12 Best Alcohol Brands in India 2021 with Price

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Are you looking for Alcohol brands? Check out the best alcohol brands in India here.

There are many alcohol brands available in the market in the form of whisky, beer, Vodka, and many more. Here you will get complete information for the best alcohol brands in India that signify all the celebrations like wedding, friend’s birthday, anniversary, and many more. 

From the past decade, there are a number of brands available in the market with their own taste and alcohol level.  When it comes to alcohol, beer is the first choice for many youngsters as it refreshes and it goes with any age whether it is an oldie or the young one. Conversation during the drinking time will bring some good memories. 

 We will give you complete information regarding the best alcohol brands in India that allow you to choose the best one for you and your friends. 

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Just in case you have landed on our page, and you are below the age of 18 you need to wait till you are of drinking age. 

best alcohol brands in india


List of Alcohol Brands in India and Their Price 

Here is the list of top Alcohol brands in India with their price in Delhi. 

Top Alcohol Brands in India

Price in Delhi

Old Monk Liquor & Alcohol Rum 290
Officers Choice Liquor & Alcohol 370
Royal Stag Liquor & Alcohol 629
McDowell’s No.1 Liquor & Alcohol 600
Imperial Blue Liquor & Alcohol 600
Bira Beer 110
Absolut Vodka 1400
Rockford Reserve 1075
Antiquity 900
Heineken Beer 190

Note-  The price of the Brands may be different as per the States. 

Review of Top Alcohol Brands in India 

Check out the complete information of Top alcohol brands in India with the alcohol level in them. You can checkout 7 Best Tequila brands in India with price, features, and other details by clicking here.

1. Old Monk Liquor & Alcohol

Old monk is one of the most loved and iconic alcohol brands in India. This Indian dark rum was launched in 1954 and blended for a minimum of 7 years. The popularity of this brand is still growing and in demand. It is one of the robust and robust rums in India. 

It is the best stuff for cold winter nights. This brand is one of the best selling alcohol brands in India at this price. The taste and the quality of this Indian rum are unmatchable.  

Key Features of Old Monk Liquor & Alcohol

  • This brand rum is available in premium variants also. 

  • One of the most popular brands at this price. 

  • Effectively enjoyed with the same parts of cola. 

  • It is the 4th best Indian spirit brand that is impacting the international market since 2008. 


Price: 290 

Alcohol Percentage: 42.8% 



2. Officers Choice Liquor & Alcohol 

Kishore Chhabria owns this liquor or alcohol brand, and it is one of the famous brands we have on the list. This alcohol brand is developed by a mixture of Indian neutral spirit and malt spirits. The brand is gaining up to 10% of the sale every year. In 2012, they reached sales of 18.1 million. This is one of the best alcohol brands we have on our list. 

This brand is turning out to be more prevalent in a very affordable range. 

Key Features of Officers Choice Liquor & Alcohol

  • It is one of the effectively-balanced malt blends. 

  • Comes in a delicious flavour. 

  • The brand overtook Smirnoff Vodka to become the largest selling spirit brand. 

Price: 370

Alcohol Percentage: 42.8% 




3.Royal Stag Liquor & Alcohol

Royal Stag is known as Seagram’s Royal Stag. It is an Indian brand of whisky which was launched in 1995. The brand is available in many countries across the world in various sizes. It is one of the popular and loves alcohol brands in India for many years. It is the top alcohol brand in India at this price. The brand is continuously growing in a vast competition environment. It is made with a mixture of imported spirits and scotch malts.

Key Features of Royal Stag Liquor & Alcohol

  • No artificial flavours used in it.

  • Taste is fantastic, and one of the top-selling Best Indian Alcohol brands at least once in your life

  • Available in different packing.  

Price: 629

Alcohol Percentage: 42.8% 

4. McDowell’s No.1 Liquor & Alcohol 

Mc Dowell’s No.1 is produced from a blending of both imported scotch whisky and some selected Indian malts and grain spirits. It is one of the most selling alcohol brands in India under this price.  This brand is mostly preferred by Indians due to its unique taste and standard. United Spirits Limited owned the brand, and it is one of the unique whisky brands in India. The brand was launched in 1968, and they expanded the business very effectively. 

Key Features of McDowell’s No.1 Liquor & Alcohol

  • The brand is very famous in India.

  • It has different variants like platinum, single malt, and diet mate.

  • Available in different packaging. 

  • It has one of the most powerful and unique logos. 


Price: 600

Alcohol Percentage: 42.8% 



5. Royal Challenge  

Royal Challenge is one of the Indian whisky brands manufactured by United Spirit Ltd. the brand was launched early in the 1980s. This Royal Challenge blends scotch and Indian malts because of the first whisky in the country that crossed 1 million cases sales mark in the year 2004. The quality of this alcohol brand is provided under close supervision and strict quality control to get overall roundness typical organoleptic characteristics to the blend. It is one of the Top Indian Alcohol brands (Prices & Facts)

Key Features of Royal Challenge 

  • The alcohol strength carried by Royal Challenge is 42% ABV, the permissible level of alcohol of whiskeys in India. 

  • Gives one of the best tastes as it is one of the traditional; malt whisky. 

  • Royal Challenge is one of the best brands of alcohol. 


Price: 720

Alcohol Percentage: 42.8%

6. Imperial Blue Liquor & Alcohol

Imperial Blue alcohol and liquor brand is one of the biggest Indian whisky brands, and the brand has managed to retain on the ten best alcohol brands in India and to list one of the top alcohol brands in Indian with a price.  Imperial Blue alcohol brand is named the 2018 Indian Whisky brand champion.  

The brand started the “Men Will Be Men” campaign and has stuck in the consumer’s minds, as one of the most insightful messaging over the years. The movement has gained cult status and becomes one of the most iconic campaigns in the country. 

Key Features Imperial Blue Liquor & Alcohol

  • The brand is associated with music and football to connect with its targeted audience. 

  • It is one of the best quality alcohol brands in India. 


Price: 600

Alcohol Percentage: 42.8%

 7. Bira 91  Beer


There are many changes seen over the years in Beer and its variants. Crafted alcohol beer is once established with high quality and sustainable innovation for beer consumers creating the most diverse brewing culture in the world. 

Ankur Jain, the founder, first introduced this alcohol brand with the name of “Biru” in Japan. After facing the registration problems in Japan, they renamed their brand to BIRA 91. The brand is one of the most selling beer brands in India. They target the youth audience as they wanted to reach out to the urban, Indian consumer. After their success, they launched their two variant Bira 91 light and Bira 91 strong. The brand is receiving excellent feedback from customers mentioned by one of the biggest cafe chain houses BEER CAFE. 

Key Features of Bira Beer 

  • This is the first strong wheat-based beer which is less bitter and high on caramel notes. 

  • It contains 7 % alcohol and is described as one of the best beer brands in India currently. 


Price: 110

8. Blenders Pride Alcohol Brand

Blenders Pride is the famous alcohol brand in India and known for its smoothness and satisfactory quality. The brand was first launched in 1995 with its unique taste that is unlike any other whisky brands in the Indian market. It is a perfect combination of scotch malt and Indian grains spirits. They also introduced their new edition with the name of Blenders Pride Reserve Collection in 2011 with more improvement and better taste quality. 

It is one of the best types of alcohol brands in the Indian market. With keeping their quality parameter high, they become one of the premium whisky brands in India. 

Key Features of Blenders Pride Alcohol Brand

  • The brand’s aim is to provide the finest Indian made whiskey to its consumers. 

  • It comes with a 42% alcohol percentage which is permissible ABV strength for whisky in India. 

  • The brand captured more than 40 % share in the premium whisky segment, indicating they are one of the leaders in this category. 


Price: 1335

9. Absolut Vodka Alcohol Brand 

Absolut Vodka is one of the finest alcohol brands in the world.  The brand was launched in 1979 in New York.  It's one of the classic tasting vodka distilled from winter wheat. This Vodka is made with natural ingredients and not like other vodka brands. The alcohol brands come with no added sugar. The quality of this Vodka brand is superior to many other brands in the market. It comes with 32% of alcohol level, and it is the most potent Vodka brand in the world. 

Key features of Absolut Vodka Alcohol Brand

  • It is one of the premium vodka alcohol brands with excellent taste and quality. 

  • It is one of the iconic brands for parties and celebrations. 

  • It has a natural taste as someone older than 30 years.


Price: 1400

10. Rockford Reserve Alcohol Brand  


Rockford Reserve is the premium alcohol brand in India at this price. It is a delicate and rare whisky made with oaked aged Scottish malt and blended with the finest charcoal filtered Indian grain spirit under the expert supervision of the  Scottish master blender. It comes with a demineralized waiter and grain spirit with deep rich golden colour. The taste is this whisky is very smooth and mellow and soft sweetness balanced by oak and fruits. It is one of the most consumed alcohol brands in India among youngsters. 

Key Features of Rockford Reserve Alcohol Brand 

  • It is one of the finest alcohol or whiskey brands in India. 

  •  The whisky is made under the supervision of professionals and provides the best quality products to their consumers. 

  • It is the first choice in Indian when we talk about the premium Indian alcohol brands. 


Price: 1075

Alcohol Percentage: 42.8% 

11. Antiquity  Blue Indian Alcohol 

It is one of the famous Indian brands which is loved by Indians. It is manufactured by United Spirit Ltd. a subsidiary of the United beverage company. The Brand was launched in 1992 and it is available in 2 different variants. 

Antiquity Blue and Antiquity Rare, the blue one is made with Indian Scotch malt whisky blended with grain spirits. The Antiquity blue was also awarded as the best seliver class whisky in the spirit tasting competition by the international wine and spirit competition. It is one of the Top liquor & alcohol brands in India  . The market size of this brand is increasing  regulartly. 

Key Features of Antiquity  Blue Indian Alcohol 

  • One of the trusted indian brands that offer the best taste. 

  • Comes with lovely aromatic mixed for a smooth taste. 

  • Made with the finest Indian malts and rare scotch carefully  blended with grain spirit. 

Price: 900

Alcohol Percentage: 42.8% 

12. Heineken Beer

It is one of the most popular and best beer brands in the world. Most of us do not know that it is a huge brand like CoCa Cola. The brand was started in Dutch capital of Amsterdam and now these days the brand is ruling more than 140 countries in the world. 

As per the records the brands venice frthe year of 2016 is equal to the GDP of many small countries like Cambodia, Albana, and Jamaica. It is the third largest brewer globally by revenue. Heineken Beer contains no animal products and has 40 calories with every 100 ml. It is among the Top best alcohol brands in India

Key Features of Heineken Beer

  • The brand is the brand sponsor of the UEFA Champion League. 

  • As compared to others it contains a small amount of Gluten. 


Price: 190

Alcohol Percentage: 5% 


Benefits of Alcohol in India 

Here are some benefits of alcohol if consumed in limited quantities. 

  • Benefits of Red Wine- red wine will actually help you to burn fat, as it contains some chemicals that lower down the fatty cells and stop the new ones from creating. It also helps to boost the metabolism of fatty acids in the liver cells. Red wine is also suitable for heart health.

  • Benefits of Beer- beer is rich in thiamin, vitamin B, calcium, and a high level of magnesium. They also contain high iron content which helps oxygen circulate the body better.  Ti has been proved that beer protects brain cells from damage and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Beer also strengthens bone density.

  • Benefits of Vodka- Vodka is good for the heart as it helps more collateral vessels to develop, which connects the heart to the lungs. Creative juices with vodka will boost the creative power in you. 

  • Benefits of Whiskey- whiskey can prevent the cold and fix it quickly. Mix the whiskey with warm water with honey, and you will get temporary relief from the sore throat.

Note: High consumption of alcohol leads to many diseases and creates several health problems. 


List of Rubbing Alcohol brands in India

Here is the list of 10 rubbing alcohol brands in India.

S.No Rubbing Alcohol Brand in India
1 Deepak Fertilisers And Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd (DFPCL)
2 Riddhi Siddhi Chemicals
3 Kanchan Rasayan
4 Standard Reagents Pvt Ltd
5 Galaxy Chemicals
6 Sha Kanajee Juharmal Group (SKJ Group)
7 Gandhi Chemicals
8 Paragon Chemicals
9 J K Chemicals
10 Nike Chemical India

List of Costly Alcohol Brands 

Here is the list of costly alcohol brands in India.


Costly Alcohol Brands

1 Chivas Regal 25 Year Old
2 Johnnie Walker Blue Label
3 Jameson Crested
4 Glenfiddich 21 Years Old
5 Ballantine’s 30-year-old
6 Gentleman Jack
7 The Dalmore 12-Years-Old


Best Beer brands in India 

Check out the top beer brands in India here in the table. 

Beer Brands

Alcohol Percentage


Kingfisher light, Premium, and Ultra Max


Rs. 125-190



Rs. 150-200



Rs. 120

Haywards 5000


Rs. 140

Bro Code


Rs. 90-150



Rs. 160


Best Vodka Brands in India 

Check out the top Vodka brands in India here in the table.

Vodka Brands

Alcohol Percentage


White Mischief


Rs. 453 for 750 ml

Absolut vodka


Rs. 1400 for 750 ml

Magic Moments


Rs. 450 for 750 ml


Best Rum Brands in India 

Rum Brands in India

Alcohol Percentage


Old Monk


750 ml for Rs. 400

Jolly Roger


750 ml for Rs. 400

Old Port


750 ml for Rs. 2980

Captain Morgan


750 ml for Rs. 400



750 ml for Rs. 420

Mc Dowell's


750 ml for Rs. 1100


Here is the complete information on the best alcohol brands in India. In which, we have mentioned different  Types of alcholic beverages available in India, including the expensive alcohol brands and premium brands. 

All the brands are known for their quality and best taste in the Indian market. Some of them are high in quality at very affordable prices. Hope the information that we shared will help you to choose the best one for your occasion.

Here you can also check out the beer brands in India by clicking the link given below. 



 Questions You May Have  

Q. Which is the best alcohol brand?

There are many alcohol brands available in the market, It depends on your budget also, and according to us Blender’s Pride, Rockford, Jack Daniels are the Top Alcoholic drinks in India

Q. Which alcohol is best for skin?

Wine is best for your skin; it helps to glow your skin from the magical powers. Vodka also has anti-ageing properties that help to remove wrinkles. 

Q. Which alcohol is best for ladies?

Vodka with fruit cocktails is best for ladies. Tequila on the rocks with lime is also the best. 

Q. Which is the best Whisky in India?

There are many whisky brands available in the market, but Ballantine’s, 100 Pipers, and Johnnie Walker are the best whisky brands in India. 


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