10 Red wine Brands In India: Perfect For All Occasions

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In Indian society, a fondness for wine has not been accepted for a long time. But at present, you get to see wine lovers everywhere, especially at bars. Nowadays many people search for red wine brands in India. For them, we have created a list of top 10 red wines 

If you are also a wine lover, then check out the list of red wines with a price. The list of the table will be followed by the product description in detail. 

While the wine culture in India is evolving slowly but significantly. At the same time, wineries in the subcontinent are coming up with newer bottles that add charm to the wine shelf. Best Indian Red Wines are listed below with detailed descriptions.

During our research, we have found some of the domestic wines to be steller in quality and remarkable in taste. The market for red wine is growing at a fast pace. The list of red wines gets added with new favorites ever so often. There are articles written on multiple topics like foods, travel, beauty & personal care, and more. To read an article on Best Wine Brands in India, click here.


Top 10 Red Wine Brands In India With Price List

Read the list of Best Red Wine Brands In India 2021. A list will follow the product's description in detail.

Name of product

Price (Starting From)



2.Castillo De Salobrena Red wine 


3.Vega Rica Non Alcoholic Red Wine


4.Ogreeny Red Wine


5.Dufrais Vineger Red Wine


6. Big Banyan Merlot


7. La Reserve by Grover Zampa


8. Sette by Fratelli Wines


9.Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz


10. KRSMA 


There are multiple wine brands with unique variation. They differ in taste, texture, and overall quality. Some brands are known to be great for formal parties and special occasions. So, let’s check out the details of the Red Wines available in the country.


This red wine is non-alcoholic and premium handcrafted. In this red wine, preservatives and food colors have not been used. In addition to this, there is no extra fruit juice and pasta added. This is 100 % vegetarian and safe to consume. The region where it has been produced is Coimbatore. It is one of the trendy brands in india. It is also available in major restaurants and hotels to be served.


Region Produced In - Coimbatore

Wine Type - Red Wine


Key features

  • No Artificial color 

  • No preservative

  • 100% vegetarian

  • No fruit juice added

2. Castillo De Salobrena Red

This is one of the popular red wine brands in India. The key ingredients used in it are Water, Sugar, Apple and grape juice, apple aroma, acidity regulator, and more. A full-bodied red wine that will delight your palate and make you feel happy. It carries the best flavor and is available at an affordable price.

Ingredients - Water, Sugat, Apple and grape juice, apple aroma, acidity regulator, and more

Brand - Castillo De Salobrena


Key Features

  • Contain Low Calorie and Sugar

  • It is Non-alcoholic

  • Has no Caffeine 

  • Useful For diabetics

3. Vega Rica Non-Alcoholic Red Wine

This red wine is among the most popular brands. It is more than 40 years old and known for its classic flavor. The taste of this red wine gives a refreshing tropical touch. Due to its good composition, it is suitable for all ages. It is low in sugar, without gas, and has great flavor. 

Flavor -  Apple and Grape

Shelf Life  -  24 Months

Container Type  -  Glass Bottle


Key Features

  • Low in sugar

  • Taste classic

  • Provide a refreshing touch

  • Suitable for all ages

  • 40 + years old

4. Ogreeny Red Wine

Ogreeny is popular for its classic flavor and good composition. It also claims to be healthy and helpful in the journey of weight loss. As it helps to reduce body fat and provides a toned body. It is also known to slow down the aging process and keep the person happy and healthy.

Flavour  -  Red wine vinegar made with Black grapes juice

Ingredient - Pure Black Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes Juice

Brand     - OGREENY


Key Features

  • Helpful in weight loss journey

  • Low in calorie

  • Low-fat content

  • Maintain sugar level

5. Dufrais Vineger Red Wine

This red wine is a vegetarian product. Known for its good quality and refreshing touch. It is low in sugar and has no preservatives and food color added to it. 

Brand     - Dufrais


Key features

  • Popular brand

  • Low in sugar

  • Good composition

  • Provide classic flavor

6. Big Banyan Merlot

This red wine is packed with soft, velvety tannins. To savor on a warm evening, you can give it a try. It is full of grilled meat and vegetables, pasta, or lightly spiced Indian food. Get the classic feel at home with this red wine. It is another one of the popular brands in India. Best for formal occasions and parties.

Brand     - Merlot


Key Features

  • The packaging is classic

  • Provide a refreshing touch

  • Royal brand

  • Popular due to its quality

7. La Reserve by Grover Zampa

This wine has been awarded the silk route award in 2016. It is a smooth, and full-bodied red. It is available with ripe red, black fruits, and a spicy aroma. It can be combined with coffee beans and vanilla. It is among the most respected and classic brands across the country. 

Brand     - Grover Zampa


Key Features

  • Super classic

  • Give royal feel

  • Smooth and perfect blend

  • Most popular brand 

8.Sette by Fratelli Wines

This red wine is rich in taste and full of coffee and chocolate flavours. Sette is an Indian homegrown company that has set high standards for Indian wines. It is among the most popular brands in India and consumed by many people. This wine is mostly served with spicy veg or non-veg.

Brand: Fratelli

Product Name: Fratelli Sette Red Wine

Product Type: Liquor

Product Category: Wine Champagne


Key Features

  • Popular among users

  • Blended flavours of smokey coffee and chocolates

  • Favourite of many users

  • Served in restaurants and bars

9. Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz

Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz Wine | LiquorPie

This is full-bodied, complex and smooth red wine. Known to provide smokey flavour at every sip. It has been considered to be the best wine in the Indian market. It comes with an inky violet hue. It is also full of the enticing aroma of fresh fruits and dry species.


Temperature – 18°C

Type – Red Wine


Key Features

  • It has refreshing flavour

  • Enticing aroma

  • Popular brand

  • Has Inky violet hue


KRSMA is another popular brand that serves different varieties of wines in India. It is famous for providing premium quality products. Known for serving expensive wines and executive taste and quality.

Brand     - KRSMA


Key Features

  • Popular all across the country

  • Serves premium quality products

  • Serve in restaurants and brands

  • Exquisite taste and texture


What is Red Wine?

Red is one type of wine. It is made up of dark-colored grapes. There are different varieties of grapes. The color of the red wine is from intense violet to dark red. Purple-colored grapes produce greenish-white juice. The red color of the wine is due to anthocyanin pigments present in the skin. 

Most of the time, the red color present in the wine is due to the extraction of color and flavor from the grape skin. 

Read about the Finest Indian Red Wines that you can have on your shelf and enjoy whenever you desire.


Is Red Wine Good Or Bad For Health?

The pros and cons of wine have been debated for years. Some people believe that a limited and small amount of red wine is beneficial for good health. While some believe it to be overrated. 

However, studies conducted across the world have shown that a moderate amount of red wine helps in lowering several diseases including heart diseases. 

So it is all about understanding the fine line between moderate and excessive amounts of wine. 

 It is always important to know the Best Red Wine Brands in India before purchasing it.

Red wine is made by fermenting and crushing dark-colored grapes. The content of alcohol is between 10 to 15%. Moderated consumption of red wine has been proved to be beneficial for health.

Benefits Of Red Wine Consumption?

Red wine is made of dark-colored grapes. It also contains Powerful Plant Compounds and Antioxidants. Grapes are full of antioxidants including resveratrol, catechin, epicatechin, and proanthocyanidins. These qualities are known to be beneficial for a healthy body.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the risk of cancer

  • Reduce the risk of heart disease

  • Reduce insulin resistance

  • Reduce risk of depression



So the information given above is related to Red Wine. We have curated a list of the most popular red wine brands in India. You can check out the list of product names and their prices along with their respective quantities. Red wine is made from varieties of grapes. These grapes are rich in antioxidant properties and have multiple health benefits. Learn about the MOST POPULAR RED WINES IN INDIA by reading the artcle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Which brand is best for red wine?

A. We have provided the list of the top 10 famous red wine brands in India. You can go select from the list keeping in mind their properties and cost.

Q. What wines are popular in India?

A. Grover Kampa, KRSMA, Sula are some of the famous brands in India. Also check out the list mentioned above.

Q. Can we drink red wine daily?

A. A moderate amount of drink daily has been considered good for health. However, there is a fine line between moderate and excessive that should be kept in mind.

Q.Can we drink red wine directly?

A. Let the red wine pour into the glass. Ensure to swirl it and sniff by sticking your nose into the glass. 

Q. Which wine brands are the most inexpensive in India?

A.  There are several brands that serve different kinds of wines in terms of taste, texture, and quality. You can check out the different brands mentioned above with their price list.



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