10 Best Washing Powder in India: Top in 2021

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Nowadays, it is tough to choose detergent powder, as there are a number of brands available in the Indian market. As we all know, India is one of the most populated countries globally, which makes the demands of consumer goods always high. Our country is a vast market for washing powder with the local and some reputed brands. 

The best washing powder in  India removes the stains easily and does not harm the fabric. It also leaves a refreshing fragrance after washing.  There are lots of brands available in the market from cheap to high price. It is also not necessary that the high prices detergent powder is best and the low rate is not good, the medium price products alway show the best results. We have the top brands like Ariel, Surf Excel, Tide and many more in the list. Let’s check out the best washing powder in India.  

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10 Best Washing Powder in India: Top in 2021


Top 10 Washing Powder in India

These are the Top best washing powder in India for washing machines for taking down stains. Check out the price and buy now link on the table. 

Best Washing Detergent Powder in India



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Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder



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Rin Advanced Detergent Powder 7 kg



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Tide Plus Extra Power Detergent Washing Powder



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Mr White Detergent Powder



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Henko Matic Front Load Detergent



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Syclone Matic Top Load Detergent Powder



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X-Brite Premium Laundry Detergent Powder



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Ghadi Detergent Powder



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Amazon Brand - Presto! Detergent Powder



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Review of Best Washing Detergent Powder in India 

Check out the Best Detergent powders in India- Reviews and Buying Guide here. 

1. Surf Excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder

Surf Excel is a known and trusted brand for removing tough stains easily with the power of ten hands as we all know that washing clothes and removing stains is an extremely tough job, especially for a mother with a young kid. Kids clothes stand from the playground; ketchup stains are the toughest one and take too much time and effort to remove them. 


Surf Excel is one of India’s best washing detergents that removes tough stains instantly and leaves no residue on the clothes. It dissolves easily as it comes with a superior technology formula that unleashes 10 very effective hands. 


  • It is known for providing the solution in 30 minutes. 

  • One of the best washing powder that works on both colour and white clothes gently. 

  • Ensure the deep cleaning for better results. 

  • It dissolves quickly as compared to detergents. 


  • The packing needs more improvements. 


2. Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder 

This is a new and improved Ariel Matic that gives tough stain removal for a bright clean in a single wash. This washing powder is specially formulated for the front load washing machines. This upgraded Ariel comes with the bright guard technology that keeps your clothes bright after every wash. It also offers deep cleaning and long-lasting freshness. It also generates the right amount of foam in the machine to deliver superior cleaning. 


It requires 1 or 1.5 scoops for heavy loads washing, the cutting edge technology provides brilliant cleaning for your clothes and removes tough stains like juice, chocolate, tomato and butter.  It is one of the Best detergent powder for washing machine in India 2021



  • One of the best for fully automatic machines. 

  • It also provides long-lasting fragrances.

  • Comes with up to 2x stain-fighting ingredients as compared to others.  

  • It comes with bright guard technology that prevents clothes from fading. 


  • Not an ideal product for bucket wash.


3. Rin Advanced Detergent Powder

Rin is one of India’s well-known brands of the best washing powders in India. This Rin Advanced brings whiter and brighter clothes so that you can dress to progress. With the help of superior technology, this detergent powder brightens your white and coloured clothes and breathes life back into them to shine like new. This Rin Advanced dissolves quickly in the water and targets the dirt and the toughest stains. 


The fragrance of this detergent powder ensures freshness and makes you feel refreshed all day. It is one of the Top washing powders (Detergent) Brands in India. Rin Advanced helps to achieve the all-around your clothes need. 



  • Penetrates deep into fibres. 

  • One wash is quite enough to make clothes bright as new. 

  • One scoop of powder is quite enough for bucket wash. 

  • It is available in different sizes. 


  • Not the best one for dark coloured clothes. 


4. Tide Plus Extra Power Detergent Washing Powder

With extra power detergent, this new Tide Plus added power to the bar and has been developed to bring the brilliant whiteness on the clothes. It helps to remove the dirt from a single wash to give better cleaning. It’s very known Enzyme formula in the washing powder helps in washing away the toughest stains on the clothes. This Tide plus with extra power formula is fine detergent p[owder which dissolves easily in the water and leaves behind a wonderful fragrance. 


The product is best for both coloured and white clothes. It is one of the Top best Indian brands of washing powder and one of the oldest and most trusted detergent brands, leading to 23 countries worldwide. 


  • Comes with the goodness of a power bar. 

  • Easily dissolve in water and quickly generates foam to give a brilliant whiteness. 

  • Leave a wonderful fragrance. 


  • It sometimes takes away clothes colour. 


5. Mr White Detergent Powder

Mr White detergent powder is one of the known brands in the Indian market. It comes with granulated detergent powder that brings the perfect solution for greying of the clothes. It has a whiteness booster that keeps the new look of clothes intact. 


It has no bleaching formula that keeps the clothes bright and safe. It is one of the best products at a very reasonable price. It is one of the best washing powder for hand wash in India. 


  • It is powered with the whiteness boosters that bring ultimate brightness. 

  • A long-lasting fragrance that gives a fresh feels to your clothes. 


  • Not best for washing machines. 


6. Henko Matic Front Load Detergent

Henko Matic front load detergent comes with the revolutionary solution to all your clothes problems including colour loss, fading and stain removal. The powder texture is soft and smooth with the fine perfume scent that gives a whole new washing experience while giving your shirt a new look and protecting it from ageing. 


It is one of the Top best laundry  detergent brands in India. The powder dissolves into water and then mixes with stains to lift them. During the first wash, you will find that tough stains fade away in a couple of minutes. A single wash is quite enough to remove the tough stains. 


  • Wash clothes effectively and do not remove colour or fade clothes. 

  • It is made with Nano fabric lock technology to remove stains and not colour. 

  • Remove the toughest stains in a single wash.


  • Not the best one for machines. 


7. Syclone Matic Top Load Detergent Powder

For a top load washing machine, Syclone Matic Top Load detergent powder purchase of the washing machine is a genuine choice. It is one of the best washing powders under this price list in India. It comes with a triple-action next-generation formula to help you out with the cleaning. Most of the review of this product is positive and shows a good sign. 


It fights with dirt and alo conditions on your clothes to reserve the shiny finish to the fabric. This detergent washes thoroughly and provides the best care that you do not have to wash other parts of the clothes separately. 


  • It is capable of effective cleaning in one wash. 

  • One of the best choices for top load and front load washing machines. 

  • It is scientifically developed for effective cleaning.


  • Available only in 2 kg packaging. 


8. X-Brite Premium Laundry Detergent Powder

This is the very first eco-friendly and garment loving detergent in India from MicroGenix brand. Most of the detergent contains LABSA chemicals which are already banned in many developed countries. They are too rough for the clothes, often fading them in less than 5-10 washes, and they are very harmful to the environment.  


This X Brite Premium Laundry Detergent powder is free from harmful products, and the Global Organic Textile Standards approve it. It is fit for use in organic textiles also.  It is suitable for all kinds of washing machines and all types of clothes. This brand washing powder helps in maintaining the natural softness of the fabric. 


  • Comes with the fast-drying technology to dry faster and helps in saving electricity. 

  • It is suitable for all kinds of clothes, including delicate garments. 

  • Suitable for all kinds of washing machines and bucket wash.


  • A bit expensive as compared to others. 


9. Ghadi Detergent Powder

This is a very known brand and comes under a very affordable price. This Ghadi Detergent powder dissolves easily and removes the tough stain in a single wash. Its superior formulation fights the various tough stains such as oil, ketchup, chocolate, curry stains and many more. 


It is one of the Top rated in powder detergents as it works on color as well as white garments with a very good fragrance. It dissolves very quickly as compared to another detergent.


  • Ghadi detergent removes the dirt from clothes and removes dullness too from it. 

  • It ensures tough stain removal.

  • Suitable for all types of coloured and white clothes.


  • Not suitable for washing machines. 


10.  Amazon Brand - Presto! Detergent Powder

Presto is now an international brand from Amazon, and they care about living a clean life. They have a wide range of effective household cleaning essentials all with the same purpose to make the mess disappear. This Presto detergent is available in three variants, for front load, top laid, and hand wash bars, powders, and liquids according to the requirements. 


It helps remove the tough stains like spilt tea, coffee, turmeric, curry, ketchup, and chocolate. It helps to make the tough stains disappear for ease of your laundry troubles. It is one of the best washing powder for front load washing machines in india. 


  • A phosphate-free formula to provide effective washing. 

  •  It offers a refreshing shine to enhance the durability of the clothes. 

  • Safe of use and reliable for machine wash as well. 


  • Available in 2 kg packing only. 

  • A bit expensive as compared to others. 


Test Results of Best Washing Powders (Detergent) in India 2021

There are three grades established for washing powder in India Grade1,2, and 3. The quality of the washing powder inIndia depends on the grade of this washing powder. Let’s check out the details for the same. 

  • Detergency-  the first parameter in the detergency test. This test is done to measure the ability of washing powder to remove the dirt from clothes. The washing powder must have the detergency of 65%,55%, and 45% not less than that. 

  • Active Ingredients- the washing powder that has a high amount of active ingredients is considered to be better than other washing powder for machines. The least amount of active ingredients is 19%, 16%, and 10%. 

  • Active Alkalinity-  This test is done to test the ability to neutralize the acid and to check the ability to whiten the clothes. As per the rules, the laid down value of active alkalinity is 15% for Grade 1, 20% for Grade 2, and 30% for Grade 3.

  • Total Phosphate-  Total Phosphate is a substance that is not considered suitable for the environment, and a lower quantity of Total Phosphate in a washing powder is a good sign. All the brands tested for this parameter have passed the test.

  • Foaming-  it is basically checking the ability of washing powder to form bubbles. As There is no standard set for this test in India; however, the consumer needs to know about this test. The detergent powder, which makes a maximum amount of bubbles, is considered to be the best.

Types of Detergent 

There are mainly powdered detergents, but let’s talk about the detergent present in the market. The first one is HE, and the HE stands for the high-efficiency detergent that offers the best cleaning with the ideal amount of water. 

Liquid detergent and pods variants are you can choose according to the requirement. The other detergents type is cold water detergent; this allows you to clean or wash clothes without using hot water quickly. 

How to Use Detergent Powder in washing machines and manually

Machine Wash

  • The washing machine molecules act the same way as in the cash of handwash.

  • Herein the machine, the rinse function is added.

  • The molecules rub against the stains and remove them. 

  • Some of the detergents have a fragrance.

  • The fragrance gets inside the clothes fibers and stays there for a pleasant effect. 


  • The very first method of cleaning clothes is hand wash, in which detergent is mixed in the water. 

  • Its molecules disperse and begin a reaction with the water molecules.

  • When the clothes dipped inside the water, the surf powder will begin to work. 

  • They stick to the cloth and remove the dirt, stains, and marks. 

  • The detergent powder molecules push the dirt out of the fiber and they react with stains and soften them. 

This is all about the Best detergent powder brands for online shopping in India that are best for handwashing and washing machines. . They come with a very strong formula that never fades the clothes and removes stains in a single wash. 

We hope this information and the detailed review will help you choose the right brand for your home and clothes. 


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Questions You May have 


Q.  Which is the best washing powder in India? 

All mentioned above are the best brands and help remove the toughest stains from clothes without harming them. 

Q. Is Surf Excel is the best brand?

Yes. It is one of the best brands that remove stains in a single wash. 


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