How to Earn Paytm Cash Free?

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Are you wondering how to earn Paytm cash free? Then check out the latest apps that help you earn paytm cash free. These apps reward you for simple tasks online.

You have to complete several easy tasks to earn free unlimited Paytm cash with the latest apps. You only need a smartphone and internet connectivity. And if you are ready to invest some time, then many apps are available to Earn Paytm Cash Free. 

These earning tasks include watching videos, playing games, trying apps, completing surveys and similar functions that are very easy. With these apps, you can earn up to Rs. 1000 Paytm cash daily. 

Let’s get started. Scroll down to learn about the latest apps and earn Paytm cash free online. 

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How to Earn Paytm Cash Free?

Best Apps and Websites to Earn Paytm Cash Free

Here we have shortlisted the 17 best apps and 4 websites from where you can earn Paytm cash for free. Scroll down and read the article till the end for the full info.



Playstore Rating







True Balance App






Task Bucks



Ring ID App






Happy Box



Rozdhan App



Frizza App



The Panel Station App (TPS)



Ladoo App






Go Daily App 



Minijoy App



Earn Money App



Earn Talktime






YouGov Surveys



Toluna Surveys



i-Say Survey



Review of Best Apps and Websites to Earn Paytm Cash Free

Here, we have proivided each of the 17 apps and 4 websites to earn PayTm cash free, read the article till the end and learn about them.

1. mRewards 

Here is yet another app that can add to your earnings. mRewards app provides multiple earning opportunities. You can play games, take surveys, invite friends, and try various apps. For each task, you earn coins which can be redeemed as Paytm cash. The minimum amount to withdraw is Rs. 10. You can withdraw to your paytm wallet once per day. The referral program, in particular, is very rewarding. 

How to Earn with mRewards app?

  • Download the app

  • Go to the play games section

  • Download the highlighted games

  • Play for the designated time to earn coins

  • Bind your paytm wallet to transfer money 

2. GetMega

GetMega offers you a really one-of-a-kind entertainment experience by combining the fun of gaming with the excitement of real Paytm money. Play your preferred skill-based card games exclusively on GetMega, India's hottest real-money gaming site. They provide an unrivalled entertainment experience, including traditional and cutting-edge games with the ideal real money thrills, in a secure gaming atmosphere. Since they support responsible gaming, they have created a platform where security, trust, and fair play are most important. To keep that guarantee, they only permit thoroughly verified profiles on their site and only showcase games of skill with approved gameplay.

Only on GetMega can you choose your favourite games, play against live opponents, and win exciting prizes in real money. Entry costs for the various real money tournaments and tables start at only 1. Therefore, no matter how big your goals are or how comfortable you are, they have something suitable for you. Play games that are well-designed and have dependable gameplay, and transfer your wins using India's quickest cash withdrawals ever. 

How can you earn cash in GetMega App?

  • Download GetMega App

  • Accept the Terms & Conditions

  • Create a Player Profile 

  • Remit funds, which will reflect in your Remittance Portfolio

  • Select a Game

  • Meet the Winning Criteria 

  • Win and Receive Winnings

  • Winnings will reflect in your Winnings Portfolio 

  • Claim your Winnings ...

3. True Balance App

It is one of the significant apps when it comes to checking your phone balance. Also, the app saves all the messages of offers that your respective telecom operator sends to you. Now the app has updated the feature of referrals to your friends and family. You can earn several reward points through the app.

How can you earn cash with True Balance

  1. Download and log into the app.

  2. Once you open the app, you will be asked for a referral code.

  3. Enter the code and earn every time you refer to your friend

  4. You can earn up to Rs. 1000 as you refer them.

  5. Transfer that amount to your Paytm wallet.

4. Sikka 

Sikka is the best free cash-acquiring app that allows you to earn real cash by finishing simple tasks that give you Sikka cash which you can pull out to any wallet or online UPI. Instant best cash earning application Sikka is the least complex application to earn high real money. Sikka Application is made uniquely for individuals who love to earn additional cash effectively in their available time.

How can you earn cash in Sikka App?

  • Download the Sikka app from Playstore

  • Sign in using the credentials

  • Follow simple steps given on the Sikka money-earning app and finish the offers.

  • You will get money for checking in on Sikka daily

  • You can even Spin and Win money every 6 hours

  • Refer the app to your loved ones and earn money.

  • Get exciting offers and rewards which can be redeemed easily.

5. Task Bucks 

Taskbucks is an excellent app if you are looking to earn Paytm cash. The app has many rewarding offers. You can sign up using your mobile number and email id to start earning. You earn a daily check-in bonus for opening the app. There are also many offers that help add to your earnings. You can also invite friends using your unique code to earn a bonus for every referral. 

How to Earn Paytm cash with Aha Video App?

  • Download the app from here

  • Sign up using your email id & mobile number

  • Get daily rewards for check-in

  • Complete simple tasks to earn more 

  • Redeem to your account

  • or use for mobile recharge

6. Ring ID App

Ring ID App is generally engaged in social media, viral kinds of stuff, popular news feed and a lot of engaging stuff that matters. Moreover, the app is also popular for voice and video calling. From the day it updated its referral feature, it has gained popularity a step ahead. The amount to redeem is Rs. 500, which is slightly on the higher side, but if you have a friend circle, you can easily achieve this target as you get Rs. 20 per referral. The high referral amount makes RInger ID one of the best apps to earn Paytm cash in India. 

How can you Earn Cash with Ring ID?

  1. Download and log into the app.

  2. You will be asked for a referral code then.

  3. Enter the code and claim your 20 Rs as the signup bonus.

  4. Now refer the app to your friends, watch videos and start collecting points.

  5. Once you reach the maximum limit of Rs.500, you can transfer it internally to your Paytm wallet.

7. Cashboss

Cashboss is the easiest and best way to earn free recharge. You can earn free recharge by downloading apps or transferring to your Paytm wallet and enjoy free recharge for referring friends. The best part is that you will get Rs.20 on each successful referral. This means just by referring to five of your friend, you can get Rs.100 for free in your Paytm wallet. It is one of the best apps to help you earn Paytm Cash. The app comes with multiple opportunities with which you can earn unlimited Paytm cash. It is also easy to redeem your earnings to your Paytm wallet. 

How to Earn Paytm cash with Cashboss Android App?

  • Download the Cashboss android app

  • Send the referral link to any of your friends

  • Once your friend downloads the app via your referral link

  • Rs.20 referral money will be credited to your wallet

8. Happy Box

Earn money by downloading apps. The app comes with daily rewards as well. You earn coins for different tasks, which are converted to money. The money you have in your wallet can be easily redeemed. You also get Rs. 6 per referral. The minimum amount you can redeem is Rs. 1. You can redeem up to Rs. 300 in a single day. Your money will be transferred to your Paytm wallet in 7 to 10 days. 

How you can Earn Paytm Cash?

  • Download the app from here

  • Sign up using FB or Gmail

  • Get daily rewards for simple tasks.

  • Easy redemption is available for new users for as low as Rs. 1

9. Rozdhan App

Download the app to get Rs. 25 on sign-up. The amount is instantly credited to your account, and you can redeem it to Paytm. It is an amazing app as you get to choose from a variety of tasks. You earn coins for tasks and the coins are converted to cash at midnight every day. You can redeem when you have Rs. 200. The money will be credited within 72 hours. 

How to Earn With Rozdhan app?

  • Download the app

  • Enter your mobile number

  • Verify the OTP

  • Rs. 25 will be credited to your account

  • Enter Rs. 25 when you enter

  • Redeem to Paytm when you have Rs. 200

10. Frizza App

Frizza is popularly known for doing free mobile recharges and earning cashback. You can recharge any of your prepaid and postpaid plans. You can also make money online through the app, as it has introduced its referral feature in its latest update. Also, earn money by watching videos and completing different tasks on the Frizza app. You can redeem, once you have Rs. 20 in your wallet. The money is transferred to Paytm within 72 hours.

How can you Earn Cash with Frizza?

  1. Download the app from here

  2. Get Rs. 7 on Sign up 

  3. Complete simple tasks to earn more

  4. Refer the app to friends and earn Rs. 10 per referral

  5. You can redeem a minimum of Rs. 20

  6. The amount will be transferred to your Paytm wallet within 3 working days

11. The Panel Station App (TPS)

It is a popular online survey app that helps you earn free Paytm cash. You have to register on the app and start taking surveys. The surveys will be based on your preferences. For every completed survey, you earn points that can be redeemed for Paytm cash or shopping vouchers from popular e-commerce websites. The minimum points for redemption are 3000, for which you will earn Rs. 300 Paytm Cash or vouchers for Amazon or Flipkart. Once you register on the app, complete your profile to start earning points. The surveys are based on your profile so fill in the complete details for more surveys. 

How to earn Paytm cash with TPS APP

  • Download the app

  • Create a new account

  • Starting taking online surveys

  • You receive points for each completed survey

  • Redeem the points for Paytm cash

12. Ladoo App

It is one of the best apps for earning free Paytm cash. You can redeem a maximum of Rs.273 per day in your wallet. The transfer limit is Rs.300, but Ladoo takes some processing fees. All you need to do is, install the Ladoo app and start completing their offers. Once you earn a sufficient amount, you can either use it or recharge or transfer it to your Paytm account. There is a chance to earn unlimited cash with the app. It has different tasks which help you earn money quickly and easy. The process of redeeming is also straightforward. 

How to Avail Paytm cash with Ladoo App?

  • First of all, open the Play store from your mobile

  • Then you have to download Ladoo free recharge app from the play store

  • After installation, you will find the list of apps which are worthy of some rupees

  • Then click on that app, it will redirect to that particular app

  • After installing the app, use the app for about 3 to 5 minutes

  • A process is completed, money will be credited in your offer wall

  • Then, you can redeem it in your Paytm account

13. CricPlay

It is a free fantasy cricket game. You can join different contests by picking a team. Select the perfect team to win Paytm cash. The top player can win up to Rs. 1600 Paytm cash per match. The prize money depends on your position on the leaderboard. In addition to that, you can also earn with daily predictions. The minimum redemption is Rs. 50. Once you select cash out, your winnings will be transferred to your Paytm Wallet.

How to win Paytm Cash with Cricplay App?

  • Download Cricplay app from here

  • Log in or create an account

  • Verify  your mobile number

  • Select a contest to participate

  • Pick your team

  • Your team can win you real money.

  • You can cash out your winnings to your PayTM wallet.

14. Go Daily App 

Go daily is one of the latest additions to this list. The app provides so many opportunities to earn money. The reward system is based on coins; you earn coins for tasks such as reading articles, watching videos, and trying new apps. You can also invite friends to the Go Daily app by sharing your referral link to earn for every successful invite. The coins you earn can be transferred to your bank account via UPI. Although there is no option to transfer earnings to a Paytm wallet, you can transfer to a bank account. 

How to Avail Paytm cash with Go Daily App?

  • Download the app

  • Earn rewards for daily login

  • Read news, watch videos & more

  • Direct transfer to the bank account 

15. Minijoy App

MiniJoy is one of the best apps to earn lots of Paytm Cash for free. It is an online gaming app that provides various opportunities for earning. Simply download the app to start earning money. With Minijoy, you also earn money by playing online games. On top of extra income, you also get great entertainment. You can transfer the money to Paytm instantly. To redeem a higher amount, you need to complete your KYC on the MiniJoy app. Once the KYC is done, you can easily transfer your earnings to your Paytm wallet. It is very easy to complete your KYC. Follow some easy steps for the purpose. 

How to Earn With Minijoy app?

  • Download the app from here

  • Sign up for a new account

  • Start completing tasks to earn money

  • Transfer the free cash to Paytm Wallet instantly. 

16. Earn Money App

Earn money is an excellent app for making money online. The app provides multiple options to earn free Paytm cash. Earn coins for each task and redeem for Paytm cash. You can earn money with scratch cards, lucky spins, referral codes, and more. Use the Earn money referral code at the time of signing up to start earning coins. At the time of signup, 50 coins will be added to your account. Complete different tasks to earn more coins and redeem money to your Paytm wallet. 

How to Earn Money with this App?

  • Download the Earn Money app

  • You are ready to start earning

  • Complete tasks to earn more

  • Redeem earnings to Paytm wallet

17. Earn Talktime

Download the app and earn free mobile recharge, shopping vouchers, and Paytm cash. You will earn on app downloads, online surveys, and also inviting your friends. Once you earn Rs. 30, you can redeem it for free recharge. Shopping vouchers for Amazon, Big Bazaar, and other sites are available for Rs. 50 onwards. The great thing is that you get new tasks daily to take care of your earnings. 

How to Earn with Earn Talktime App

  • Download the app from here

  • Register with your mobile number

  • Complete your profile to start earning

  • Now complete the task to get money credited to your account.

Top 4 Websites for Earning Free PayTm Cash

Now, here are the top 5 websites from where you can earn PayTm cash by doing easy things.

1. CollegeDuniya

College Duniya is one of the leading and most trusted college review websites in India, where you will find lakhs of reviews of hundreds and thousands of colleges and universities that help the students choose the right college and get the quality education that they deserve.

The website has gamified the review-giving by rewarding the reviewers. Anyone can get a PayTm cash reward worth 100 rupees from this website by writing a review for their college or university. Additionally, if the reviewer submits their ID cards and photos while giving their review, they will get up to 70 rupees of PayTm cash.

Referring will also help users earn 20 rupees in their PayTm for free.

Below are the steps to help you earn PayTm money with CollegeDuniya

  • Visit CollegeDuniya Website

  • Create an account using your PayTm number

  • Tap on write review and then search for your college or university where you have studied

  • Give your genuine reviews based on your experience and knowledge about your educational institution

  • Once you complete all the steps, you will get 100 rupees into your PayTm account for free, within 24 hours

2. YouGov Surveys

Being a world-leading online market research company, YouGov has numerous engaging and rewarding surveys on its website. By participating in their surveys, you will earn points each time you join in and finish a survey in the given time period.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to earn points on YouGov Surveys

  • Go to their website

  • Sign-up and create your account. They will ask about your city and age

  • There will be a survey right after you sign up

  • Complete that survey

  • Once you complete the first survey after creating your account, you will get 50 points

  • Keep completing surveys and earning points until it reaches 5000 points

  • Withdraw your points in your PayTm Account

3. Toluna Surveys

Toluna Surveys is also one of the popular survey websites available in the market, and now this website is giving free PayTm cash as well.

For each survey you participate in and complete, you will get 15 to 15,000 points based on the length of the survey you participate in.

However, as per some websites, women participants get more massive payout surveys than men.

4. i-Say Survey

i-Say Survey, as its name suggests, is also a survey website gaining popularity for being such a survey website where the survey participants never get disqualified.

Tips to Earn Money Paytm Cash online For Free

Most of the apps that we have shared have a refer and earn program that helps you earn money. The more people you invite better will be your chances of earning money. However, some of the apps also reward users for various other tasks such as reading news, watching videos, etc

i) Earn Money By Watching Videos

You can earn money by watching videos on the Videobuddy app. For every video that you watch on the app, you will receive coins. These coins can be redeemed for Paytm cash. You can redeem a minimum of Rs. 300. The amount is credited to your Paytm wallet within 7 days. 

ii) Earn Money by browsing Status

Vclip is a popular social app that helps users earn money. You earn coins for browsing the app. There is a refer and earn offer as well. But you can earn money by browning the app and doing simple tasks as well. You can redeem it once you have Rs. 300 in your Vclip wallet. The amount will be transferred to your Paytm Wallet within 7 days

iii) Earn money by playing games

Earn money by playing games with the Rozdhan app. The app provides multiple earning opportunities to users. With each task, users earn coins that are converted to Cash. You can redeem it once you have Rs. 200 in your wallet.

The money is transferred to the Paytm wallet in 3-4 days. You also earn coins for daily login on the Rozdhan app. It is one of the best-earning apps to earn unlimited Paytm cash.

iv) Earn money by refer and earn

With Hago cash tree, you can earn free paytm cash online. To redeem your earnings to your Paytm wallet, you need to invite friends using your referral code. You can redeem Rs. 20 for every successful referral to Hago. The money is transferred to the Paytm wallet within 30 days. Simply click on the withdraw button to link your Paytm account. You can earn unlimited income with the Hago app offer. 


I hope that after going through this article you have all the information regarding how to earn paytm cash free. These were some of the best Paytm cash-earning apps for internet users to rely upon. Because it's not just about simply recharging your account, it’s more about how smartly you make money through the apps. You can try each of these apps to earn free Paytm cash in your wallet. We will continue to add to the list providing you with more and more options to win free Paytm cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is the best app to Earn Money?

A. You can earn money by using various apps. Here in this article, we discuss the top apps to earn money. Rozdhan is one of the best apps to earn free Paytm cash. You can also make money with the Vclip app; also, try the Video Buddy app to earn free paytm cash.

Q. How to Earn Money with Rozdhan App?

A. Get Rs. 50 on sign up with Rozdhan referral code. You also get a daily login bonus. In addition to that, you can earn by completing simple tasks on Rozdhan. The coins earned are converted to money automatically at the end of the day. You can redeem it once you have Rs. 200 in your wallet. 

Q. How to Earn money with Vclip App?

A. The app rewards users for various tasks. You earn coins for browsing the app, sharing content, and more. You also get a referral bonus for inviting new users to Vclip.


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