $25 Amazon Gift Card for free.

Q. How long is an Amazon Gift Card code?

Ans. Amazon Gift Card codes are usually 14 characters long.

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