How to Earn Free Paytm Cash with the Latest Apps?

Paytm has always been a saviour in term of cash back. Less of you might be knowing about some of the apps that would directly let you earn cash and transfer it to your paytm wallet. Let’s involve!!

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Earning cash through the apps is the new trend of the era. When it comes to Paytm, you can simply earn a large amount of cashback on your transactions. But most of the users don’t know about some of the money-saving apps that help you a lot in earning a certain amount of free paytm cash. Later you can transfer that amount in your paytm wallet.

You don’t need to purchase any new SIM card for that. Just go for an Android smartphone, internet connectivity with some phone memory. Let’s get started.

Shareit App

And yes, this is the same Shareit App that is popular among most of you for sharing photos and videos because it does not require any internet connectivity. What if, I tell you that you can make money through this app?

Well, like popular quiz apps Loco and Brain Bazaari, Shareit has also started a trivia game that is conducted once in a day and the reward point is really high. You can play and earn paytm cash up to 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs and even more.

How can you Earn Paytm Cash with Shareit

  1. Open the Shareit app

  2. Click on the “Lakhpot” icon

  3. Then click on “Enter invitation code” and enter the code.

  4. You can earn Rs.4 at every referral and if the amount goes beyond Rs.50, then the cash will be automatically transferred into your Paytm account. with Paytm cashback offers


Another way to earn paytm cash online is through the Databuddy app. The app features you lots of tasks and cool games to play. After accomplishing the task you will start earning cash gradually. You can also use that money to recharge your account of all the mobile operators including Jio too.

If we talk about earning paytm cash, then you have to maintain at least Rs.50 in your account. You can redeem all your amount in the form of free paytm cash.

How can you Earn Cash with Databuddy

  1. After installing the app, refer it to your friend and earn Rs.5 instantly.

  2. If your friend makes his first recharge by using this app, then you can earn up to Rs.10.

  3. Transfer that amount to your Paytm wallet.

Pocket Money

It comes among one of those online recharge apps that gives you the certain amount of cash back. A few days back, the app has been updated and now it supports paytm payment options.

How can you Earn Cash with Pocket Money

  1. Log into your Pocket Money account

  2. Make any mobile recharge of the applicable offer.

  3. Once the total amount gets Rs.100, then you can transfer it to your Paytm account.

Ring ID App

Ring ID App is generally engaged in social media, viral kinds of stuff, popular news feed and a lot of engaging stuffs that matters. Moreover, the app is also popular for the voice and video calling. From the day it has updated its referral feature, it has gained popularity a step ahead.

How can you Earn Cash with Ring ID

  1. Download and log into the app.

  2. You will be asked for a referral code then.

  3. Enter the code and claim your 20 Rs as the signup bonus.

  4. Now refer the app to your friends, watch videos and start collecting points.

  5. Once you reach the maximum limit of Rs.500, then you can transfer it internally to your Paytm wallet.

True Balance App

It is one of the significant apps when it comes to checking your phone balance. Also, the app saves all the messages of offers that your respective telecom operator sends to you. Now the app has updated the feature of referrals to your friends and family. You can earn several reward points through the app.

How can you earn cash with True Balance

  1. Download and log into the app.

  2. Once you open the app you would be asked for a referral code.

  3. Enter the code and earn every time you refer to your friend

  4. You can earn up to Rs. 1000 as more you refer them.

  5. Transfer that amount to your Paytm wallet.


Frizza is popularly known for doing free mobile recharges and earning cashback. You can recharge any of your prepaid and postpaid plans. You can also make money online through the app as it has introduced its referral feature in its latest update.

How can you Earn Cash with Frizza

  1. Download the app through Playstore and Log in.

  2. Recharge your prepaid or postpaid mobile number through the app.

  3. The minimum mobile recharge/postpaid bill amount is Rs 30 and the maximum is Rs 100 per transaction.

  4. After doing the recharge there would be a pop-up menu appearing “refer to a friend”

  5. Share the referral code with your friend

  6. After successful completion of recharge, you both can earn a referral amount.

  7. You can transfer that amount later to your Paytm wallet.

These were some of the best paytm cash earning app for the internet users to rely upon. Because it's not just about simply recharge your account, it’s more of how smartly you make money through the apps.

Things to keep in mind while making use of these apps

  1. If you are using the apps for doing online shopping, make sure to scan the entire receipt. It would help you more to earn the cashback.

  2. Take the time to see if the item you are purchasing is listed on the app itself. For example, if you are going to order a pair of shoes for yourself, then surely look that the offer is available at the app itself or not.

  3. Stack the money saving apps for earning more cashback. You can always earn extra through number of apps. It is not necessary that once you used the scanned receipt for one app, doesn’t mean you cannot use it further. You can use the same receipt for 4 different apps to multiply the money.


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