Croma Upcoming Sale 2024: Best Deals & Offers In May

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Want to shop for electronic appliances at the most favourable price? Croma is your destination.

Croma holds varius sales throughout the year and these Croma Upcoming Sales 2024 ensures that you start shopping for your home appliances and smart devices to give a complete electronic makeover to your home.

This article will tell you about all the Croma Sales in 2024 along with their expected dates and the deals these sales will be offering.

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Croma Upcoming Sales 2023

Croma Next Sale: Croma Magical Summer Sale | 03rd - 10th May 2024

Croma magical summer sale

Who says that only the winters have magic? Your summer will be spectacular as well, thanks to Croma. It can be difficult to stay cool and comfortable at home as the summer heat waves continue to rise. Croma's Magical Summer Sale which is going to be live from 03rd - 10th May 2024 provides a solution to the problem. This sale offers a range of reduced home appliances, including coolers, air conditioners, refrigerators, and more, so you can update your equipment without breaking the bank. Replace your outdated appliances with newer models to enjoy the amazing new. Relax, unwind, and beat the heat as well. Croma allows you to buy them at an attractive discount and the best price. During this sale, you can buy the latest models of Acs, refrigerators, fans and coolers at upto 50% discounts. 

Key Highlights

  • Upgrade with 350+ACs &  450+ refrigerators
  • Get upto 18 Months EMI on selected products
  • Get additional 10% Off upto Rs. 2500 cashback on credit cards of HDFC Bank And ICICI Bank
  • Get upto 50 % off on smartwatches, 40% off on television, and 25% off on smartphones.
  • Sale will be live from 03rd - 10th May 2024

List Of Croma Upcoming Sales 2024

Here I have curated a list of Croma Upcoming sales with their expected Croma Upcoming Sale Dates. Also, you can see each of these sales in detail below the table. So, scroll down till the end of this article to know more. 

Croma Upcoming Sale 2024

Croma Upcoming Sale Dates

Croma Magical Summer Sale

03rd - 10th May 2024

Croma Dussehra Sale

20th - 24th October 2024

Croma Diwali Sale

6th - 12th November 2024

Croma Christmas Sale

20th - 25th December 2024

Croma Year End Sale

25th - 29th December 2024

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Review Of Croma Upcoming Sales 2024

Here I have mentioned a detailed review of all the upcoming sales on Croma during which you can shop for your wishlisted products at great discounts.

1. Croma Dussehra Sale

Croma Dussehra Sale

Dussehra is a most celebrated Hindu holiday celebrating the end of  Navratri. The celebration marks in the memory of Lord Rama’s victory over Ravana. It also celebrates Goddess Durga’s victory over the demon Mahishasura. On this day, the statue of Ravana and pyrotechnics are burned in multiple places to represent the eradication of evil. Croma offers massive discounts during this time, awaiting the next big festive day, Diwali. You can expect these offers during Dussehra festival given below-

Key Highlights:

  • 15% discount on electronics only for users.

  • 25% discount on headphones only for you.

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2. Croma Diwali Sale

Croma Diwali Sale

Croma's offers and deals on many electrical gadgets, home devices, and more will let you get all that you've truly needed for a long time this Diwali celebration. Now, is the time to grab all your favourite home appliances you have wishlisted for a very long time and mould your home with technological devices. Croma desires to give all your wishes at meagre costs during this Diwali sale. 

This Croma festive offer is the best Diwali gift, with savings on everything from headphones to gaming PCs. Take benefit of Croma's Diwali Sale and get your preferred products at the best discounts. Croma will benefit your Diwali shopping with the most incredible deals and price drops on a selection of devices and appliances. You can expect these offers during Diwali festival given below-

Key Highlights:

  • Get 60% off on TVs

  • Mixers, Juicers and Blenderes starting at Rs. 799

  • Get 75% off on Camera Accessories 

  • Up to 15% Off on Refrigerators

  • iPad starting at Rs. 25,499

  • Up to 20% Off on LEDs

3. Croma Christmas Sale

 Croma Christmas Sale

Christmas is the happy and giving time of the year that brings joy and happiness and makes everyone smile with delight. We often give each other great gifts and try to provide utility electronic items and wearables. You can expect huge cashbacks and rewards on active wearables, audio, and video devices during this time. Also, people tend to buy small electronics to present as gifts to their friends during Christmas. You can expect a lot during this gifting season to increase your happiness.

Key Highlights

  • Discounts on smartphones

  • Up to 710% discount on electronics wearables

  • Kitchen appliances at the best price

  • Huge discounts on grooming and personal care tools

4. Croma Year End Sale

Croma Year End Sale

When the year ends, you can expect great discounts with the new beginnings. People wait for the year to start, and the discounts on electricals are enormous during the year-end sale. This upcoming sale on croma promise clearance sales with massive deals on home appliances and electronic devices.

Year-end sale in Croma has a lot in their bag, and one can expect to get rewarded with great offers and cashbacks. You can expect great deals at this time of the year.

Key Highlights

  • Up to 30% off on refrigerators

  • Premium smartphones up to 35% off

  • Air containers up to 35% off

  • Huge discounts on smart TVs

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Ended Sales On Croma

Below I will mention the sales that have ended for this year and expected to come on approx the same date the following year. So, to get the complete details, keep reading this article till the end.

Ended Sales On Croma

Sale Dates

Croma New Year Sale

1st to 5th January 2024

Croma Republic Day Sale

14th - 19th January 2024

Croma TGIF Sale

17th - 28th February 2024

Croma Women’s Day Sale

1st - 8th March 2024

Croma Holi Sale

18th to 24th March 2024

Croma Festival Of Dreams Sale

10th - 14th April 2024

1. Croma New Year Sale | 1st - 5th January 2024

Croma New Year Sale

New years mark new expectations and celebrations. Often people buy new gadgets and appliances in the new year to celebrate new beginnings.  Also, New year experiences new offers and discounts everywhere. Croma's New Year sale is also expected to be extra lucrative for its customers.  You can expect a massive deal and offer in Croma at the beginning of the year. This Croma Upcoming Sale will be live from 1st January - 5th January 2024.

Key Highlights

  • Up to 40% discount On TV

  • Flat Discounts On smartphones and accessories

  • Up to 50% discounts on

  • Get Small appliances free with bigger appliances at really low price or in some cases free of cost.

2. Croma Republic Day Sale | 14th - 19th January 2024

Croma Republic Day Sale

Republic Day celebrates the right to be a citizen of the country. Croma gives the right to shop with Croma republic day offers every year. Croma is the website to check if you're looking for electronics. You can get the electronics on your wish list at unbelievable prices during the Croma Republic Day Sale. Examine the astounding deals and discounts, and start shopping! You can expect great deals with rewarding bank offers and cashbacks to attract you during this time. You just can't say no to the deals. You can expect kitchen, health and fitness, and smart devices at a great price during this sale offer duration. The sale will be live from 14th - 19th January 2024.

Key Highlights

  • 60-70% off on all electronic items

  • Up to 50% discount on smart devices

  • Huge deals on cameras and earphones

3. Croma TGIF Sale | 17th - 28th February 2024

Croma TGIF Sale

To help you kick off the new year right, Croma is bringing you fresh bargains and incentives. What would make you enjoy February, even more, is the TGIF Sale. The Croma sale will be active from February 17 through February 28, bringing you some of the best discounts upto 80% off on well-known brands. If you want new computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, or mobile phones, tune into fabulous February with Croma's impending sale.

Key Highlights:

  • The top electronics come with up to 80% discounts.

  • ICICI credit and debit cardholders can also benefit from an immediate 5% discount.

  • Sale will be live from 17th - 28th February 2024

4. Croma Women’s Day Sale

Croma Women’s Day Sale

What would life be like in a world without women? No, and Croma is aware that neither of us is able to. Thanks to the upcoming Croma sale, you'll be able to recognise Women's Day. On March 1, the Women's Day sale will start, and it will last through March 8. You can express your love for the women in your life by taking advantage of Croma's amazing savings on electrical products.

Key Highlights

  • Get tablets and iPads for up to 47% less.

  • Save up to 50% on watches and smart bands.

  • There is a 58% discount on TVs.

  • Bluetooth earphones, speakers, and headphones are discounted by 67%.

  • Also, you can save 65% on products for personal care and health.

5. Croma Holi Sale | 18th to 24th March 2024

 Croma Holi Sale

Holi is the much-awaited festival in the country. The Croma Holi Sale, named Croma Festival Of Dreams Holli Edition, will be live from 18th to 24th March 2024. People wait for this auspicious time to buy excellent kitchen and home appliances to give their electronics a makeover. You can expect huge discounts on home appliances like speakers, headphones, washing machines, etc., to make your colourful holi remarkable. You can expect many offers and deals of buy one get another free during this time.

Key Highlights

  • Up to 60% discounts on kitchen appliances

  • Up to 80% discounts on personal care products

  • Up to 50% discount on washing machines, refrigerators, etc.

  • Bluetooth speakers at the lowest price and the best deals

6. Croma Festival Of Dreams Sale | 10th - 14th April 2024

Croma Festival Of Dreams

Croma is back with an exclusive sale named Croma Festival Of Dreams. This limited-time sale will be live from 10th - 14th April 2024. With Croma's amazing deals and discounts on a vast selection of electronics, home appliances, and other items, you can affordably purchase everything you've ever wanted. This festive Croma offer is a unique opportunity, with discounts on everything from gaming PCs to headphones. Additionally, Croma offers some of the best kitchen appliances at unbeatable prices, including blenders, microwaves, refrigerators, and water purifiers. Plus, Federal Bank Credit Cards are eligible for a 10% discount up to Rs. 2,000.  

Key Highlights

  • Sale will be live from 10th - 14th April 2024

  • Get upto 60% off on almost everything available on Croma

  • Get a discount of 10% upto Rs. 2,000 on Federal Bank Credit Cards

  • Get one-time AC servicing at just Rs. 499

Bank Offers On Croma Sales

Bank offers by Croma in the IPL sale, Summer sale, and all the upcoming sale on Croma are divided days-wise. The details are:

  • Citi bank offer - get upto 5% off upto Rs2000 instant discount on CC and DC. Also, enjoy 7.5% upto Rs.2500 cashback on credit card and EMI transactions.

  • Bank Of Baroda Offer - Get a 5% discount Up to Rs.2000 on CC and Dc. the minimum transaction being Rs.10000

  • ICICI Bank Offers - Get 5% up to Rs.2500 instant discount on CC and DC

  • HDFC Bank Offers - Get upto 5% off upto Rs2000 instant discount on CC . Also, enjoy 7.5% upto Rs.3000 cashback on credit card EMI transactions.

  • Kotak Bank Offers - Get 7.5% up to Rs.2000 cashback on CC and 5% up to instant discount on regular transactions of bank cards.

  • ICICI Bank Offers - Get Flat Rs.5000 instant discount on CC

  • AU Bank Offers - Get 7.5% cashback upto Rs.3000 on CC and Rs.2000 Instant discount on regular transactions through bank cards.

  • HSBC Bank - Get 5% instant discount Up to rs.1500 on CC. Also, enjoy 7.5% cashback, up to Rs. 7500 on CC and EMI transactions

Croma Product Categories

One needs all types of electronics for their household. Croma is a one-stop shop for all types of household devices. You can plan great savings with Croma discount coupons, offers and exclusive deals. 

Here is the list of top categories of products in different brands that you can buy for your home and other premises to plan better.

  • Televisions And Accessories

  • Home Appliances

  • Grooming And Personal Care

  • Phones and Wearables

  • Audio And Video Devices

  • Computers And Tablets

  • Kitchen Appliances

  • Gaming Devices and Accessories

  • Health And Fitness Devices

  • Cameras And Accessories

  • Smart Devices

  • Accessories


This was all about Croma Upcoming Sales 2024. Choosing Croma for your household and smart devices is so apparent, isn't it? So in this article, all the expected and possible sales by Croma are listed, and you can plan your shopping accordingly. Stay updated and keep coming for more updated information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How do I search for Croma near me?

A. It is very easy to search for Croma branches near you. You can search for the same by typing the place you wish to know if it has a Croma outlet or not. And all the possible outlets will appear. Also, you can search for the outlet by visiting the Croma website and providing your pin code. 

Q.How do I get offers on Croma?

A.You can visit the Croma website and look for the active and upcoming offers. You can also read this article and learn about all the forthcoming Croma sales of the year.

Q.What Is Croma Flash sale?

A.Croma flash sales are the active and live sales that the brand comes up with for a small-time period. You can get great discounts on the same. Try not to miss any.

Q. Does Croma give discount on Diwali?

A. The upcoming Croma Diwali offers in 2024 let you grab mobile, laptop, and smart TVs with more than 20% mega discount. 

Q. Does Croma exchange old products?

A. The policy of Croma is to exchange only one old product for each purchase.

Q. Are Croma online and offline prices same?

A. The product prices are similar for all locations. 

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