Top 10 Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sisters this Rakshabandhan

It’s finally that time of the year so think wide, think creative and if it still does not happen, we have some Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Sister Ideas that might help you for the coming 26th August 2018.

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The relationship between brothers and sisters is the strongest of all. You would always be confused whether she hates you like hell or loves you like heaven. Siblings always fight especially brother and sister but the bond is just inseparable. And, it is that time of the year where you as a brother can do something special for your sister. Although, like every year are you going to gift chocolates or teddy bears to your sister. I know you’d probably be confused then what to give but in case you need any help we have collaborated a list of some of the Best gift for your sister on Raksha Bandhan.

Therefore, in order to know all the Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts Online that you can present your sister, Scroll down:

10. Cosmetics

Which girl doesn’t love Lipsticks, Nail Polish, Eyeliners or any cosmetic item for instance. It can be a great gift for your sister as well as useful for her day to day utility. Yeah, because girls always like to look the best unlike us so a decent piece of cosmetic or range of it might make her very happy. Trust me, a great cosmetic product can be the best Rakhi Gifts for your Sister this Raksha Bandhan. Therefore, make up your mind and if possible ask her what she needs because we men are amateurs in the case of cosmetic products generally. You can select from some of the top brand of cosmetics like Maybelline, Lakme, Davidoff etc.

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9. Handbag

Women, girls, ladies they just love handbags. Just ask them if they want one and you’ll definitely learn that they already have something in mind. Therefore, you have a chance to fulfil what they wish for this Rakshabandhan. A handbag can be a great Raksha Bandhan Gift Idea. There are a variety of handbags that you can find in the market. The types of handbags that are available are Shoulder Bag, Satchel, Sling Bag, Quilted Bag, and many more. All you have to do is just look for the right one. Also, there are some really good websites like Amazon, Jabong, and Limeroad where you can find some really great handbags. You can also check out Amazon Rakhi Offers for some great handbags deals.

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8. Fitness Band

A healthy life is a way to live although, just tease her while gifting this that she might have become fat but you know it is a thoughtful gift. Well, a fitness band can be the best Online Rakhi Gift for Sister. What more can you give someone other than the thought of staying healthy? A fitness band can track the number of steps that you have taken, calories that you have burned, and it still doesn’t stop, it will also poke you if you’ve been sitting idle for a while. A fitness band can be a great accessory for your sister and will help her stay healthy and fit. There are a wide range of fitness bands available in the market with endless features like Fastrack Reflex Smartwatch, Mi Band, Fitbit etc. So choose one and choose wisely.

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7. Perfume

You must’ve noticed that women always smell better than men generally do. I would presume that the reason could be their olfactory senses which are twice as active in comparison to men. In simple language, they have capabilities to figure out more smells and fragrances in comparison to us. They like and they prefer smelling good always but please don’t find it offensive because we men are somewhat lazy with grooming. Therefore, if your sister wears a deodorant then gift her a Perfume and tell her that it’s finally time to upgrade at least for special occasions. Also, there are a wide range of perfumes that are available online like Dior, Versace, Biotique etc. so find a nice one or ask for her preference by sneaking in her closet, I know it’s not cool but a decent perfume is always expensive.

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6. Watch

One who has time in control has everything under control, this is what I feel and maybe a couple of poets. Watch is not an accessory but a necessity. Anyone can argue over the fact that you can always use your smartphone for time. I’d say yes but why do that when you can wear a watch on your wrist, it will accentuate your look and give you enormous confidence. There are many types of straps available for the watches like Bangle, Strap, Ceramic, Fabric, Leather, Rubber etc. so just get her one which she doesn’t own but might need in the future. Flipkart Rakhi Offers have some great range of watches so do check them out and avail the great benefits.

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5. Musical Instrument

Well, I might again ask you to be a little bit thoughtful. Yupp, gift her a hobby this Rakshabandhan. Believe it or not but it is a great Raksha Bandhan Gift Idea. Every girl must have thought of learning a musical instrument, all you gotta do is just try to find her favourite instrument. Trust me, there are endless benefits to learning a musical instrument. Playing a musical instrument improve your cognitive skills, releases stress and a lot more. Therefore, it could be a great gift this Rakshabandhan so read on the best site to purchase it:

Bajaao: It is the topmost website in India if you’re looking to purchase any musical instrument online. It can be percussions, Stringed instruments, Wind instruments, or anything, for instance, Bajaao got you covered. Also, they have a wide range of everyone’s favorite instrument, Guitars. Therefore, do check out the website using this link and gift your sister a passion for a lifetime.

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4. Headphones

Get her a pair of headphones, she might not expect it but would surely love it. Most of the stock headphones that come with the smartphone aren’t good. Also, which girl doesn’t listen to music, my sister is a Bollywood and Sufi fanatic. Therefore, at least I am thinking of getting her a pair because it will be a great gift as well as easy on my pocket. In case if you want to figure out which headphone to gift in the budget, you can read our article on Top 10 Best budget headphones under Rs.500.

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3. Anti-Virus

Well, I know you may not have expected this but trust me after the Internet literally boomed in our country we all became unsafe. It’s hacker paradise now because we all are connected. You won’t even know when your smartphone or laptop became vulnerable to a malicious attack from an Internet Virus. Do you know that it is possible to remotely access even your smartphone camera by someone else and you won’t even know, there are endless possibilities for hackers today and multiple holes in our personal security.

We keep our PINS, Personal pictures, Passwords in our smartphone and laptops so it’s for the best that if she doesn’t have a subscription get her one. There are many antivirus subscription available in the market with some of the best mentioned here like Avast, AVG, Norton, Kaspersky, and many more. Also, make sure you purchase it from a decent online store like Amazon or Flipkart.

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2. Smart Jewellery

This world is a crooked place and everybody wants their near ones to be safe. Although, in the current ongoing scenario it is next to impossible to not worry about them. If you’re an elder brother you might’ve restricted your sister from staying out late at night. Trust me, we all men know that it’s not because we are orthodox but we know that this world is a twisted place. Gift her a piece of smart jewellery. This jewellery has a device at the back and can be used to send an emergency message to your dear ones. This Rakshabandhan make your independent little sister truly independent. We have listed the best smart jewelry product that you can gift:

Safer Smart Jewellery

If all the things that I mentioned are something that you agree upon then this piece of tech is surely for you. Gift this to your sister and make her feel that you’re there with her at any point of time, all she needs to do is just push a button.The Safer Smart Jewellery is being offered at a price of Rs.1999, make your sister feel safe at anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Key Features of Safer Smart Jewellery

  • It has a safety device with a button at the back of it.

  • Just connect the pendant with the safer app and send SOS to your pre-set guardians on a double click.

  • Share your live location while your guardians can watch your location and movement on the map.

  • It gives a battery life of 7 to 8 days on a single charge of 15 minutes.

  • The jewellery is being offered in two other different colour, Green and Blue.

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1. Personalised LED Cushion

There isn’t anything better than a pinch of something personal in your gift. Ferns & Petals are offering an LED cushion that lights up in the dark, it is one great Rakhi Personalised Gifts. Also, you can personalize it by printing your sister’s photograph or your photograph with her together. Trust me, she will love it and this cushion will instantly put that million dollar smile on her face. The cushion is being offered at a great price of Rs.599

Key Features of LED cushion

  • Personalized as per your choice and comes with yellow LED.

  • The cushion is made of Canvas Poly Duck Material.

  • It is filled with Recron.

  • The dimensions of the pillow are 10*11 inches.

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If you’re looking for presents Ferns n Petals Rakhi Offers have some great Raksha Bandhan Offers Online as well as Online Gifts.

So these were the top 10 gifts and categories of gift that we think you can present your little sister this 26th August 2018 which is Raksha Bandhan so Happy Raksha Bandhan in Advance. In case if you’re looking for some more offers then you can avail the benefits of Tatacliq Rakhi Offers.

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