Baby Care Product Brands In India

Babies are sensitive and to choose the best baby product brand is a tough choice, so to make a choice easier. Here are the best baby care product brands listed for all parents.

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If you are expecting your baby or you have just become a new Mumma then in both the cases you want nothing but the best baby care product brand in India for your little bundle of joy. Getting the right products for the baby is what every parent wants. Starting from the Diapers till they become a successful person in life.

Every parent plans to give their children what they want in life. But when it comes to choosing baby products, picking the best is a tough choice as there are so many brands selling the baby care products, each of them claiming to be the best. So it makes the parents more confusing, especially when they are new parents.

To make it a bit easier for all parents, we have listed the best baby care products brands. Also, from where to buy online baby care products. Also check best offers on kids clothes, baby care and many more products.

List Of Baby Products Brand In India

Here’s a list of the top brands baby care products brands in India that you should get for your little bundle of happiness.


Johnson & Johnson

Rs. 60 Onwards


Mother care

Rs. 250 Onwards



Rs. 50 Onwards

First Cry


Rs. 55 Onwards


Mee Mee

Rs. 99 Onwards



Rs. 77 Onwards

First Cry


Rs. 200 Onwards



Rs. 170 Onwards



Rs. 99 Onwards



Rs. 120 Onwards

First Cry

1. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson brand is 120 years old brand offering not only baby care products but also mother care products across the globe. It is the most known and oldest brands trusted by parents, especially mothers all across the world. Since ages, Johson baby care products has been a hot favourite for all mothers and is among the most trusted brands in India.

  • Johnson Baby Care Products include baths and skin care range products like baby wash, soap, shampoo, hair oil, baby cream, lotion and talc.

  • It also offers wipes, massage oils, diaper rash cream etc.

  • Their baby care range also includes cotton earbuds and nappy pads.

Johnson & Johnson even has the best baby care product reviews. Not only parents but also the babies love and feel comfortable with Johnson baby care products.

2. Mother Care

Mother care is a UK-based brand, not only famous in India but the world over. Mother care has a complete range of baby care products for babies and also for mommies. To name a few, they have Maternity wear to nursery furniture. Most favourite items from Mother care are the baby clothes, bath accessories, strollers and car seats and not to forget the bath and skincare range. More products are:

  • Sterilizing, Bottle Feeding Accessories, Bibs, Soothers, Breast Pumps, Sterilizing, Formula Milk, etc.

  • It has Weaning Accessories, Cups, Bibs, Toddler Feeding accessories, High Chair etc.

  • Bath accessories, Bath sets, Toiletries, Reusable Nappies, Wipes, Disposable Nappies, etc.

  • Humidifiers, Sun Safety, Thermometers, Dental Care and Medicine Dispensers.

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3. Himalaya

In India, Himalaya tried, tested and loved by all parents. Himalaya baby care product range is also extensive and more pocket-friendly than their international counterparts. They are also Ayurvedic and it is the best organic baby skin care products you can’t get in India. Our favourite is the bath care range of products.

Himalaya Baby Care Product mostly focused on bath-time products from the baby care section.

  • The products consist of Baby Bath, Soaps, Baby Cream, Shampoo, Lotion and Prickly Heat Powder.

  • Other products are Baby Wipes, Diapers and Diaper Rash Cream etc.

4. Biotique

Biotique products are Ayurvedic.They started from the adult product brand, but through time, Biotique ventured to the baby market.The product range of Biotique is not as extensive.

Their most loved products are the Shampoos and Baby Lotions.

In Health and Skin Care products, Biotique is a trusted name.

  • Their baby skin care range includes body cream, massage oil, and sunscreen.

  • Their bath-time range consists of soap, shampoo and bubble bath.

  • Biotique has a wide range of ayurvedic products for babies as well like Shampoo, Soaps, lotions, Massage oils, and many more.

It also has an exciting range of Disney Baby Boy and Disney Baby Girl products. All it's baby products contain herbal extracts, including aloe vera, basil, and almond extracts, which are incredibly gentle on your kid's skin.

5. Mee Mee

Mee Mee is a famous brand in baby care products these days. Mee Mee is a brand that covers every need of your baby.The brand also manufactures maternity products – right from dresses and belts to tops and lingerie. So, the brand takes care of the overall needs of the baby and the mother. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Their bath-time range consists of baby towels, napkins, baby bathtub, potty trainer seat, bath sponge, shampoo hat, bubble bath and bathrobe.

  • Mee Mee has products like strollers, car seats, baby furniture, baby cream, lotions, shampoo, bathtubs, towels and wet wipes.

  • Mee Mee travel gear like car seats and prams are trendy as they offer competitive prices as compared to other leading international brands.

  • Skin and oral care products, diapers, towels, napkins, footwear, bath and hygiene, toys, travel seats – you name it, and it has it ready for your baby.

6. Chicco

In today’s time, Chicco is one of the leading names in baby care. Their pregnancy and breastfeeding range consists of breast pumps, feeding bottles, breast pads, bottle sterilizers and a boppy pillow.

  • Their mealtime range consists of eating and drinking accessories, food processors, high chairs, etc.

  • Their skin care range consists of bath-time products, nappy change products, moisturizing products, nasal and oral hygiene products, thermometers and humidifiers.

  • Their baby safety range consists of baby monitors and indoor and outdoor accessories. They also offer toys, clothing, shoes, travel gear and sleep products.

7. Pigeon

It is available in India, and it is a global baby and mother care brand. Their nursing range consists of nursing bottles, nipples, and nursing accessories.

  • Their skin care range consists of products like baby wash, shampoo, diaper rash cream, etc.

  • Their baby health care products and grooming accessories include toothbrushes and toothpaste, nail clipper, nail scissors, nose cleaner, comb and brush, digital thermometer, wipes, and tissues.

  • They also have a complete range of cleaning and sterilizing accessories, diaper, and laundry care, weaning accessories, pacifiers and teethers and baby outdoor gear.

8. SebaMed

The SebaMed have a range of products for the little one and adults worldwide. SebaMed is a German-based baby product brand and has now become very popular in India and for Indian parents as well. SebaMed also have a range of newborn baby skin care products.

  • Their baby bath section consists of a baby cleansing bar, bubble bath, oil bath, shampoo and baby wash.

  • Their baby skincare range consists of baby lotion, baby diaper rash cream, baby wipes, and baby lip balm. It also offers massage oil, sun cream, sun lotion and sun spray.

  • They also have baby moisturizing lotions, lip balms and massage oils.

9. Mamaearth

Mama earth has quickly gained a positive reputation among mothers, thanks to its vast range of baby care products.

  • Their bath care range includes face washes, shampoos, baby body washes, baby wipes, hair oil, skin cleanser for crayon and ink marks and dusting powder.

  • Their skincare range is made up of face cream, baby lip balm and moisturizers.

  • They have a comprehensive mosquito care kit that consists of after bite roll on, anti-mosquito fabric roll on, mosquito repellent gels, and mosquito repellent patches.

  • Their baby care collection also features vapour rolls and vapour rubs for colds and coughs as well as laundry detergent and toothpaste.

10. Pampers

The Pampers Diapers introduced in the 1970s with adhesive belts. They come up with the absorbent gel belts, to protect the baby while sleeping and make the babies rash free. Pampers is one of the most well known among the many baby care products brands.

They introduced diapers that come with a protective layer of lotion to keep your baby’s bottom soft and smooth.

  • Their diaper range includes Pampers Diapers, Pampers Active Baby Diapers, Pampers New Baby Diapers and Pampers Baby Dry Diapers.

Note: To know more about Baby Diapers Brand In India click on the given link.

Which Are The Best Baby Shampoos In India?

Shampoo not only protects the delicate babies locks but also prevents them from getting tangled. It provides the necessary nourishment and proteins to the scalp, which can keep your baby’s hair soft and healthy.


Johnson’s Baby No More Tear Shampoo

Rs. 266


Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo

Rs. 156


Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo With Organic Calendula

Rs. 478


The Moms Co. Natural Baby Shampoo

Rs. 393


Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo

Rs. 1,675


Which Are The Best Baby Skin Care Products?

The time, when a baby is born, parents encounter with the millions of choices, and decisions as simple as which body lotion to use are complicated. Whether your baby has dry skin or oily, normal or combination, there is a best baby skin care brands in India available in the market for every little bundle of cuteness.

Here are some baby skin care products brands which you can buy:


Himalaya Baby Cream

Rs. 129


Mama Earth insect repellent

Rs 299.


Johnson Baby Cream

Rs. 106

First Cry

Aveeno Baby Fragrance Free Lotion

Rs. 784


Chicco Nappy Cream

Rs. 370


Every mother wants to see her little one healthy & happy for that it is important to have the right quality products that will help your kid have a healthy childhood. Since the babies are very delicate and to handle them delicately, every parent needs the best baby care products. Hope the article helps all you parents for choosing the right baby care product brands.

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