How to Transfer Money from Paytm Postpaid to Paytm wallet?

Paytm Postpaid offers a credit limit of up to Rs. 100,000 to users. Paytm Postpaid can be used from different transactions from mobile recharge to movie tickets and online shopping. Transfer Money from Paytm Postpaid to your Paytm wallet.

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Do you use Paytm postpaid? It is a useful service. But there are certain limitations such as you can’t transfer the money to your wallet.

Did you know, it is possible to transfer money from Paytm Postpaid to Paytm Wallet? Yes, it can be done in a few simple steps. As you know, Paytm Postpaid can be used for mobile recharge, movie tickets, shopping, etc.

In addition to that, you can use your credit to pay Paytm Business accounts also. To transfer money from Paytm Postpaid to Paytm wallet, you need a business account.

However, you can’t transfer the money to your own business account. You need to create a business account for a family member or friend. If you are new to this service, check how to get started with Paytm Postpaid and get an instant credit limit of up to Rs. 100,000.

What is Paytm Postpaid?

Paytm launched a credit service for select users where they can spend money and payback later. Paytm Postpaid is similar to credit cards. The service allows users to recharge, book movie tickets, and shop on Paytm.

The service can be accessed via Paytm app by any user. The user has to pay back the amount spent until the seventh of the month to avoid any penalty or late fee. Depending on the credit score of users, a monthly limit is assigned which can be used for different payments. 

Paytm Postpaid is available in 3 variants - Lite, Delite, and Elite. The monthly limit for Lite is Rs. 20,000. Paytm will also charge a convenience fee on the monthly bill of the user. Postpaid Delite and Elite users get a credit limit between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 10,000. There are no convenience charges for Delite and Elite users. These users also get access to all Postpaid features. 

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Paytm Postpaid Eligibility

The activation of Paytm Postpaid is fully online without the need for any visit to the branch. The credit limit is decided on the basis of a user's transaction history on Paytm.

The limit increases depending on the usage of the service. Your Paytm postpaid limit can be up to Rs. 100,000. Paytm Postpaid users can convert their due amount to monthly EMIs. Depending on the users' monthly spending the convenience fee will vary from 0 to 4 percent. The service allows users to pay neighborhood Kirana stores. There is also the option to make utility payments and online transactions on-site such as Domino's, Pepperfry, Tata Sky, etc. 

The option to accept payment using Paytm Postpaid is available for select merchants only. Even if you are able to transfer money from Paytm Postpaid to your wallet make sure to repay the due amount otherwise additional charges will be applicable. 


Steps to transfer money from Paytm postpaid to Paytm Wallet

  • Open Paytm App

  • Select the amount

  • Transfer money to a Paytm Business account

  • From that account, you can transfer to your Paytm Wallet


How to Activate Paytm Postpaid

  • Login to the Paytm App

  • Spot the Paytm Postpaid Banner

  • Click on the banner

  • Tap on "Activate My Paytm Postpaid"

  • Enter PAN number

  • Submit your Paytm Postpaid application online

  • Done! Your Paytm Postpaid account is activated



Paytm Postpaid Charges

Outstanding Amount
Late Fees(per month)

Up to Rs. 100

Rs. 0

Rs. 101 to Rs. 250

Rs. 10

Rs. 251 to Rs. 500

Rs. 25

Rs. 501 to Rs. 1000

Rs. 50

Rs. 1001 to Rs. 2000

Rs. 100

Rs. 2001 to Rs. 5000

Rs. 250

Rs. 5001 and above

Rs. 500

Note: A convenience fee ranging from 0 to 4% is applicable to the user’s net monthly spending.

So with a simple trick, you can transfer money from Paytm Postpaid to your wallet. However, you should remember that if you don’t repay the amount by the 7th day of the month late fees will be charged.

 In case of non-payment of the due amount, your account will also be suspended followed by legal proceedings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate Paytm postpaid?
Activate Paytm Postpaid from the Paytm app. You can find the option under Loans & Credit card section on the app. Enter your PAN No. & D.O.B to check your credit limit for Paytm Postpaid.

Who is eligible for Paytm postpaid?
The eligibility for Paytm Postpaid depends on your credit score. You can check eligibility from the Paytm app. Enter your PAN No. and date of birth to check eligibility for this service.

Is Paytm postpaid working?
Yes, Paym has launched a revamped version of its credit service. You can check eligibility and your credit limit from the Paytm app.