9 Best Baby Milk Powder in India: Select the Best for little One

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Everybody knows that there is no replacement for mothers’ milk, but we have other healthy options, Like baby milk powder. The baby milk powder is a good and convenient way to ensure your baby gets the right amount of nutrition. Let’s check out the best baby milk powder in India here. 

The proper nourishment and nutrition for the baby are non-negotiable for the growth of the baby. Many studies show that malnutrition in the first two years of their life, the ignorance of these things will lead to physical and mental growth in later years. The right and adequate amount of nutrition are important. 

There are several brands available in the market  providing baby milk formula, but the question is which one to choose? You need to know the nutrients your baby requires at a particular stage. Here we will help you to find the best baby milk formula for your baby.

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9 Best Baby Milk Powder in India: Select the Best for little One


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Best Milk Powder for Baby in India 

Check out the Top baby milk powders in India 2022 with their price and buy link. 

Best Baby Milk Powder



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Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Follow Up Formula



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Nestlé LACTOGEN 1 Infant Formula Powder



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Aptamil Stage 1 Infant Formula



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Farex 1 Infant Formula Tin - 400 g



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Nestlé NAN PRO 1 Infant Formula Powder



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Nutricia neocate lcp (400 g, Upto 12 Months)



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Dexolac Nutricia Stage 2 (After six months)



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Similac Infant Formula, up to 6 months



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Amul spray milk powder 500gm. Tin pack



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Best Formula Milk for Babies in India- 2022 Buying Guide

Let’s check out the detailed review of the Top baby milk powder in India 2022 here. 


1. Enfamil A+ Stage 2 Follow Up Formula Baby Milk Powder 

Enfamil is intended for babies from nearly 6 months to 12 months of age. The brand is promoted by Mead Johnson Nutrition and represents over 100 years of global expertise in child nutrition. 

It contains DHA, Choline, and iron, and for further information, you can also check the pack label. This is a formula to be fed after the reconstitution with cooled, boiled water. It is important to maintain proper hygiene. It is one of the Best baby milk powder brands in India. One of the essential ingredients, fatty acid, is ideal for brain development. 

Main Features 

  • Has the expert recommended levels of DHA, Choline and Iron. 

  • This brand has the wide range of capacity for up to 6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-24 month babies. 


  • It keeps the baby full for a long time.

  • It provides energy


  • It can cause gas in a few babies.

  • Possible issues with packaging. 

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2. Nestlé LACTOGEN 1 Infant Formula Powder 

Nestle is one of the trusted brands in India for healthcare products. Nestle Lactogen is a spray dried infant formula that contains essential vitamins and probiotics. It is primarily made with whey protein, which are milk proteins that are easier to digest. 

As we all know, mother milk is best for your baby, but the infant milk substitute should be used only on the health provider’s advice.  During the first month of life, the baby’s digestive system needs to adapt to the new environment, which is the natural process that leads to many discomforts and crying. 

This Nestle Lactogen Infant formula cones with whey protein formula, which is easy to digest. The brand builds products backed with evolving science and research. It is one of the Best formula milk for baby 0-6 months in India 2022

Main Features 

  • It contains all necessary ingredients and nutrients that  a baby’s growth and development requires. 

  • Comes with the scoop to enable you to measure the right amount of content. 

  • It is one of the best for kids up to six months of age. 


  • Easy to digest

  • The price is affordable.


  • It may cause constipation. 

3. Aptamil Stage 1 Infant Formula Baby Milk Powder 

This one comes with the unique blend of the Prebiotic GOS and FOS in the 9:1 ratio. It contains vitamin A, C, D, zinc, iron, and Folic acid that brings better immunity and energy to your baby. The formula of 60:40 whey casein and 100% lactose is good for the baby’s overall digestive health. 

This Aptamil Stage 1 infant formula supports physical and mental growth with your growing infant’s visual functions. It contains GOS and FOS, which have essential assistance in your baby’s overall growth and development. This Aptamil stage 1 infant formula is the best milk powder for a newborn baby. 

Main Features 

  • It helps in the carrier of oxygen in electrons.

  • It helps in the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen. 

  • It contains folic acid that contributes to the development of genetic materials of cells which are very important. 

  • It fastens various biochemical reactions by acting as a catalyst. 


  • It is sweeter as compared to others.

  • Prebiotic plus formula. 

  • It is easily digestible. 


  • A bit expensive as compared to others. 

4. Farex 1 Infant Formula Tin - 400 g

Danone is one of the global food companies that hold the top positions for their 4 business fresh dairy products, early life nutrition, water, and medical nutrition. They operate in the dairy and life nutrition business, which is designed to [provide the best products at every stage of life. Their Farex 1 Infant formula supports the predominant whey formula, which makes it easy for digestion. 

It has Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty acids formula that promotes brain development. It is one of the best milk powder for a 1 year baby in India. It also contains 100% lactose that helps feed the beneficial bacteria thriving in the baby’s gut. 

Main Features 

  • This formula contains lactose which supports the growth of good bacteria  that maintain a healthy digestive system. 

  • It contains iron and vitamins A, C, E, and B supports brain and immune functions immunity. 

  • It has Omega 3 and 6 other essential fatty acids that help in visual and brain developments. 

  • It comes with a baby feed up cup that helps you in preparing the proper feed. 


  • It helps the baby to gain weight. 

  • Fewer instances of the baby throwing up. 


  • The taste is not so good.

  • Forms lumps after mixing. 

5.  Nestlé NAN PRO 1 Infant Formula Powder

The spray-dried infant formula with DHA ARA for the infant from birth when they are not breastfed. This Nestle formula supports the baby’s normal brain development as it contains whey proteins, vitamins A, C, D, iron, and Zinc. The brand has known innovation since the beginning. 

This is the ideal product for babies up to 6 months since it contains Baby food products, infant formula, milk powder. It can help treat digestive issues, which are the most common in preterm babies—the transfer for the pack and the pouch in an airtight container. The package format ensures enhanced safety, hygiene, and convenience. It is the best milk powder for two months of the baby in India.  

Main Features 

  • It has zinc that helps to add weight and height. 

  • It has Vitamin D, C and A, that helps your baby to develop strong bones and teeths. 

  • It comes with a scoop to enable you to get powder from the bag with ease. 


  • It contains probiotics and nutrients. 

  • It has constipation issues. 


  • It has a different smell. 


6. Nutricia Neocate lcp  (400 g, Upto 12 Months)

This Neocate LCP infant formula is one of the best for infants who are allergic to cow’s milk. The products are suitable for infants below 12 years of age. It has amino-acid based on milk formula. 

This milk powder contains LCP, long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, and nucleotides.  The products are also suitable for babies with multiple food protein allergies. This baby milk powder’s maximum shelf life is 20 months, and you need to store it in a cool place. This is the best milk powder for a baby. 


  • Neocate LCP is suitable as a sole source of nutrition for infants from birth to 12 months of age

  • 100% Hypoallergenic Amino acid-based formula is manufactured in a cow’s milk protein-free environment

  • Nutricia is a pioneer in allergy research. With 40 years of innovation & scientific discoveries and more than 600 publications in peer-reviewed journals in the field of immunology and allergy, we are committed to delivering high-quality, safe nutrition


  • It helps in weight gain.

  • Lactose-free products 

  • Good for babies with food protein allergies. 


  • It is expensive as compared to others. 



7. Dexolac Nutricia Stage 2 Baby Milk Powder

This Danone is one of the global food companies in the top position for their business; they are designed to price the best nutrition at each stage of life. The brand mainly found it to produce the best quality dairy food for every age person. 

The milk formula with iron helps combat anemia, which is quite common during this time. It has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, choline, iodine that promotes the infant’s brain development. The calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium support the baby’s bone. It is the best milk powder for 2 year old baby in India. 

Main Features 

  • It contains nutrients like Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D that helps in developing the bones stronger. 

  • The taste of this powder milk formula is decent and babies do not reject it as the baby food. 

  • It has many other vital nutrients like carbohydrates, Vitamin K, Vitamin B12, folic acid, sodium, and many more. 


  • It helps to improve the immunity of the kids.


  • It takes time to dissolve in. 


8. Similac Infant Formula Stage 1-400 g

It is one of the vegetarian products on our list. The Similac Advance infant formula contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, iron, iodine, choline, taurine, flic acids, and zinc, all of which help promote overall mental health. 

It also contains Vitamin D and calcium, which are best for strengthening bones.  The brand is involved with science-based child nutrition for more than 80 years. This infant formula is the best milk powder for newborn baby in India.

Main Features 

  • It has vitamin D and Phosphorus that helps in supporting babies bone development. 

  • It contains minerals that help your baby to grow healthy. 

  • It contains omega 3 and fatty acids that help in brain development. 


  • It helps in fast-digesting.  

  • Reduces spit ups


  • It has an unappealing taste. 


9. Amul spray milk powder 500gm. 

Amul is one of India’s known and trusted brands, bringing dried milk powder that mixes in entirely with your tea to life its taste. So it gets thicker & a tastier cup of tea, every time.  They bring the highest quality and use international dairy to carefully dry and balance their milk powder without losing their goodness. 

It is one of the Best formula milk for babies January 2022, and you need to store it in a cool, dry, and hygienic place. 


Important Things to Consider Before Buying  Baby Milk Powder

These are some important facts tocheckbeofre buying a baby milk powder for your little one. 

Ingredients-  Checking the ingredients is one of the good habits whether you are buying any food and other products. In case of baby milk powder, avoid any product that contains talc or any other preservatives. Also check out that the formula is enriched with DHA or iron-fortified. These kinds of ingredients contain the best nutrition value like mother’s milk. 

Age-  These baby milk powders come for different age brackets, it is very important to choose as per the age. 

Allergies and other Medical Conditions-  most of the baby milk formula includes cow milk lactose as a base. . if the child is lactose intolerant or has any stomach infection, your pediatrician might suggest one with a soy milk base. It is better to consult a doctor before picking formula milk for your baby and always check the milk based used. 

Affordability-  baby milk formula comes with a very high price, you need to look for the formula mil at a lower price with all good nutrients. 


Advantages of Baby Milk Formula 

As we all know that we still do not compare breast milk with the formula milk, still there are some benefits of feeding your baby with the Best formula milk for babies 2022

  • Convenient-  breastfeeding makes the other busy and has no time for relaxation as they have to be around the baby all time. While when you use the baby milk formula, anyone in the house can feed the baby. It is possible for her to do her other duties. 

  • No Maternal Restrictions-   at the time of breastfeeding, mother has to take some special foods and alo get restricted from taking other drinks. The milk powder formula allows the mother to eat everything that they like. 

  • Bonding with Other Family Members-  a baby connects with the family members at the time of feeding.  That’s the reason why kids bond fast with their moms.  Formula milk powder allows almost everyone to feed the baby and give them a chance to create a better bond. 

  • No Worry About the Production- Sometime at the time of breastfeeding, mothers may produce little milk and fail to satisfy their young fully. Mothers have to take some special foods to increase the amount of milk. 

  • Contains Important Nutrients-  the baby formula milk has all the essential nutrients and vitamins and minerals along with Vitamin D and iron  that are quite essential for young kids. 

  • You Can Regulate a Routine-  When using a formula to feed your baby, yi can regulate a routine of feeding him or her.  You can set a time and frequency that your baby feeds and thus always have his formula ready by that time.


Types of Baby Milk Powder Formula

Let’s check out the baby milk formula available in the market . 

Cow’s Milk Based Formula-  This is the best among all as it has main ingredients cow milk. This is easy for babies to digest and lots of kids like this formula and do well with it. 

Soya Based-  this formula milk contains soya protein and these formulas are useful for metabolic disorders that require specific nutrition if you also want to exclude animal proteins from your baby, then these are the best options for you. 

Lactose-Free-  if the baby is lactose intolerant, then you need to get a lactose free formula milk. Doctors may recommend you to get him soya formula or any other where a different sugar like corns syrup replaces lactose. 


Things to Check Before Buying the Baby Milk Powder 

These are some important things or factors to check before buying the baby milk powder. 

Ingredients- it is very important to check the ingredients first and avoid any other preservative products. It also ensures that the formula is enriched with DHA  and iron.  These ingredients imitate the nutrition value of the mother’s milk. 

Allergies and Other Medical Conditions-  the baby’s milk powder generally includes cow milk lactose as the base. If the child is lactose intolerant as per has any stomach infection, it is suggested to take a soya milk base. It is necessary to consult a doctor before picking formula milk for your baby. 



These are all about the Top nutritious & best formula milk for babies in Indiaa; these brands mentioned above are the best among all. They will surely not match the mother’s milk, but they are a good substitute for it. 

We hope the information we share will help you to choose the right product for your little one. We need to add one more thing that never compromises the quality over price, given during the most growing days of the baby. The right nutrition will help to grow faster and better. 

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Questions You May Have 

Q. Which is the best baby milk powder in India?

All of the above brands are the best for India’s babies; they are tested and approved by India’s government. 

Q. Which milk is best for babies?

Under 1 year, babies should not drink cow milk; mothers milk before 6 months or baby milk powder is the best before 1 year. 

Q. Which milk is best for babies after 6 months?

All of the above mentioned brands are the Best formula milk for baby 0-6-12-24 months in India

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