Best 20 Organic Food Brands in India: Choose the Right Food to Stay Healthy

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The food that we eat plays a major role to keep us physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. That’s why, these days, organic food has become quite popular and gaining more & more acceptance.

Because organic food is safe, natural and wholesome and it is prepared, produced, and processed without using any sort of chemicals. There are many organic food companies in India that offer you 100% organic and natural food products. These food items are fresh and directly come from farms without any chemical preservatives. 

Organic food products are nowadays available online and you can get them at very pocket-friendly prices.

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Organic Food and Its Benefits

The food which is processed or prepared without any chemical involvement is organic food. Organic food is gaining popularity these days as the public attracts towards not using chemicals to produce and be healthy for their body.

Here are the benefits of eating organic food

  • It contains antioxidants, antioxidants are good for overall health as proven by scientific studies. 

  • Organic food intake can contribute to nutritional advantages which help to prevent heart disease, cancer, vision issues and many more.

  • Organic food increases the amount of CLA ( conjugated linoleic acid). 

  • The Sun energy is taken by natural grass by the process of photosynthesis and converted into an organic CLA which is good for the heart [CLA is a fatty acid that improves the cardiovascular system]. 

  • The farming method which is used in traditional industries is to enhance production. 

  • During the process, chemicals are involved which increase the growth of hormones but lower the immune system. 

  • Organic farming is a natural process that improves the immune system.

  • As organic food is not processed with chemical fertilizers, it does not contain any elements of toxic chemicals that can harm human health in any manner. 

  • As the natural process is used to fertilize lands, they produce natural food which is good for overall health.

  • These are the certified organic foods that contain significantly higher in Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients compared to non-organic ones as studies have shown. 


List Of 20 Organic Food Companies In India

So, here is the list of the Top best organic food brands in India 2022 which offer pure and gluten-free food items.

20 Organic Food Brands in India



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Organic Tattva

Check Here


Organic Garden

Check Here


Vision Fresh

Check Here


24 Mantra

Check Here


Walgreens farm

Check Here


Conscious Food

Check Here


Just Organics

Check Here


Down to Earth

Check Here


Organic India

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Pride of cows

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Check Here


Plum Organics Food Brand

Check Here


Wingreens Farms

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Pristine Organics

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Pure and Sure

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Nature Organic

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SRG Organic Foods

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Review of Best 20 Organic Food Companies In India

Here is a detailed review of all the Top organic food brands in India.

1. Pro-Nature

This amazing organic food brand is a good option for people who look for gluten-free food items. It also offers the option of buying your favorite organic food items online.

This brand is well known for selling the purest form of organic food products that are produced without any use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. From Pro nature, you can shop for pulses, cereals, honey, and more.

The best part you can buy the products of this brand from online stores like Amazon, Big Basket, Grofers and more and that too at very reasonable rates with online offers.   It is one of the Popular organic food product brands in India

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2. Organic Tattva

Organic Tattva is yet another Popular organic food Brands in India .. It sells the gluten-free, fresh and natural products. They offer a wide range of products including cereals, grains, and pulses, with no compromise in quality and quantity.

They also offer vitamin supplements to support sustainable health growth. No use of fertilizers, additives, preservatives, and pesticides in the products. The food products are all natural, unprocessed and completely safe for consumption.

It is more ethical to consume or intake organic products because they never effect on your health and also provide complete nutrition to your body. And, this brand assured to proffer 100% healthy, natural, and fresh products. This, in turn, helps you in maintaining a balanced diet.

3. Organic Garden

The organic garden is also an amazing brand which offers organic food products at very pocket-friendly prices. This brand sells healthy and natural food items right from the agricultural land.

The people working with this brand puts hard efforts to offer the consumers high-quality fruits, vegetables, and grocery products for a healthy lifestyle. The brand makes the consumer to avail premium quality and chemical food items and beverages.

The food items of this brand are enriching and healthiest for the sustainable growth of the people to avoid any health issues or problems.  

4. Vision Fresh

Vision Fresh is online with varied organic products keeping in mind the rising health issue in the generation. Although vision fresh products are available at the online platform where people have the option to buy organic food products for no more compromise on health.

It is quite popular among the people who eat organic food products. In short, it is a trustworthy brand with a lot of variety in certified organic food.

So, next time you don’t need to look here and there for finding the best organic food, visit Vision Fresh website and shop for organic fruits, vegetable, and grocery items.

5. 24 Mantra

This organic food brand 24 Mantra offers home-made quality food products to the customers with a wide range of food departments and food categories for the customers to choose any food items as per their choices and preferences.

As acclaimed by the brand that they are engaged with the local farmers to bring out the best food products right from the agricultural land with no pesticides included in it.

6. Walgreens farm

Wingreen farm is an organic food brand run by a chain of women network. Here, you can only find fresh farm food products with no chemicals and harmful additives.

From organic baked chips, spreads & butter, exotic spices and chilies, this food brand serves a wide range of products.

It is a unique food brand serving international flavors with the Indian touch. This food brand has carved a niche in serving the best food to maintain freshness, purity in the items that they’re selling to the customers.

7. Conscious Food

Conscious organic food brand is known for offering organic, sustainable, locally sourced, and pure vegetarian products to customers with varied choices and preferences.

They sell natural food items like cereals, edible oils, snacks, packaged meals and snacks, organic dry fruits, and natural sugar to promote mental and physical fitness to your daily lifestyle.

The food offered by conscious food have natural quality food with high nutritional value to avoid any health damage.

8. Just Organics

just organics

Just organics is yet another most trusted and renowned organic food selling brand. It offers natural, pure and healthy products to consumers.

They mainly sell fresh organic fruits and vegetables with 100% purity and no chemical compounds involved in it. This popular brand provides fresh vegetables, fruits, personal care, cosmetics, and health supplements as well. . They are Most popular organic product brands in India


9. Down to Earth

Down to earth is such an organic food brand which sells food products both online and offline for the user’s convenience. The food items offered by this food brand is absolutely gluten-free and chemicals free.

At the online store of Down to earth, you can shop for a variety of food products including herbs, spices, papad, chutney, beverage items and much more.

This means, now we don’t have to compromise with our health and eating habits. So, enjoy your favorite food which is no longer going to take a toll on your health.

10. Organic India

Do you want to spend your money to buy some healthy food items then, this time goes for Organic India products. It is one of the trusted brand which offers organic gluten-free products at very pocket-friendly prices.

The food products offered by this product is completely free from foreign chemicals to provide all the essential nutrients to the body and provide complete nourishment. So, the list of organic food brands ends here. All the above given are the Best organic companies in India in 2022

Choose the organic food products that are nutrients rich and beneficial for your physical and emotional health and avoid the conventional one which is grown in harmful fertilizers.

11. Farm2Kitchen

Farm2Kitchen is the oldest and Most popular organic products brands in India. The company works with the famous tagline "Building healthy India".

They provide a wide variety of organic foods along with different qualities. The organization works with farmers in small cities and connects them to consumers in the metro cities.

12. Pride of cows

Pride of cow sells products without any mixing, and all the products such as milk, skimmed milk, whole milk powder, ghee, processed cheese, butter, Dahi, Gulab Jamun get manufactured from pure milk. 

The brand uses international technology for feeding, milking, and processing. The brand delivers all the natural products free from chemicals and 100% organic.

13. Mygreenkart

Mygreenkart is a company that focuses on organic materials for healthy living. They provide chemical-free products. They initially enter the market with some hair products and further expanded to LED lighting and home decor items due to the enormous demand.


14. Plum Organics Food Brand 

Plum Organics is a global brand, which helps on delivering organic food to all the babies. The brand produces proper nutrients, which allows small kids to grow to their full capability. 

The brand also believes in sustainability, which is why their Plum's pouch caps comes from recyclable plastic so that even the mother nature is being taken care of.


15. Wingreens Farms

Wingreens is the one-stop shop for all Snack Lovers! The brand has Healthy Snacks to satisfy all your cravings, whether it be at a party, at the end of a long day! 

Wingreens snacks are traditionally handmade with the freshest and healthiest of ingredients with a unique taste and flavour. They have an incredibly vast array of Healthy Snacks options to choose from. They have an incredibly vast array of Healthy Snacks options to choose from. All of their products are organic and healthy for eating. 


16. Pristine Organics

Pristine Organics established with the desire to transfer science and technology into a socially useful area of food and nutrition. The brand's journey started in 1992 to use tradition and technology in the dietary habits of everyone. 

Pristine is manufacturing organic and nutritional products using a wide variety of abundant, diverse crops. The products range from the natural pediatric supplement to critical nutrition. 

Pristine focuses on nutritional research and designer diet formulations. The brand has been able to offer nutraceuticals, functional foods, medical and metabolic diets. 


17. Pure and Sure

Phalada Pure and Sure manufactures 100% certified organic food products from over 20 years of experience in organic agriculture. The products are free of pesticides, additives or artificial ingredients.

The products are sourced directly from farmers and processed under stringent quality measures, and around 140+ products give you a truly natural experience. 

Phalada Agro follows sustainable farming methods keeping the harmony between human and the natural world. Their farms and processing facilities have certification to Indian and International markets. 


18. Nature Organic 

Nature organic has been offering 100% Certified Organic food products to all. Under the Brand Pro Nature Organic, they have a range of 100% Certified Organic food products across categories.

The food products includes Flours & Grains, Millets, Breakfast products, Spices, Pulses & Beans, Sweeteners, Dry Fruits, Super Foods, Cold-Pressed Oils & Ready to Eat product range. You can also Buy pure organic and healthy food online from Amazon, Flipkart and other top e-commerce websites. 


19. Nutriorg 

They are accessible under the name of Rattan Organic Foods Private Limited started with the urge to promoting healthy eating as natural as possible to lead a fitter and holistic lifestyle. 

The brand aligned their vision of living healthy by coming up with healthy products cultivated most organically without the use of any pesticides. 

The brand aim is to reach out to the people with healthier alternatives compared to conventional products which are laden with hazardous toxins. 


20. SRG Organic Foods

SRG has ethical and honest food retailers offering healthier food choices to bring in earthly essence for conscious consumers. The brand ensures that we get the most nutritious products while decreasing the food miles associated with the food we eat.

The products are of high quality and meet the set standards. The brand follows virgin land farming, under the foothills of western ghats. If you are looking for healthy products that satisfy your sweet craving, then read about the Best Jaggery Brands In India.


Things to Consider Before Buying Organic Food  

Here are some important things to check out before buying stuff online. 

Organic Labels-  It is very important to check out the labels available on the products and also check out the certification labels from the Indian Government before buying the product. 

Organic Percentage- Before buying a product it is important to check the organic percentage of the product. Most of the organic packaged food comes with 100-90-95% organic and it will be displayed on the basis of color. It will be reflected as green and white color. 

Price-  everything under budget will be best whether it is organic or not. Organic products are a bit higher as compared to normal products, but kindly see the difference before buying them. 


That was all about the Top organic food brands in India. Do check out all the brands as they are among the top organic companies that manufacture pure and natural food products without chemicals, pesticides or any added preservatives.

We hope this information will help you to choose the right brand according to your need and budget. Always remember to eat healthily and stay healthy.  Also, check out the best Basmati rice brands in India by Clicking here


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Which organic brand is best in India?

A1. The best organic companies in India 2022 include Plum Organics Food Brand, Pristine Organics, Pure, and Sure, etc.

Q2. Which is best organic brand?

A2. Some of the best organic food brands are Organic India, Conscious Food, Vision Fresh, Organic Garden, etc. 

Q3.Which is the biggest organic company in India?

A3. We have provided you with a list of top 20 organic brands in India that are very popular due to their quality results. You can check out the those brands with description. 

Q4. Is Organic India Indian brand?

A4. Organic India is a multinational company. It was founded in 1997 by couple Bharat Mitra and Bhavani Lev, in Lucknow, India.




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