Best Switches In India: Trending Switches For Modern Indian Homes

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Are you looking for the perfect switch for your home? Are you confused about what type of switches you should use in your home? If your response is yes, you have landed on the perfect articles.

In this article, we will give you all the details about the best switches in India from where you can opt for the ideal switches that suit your requirements.

Switches are the quiet legends of our homes that increase the value of our spaces. Mounted on the wall, switches are gadgets mainly used to lay out and break off power connections as and when needed.

Therefore, hang tight and read this article till the end to know the complete information about the best switches for your home. 

If you want to know about modular switches, I recommend you read our article on Best Modular Switches In India. 

Best Switches In India

List Of 5 Best Switches In India

Here are the list of top 5 switches in India. We have also provided detailed information about each switch below the table. So, scroll down and read the article till the end.

Switches Name


Anchor Roma Classic Switch

Rs. 80 per piece

Frontier ™ 619H2 Digital Timer Programmable Time Switch With LCD

Rs. 521

Wipro Smart Switch Module

Rs. 1,794

Havells Crabtree Anti Viral Switch

Rs. 2,302

IOTICS Smart Wifi Touch Switch

Rs. 5,752

Review Of Top Switches In India

Here, we have reviewed top 5 swiitches which are used by most of the people in India. Scroll down and get all the information in detail.

Anchor offers an assortment of anchor Roma switches and sockets that fill many needs in our regular routines. Roma is one of India's most famous anchor electrical switches that are modular and accessible in many textures, colours, and finishes to complement any home decor. It guarantees expanded well-being, dependable functionality, and long-life service. 

Key Features:

  • IP 20 protection with captive screws

  • Sockets with uniform plug insertion and withdrawal force

  • Arc shield protection

  • 1000mAh USB charging port with short circuit and surge protection

This 24-hour timer switch is appropriate for water dispensers, water heater, irrigation, streetlight, staircase lamps, promoting light boxes, breed aquatics, horticulture, office power auto control, in any place that need time control in civilian, industry, home, and so on. It can be utilised to set up 17 programs to operate the on and off of electric machines in 24 hours. It tends to be customised to stay away from the pinnacle of power, and it can circulate power at a time-breaking point to save energy.

Key Features

  • 17 on or off programs can be set per day

  • Choices to select days or days of the week on which the programmed functions are to be performed

  • Easy to replace battery

  • LED power indicator

  • Manual override switch

  • LCD on-screen displays on and off switching status

Wipro Smart Switches Module robotises your home by enabling you to control your gadgets through a smartphone. Install the smart hubs to change your place's standard switches into smart switches. A wi-fi enabled smart device can turn any two electrical machines on/off through the Wipro Smart application and Google/Alexa Assistant. The smart Wipro switch module is extremely simple to install, and it effectively sits behind any standard switchboard with practically no hassle.

Key Features

  • Control From Anywhere

  • Make Existing Switches Smart

  • Works with Existing Wiring

  • Compatible with Manual Switches

Havells India Limited has introduced  India's first anti-viral and anti-bacterial switches with ViruzSafeTM innovation under the Crabtree brand for its electrical wiring gadgets portfolio. Crabtree's remarkable ViruzSafeTM Technology has been examined for both bacteria and viruses, which, in 1 minute of virus exposure on the uncovered surface area of Switch knobs, Sockets, Front Plates and so on, guarantees 92.5 %* against viral efficiency and in the span of 2 hours guarantees 99.89 %* hostile to viral efficiency. Anti Viral and anti- Bacterial efficacies have been examined utilising Worldwide standards. It is counted as one of the best electrical switches for house. 

Key Features

  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial efficacy of switches depend on external test reports

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral viability guarantee are effective for a time of two years

  • These switches are intended for indoor usage and not for outdoor usage

These smart switches are modern and wireless and installing these switches is very easy. The glass panel is delightful, two times strong as typical glass, and the creators have made it convenient to clean also. Our switches can utilise a mobile application, remote control, and voice control. These switches are a perfect blend of affordability, elegance, reliability, and features. These switches are capacitive touch innovation-empowered smart switches that can make your home a smart home.

Key Features

  • Easy to install anywhere

  • Safe and secure

  • Include remote and voice control

  • Contains isolated power supply circuit

  • Attractive glass touch panel

Top 10 Switch Companies In India

Here, we have shortlisted the top switch brands in India. Check out the table given below to know more. 

Switch Companies

Price Range

Gold Medal

₹26 - ₹125 per Piece


₹37.8 - ₹70 per Piece 

PM Cona

₹22 - ₹168 per Piece


₹32 - ₹58 per Piece 

Wipro North-West

₹48 - ₹250per piece

L & T

₹38 - ₹107 per Piece


₹59 - ₹200 per Piece


₹25 - ₹44 per Piece


₹20 - ₹250 per Piece


₹40 - ₹125 per Piece 

Types Of Switches 

There are two types of switches: 

1. Mechanical Switches: Mechanical switches are physical switches which should be activated physically by pressing, moving, releasing, or touching their contacts. Several types of switches come under Mechanical Switches, and those are: 

  • Push-button Switch: When Push Button is pressed, the circuit gets closed for the flow of current. The contact is disrupted when pressure is separated from the switch, and the current flow is stopped.

  • Pressure Switch: This switch increases or decreases pressure from a set point. It comprises a C-shaped diaphragm and is utilised in industries to observe water, air, or oil pressure.

  • Temperature Switch: This switch comprises a resistance temperature gadget that observes temperature and controls the value of measuring temperature.

  • Toggle Switch: This switch has a lever which is moved in upper and lower directions for turning ON and OFF and is utilised for home appliances.

  • Rotary Switch: This switch is self-explanatory and utilised in the channel, range or band selector. Here, a switch is utilised to connect one line to many lines.

2. Electrical Switches: On the other hand, Electronic Switches do not need any physical contact to manage a circuit. These are operated by semiconductor action. Several types of switches come under Electrical Switches, and those are: 

  • Toggle Switches: Toggle switches are compelled by a lever calculated in one of the two or more positions. The standard light switch utilised in household wiring illustrates a toggle switch.

  • Selector Switches: Selector switches are compelled with a rotary knob or lever to choose one of two or more positions.

  • Joystick Switches: These switches are manually made control gadgets for installation in charge, front panels, and portable control equipment. They are utilised wherever motion sequences analogous to the activation direction are controlled manually.

  • Limit Switches: These limit switches resemble selector hand switches or rugged toggles fitted with a lever the machine part pushes.

  • Proximity Switches: Proximity switches observe a metallic machine part's approach by either a magnetic or high-frequency electromagnetic field.

Best Modular Switches In India

A modular switch is fundamentally a modern switch, a step forward from the conventional switch, that controls the flow of current in a circuit by breaking and delivering the entire circuit. Modular switches arrive in various designs that you can opt from. They are significantly more secure. They accompany features like kid security, UV protection, and, surprisingly, antibacterial properties so microbes can't spread with everyone contacting the switches frequently. The modular switchboard has no exposed screws.

For more information about modular switches, I would recommend you to read our dedicated article on Best Modular Switches In India where we have mentioned everything in detail.

Difference Between Conventional And Modular Switches

Here are the differences between Modular and Conventional Switches. And, if you want to know more about modular switches in details, then i would suggest, you read our article on Best Modular Switches In India. 


Conventional Switches

Modular Switches


Fixed and needs to be replaced to meet changing requirements of users

Can be personalised and therefore meets changing requirements of users

Metal Screws and Wiring Cables


Not required

Risk Of Electric Shock



Interior Decor

It is not suggested. Still, it can be utilised

It is highly suggested for office or home decor.




Life Span




So, this was all about Best Switches in India. After reading this article, I hope you have received all the information regarding this topic in detail. We have tried providing you with each minor detail regarding the same. Still, if you face any queries about this article, feel free to comment down your queries in our comment section and we will try to answer your queries as soon as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which brand switches are best in India?

A. We have provided about the 10 best companies for switches in India. So, read the article to know about them. 

Q. Which is the No 1 switch company in India?

A. Havells is chosen to be the No. 1 switch company in India. This domain is one of the biggest manufacturers of electrical equipment in India.

Q. What is the fastest type of switch?

A. Linear switches have no audible click or material knock when a key is pressed. They're the quickest out of all mechanical switches since it senses a direct press of the switch

Q. Which switch is best for home?

A. Modular switches are best for your home as they provide safety and security with an eye-catching appearance. 

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