32 Best Wine Brands In India With Price List

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Are we arguing over the Best Wine Brands In India?

Well, after years of discussion with my friends, I can say that every wine has its unique taste and special features. You must try different wines and then decide your favourites among them. 

But for now, I did my research to figure out the best wine brands in India with price list and came up with a bunch of options in this article. Be it a dinner party, family function, friend's birthday or any other event, a bottle of wine always stays classy.

So let us read about the top wine brands in India that you should buy for your special event. 

We also have a dedicated article on best alcohol drinks, especially for you. 

Best Wine Brands In India With Price List

Best Wine Brands In India With Price List

Check out the wide range of best wine in India and their prices. 

Name Of The Wine Brands



1. Charosa

Rs. 640


2. Fratelli Wines

Rs. 1700 


3. Good Earth Antaraa 

Rs. 950


4. Grover Zampa

Rs. 785 


5. Reveilo Winery

Rs. 825 


6. Sula

Rs. 950 


7. Myra

Rs. 1500


8. Vallonne

Rs. 1050


9. SDU Deva

Rs. 875


10. Naara-Aaba

Rs. 600


11. Four Seasons

Rs. 725


12.  York

Rs. 750 


13. Seagrams Nine Hills

Rs. 450


14. Rhythm

Rs. 470

750 ml


Rs. 750


16. Big Banyan

Rs. 640


17. Chateau d’Ori

Rs. 648 


18. Belstar Cult Prosecco

Rs. 2995 


19. Imbuko

Rs. 1500


20. Chandon

Rs. 1200


21. Tenuta San Guido

Rs. 34000

750 ml

22. Vietti

Rs. 13995


23. Saint Cosme

Rs. 9795


24. Dom Perignon

Rs 14800


25. Querciabella

Rs. 3065


26. Early Dark Wines

Rs. 1685 


27. Yellow Tail

Rs 2295


28. Changyu

Rs. 800 


29. Moet & Chandon

Rs 9352


30. Lafite Rothschild

Rs. 32750


31. Penfolds

Rs 1680


32. Louis Roederer

Rs 1600


Note- The prices mentioned in this article are subject to change. 

Our Top Picks

Overall Best:  Big Banyan

This wine brand is overall the best wine brands in India.  This brand manufactures excellent wines that are available at a very affordable price. The best part about this wine is its excellent taste and texture.

Budget Friendly: Four Seasons

Four Season is a brand that produces wide range of wines but their ,speciality is red wines. It provides premium - quality wines that are available at a reasonable price. This brand's wines perfectly fit your budget and provide a good taste, aroma and texture.

My Recommendation: Sula

I recommend Sula as it gives an excellent taste and is available at a very pocket-friendly price. It provides an extensive collection of wines with great aroma, texture and overall quality. These wines can be paired with various dishes, especially meat.

How Did We Make This List?

Selecting a good wine is entirely subjective. Whether you choose tart, bold, delicate, sweet, or even spicy flavors, finding a wine you adore is impossible. These essential characteristics that describe every variety of wine can be helpful when picking a bottle.

  • Sweetness: Wine labels mostly use the terms “dry,” “semi-sweet,” or “sweet.” A dry doesn’t contain sweets at all.

  • Acidity: Wines containing high acidity will be tarter, whereas low-acidity wines taste richer or rounder.

  • Tannin: Tannins are alcoholic compounds present in the skins of grapes. When tannins are naturally present in winemaking or added by ageing, the wine becomes more bitter. People frequently confuse the tannin level with the “dryness” of a wine, which means how sweet or not sweet a wine is. The red winemaking process integrates more tannins, giving some red wines a distinctively dry and bitter finish.

  • Body: Wines get portrayed as having a light body, whole body or somewhere in between. The “body” of the wine means how light or heavy it feels in your mouth. Generally, red wines have a fuller body than whites, and wines made from grapes grown in warmer regions rather than cooler ones.

  • Alcohol: The higher the percentage level of alcohol in your glass of wine, the more it will warm your throat and the back of your mouth. Measured in percentage of alcohol by volume (ABV), most wines contain 11 to 13 per cent alcohol, yet can go from 5.5 per cent as far as possible up to 20 per cent.

Everybody will have various preferences for every one of these qualities of wine, but with the right consideration, you can find a bottle that satisfies your taste preferences.

Review Of 32 Best Wine Brands In India With Price List

To help you decide and select the best wine brand for your party, we have shared our reviews for the top wine brands in India and their in-depth analysis, along with their features. It will help you understand each brand better and improve your chances of purchasing the best brand for wines in India. 

1.  Charosa

Place of Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra, India


Charosa is the most cherished wine brand in India and is based in Nashik: India's Wine Capital. So you can imagine this brand offers premium and semi-premium wines that are also very exclusive. Some popular Charosa products are Charosa Selections, Charosa Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and Charosa Reserve Tempranillo.

Charosa is leading the wine industry with its stunning market share of 60%.

Notable Features of Charosa

  • This brand is one of the most famous wine brands in the country.

  • It has brought wines that have fantastic taste.

  • This wine can be consumed with various dishes and food, especially non-vegetarian.

  • It is one of the best quality wine brands because of its aroma, texture and overall quality.

2.   Fratelli Wines

Place of Origin: Delhi, India

Fratelli Wines

Fratelli Wines is a premium wine brand known for its top-notch quality wine that brings the best out of Italian wine, which is most suited for the Indian atmosphere and cuisine. It is one of the best wines in India at a price that you will like.

As per The Economics Times, the company's authorized capital is Rs 2400.0 lakhs and has 47.261303% paid-up capital which is Rs 1134.27 lakhs

The products of this brand have very smooth flavours and are suitable for spicy Indian dishes.

Notable Features of Fratelli Wines

  • It is a well-known wine brand in India

  • The brand has made wines that have great taste and texture.

  • It is usually consumed with meat and a variety of other dishes.

  • The brand has a great aroma, taste, and texture, making it a good quality wine brand.

3. Good Earth Antaraa 

Place of Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Good Earth Antaraa 

The Good Earth Food and Wine was established in 1998; it has been an abode of food enthusiasts and wine lovers worldwide.

Their gardens, vineyards, and orchards are open to provide some great experiences reflecting all the good things they have in their store to offer their guests.

Notable Features of Good Earth Antaraa 

  • It has aromas of plums, blackcurrant and spice

  • aged in medium toasted French oak for twelve months

  • It has an elegant finish

4.  Grover Zampa

Place of Origin: Doddaballapur, Karnataka, India

4.  Grover Zampa 

As stated by its lovers, Grover Zampa crafts one of the best wines in India, which are very popular for their top-notch quality. People can use various products under this brand on all occasions and events, whether a formal event or a get-together with friends. This brand has 8% of the market share.

Notable Features of Grover Zampa

  • It is one of the most famous wine brands in the country.

  • It has a sharp taste that many appreciate.

  • This wine brand is popularly consumed with several spicy Indian dishes.

  • Its texture and overall quality make it one of the best wine in India.

5.   Reveilo Winery

Place of Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra, India

 Reveilo Winery

Reveilo is another best wine brand India has tasted and perhaps one of India's most famous red wine brands. Reveilo, derived from the word 'Reveal', depicts that the wine is supposed to 'reveal the mystery.' It is based in Nashik, known as the Wine Capital of India. Its wide range is behind its popularity in the Indian wine market, and it has many stars like Reveilo Chardonnay, Reveilo Chenin Blanc, Reveilo Cabernet Sauvignon and Reveilo Syrah.

Notable Features of Reveilo

  • It is one of the most popular best red wine brands in India at a very affordable price.

  • The wine has a great aroma, and the overall quality is good too.

  • It is one of the most sought-after Indian wine brands.

  • The brand has made wines that have great taste and texture.

6. Sula

Place of Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra


Sula is one of the best wine brands India has tasted, which is why it is widely preferred. Wines from Sula are intense and powerful wines with flavours from various berries and a pleasing finish. It is trendy in India and is used in many major restaurants and hotels to be served with different cheese and various meat dishes. It is one of the finest Indian wines on our list, and you should try it.

Notable Features of Sula

  • It is one of the most famous wine brands in the country.

  • This brand has crafted wines with fantastic taste.

  • It is suitable to be consumed with various dishes and food, especially meat.

  • It is one of the best quality wine brands because of its aroma, texture and overall quality.

7.  Myra

Place of Origin: Bangalore, India


If you are looking for a branded wine in India that can make its space in your fridge instantly, then you should check Myra. It has several elegant wines prepared from handpicked grapes famous for their fantastic taste and aroma. The Myra brand of wines is popular with pizza, meat, and pasta.

Notable Features of Myra

  • This brand is a trendy brand for wines in India.

  • It is one of the most delicious and smooth wine brands.

  • This wine can be consumed along with many meat and other dishes.

  • It is a quality wine brand because of its unique texture, aroma and taste.

8.  Vallonne

Place of Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra, India

5.  Vallonne  

Vallonne is the most popular among all wine brands in India that produce a range of white and red wines. It has some unique wines known for their fantastic quality, pleasant taste and aroma, making it one of the most sought-after wine brands in the country. It uses handpicked grapes from its vineyards and provides customers a great experience.

Notable Features of Vallonne

  • It is one of the best and most famous brands in India.

  • This brand provides a taste considered one of the best of all.

  • It is best consumed with Indian dishes and food items.

  • This brand is considered quality because of its taste, aroma and texture.

9.  SDU Deva

Place of Origin: Nandi Valley, Bengaluru, India

6.  SDU Deva 

SDU Deva is a well-known brand that fits in the top 10 wine brands and price range that makes your pocket trippy. The term 'Deva' in the brand's title signifies divinity which suggests that the taste of the wine will let you experience the ecstasy of life. The wines produced by this brand are the most impressive ones and are considered one of India's best wine brands. It caters to a large section of consumers with its wide variety of wines and other products. The SDU Deva wines are top-rated because of their texture, taste and aroma.

Notable Features of SDU Deva

  • It is a trendy brand for wines in India.

  • This brand is one of the most delicious and smooth wine brands.

  • You can consume it along with many meat and other dishes.

  • This is considered a quality wine brand because of its incredible texture, aroma and taste.

10. Naara-Aaba

Place of Origin: Arunachal Pradesh, India


Naara-Aaba is India's crown in the wine industry for two reasons. First, it is India's first organic kiwi winery where you can expect wines made from kiwi other than the classic grapes. Second, it is owned by and produced by an Indian woman entrepreneur, Tage Rita. She launched this winery in her hometown Arunachal Pradesh where she started her journey with Organic Kiwi Wines, followed by Pecha Wine (Wild Apple), Plum Wine (Red) and more.

Notable Features of Naara-Aaba

  • It is an organic winemaker.

  • A woman, entrepreneur, owns it.

  • The brand supports hundreds of farmers in Arunachal's Ziro Valley.

11.  Four Seasons

Place of Origin: Bangalore, India

8.  Four Seasons  

One of the best red wine brands in India is Four Seasons, which produces a wide range of products, especially red wine, that is exquisite. The wines from Four Seasons are top-rated because of their superior taste and fantastic flavour. Four Seasons is based in Bangalore and Maharashtra, where they craft their wines using freshly picked grapes. 

Notable Features of Four Seasons

  • This brand is one of the best wine in India with price.

  • It provides a taste considered one of the best of all.

  • This brand is best consumed with Indian food items and dishes.

  • It is a quality brand because of its taste, aroma and texture.

12.  York

Place of Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra, India


York is another Nashik-based winery that produces some of the most astounding branded wines in India. Red and sparkling wines created in this winery are the most famous in their premium collection. With this, York is undoubtedly one of the best brands when it comes to wines. They have a great, smooth, fantastic finish and pair well with mildly spicy food.

Notable Features of York

  • It is one brand that makes perhaps the Top red wine in India.

  • It provides excellent aroma and texture to its wines. 

  • The brand is trendy among people. 

  • It is affordable and reasonably priced as well.

13.  Seagrams Nine Hills

Place of Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra, India

12.  Seagrams Nine Hills 

Seagrams Nine Hills is one of the most famous wine brands in India, crafted in the Wine Capital of India, Nashik. It has won Indian hearts with its branded wines within a short period. The wines are named 'Nine Hills' because nine hills surround Nashik. It also has an extensive collection in its kitty but is especially famous for its red wine.

Notable Features of Seagrams Nine Hills

  • It has one of the best red wine brands in India at a pretty affordable price. 

  • The brand has got a great collection of wines. 

  • It has brilliant texture and taste, which makes it very popular.

  • The brand is very easily and readily available all across the country.

14. Rhythm

Place of Origin: Khadakwasla, Pune, India


A mainstream Indian brand, Rhythm focuses on crafting delicious fruit wines for its consumers. It is located on the outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra, that has land with the best soil to grow a variety of fruits. With a type in the base ingredient, you can get a variety of wines. I mentioned fruits because, at Rhythm, you can get wines from Pineapple, Strawberry, Kiwi, Peach, Plum and Alphonso.

Notable Features of Rhythm

  • You can find pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, peach, and plum wines.

  • Wines go perfectly with Indian cuisine.

  • Wines are made from locally grown and sourced fruit.

15.  KRSMA

Place of Origin: Zhoolkunti, Karnataka, India

14.  KRSMA 

If you search for 10 Indian wine names, you will always find KRSMA in every list uploaded by websites. It is an Indian wine brand that serves some of the best premium wines nationwide. Among all wine brands in India, KRSMA is known best for its high-end wines that can be used at any formal event or occasion. It serves some of the most expensive wines in India, which are known for their exquisite taste and quality.

Notable Features of KRSMA

  • It is a premium wine brand that is popular all over India.

  • The brand makes excellent quality exceptional wines.

  • It is the best option for formal events and functions.

  • The brand makes wines that have excellent taste and textures.

16.  Big Banyan

Place of Origin: Nashik, Maharashtra, India

15.  Big Banyan 

Big Banyan is well-known in India's wine brand names that produce fantastic wines. Big Banyan is one of the most preferred brands and is considered one of India's best wine brands. You can find a vast collection of wines in this brand with fantastic taste and a great and smooth finish. The wines from this brand are the most suitable for spicy food and meat dishes.

Notable Features of Big Banyan

  • It is one of the most popular and preferred wine brands in India.

  • It is used for casual events, parties, and personal use.

  • The brand is famous for providing high-quality wines.

  • It is readily available and is quite reasonably priced as well.

17. Chateau d’Ori

Place of Origin: Bordeaux Region, France

Chateau d’Ori

Chateau d’Ori is one of the top international wine brands in India that makes some of the best wines in the world. The wines this brand produces are used by people who like to put unique cuisines on their palates. The brand is most famous for its medium-bodied wines that provide a great experience with a smooth finish that stays in your mouth for a long time.

Notable Features of Chateau d’Ori

  • This brand is a well-known wine brand in India

  • It has made wines that have great taste and texture.

  • This is usually consumed with meat and a variety of other dishes.

  • It has a great aroma, taste and texture, making it a good quality wine brand.

18. Belstar Cult Prosecco

Place of Origin: Valdobbiadene, Italy

 Belstar Cult Prosecco

Belstar Cult Prosecco is an Italian wine brand with a new addition to the Prosecco portfolio Belstar, which comes from the grand old house of Bisol. The sweetness in this brand's wines varies from dry to medium sweet. They also have the wealthiest possible fruitiness in their wines, balanced with crisp acidity.

Notable Features of Belstar Cult Prosecco

  • It is one of the most famous and most loved wine brands on our list. 

  •  This wine brand contains 11% of alcohol in it.

19. Imbuko

Place of Origin: Wellington, South Africa


Imbuko is established in Wellington, South Africa, 20 years back. It is situated right in the heart of Boland Winelands, which helps the brand makes the finest possible wines. They also use rootstock techniques to produce the finest grapes for their wines so that you can get the best wine in the world.

Notable Features of Imbuko

  • Rootstock technique.

  • Situated in Boland Winelands.

20. Chandon

Place of Origin: Yountville, California, United States


Established in 1973, Chandon offers the best wines in the world, now available in India. It is also the first French-owned winery in the US, highlighting it even more. The brand creates the best wines with the fusion of French winemaking techniques and the sun-ripened fruit of California.

Notable Features of Chandon

  • French-owned winery.

  • Best in the business.

21. Tenuta San Guido

Place of Origin: Tuscany, Italy

Tenuta San Guido

Tenuta San Guido is the finest Italian elixir you can buy from the international wine brands list. Its winery is situated in a 2,500-hectare estate in Tuscany. It is also known for being the first winery to produce cabernet sauvignon in the 40s, which was used as a libation. You will find the ‘Bolgheri’ style of wines on their menu, including merlots, permit verdicts, and Sangiovese.

Notable Features of Tenuta San Guido

  • The ‘Bolgheri’ style of wines

  • The first winery to produce a libation

  • Made in Tuscany

22. Vietti

Place of Origin: Castiglione Falletto, Italy


Vietti is also an Italian wine brand you can easily find in India. Its producers are from Piedmont, internationally renowned for its excellent wines. The best part about this winery is that it is in the heart of the Langhe Hills. It has existed on this hill in the village of Castiglione Falletto since the 1800s, so you know you are buying from one of the most experienced wine producers in the world.

Notable Features of Vietti

  • One of the oldest wine brands.

  • Producers are from Piedmont.

  • Located in the best environment for a winery.

23. Saint Cosme

Place of Origin: Gigondas, France

Saint Cosme

Saint Cosme has produced one of the finest French wines in the world since 1490, so their experience is unsaid to be great in the industry. You can buy the best wines in the business from this brand. It has been located in the Gigondas village of Rhone valley, which has the best climate for a winery.

Notable Features of Saint Cosme

  • One of the oldest wineries.

  • French Wines producers.

24. Dom Perignon

Place of Origin: France

Dom Perignon

Dom Perignon also produces one of the best French wines in the world that you can buy in India. Its wines are known for being bubbly, offering you the vintage taste of wines. The brand is named after a French Benedictine Monk from the Champagne region of France. He created wine corks and discovered a secondary fermentation process that helps create bubbles in sparkling wines.

Notable Features of Dom Perignon

  • Best French wines
  • Known for bubble and sparkling wines.

25. Querciabella

Place of Origin: Maremma, Italy


Querciabella is an international brand that follows a 100 per cent plant-based approach. Forbidding the use of animal products, this winery makes one of the best vegan wines that you can buy in India. They also created an iconic white wine called Batar, a fusion of Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco. Their wines have also been termed a ‘dream of a white’ by journalist and writer Hugh Jhonson.

Notable Features of Querciabella

  • Plant-based wines (vegan wines)

  • Creators of Batar.

  • ‘Dream of a White'

26. Early Dark Wines

Place of Origin: France

Early Dark Wines

Early Dark Wines are produced in France. It may be a new brand, but it has rapidly scored its piece of the wine market internationally. When you buy these wines in India, you should know that they were produced in France but bottled in India. Their bottling station is installed in Bengaluru. Besides this, these wines perfectly pair with Indian cuisines, so you should choose them when going to Indie by heart, but standards are set internationally.

Notable Features of Early Dark Wines

  • Popular wines are Cabernet Merlot, Chardonnay, and Rosé.

  • Bottles in India

  • Pairs well with Indian cuisines.

27. Yellow Tail

Place of Origin: Yenda, Australia

Yellow Tail

Yellow Tail is one of my favourite brands, and I recently finished its bottle of Merlot. It is a family-owned winery located in the small Australian town of Yenda. It has one of the smoothest wines in the market. You can buy a wide variety from this brand as it has been crafting wines for six generations.

Notable Features of Yellow Tail

  • Operated by the Casella family.

  • Unique packaging

  • Vegan wines

28. Changyu

Place of Origin: Shandong, China


Changyu is a China-based wine brand, the oldest-running winery in the country. It started by buying around 2000 plants from the US in the year 1892 and planted them in Shandong, China. As for now, the output from these plants has turned into 17 million annual case sales. You can find this brand in India and other countries.

Notable Features of Changyu

  • Produces a unique ice wine.

  • Brand has wineries in multiple countries.

  • Offer unique wines like Chateau Moser XV, Chateau ChanYu Baron Balboa, and Chateau ChanYu Rena.

29. Moet & Chandon

Place of Origin: Épernay France, France

Moet & Chandon

Moet & Chandon is a well-known brand in the international wine market. People like to go for this brand when it comes to champagne so if you are looking for a champagne brand, go for Moet & Chandon. I am not just saying it, but you will be glad to know that people like its champagne so much that it is world’s biggest champagne producers.

Notable Features of Moet & Chandon

  • Founded in 1743.

  • Luxurious wines.

  • Owns 2,900 acres of vineyards.

  • Produces 28 million champagne bottles.

30. Lafite Rothschild

Place of Origin: Pauillac, France

Lafite Rothschild

Lafite Rothschild is owned by the Rothschild family, which operates in the Château Lafite Rothschild wine estate. It is one of the best International wine brands and was awarded with First Growth status back in 1855. Its speciality is red wines, making it one of the largest producers of expensive red wines.

Notable Features of Lafite Rothschild

  • Produces expensive red wines.

  • Owned by the Rothschild family.

31. Penfolds

Place of Origin: Adelaide, Australia


Penfolds was established in 1844 by Dr Christopher and Mary Penfold in Magill Estate in South Australia. Its winery is so huge that it is South Australia’s largest wine brand which also puts it on the list of one of the largest wine brands in the country. Their Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz was one of the finest wines produced in decades, giving it international popularity.

Notable Features of Penfolds

  • Great reviews in huge magazines.

  • Brand has wineries across the world.

  • One of the finest wines in the world

32. Louis Roederer

Place of Origin: Reims, France

Louis Roederer

Family-owned wineries are found very rarely, and Louis Roederer is one of the only few of them. It is mainly known for its champagnes, but they produce more than that. It was founded in 1776, and now it sells over 3.5 million bottles globally yearly.

Notable Features of Louis Roederer

  • Official wine supplier to the Imperial Court of Russia in the 19th century.
  • Renowned for Carte Blanche, Blanc de Blancs Vintage, Cuvee De Prestige, and more.

Top Red Wine Brands in India 

Here are the top red wine brands in India and their place of origin. 

  1. Sula - Delhi, India

  2. Myra - Bangalore, India

  3. Fratelli Wines - Delhi, India

  4. KRSMA - Karnataka, India

  5. Grover Zampa - Karnataka, India

  6. Big Banyan - Maharashtra, India

  7. Reveilo Winery - Maharashtra, India

  8. Charosa - Maharashtra, India

  9. Lafite Rothschild - Pauillac, France

  10. Yellow Tail - Yenda, Australia

How is Wine Made? 

Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is made by fermentation of grapes. What happens is that during fermentation, yeast consumes the sugar present in the grapes and converts it into ethanol, heat as well as carbon dioxide. There are many kinds of wines, like red wine, white wine, etc. 

Wineries can also use fruits other than grapes to make different types of wines. Many famous and well-known wine brands in India have captivated the audience through their unique tastes and texture. This article will review some of these fantastic wine brands from India and the world.

Types Of Wine In India

Before we jump onto Popular Wine Brands in India, we need to learn about the types of wine you can find in the market. There are majorly four types of wines which are differentiated based on their colour.

Sourced from the grape is an element responsible for the wine's colour, bitterness and smoothness. There are majorly four types of wines in the market; I will explain them below:

Red Wine: It has the most tannin, which gives it the famous red colour. Different red wines have different shades of red, whichbrandfies a difference in taste.

White Wine: It has the least amount of tannin, which gives them its classic white colour. Just like the red wines, you can find a variety in these.

Rosè Wine: It falls between red and white wine, meaning it is beautiful pink. It is also called 'blush wine'; most people find it tastes the best.

Sparkling Wine: The natural process of fermentation makes it bubbly, which gives the appearance of sparkling wine.



We hope you enjoyed our article on Best Wine Brands In India. If you found this article sharing worthy, please share it with your friends. Also, I will be waiting for your feedback in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, you can also check out our article on the best sweet red wines in India


Q. Which brand is best wine in India?

A. The above article contains best wine in India with price and unique features. 

Q. Which is the No 1 selling wine in India?

A. Sula is the no.1 selling wine in India. 

Q. Which is the best brand in wine?

A. Chateau d’Ori MyraYellow Tail are the top brands of wine in India. 

Q. Which wine is tasty in India?

A. CharosaKRSMASula are some of the tastiest wines in India. 

Q. Which is the cheapest wine in India?

A. Seagrams Nine HillsCharosaNaara-Aaba are the cheapest wines in India.

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