10 Best Modular Switches in India: Smart Choice For Smart people

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Are you tired of looking at the same old boring and bulky switches around in your homes? 

After several hours of searching for more than a dozen Modular Switches, I have shortlisted 10 Best Modular Switches In India based on parameters like - Quality, Durability, Design, Ease of use, and aesthetics. 

Today, a switch is not just a button to turn electrical appliances on and off, but is more of a decorative item for living space. 

While renovating my house, I searched more than 30 websites to learn about Modular Switches, their advantages over conventional switches, design, ease of use and aesthetics of electrical switches, ensuring that they blend well with my living environment. And finally, I came up with the shortlisted ones which I am going to discuss in the article.

Let's check them out and explore their detailed features!

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Best Modular Switches in India


Best Modular Switches for Home in India (2022)

Check out the best Modular switches for homes in India with their price range. 

Best Modular Switches Brands in India

Price Range 


Rs. 500-700

Wipro North-West

Rs. 350-700


Rs. 1400 Onwards

Schneider Electric

Rs. 30-170


Rs. 35-200

GM Modular

Rs. 150-650


Rs. 70-700

Philips Modular Switches 

Rs. 100-1100

Simon Modular Switches 

Rs. 80-500

Siemens Modular Switches

Rs. 120-720

Review of Best Electrical Modular Switches in India (2022)

Check out the detailed information about India’s top best modular switches here, along with their brand information. 

1. Havells 

10 Best Modular Switches in India: Top in 2022

Havells needs no introduction, and it is one of the leading electrical equipment organizations in India. It was founded in 1958, and they manufacture lights,  Appliances,  Switches, personal grooming products, and more. 

The organization has 12 manufacturing plants all over the globe and has 7 in India. Havells is known for its wide range of products, including the modular switches in their Fabio modular range. They have well-designed and best in technology Modular switches. You can check them out on their online platform and choose as per design and budget. It is one of the best modular switches brands in India. 

Switches Range 

Oro Modular

Coral Modular

Oro Mettalica 

Key Features of Havells Modular Switches 

  • The Havells Modular switches have been tested for 1,00,000 operations to ensure long-lasting performance. 

  • The Havells switches are designed for inductive and resistive loads. 

Top Havells Switches 

Havells Switches 


Havells Crabtree Athena 10A One-Way Switch


Havells Coral 16A One-Way Switch with Indicator


Havells 6A Switch (White) -20 Pieces


Havells Crabtree Athena 10A One-Way Switch (White) Pack of 12


2. Wipro North-West

10 Best Modular Switches in India: Top in 2022

Wipro is majorly known as one of the largest IT organizations in India, but the Wipro North-West offers a wide range of modular switches. They have a wide range of designed switches as per the new age available in 10 different colors. 


Wipro offers the best quality modular that is strong and sturdy that fits in last longer. They understand the requirements of the consumer, and that's why they have created a category named Nowa switches. They are built to offer better comfort and add value to the customers. For better information about the brand, you can check out their official website, and the link for the same is given above. 

Switches Range 


Key Features of Wipro Modular Switches 

  • They made modular switches with the perfect combination of new-age technology, quality, design,  and more to add elegance to your interior. 

  • It has one of the safest and most innovative ranges of switches. 

Top Wipro Modular Switches 

Wipro North-West Switches


Wipro North West Polycarbonate 1M 6A One Way Switch (Pack Of 1, White)


Wipro North West 9M Plate With Frame (White)


Wipro North West Polycarbonate 1M 6A One Way Switch (Pack Of 10, White)


Wipro North West 1M 16A One Way Switch (White/Euro White)(Pack Of 10)


3. Anchor Switches 

10 Best Modular Switches in India: Top in 2022

Anchor by Panasonic is one of the leading companies with a wide range of modular switches, and they are one of the leaders in electrical products. The switch, socket, wire, cables, lighting, solar, electric vehicle charger, and more. 

They have designs for every commercial and residential building that will enhance the look of your house or office. All of their modular switches start from Rs. 1400 onwards, maybe they are quite expensive compared to others, consumer’s requirements but the quality they are providing is simply unmatchable. 

Switches Range


UNO Plus

Key Features of Anchor Modular Switches 

  • Their switches come with the best quality and are the safest compared to others. 

  • With the help of Panasonic's refined technology, they have improved the overall quality of the switches. 

Top Anchor Modular Switches 

Anchor Switches 


Anchor Roma 1-Way Switch 21066, White, 20 amp 240V


Anchor 14619 Penta 5 in 1 Combined Box 2 Hole Switch, 20 Amp, White


Anchor Roma Polycarbonate 1 Way Switch, 10 A (White) - Set of 20


Anchor by Panasonic Polycarbonate Roma One Way Switch 6 Amp (White, Pack of 10)


4. Schneider Electric

It is one of the leading companies with a wide range of products that create an eco-structure. They have a wide range of products for small-scale businesses, homes, or commercial buildings. 


From low voltage to high voltage, they have a wide range of products in almost every category. This brand’s modular switches are maybe a bit costly, but this brand will never compromise the quality of the product. 

Key Features of Schneider Electric Modular Switches 

  • It has a wide range of switches that are available in appealing colours. 

  • With the modular switches, they also provide digital automation services.

Top Schneider Electric Modular Switches 

Schneider Electric Switches 


Schneider electric Opale-6A 1 Way Switch (Pack of 4)


Schneider electric Opale-6A 1 Way Switch (Pack of 6)


Schneider electric Opale-6A 1 Way Switch (Pack of 20)


Schneider electric Opale-16A 2 Way Switch (Pack of 20)


5. Legrand 

Legrand is one of the famous brands that offer a wide range of products like ACB’s, MCB’s, capacitors, modular devices, switches, and more under one store. They are known for producing high-quality products, especially as per the new age technology. 

Legrand provides amazing design and innovative switches perfect for your home, offices, or commercial buildings. They also deal in home automation products that make life more accessible and comfortable. Legrand is the best modular switch in India and all its switches come with longer life. Their modular switches are available from Rs. 35 to 200 onwards. That is majorly dependent on the design. 

Switches Range




Key Features of  LeGrand Modular Switches 

  • It comes with IP 20 protection against accidental contact. 

  • Their Modular switches have tunnel terminals preventing screwdrivers from slipping. 

Top LeGrand Modular Switches 

Legrand Modular Switches 


Legrand Mylinc 6A 1-Way Polycarbonate Switch


Legrand Mylinc 16 A-230 VA one-way SP switch with an indicator (White)


Legrand Myrius 16 A Switch 1 Way with indicator(16 A - 230 V) - 6730 10


Legrand Mylinc Plastic 32A DP Indicator Switch (White)


6. GM Modular

It is one of the trusted brands in India that offers a wide range of electrical products. Their products are designed to meet the contemporary luxury of the world. They are very stylish and available in different designs. All of their modular switches are energy efficient, and they are user-friendly as compared to others. 

They are already serving numerous clients that are business tycoons in India or all over the world. They are also offering wifi switches, home automation systems, wires, cables, and more. All of their products are made with high-quality ingredients. 

Top GM Modular Switches 

GM Modular switch


Legrand Mylinc 6A 1-Way Polycarbonate Switch


Legrand Mylinc 16 A-230 VA one-way SP switch with an indicator (White)


Legrand Myrius 16 A Switch 1 Way with indicator(16 A - 230 V) - 6730 10


Legrand Mylinc Plastic 32A DP Indicator Switch (White)


7. Polycab Modular Switches

Polycab is one of the fastest-growing companies in India that deals in all types of electrical equipment like wires, switches, sockets, MCB’s, and more. They are offering high-quality products made with virgin polycarbonate, which provides a longer life than others. 

Their switches are made with fire-resistant material and made with virgin polycarbonate that also offers longer life as compared to other controls.

Top Polycab Modular Switches

Polycab Modular Switches


32A Polycab Levana Modular Switches, 2M, 1 Way

₹ 172/Piece

Modular Switches Polycab

₹ 22/ Unit

10A Polycab Levana Modular Switch, 1m, 1 Way

₹ 120/ Piece

16A Polycab Caprina Modular Switches, 1M, 1 Way

₹ 30/ Piece

8. Philips Modular Switches 

Philips is one of the known brands in the Indian market that provides a wide range of electrical and electronics goods along with other products. The brand is majorly known for its heater, coolers, bulbs, tube light, LED lights, and more. it is one of the Most Popular top switches brands in India

They have a wide range of modular switches that come with 10 years warranty. As compared to others, they are break-proof and offer longer life. Philips modular switches come with dual shutter safety and water resistance. Buying the Philips modular switch will be a smarter choice as it will last longer as compared to others. 

Top Philips Modular Switches 

Philips Modular Switches


6A Philips Mirror Glaze Modular Switches, 1M, 1 Way

₹ 19/ Piece

6A Philips Mirror Glaze Modular Switches, 1M, 1 Way

₹ 32/ Piece

Durro 10A Philips Modular Switches, 1M, 1 Way

₹ 25/ Box

6A Philips Mirror Glaze Modular Switch, 1M, 1 Way

₹ 24/ Piece

9. Simon Modular Switches 

Simon is one of the leaders in providing the best quality modular switches. It is a global brand that comes from Spain that is specialized in manufacturing wiring processes, electrical equipment, and gadgets. 

They are helping people all over India by offering electric protection systems and electrical charging systems. Their main is to maintain long-lasting relationships by providing the best quality modular switches. They also come with an electric shack proof layer that prevents electric shock. 

Top Simon Modular Switches

Simon Modular Switches


Simon 10 A electrical switches, 220V-250V

₹ 35


10. Siemens Modular Switches

Siemens is a brand with one of the best electrical switches. It makes it switches and switchboards considering the safety of your family in mind. They are advanced in technology. They lead the market in the production of energy-saving electrical switches. 

These modular switches should be kept out of reach of children because their polycarbonate could cause harm to them. They are made out of plastic and are 9cm long with 7cm in width. It is one of the known and trusted brands in India. 

Top Siemens Modular Switches

Siemens Modular Switches


10A Siemens Delta Vega Snow White Modular Switch, No of Module: 1M, Circuit Type: 2 Way

₹ 138/ Piece

Siemens Modular Switch, No of Module: 1M, Circuit Type: 1 Way

₹ 52/ unit


Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Modular Switches in India 

What are Modular Switches?

After a lot of research, switches made companies are using polycarbonate material to make any kind of switches like the Modular switches. In the past few years, switches have transformed their appearance, and they are looking attractive compared to earlier. 

Now you have the option to choose from the range of designs that help improve your house’s interior. 

Check out some major things that you need to check before buying the modular switches online. 

  • Easy to Replace and Maintain-   It is quite easy to replace modular switches as they are compatible with the same brands. Because of this,  the only option left is to use the same brands for future repair maintenance. 

  • Having Better Locking System-   when you bring a new home appliance, there are chances that you may face socket issues that do not perfectly go in the plug connected to the device. But this time the socket comes out along with the plug top.  

  • Check the Ratings first- It is very important that you can check out the ratings of the product. As you can check everything online. Check out the brand details and the overall ratings. 

  • Durability-  if you are looking for switches, please make sure that they will last long and be made with material  that will stand  up to wear and tear. 

  • Appearance-  as we all know that modular also stands for the style as per the trend. Make sure that the appearance for the same is best and suits your interior. 

  • Prices- it is one of the major factors to cross check whether you are buying one or multiple modular switches.  

  • Safety-  all of the modular switches normally come with a cutout button and a neon light  to alert you  if there is a power outage or any issue in connection. 


Why should you install modular switches in your homes?

These 4 features of Modular switches make them perfect for every home. Let's look into them! 

  • Safety: Modular switches are made from fire retardant material and are ISI marked, which follows international safety standards. All switches and sockets are ISI marked and shuttered to avoid accidental contact of your kids with any live electrical parts.

  • Long lifespan: Modular switches offer longer life than regular non-modular or semi-modular switches. 

  • User Friendly: The 'ease of use' feature of modular switches allows you to add other electrical appliances easily. 

  • Aesthetics: Luminous modular switches fit perfectly in modern interiors as they are aesthetically pleasing. They are available in various colours, and designs and integrate seamlessly into your walls.

Why Modular Switches are better than traditional switches?

  • One of the major advantages of modular switches is that they are made up of polycarbonate and fire-resistant material.

  • They have a longer life than others. 

  • All of these modular switches are available in different sizes, shapes,  and colours, and they will add more style to your office or home. 

  • Modular switches are known for their Aesthetics,  Easy maintenance,  Better cable management, and Higher safety & Flexibility.

  • The best quality modular switches are available all over India.


This is all about the best modular switches in India 2022 that are available in a good price range. All of the brands mentioned above are the market leader in electrical items. You can choose from their wide range of these brands, and they are available online and offline in retail stores. We hope this information will help you choose the right brand according to the need, design, and budget. 


Questions You May Have 

Q. Which brand is best for modular switches in India?

A. Havells is said to be one of the best brands for modular switches in India. Along with it, there are multiple other modular switches brands that are best in quality. I have mentioned them all in the article. Go through it for complete details.

Q. What are the top 10 switches?

A. In this article, I have mentioned the top 10 modular switches in India. You can read the complete article and choose the one that suits you.

Q. Which is the No. 1 Switch Company in India?

A. Larsen & Turbo, a switch company with the highest revenue can be considered as No. 1 switch company in India.

Q. Which is best switch for home?

A. There are multiple types of switches available in the market. I have shortlisted the list of best modular switches in India with all their important features. You can read the complete article and choose the one which suits you.

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