Handmade Gifts for Mothers Day That are Easy to Plan

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Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to motherhood. This day celebrates the pure and unwavering love of mother's for their child. This day is your perfect chance to thank your mother for her unconditional love and hard work.

And the best way to do it is with a great Handmade Gift for Mothers Day to remind your mother how much you love and appreciate her.

Mother’s Day 2021 is on its way. Have you started surfing for Mother's Day Gift Ideas?  If yes then check out our Mother's Day Homemade Gift Ideas because a gift doesn't need to be expensive but meaningful to convey your feelings. 

Best Handmade Gift for Mothers Day 2021

Here we have listed Mother's Day Homemade Gift Ideas that you can plan easily at home without having to go out.  A heartfelt gift fr your mother is far better than anything expensive because it's priceless. If in case you are planning to buy Mother's day gift then choose the best Mother’s Day gift with the top online gift portal. Find the best websites to shop for Mother Day gifts online in India here

 1. Handmade Photo Frame

On Mother's Day occasion you can try making a special handmade photo frame for your mother. To make a photo by yourself, you will need some easy to find materials such as cardboard, ribbons, photographs, paper etc. You can also experiment with the materials to achieve amazing results. To add more depth to the photo frame you can write some special message for your mother.

2. Write A Heartfelt Letter For your Mom

If you have unexpressed feelings you can pour it all out on Mother's Day occasion with a heartfelt letter. There is no better way than a simple and sweet handmade DIY love letter to express your true feelings. It only takes some paper, glue and scissors to make your own one of a kind love letter. Your mother would love and cherish your letter.

3. Plan a Movie Date at Home

If your mother is a movie lover then you can plant a mother's day movie date at home. Prepare some snacks and play your mother's favourite movie and spend some quality time with your mother. This can be one of the best surprises you can plan. 

4. Cook a Special Mother's Day Meal

Your mother takes care of you round the clock. So, this mother's day takes the charge and set free your mom from her kitchen duties. Prepare a special mother's day meal for your mommy. Plan some of your mother's favourite dishes to surprise her and make her smile.

5. Mothers Day Greeting Card

You can create a lovely mother's day card using paper, ribbons, colours and more. Write whatever you feel inside the card. While making a greeting card make sure the paper is sturdy enough to hold the things. Put your card inside an envelope and hand it to your mother.

6. Embroidered Pillow Covers

If you are good at embroidery, then why not use your skill to prepare something homemade made gift. Homemade embroidered Pillow Covers are something that can surprise your mother. Personalize the Pillow Covers them with personal initials or a monogram.

7. Homemade Cupcakes 

If your mom has a sweet tooth, then baking her favourite cupcakes is a good choice to show your mother how much you love her. Go for the preferred flavours of your mom. Serve them as a surprise treat part of your mother's day special plan. 

8. Handmade Mothers Day Gift Hamper

It is so simple to create a gift hamper for your mom. You can fill it with pampering items. Take a box and first decorate it to look like a hamper box for mothers day. Next add one of your sheet masks, some chocolate, a mother's day greeting, a cool picture of you and your mother, and anything you find interesting. Your Mother's Day Gift Hamper is ready!

9. Decorate Her Bedroom

Your mom has been decorating your room for your birthdays, festivals and so on. This is your chance to decorate her bedroom with anything you have in your storage like balloons, or garden flowers or you can create some origami using papers and use them for decorations. You can also attach photos and messages to give the decorations a very personalized feel. Try to keep it as a surprise to make your mother feel special.

10. Make a Love Jar For your mom

Symbolize your love for your mom with a personalized gift jar. You can fill it with as many things as you want. Add a picture of your mother, add some toffees, special messages and decorate the jar for your mom.

11. Bake a Mother's Day Cake

Don't order out a mother's day cake this year. Try making one at home for your mother. Nothing can be as special as your homemade gift for mother's day. Checkout quick and easy homemade Mother's day Cake Recipes and make one for your mother. She's going to love it.

12. Prepare 'Reasons You are the World's Best Mom' List 

There are times you miss out telling your mom she is the best mother and you love her. So this Mother's Day, you can create a 'Reasons You are World's Best Mom' List for your mom and surprise her. You can prepare the list in a creative way and read it out before your mother. It would be an unforgettable experience for her.


Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to tell your mother how much you love and adore her with a bit of creativity. There are many things in our list that you can combine and try to make this mother's day special for your mom.

Frequently Asked Questions on Handmade Gift for Mothers Day

Q. Which is the best website for Mothers Day gifts?

A. There are a number of websites where you can purchase a variety of gifts and items for Mother's Day. It all depends on what you wish to buy. If you are looking for flowers then there is a dedicated website for that. For cards and others, you have a separate website. So you can have a look at the article above to find out the best websites for your needs.

Q. What are some unique gifts for Mother's Day?

A. You can gift jewellery, cakes, flowers, cards, beauty products, office items and much more on Mother's Day. If you are running low on budget find the best gift for Mother's day under Rs 500 here

Q. Where can I buy flowers for Mother's Day?

A. There are many sites where you can buy flowers, like Ferns and Petals, Giftalove, Floweraura and others.

Q. What is the best gift to give on Mother's Day 2021?

A. You can gift your mother personalized mugs, jewellery, photo frames, chocolates to make her feel happy.

Q. What are some ideas for Mother's Day?

A. If you are at home, you can do things like take a flower bouquet for her, make a scrapbook, bake a special dessert for her.

Q. What is the best gift for mother?

A. You can gift your mother a homemade card, personalized photo frames or make something unique for her at home.


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