8 Best Oats in India for Weight Loss

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Most of us are working professionals and have the same common issue in the morning, that is what to eat for breakfast which is healthy for our body. A breakfast that keeps us healthy and active all day long. As we all know, there are many options available in the market, but it is essential to choose the best. Oats are one of the best breakfast options that you can opt. Let’s check out the nest oats in India here in detail. 

The oats are more comfortable to digest and provide you feel to be full. That is a great thing for those who are looking for weight loss.  Oats recently gained immense popularity in the past few decades. It is the right breakfast that helps you deal with stress and gives you enough energy. Let’s check out the Best oats for breakfast here with detailed information. 

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8 Best Oats in India for Weight Loss


Best oats in India for Healthy Life- 2022 Buying Guide

These are top oats brands in India for weight loss and weight gain. Get the price fibre, and protein detail in the table along with the buy link. 

Best Oats Brands




Check Here

Quaker Oats Pouch, 1kg




Check Here

Kellogg's Oats Trusted by Nutritionists Pouch, 2000 g




Check Here

Bagrry's White Oats, 1kg




Check Here

Eco Valley Hearty White Oats, 1kg



Check Here

True Elements Rolled Oats 1kg




Check Here

Nutriorg Certified Organic Gluten-Free Rolled Oats 1 Kg




Check Here

Raw Essentials Gluten-Free Rolled Oats, 1 kg




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Saffola Masala Oats Veggie Twist, 500g




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Best Oats in India 2022 Price and Review 

Check out the detailed review of the best oats for weight loss and weight gain in India with their features and all. 


1. Quaker Oats Pouch 


It is especially for those looking for the best brand oats that offer the best quality products used for different purposes. It is the perfect pouch to go with and Top best Oats brands in India in India for healthy breakfast 

The original unflavoured oats are the best choice for various health benefits without disturbing the original state of the oats. 


They are very easy to cook, and the first choice for breakfast just takes 3 minutes to cook. The regular use of oats is best for health and has many benefits. It is made with 100% wholegrains oats as the natural source of carbs, protein and dietary fibre. 

Key Features 

  • They are rich in nutrients and cook quickly.

  • Easy to cook.

  • It can be used in different ways other than breakfast too. 

  • Quaker oats contain essential nutrients and minerals like iron, magnesium, sodium and zinc. 


  • The protein content is pretty good. 

  • Has B-Glucan soluble fiber

  • It has enough calories to keep going for a long time. 

  • They offer flake shape oats aka rolled oats. 


  • It is not a sodium free product 

  • You get rolled oats and not steel cut oats 


2. Kellogg's Oats Trusted by Nutritionists


Kellogg’s is one of the known and trusted brands in the India market for a very long time. When it comes to corn flakes and other items, you can trust the brand for quality and cooking efficiency. Their oats are made with whole grain oats, and they are one of the best-rolled oats in India we have on the list. 


They are easily available in the market as compared to others. Their Kellogg’s oats have no added preservatives, and it is entirely safe to consume. It is one of the best breakfast that provides enough energy for all long days. It is a vegetarian product with zero cholesterol and low at sodium that reduces the risk of high blood pressure. It comes with soluble fibre which is good for overall health and does not allow cholesterol to increase.  It is one of the Best oats for weight loss in India 2022 

Key Features 

  • Comes with rolled grains for better cooking 

  • One of the trusted and known brand 

  • Has no added preservatives

  • A balanced food that cooks faster than steel nuts oats and retains more water. 

  • It has essential minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium. 


  • Cooks faster than steel oats and retains more water.

  • No added preservatives

  • Low-fat, nutrients dense and cholesterol-free. 


  • Not a sodium free product.

  • It contains gluten.

  • Not a good quality product as compared to quaker and Baggery. 


3. Bagrry's White Oats


It is especially for those looking for oats rich in protein and fibre, offering great value to your money. Its 1 kg pack is goods rough to go with. It comes with great taste and easy cooking options, and there are many other reasons to choose this Bagrrt’s, White Oats. It is rich in protein, and the white oast’s fibre index makes it perfect for breakfast. 


It is one of the best oats brands for weight loss in India that also comes at a very affordable price compared to other brands. This oat will help you to manage your overall weight with numerous health benefits. It is made with 100% whole grain that is processed with innovative technology for a better taste. It also helps to fight against high cholesterol.

Key Features 

  • Contains natural fibre and protein. 

  • One of the best breakfast products with health and taste. 

  • Best for a healthy heart. 

  • It has essential minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium. 


  • They are pre-cooked dried and pressed oats.

  • Oats are thinner than rolled oats.

  • Affordable price for 1 kg pack. 


  • Not a gluten free product.

  • No magnesium and zinc in it. 


4. Eco Valley Hearty White Oats


It is one of those brands that have quality products and never compromise with the products’ quality. They are highly nutritious as they are rich in fibre and it is the perfect choice for guys looking for a change in their eating habits and looking for a healthier alternative to corn flakes and other Indian breakfast meals. 


These Eco Valley Hearty White Oats are light in weight and easy to cook. It is one of the most reliable and easy to digest oats available in the market. This vegetarian and high dietary fibre with protein oats is best for breakfast. The 1 kg pack of this Eco Valley Hearty White Oats is the best value for money. Its flakes are thicker, more extensive and taste better as compared to others. 

Key Features

  • One of the best oats to lose weight. 

  • A highly affordable product.

  • It does not take more than 3 minutes to cook. 


  • Helps to manage the LDL cholesterol bad one. 

  • Quick cooking and best for heart health. 


  • Not found yet. 


5. True Elements Rolled Oats


 True Elements Rolled Oats are 100% whole grain oats and naturally gluten-free. Oats are not app processed or contain any added preservatives, and this brand of oat has 0% added sugar which is best for any diabetics patient. It is packed with high fibre, and these rolled oats are best for weight loss. 


It is one of the premium brands with the best quality oats. Instead of affecting the taste and high protein value, it enhances the taste. It makes breakfast for all health enthusiasts who are especially avoiding it due to constancy and texture. It is one of the best oats for the gym and tested in labs with a perfect healthy solution for buyers and looking perfect to start your day. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to cook and high at the fibre content. 

  • Packed with antioxidants and fight against free radicals and save you from immunity disorders. 

  • One of the best for daily consumption. 

  • The protein content is higher than other brands. 

  • Power packed with antioxidants, rolled oats can help in fighting off the free radicals and save you from immunity disorders.

  • It has the presence of vitamins like Vitamin B, rolled oats can help in improving the skin health and enhancing the quality of your skin.


  • Offers steel cuts oats 

  • Has nitrogen flushed for extra freshness 

  • Lower glycemic index.


  • Not a gluten free product.

  • A bit more costly than other brands. 


6. Nutriorg Certified Organic Gluten-Free Rolled Oats


This Nutriorg Certified organic rolled oats are made with whole grains and loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, calcium, potassium and Vitamin B6, B3. It is best for those looking for a sticky free texture of the oats that are not keen to eat breakfast that sticks to spoons. This oatmeal is a bit expensive as compared to others in the market. 


 Nutriorg Rolled Oats are the healthiest food globally as it is the excellent source of complex carbs that provide a lot of energy to the body. Oats also help to prevent cardiovascular diseases and also avoid constipation. They are the best oats for weight loss. These rolled oats cook faster than the other one and absorb more liquid. It has many health benefits as they are healthy for the heart, promote weight management, and balance body glucose levels.  

Key Features 

  • Great value for money. 

  • The consistent texture that makes it a brilliant breakfast for everyone. 

  • It is one of the best immunity boosters available in the market. 

  • They have other organic products. 


  • Avoids constipation and heart diseases. 

  • A low in fat product. 


  • Not found yet. 


7. Raw Essentials Gluten-free Rolled Oats


It is especially for those who do not like the non-flavoured Oats and royal oatmeal with amazing taste and gluten-free texture. The Raw Essentials Authentic Rolled Oats are very easy for cooking, and the creamy texture brings the [perfect taste to it. It is one of the best oatmeal and superior instant oats. Oatmeal, granola, and healthy bars are some main ingredients in it that help in weight loss. It is one of the best oats in India with a premium price tag. Raw Essentials Rolled oats can be used as a post-workout meal. 


It is an entirely vegetarian product with whole grain oats and loaded with national goodness. These oats contain an essential type of fiber called beta-glucan that is especially great for reducing cholesterol and boosting the immune system and it is the Best oats in India with more protein 2022

Key Features 

  •  One of the best for overnight oatmeals. 

  • Cooks faster

  • Has a great texture and taste. 

  • It is made with premium quality and oat grains. 


  • Superior to instant oats. 

  • A complete vegetarian product. 


  • Full information about the ingredients not mentioned on the packet. 


8. Saffola Masala Oats Veggie Twist


It is one of India’s most consumed oat brands as it comes under a very affordable range. Saffola Masala Oats are bursting with flavours and are made with 100% natural whole grain oats with real vegetables and best masalas. Consuming Saffola oats daily is good, but it is best for health and requires minimal efforts. It is the perfect blend of high valuable veggies with the hormones of vegetables and oats.


It is very easy to make it whether you are making it in the microwave or traditional style. It comes with multigrain crunches for taste and surprising crunches. This Saffola Masala oat has no added preservatives and cooks in 3 minutes. It also helps to control hunger and weight management.

Key features 

  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol. 

  • Comes with high fibre whole grains which are best for breakfast and snacks. 

  • Have a large variety of oat flavours. 

  • One of the perfect guilt-free snacks. 

  • They are adapted to Indian taste buds. 


  • One of the perfect gluten free snacking options. 

  • Minimal efforts for preparations. 

  • Offers a large variety of oat flavors. 

  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol. 


  • Has only one essential ingredient iron.

  • No zinc and magnesium.

  • Has added sugar and preservatives. 


What are Oats 

It is a grain from cereal plant Avena Sativa; it is used as human food. They are steamed, heated and cooked. These oats are cut or rolled in the forms of flakes or flour for the consumption. There are different types of oats available in the market and knowing them is worth exploring. Oats are richer in fibre and protein content. They are one of the superfoods for the weight loss process. Let’s check out the types of oats. 

  • Rolled oats

  • Steel Oats

  • Scottish Oats 

  • Quick Oats as quick rolled oats. 


Nutritional Value of Oats 

Oats come with lots of nutritional value and it is one of the superfoods we have. Let’s check out all the nutritional value of the oats. 

  • Carbs- if you are counting on your carb, then oats are one of the best healthy sources of carbs. 100 gm oats contain 60% of carbs with 11% healthy fiber. As they are very low in sugar, there is no harm in eating twice a day. 

  • Starch-  Starch makes up a large component in rolled oats. In simple terms, starch is a long chain of glucose molecules. Now the starch content found in rolled oats is different than the starch found in other foods. The starch found in rolled oats has a high healthy fat with high viscosity.

  • Fiber-  Fiber is the center of attraction in rolled oats. As discussed above oats contain a highly soluble fiber called B-Glucan having powerful health benefits. Compared to other foods, rolled oats offer soluble fiber that is slow in digestion, makes you feel full, and suppresses your food craving.

  • Protein-  After carbohydrate and fiber, protein is the next big nutrient in oats. They are an established source of quality protein in comparison to other grains. The major protein typically found in oats is Avenalin.

  • Minerals- Oats can be termed as a complete food due to the excellent compilation of minerals. The surprising fact is one can suffice the daily vitamin and mineral needs of his/her body with just a single food – Oats.

Health Benefits of Oats You Must Know 

As it is rich in many minerals and vitamins, including fiber and protein, let’s check out some health benefits of consuming oats. 

  • Great Source of Protein, Fiber, Vitamins, and Minerals-  apart from fiber, they are a good source of vitamins and minerals along with great taste. These vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy living. It is the complete breakfast meal that has enough nutrients; it Is the complete meal for humans. 

  • Keeps You Full-  as it has high fibre, it is perfect for those who overeat due to their urge to be satisfied with food. The fibre helps them feel fulfilled by eating a bowl of oatmeal and keeps them satisfied for a long time. 

  • Helps in weight loss and lowering Blood sugar Levels- oats help maintain the weight and regulate the healthy blood pressure levels in the body that help get perfect health and avoid common issues. They are easy to digest and help you to bring the best body shape. 


How to Choose Healthy Oats 

Choosing the right and healthy food is very important to keep yourself fit and active.  Let’s check out how to choose healthy oats. 

No added Flavours-  checking for artificial flavors while online or offline is very important. Nowadays, these oats are available in flavors like Chinese, Italian, Veggie, and lots more that are not good and have no health benefits of eating them. One of the main reasons for not eating flavored oats is that they are processed, which leads to loss of all nutrients and minerals. 

Sugar Content-  oats are naturally sugar-free, but some manufacturers add - grams of artificial sugar to increase the taste. The sugar they add includes white sugar, sugar brown, maple syrup, cane juice—the harms for those who are strictly health-conscious or sugar intolerants. 

It is important to choose oats that contain no added sugar.  

Gluten-Free-  This is a key metric while selecting healthy oats. If you are gluten-intolerant you won’t survive a single bite. Hence, go with gluten-free oats.



It is among the healthiest grain on earth and also helps in preventing a lot of diseases. Being gluten-free, oats are a great source of vital nutrients including vitamins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants, etc.

Scientifically known as Avena sativa, raw oats take a long time to cook. Whole oats contain a group of antioxidants known as Avenanthramides which help in lowering blood pressure levels by increasing the production of nitric oxide.


They are commonly referred to as porridge. It also includes pancakes, granola bars, muffins, cookies, etc. Oatmeals are not only delicious but also very filling. Having oatmeal one time a day helps you in weight management and also provides you good health.

The beta-glucan present in oatmeal helps in releasing peptide YY (PYY), a hormone produced in the gut. This hormone helps in reducing calorie intake and also helps in reducing the risk of obesity.



This is all about Best oats in India 2022 these mentioned brands are the best in the market with the best price and product. These are easy to digest, rich in protein, fibre and highly nutritious breakfast that you can add to your diet. 

We hope this information will help you choose the Top best oats brands available in India 2022 for better nutrition and a healthy life. 



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Questions You May Have 


Q. Which oats are best?

The rolled oats and quick-cooking oats are the best among all. 

Q. What is th best brand of oats available in India?

All of the above mentioned are the best brands of oats. You can choose anyone as their products are tested and made with n100% wholegrain oats. 

Q. Are instant oats bad for you?

Oats are good for health, but the packing of the instant oats are bad. A bowl of classic oatmeal contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. 


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