12 Top LED Light Brands in India (2024)

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Make every corner of your room brighter with energy-efficient LED lights!

BTW do you know India is among the biggest markets for LED lights in the world? I also wanted to take a step towards the mission of reducing carbon footprints, and that’s why I researched the top LED light brands in India to place them both in my house and office.  

LED lights are better than regular lights in many aspects. They are energy efficient, have a longer life, do not have heat or energy emissions etc. You will learn more about its benefits throughout this article. 

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Top LED Light Brands in India

List of the Top LED Light Brands in India (2024)

Here are the top LED light brands in India that have been given the best quality products for the past many years. Check out the rating, found year, and more details here. 

Top LED Light Brands in India

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Kwality Photonics



Moser Baer



Overview of the Top LED Light Brands in India

Here you can check out the review of the 12 top LED light brands in India with complete brand details and their features. 

Philips Electronics India Ltd 

Philips has been one of the brands since our childhood. Philips is a Dutch brand, but it is considered India to be its biggest market as far as the LED light is concerned. They are the most trusted brands in the Indian market today. Philips boasts cutting-edge technology and has a wide range of LED lighting solutions for Indian customers. It ranks first in the list of top LED light brands in India with its innovative and stylish products. 

Philips has the complete solution for LED house lights and office lights not only in India but globally, too. The brands make sure that the global experience and expertise for its products in  India. 

Key Features of Philips LED Lights 

  • They come with longer life and use 80% less energy than the traditional sources. 
  • These LED lights come with perfect light quality and need no warm-up time.
  •  Wattage- 7W
  • Power Factor- 0.85

Established in 1930

LED Products of Philips- Bulbs, Wall Lights, Ceiling Lights, Tube lights, Table lights, Suspension Light and Decor Lights. 

Havells India Ltd

Havells India Ltd is one of the famous and trusted brands in India for almost all electronics items in the Indian market.  They have more than 14 manufacturing locations in  India. The company’s primary advertisement is for their best quality cables, as  Havells cables never catch fire. But, Havells entered the LED lighting sphere in 2010.

They have been manufacturing LED lights since 2011, and in a short time, they are providing the top most popular LED bulb brands in India. Havells has a wide range of LED lighting solutions, including spotlights, lamps, ceiling lights, and many more. 

Key Features of Havells India LED Lights 

  • They bring some of the best-designed LED lights on the market. 
  • They maintained high-quality products with energy-efficient LED models. 
  • They have a wide range of portable rechargeable LED lights. 
  • Wattage- 7W
  • Power Factor- 0.964

Established in 1958

LED Products of Havells-  Lamps, Spot Lights, COB Fixtures, Decorative lights, Commercial lights, Street Light, Tube lights, and ceiling lights. 

Osram India Pvt Ltd 

German engineers are considered to be the best ones in the world in making machines of almost all kinds. You will get robust German engineering, which means fuss-free LED lighting. Osram India is a complete subsidiary of Osram GmbH that offers its customers a wide range of LED lighting solutions. 

The brands have managed to make the best LED lights in India with their manufacturing plant in Haryana, Sonepat, and Kundli. They’re one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of LED exterior modules and interior modules. From LED lamps to general lighting, Osram has the complete solution for all your LED lighting needs which makes it a worthy brand in the list of top LED light brands in India. 

Key Features of Osram LED Lights 

  • They have a wide range of conventional LED bulbs. 
  • They provide complete LED solutions, including LED light engines and electronic Control Gear.  
  • They have a wide range of industrial LED lights, including Halogen lamps.
  •  Wattage- 6W
  • Power Factor- 0.8

Established in 1919

LED Products of Osram- Spot Lights, Lamps, Wall Luminaries, Batten Luminaires, Under Cabinet Lights, Floor Luminaries, Table lights, Flood Light, Street lights and Camping lights. 

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Bajaj is one of the leading LED light brands that offers Complete LED lighting solutions in India; we all know that and how rugged and long-lasting its products are. The company decided to manufacture LED lights with the same ethics and provide the best possible products to its consumers for many years. The brand has expired for more than seven decades in the lighting industry, and it is easy to spot their LED products. 

Bajaj is one of the leading top LED light brands in India. Their products are long-lasting and some of the longest-lasting LED lights in India. They offer one of the best quality LED lights in the Indian market, with high energy efficiency. 

Key Features of Bajaj LED Lights 

  • One of the significant benefits of Bajaj LED lights is they can work in low voltage supply also. 
  • LEDs do not contain filaments; they are not like traditional bulbs, so they are durable and very long-lasting. 
  • They are designed into any shape and can be dimmed for full control of light. 

Established in 1945 

LED Products of Bajaj- Landscape light, Flood light, Flexi Strips, Bulbs, Downlight, Spotlight, Tube Light, High Bay Luminaires, and Spotlights. 

CG ( Crompton Greaves )

They are one of the oldest brands in  India with a rich legacy and excellent quality, reliability, and superior engineering capability.  Their product design inspires an immense amount of trust. They are known for providing meaningful solutions to the consumer’s needs. They have also launched some breakthrough products like India’s first anti-dust and anti-bacterial LED bulb. 

They have a wide range of LED lighting bulbs according to your needs and decor. The price of CG  LED tube light in  India is a bit faster than others, but it comes with more than 15 years of life. The brand is known in the market for its high-performance LED lighting. It is one of the top LED light brands in India. 

Key Features of CG (Crompton Greaves ) LED Lights 

  • Their lifespan is longer than the regular traditional bulbs. 
  • CG has a wide exceptional color range. 
  • They come with lower radiated heat. 

Established in 1878

LED Products of CG (Crompton Greaves)- Bulbs, Tube Light, Spotlights, Street lights, Garden lights, Emergency Light, Desk Lamps, and many more. 

Syska LED Lights 

Syska is a testament to the fact that you don’t need to be an old company to sell things on the market. The company is only two decades old, and in this short span, they managed to grab a fair size market share of the LED lighting. The company, with its attractive advertisement with the Late Actor Irfan Khan, is loved by many of us. 

They believe in smart innovation and products that are priced fair to its consumers. They bring a revolutionary concept to the lighting industry. Syska LED lights are entirely integrated into a systematic structure of the overall product range. Syska is surely the best LED light brand in India. 

Key Features of Syska LED Lights 

  • They offer a wide range of international quality LED lighting solutions. 
  • Their home appliances category is crafted with the latest innovation and provides energy-saving to its customers. 
  • Syska also has a personal care product range in the market. 

Established in 1989

LED Products of Syska- Tube lights, Downlights, Panel lights, Portable lights, Garden lights, Industrial lights, Flood lights, Wall lights, Parking Light and Tunnel Light. 


Halonix is one of the fastest-growing companies in the field of residential and institutional lighting. Their lighting and LED products are relevant and suitable for Indian conditions. The product is developed keeping in view of power quality and usage patterns in India. They have been an established brand in the Indian market for over 25 years, and its innovation and quality-controlled products. 

These are some main reasons that they are on our list of top 10 popular LED light brands in India. Their LED street lights are famous in India for this price and for their superior quality and good lighting. They come under the same companies that have fully accredited NABL laboratories in manufacturing plants situated in Haridwar. 

Key Features of Halonix LED Lights 

  • They have the widest range of lighting products, including  LED, CFL, Halogens, and many more. 
  • They provide a complete lighting solution from beginning to end with professional designers and a responsive support team. 

Established in 2009

LED Products of Halonix- Tube Light, LED bulbs, Street Lights, Table Lamps, Garden lights, and Decorative lights. 

PolyCab LED Lights

PolyCab is in the business of manufacturing wires and cables and fast-moving electrical goods under FMEG as a POLYCAB brand name. Apart from wires and cables, they are also manufacturers of LED lights in India. They are the fastest growing manufacturer in the list of top LED light brands in India. They are capable of producing good quality LED lights, and they are providing them to their consumers. 

The brand has more than 25 manufacturing units across India. Under the name of PolyCab Luminaires, they have a wide range of collections for LED lighting and solutions for almost everything, including roads, bridges, and gardens. Their products are designed for a better life, and they are the most promising LED lighting companies in 2024.  

Key Features of Polycab LED Lights

  • They are specialists in commercial LED lighting and solutions. 
  • They offer a complete solution for LED lighting for your office and home lighting. 
  • Their LED focus lights price is affordable in comparison to others in India.

Established in 1956

LED Products of PolyCab- Bulbs, Spotlight, Table lamps, Flexi Lamps, Street Light, Garden lights, Decorative lights, and Down Lights. 

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9. Surya LED Lights

Surya LED Lights

Surya is one of the known and biggest manufacturers in India with 50 different products in the Indian market right now. In recent times, the brands announced that they would bring 50 more LED light products to their wide range. Surya is the top LED torch light brand, and its LED lamps provide the best output along with a long life. 

The company’s manufacturing plant is in Noida, and it is the most sophisticated in the country. Their LED lighting products have 85 % less energy consumption compared to other bulbs and lighting making it a popular household choice in the list of top LED light brands in India.

Key Features of Surya LED lights 

  • They are offering a 25000 hours lifespan of their LED bulbs. 
  • They have a wide range of more than 50 LED lighting options. 
  • The LED light price in India, the Surya brand is affordable and valuable for the money. 
  • They provide both consumer base and professional-based LED lighting solutions.

Established in 1973 

LED Products of Surya- Lamp spotlights, Battens, high bays luminaries, Linear lamps, Strip lights, Street lights, Decorative lights, and Downlights. 

Wipro LED lights

The brand Wipro needs no introduction, from selling vegetables to oils to computer solutions and now LED lighting. The brand has become one of the growing LED lighting companies. They provide LED lighting solutions for residential spaces, office spaces, and industrial units. They have a massive lighting portfolio for all kinds of lighting use. 

The brand offers mixed LED lights that can provide colour output from any conceivable colour palette. This Smart Wipro smart LED will turn your room into a part of the lounge, a mini-movie theatre, or something special.  You can control the brightness per set time while being in the car from you, or Alex can do it for you.  Wipro is one of India’s top ten LED lighting companies

Key Features of Wipro LED lights. 

  • They have an excellent range of smart bulbs and lighting.
  • Their products came with two years of warranty, depending on the product. 
  • They bring innovative design with the best quality products. 

LED Products of Wipro- Downlights, surface mount luminaries, Linear Lamp, Desk lights, Batten Light and street lights. 

11. Kwality Photonics 

Kwality Photonics 

It is an Indian company which first set up LED manufacturing in the country. It has the highest market in the LED lighting industry of all domestic companies. Their LED category is ideal for very application be it Tubelights, downlights, lanterns & Even street lights.

They are one of the strong contenders for the bulbs as they down the cost of the power LEDs by a whopping 40%. It is one of the top LED light brands in India. The brand was established in 1966, and the company is one of the quality manufacturers of LED lamps, Lights, and displays. 

Key Features of Kwality Photonics 

  • They offer the best quality LEDs in a very nominal price range. 
  • They are one of the trendsetters in India for LEDs. 
  • One of the Indian brands that compete with big brands like Philips, Havells, and Osram. 

Established in 1987

12.  Moser Baer 

Moser Baer 

Everyone heard the name of Moser Baer as they were famous for their CDs and DVDs. The brand also entered the world of the LED lighting sphere, and the company worth Rs.19000 Crores also convened to save MW of energy in 2 years. 

It brings a wide range of LED lights and bulbs that do the right job on the customer's heavy bills. The LED lights are far better than the normal bulbs and tube lights as they consume less energy in comparison to them. It is one of the top LED light brands in India. It It is quite good to see that big companies like Moser Baer are spreading awareness about LED lights

Key Features of Moser Baer

  • They have a wide range of LED lights, including bulbs, tube lights, street lights, and many more. 
  • One Of the trusted brands for many years in the Indian market. 
  • Their aim is to make people aware of LED lights and their benefits over others. 

Established in 1983 

Benefits of Using LED Lights 

Here are the top benefits that come with the use of the Top LED bulb brands in India.

Longevity- LED lights are known for working nearly 60,000 hours, while a normal light bulb lasts only 1500 hours. These LED lights last 10 times longer than the normal ones. A long life span means rescued replacement resulting in cost savings. 

Efficiency- As compared to others, LED lights use 90% less power than traditional light bulbs as these are powerfully packed with a lot of energy. LEDs help lower electricity bills. The life expectancy of LEDs is cheaper, which means a lower cost of maintenance. 
Environment friendly- These LED lights are made with non-toxic materials, and they are also recyclable, which makes these lights green and eco-friendly. They are also energy-saving as they consume less power. These lights also give very low levels of UV rays, which makes them good for the environment.

Safety-  Superior safety may be the most significant benefit of LEDs. LED lamps generate almost no warmth; therefore, they are cool to the touch and can be left on for hours without incident or consequence if touched. LEDs produce 3.4 BTUs/hour compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs. In contrast, Lamoureux lighting expels 90% of the energy it utilizes via heat, making the bulbs hot to the touch. LEDs reduce the potential for safety dangers, such as burns and fires.

Long Term-  LEDs are poised to replace traditional incandescent lights. LEDs are rapidly, without a doubt, becoming the preferred lighting solution for both homes and offices. LED technology is continually advancing, producing brighter LED light bulbs. The US hopes to reduce the electricity used for lighting by 50 per cent by converting it to LED-based light sources.

Colour- LED lighting is offered in a variety of base colours, such as red, blue, and amber. Due to the fact that traditional incandescent bulbs use filters to produce colours, they are extremely bad. LEDs can be mixed together to produce large numbers of colour options.

No heat and UV Emmenison- the traditional lights are known for making huge heat and less light, these LED bulbs are offering very little heat and they will help people who are living in the darkest areas. 

Low Voltage Operation- as compared to other bulbs and lights, these LED bulbs provide amazing lights with very little voltage. It helps to save more electricity and offers better lighting compared to others. 

Design Availability- As we all know, there are different types of designs available in the market in the local and reputed brands. As compared to traditional lights, there are fewer options in terms of design. 

Summing Up 

Havells, Philips, Syska, and Wipro are some of the top LED light brands in India known for their excellent quality products and innovative designs in the Indian and international markets. All the brands mentioned in this list provide the best quality LED lights for homes, offices and even industrial units. These energy-efficient lights are the future of a greener earth with reduced carbon footprints. I hope this information will help you choose the best LED light brand for your needs. Share this article with your friends and let them know about the benefits of using LED lights and the best brands to choose from. 

Questions You May Have

Q.  Which LED light brand is best in India?

Ans. All of the brands mentioned above are good; however, Philips, Havells, and Syska are the top LED light companies in India. 

Q. Which is the No 1 LED company in India?

Ans. Syska LED is the best brand as it consumes less than 80% less power consumption as compared to others. 

Q. Which LED is best for home?

Ans. The warm LED lights are the best for the eyes as they include filtered natural lights that are good for the eyes. 

Q. Who is the largest LED manufacturer in India?

Ans. Philips, Osram, Havells and Bajaj are the largest LED manufacturers in India.  

Q. Which watt LED light is best for home?

Ans. Around 40-80 watts will be enough for LED lights in the home. Most LED bulbs are between 5-8 watts. 

Q. Which brand is best for ceiling lights?

Ans. Syska, Nessa and Philips are well-known brands for innovative and stylish ceiling lights. 

Q. Which are the top LED light brands in India? 

Ans. India holds a lion's share in the LED market with some top-class manufacturers like Syska, Philips, Surya and many more. 

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