Top 10 Mother's Day Gifts Under Rs.500

Here are some great gift options for your Mom on Mother's Day 2021. Read the article we have mentioned best things you can consider.

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If we see this in totality then there is nothing that suffices what you can do for your mother. Although, if your small gesture brings a glittering smile over her face then it may be the best practice one could do. But is it easy to find something for women and especially if she is your Mother?

I believe you spend a lavish amount of money won’t buy her happiness but your quirk to be thoughtful for her might melt her heart. Remember our Mothers are women and they need all the love we can show them(after all women like attention).

Therefore, this Women’s Day, don’t be confused and get something thoughtful for your mother.

Although in order to make your work easy and in a budget, we have mentioned the Top 10 Mother’s Day Product Within Rs.500, therefore, have a look at the list mentioned below.

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1. Vega Go-Handy VHDH-04 Hair Dryer

Can you describe your mother’s best features? Well, it could be her cute nose, her plump cheeks but what really stands out are her hairs. Although, maintaining long hair can be really tough.

Once you are out of a shower, it almost takes a decade for those bangs to get back to their original texture. Therefore, in order to save time you can get your mother this great Hair Dryer which can help her dry those in a couple of minutes.

The great thing about hair dryers is that they also tend to volumize the hairs.


  • Automatic Overheat Cutout

  • Foldable Handle

  • Loop Chord for additional protection

  • Dual Voltage Control

  • 1200 Watt

  • 2-year warranty by Manufacturer

Price: Rs.450/-

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2. HiGadget Cartup Bluetooth Stereo Speaker with Calling/FM/Aux/USB/SD Card Support


Okay, I am not really sure what your mother’s choice of genre. I mean my mother listens to bhajans but doesn’t mind If I played heavy rock or EDM in the car.

Although getting her a portable speaker could be a great gift as now she has her own speakers on which she can listen to whatever she likes.

This speaker by HiGadget is perfect with really good reviews from the users. It is definitely a product that you might like to take a look upon.

Price: Rs.499

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3. Clutches

Well, ladies like little accessories and that is why I think this could be a great hack to please her heart. Amazon has a wide range of clutches that come under the price of Rs.500 which by the way is going to be easy on your pocket.

Also, these clutches are really handy as they can hold all the small things a woman might require all the time with her. On Amazon, you can get many colours so suit yourself and purchase whatever she likes.

Price: Under Rs.500


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4. Espoir Analog Rose Gold Dial Girl's and Women's Watch - Betty0507

Time is money, Time is Punctuality, Time is Discipline, basically, time could be anything other than seconds passing one by one.

Although, whatever the case may be here we have a beautiful watch that will fit just right in your pocket and well it measures time(so much for the speech).

The great watch is being offered to you by Espoir which is made with a bracelet design. It has artificial Diamonds studded on it that enhances its appearance and give a poised look. This is something that will go great with your mother’s eccentric Saree.

Price: Rs.336/-


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5. Personalised Mug

A Little Cliched I know but don’t you think it might make up for a great gift. FNP gets you the option of getting you these personalised mugs and that too at such a cheap price.

You can send them a picture of your mother or maybe a picture in which you are together with her.

They will print the picture on the mug which will make up for a great Mother’s Day. Although, if you wish to check out other mugs with Mom quotes then they also got that.

Price: Rs.259/-


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6. Yardley London Mist Daily Wear Perfume For Women, 100ml

Mother’s have a unique smell and we all love it but I don’t think it is bad to give her a little additive to it. Remember, Women love fragrances and carrying them with all effect. Therefore, giving a perfume could be the right gift to her this Mother’s Day.

This perfume is by Yardley which is a brand famous among Women.

Also, the Fragrance that we have mentioned has got decent reviews, therefore, it could be worth the gift(especially with the fancy bottle it comes in).

Price: Rs.424/-


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7. Personalised Cushion

I think FNP is all about cliched stuff but cliche’s are cliche for a reason, they are most liked by the people. This one is another from the store of FNP that will be just right for this Mother’s Day Gift.

If you wanted to just say thank you for whatever she has been in your life, this personalised Super Mom cushion would be the perfect choice for it.

The great thing about this is that you can ask FNP to write your name which will make it all the more appealing.

Price: Rs.349


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8. Kurtas & Kurtis

There could be a Saree here but since you are on a budget, therefore, a Kurta or a Kurti could be something that you can gift her that too with decent quality and design.

There is also another reason to mention this one. I bet you must’ve noticed but for their generation, Kurta’s and Kurti’s are the epitome of Independence.

Therefore, keeping your thoughtfulness self, gift her the colour she likes and see the smile on her face.

Price: Upto Rs.500/-


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9. Activated Charcoal Face Mask with Tea Tree Essential oil - Paraben Free 100gm


Repairing your skin could be a lengthy process but what if you need a quick fix. Remember we are living in a world which is polluted and most of that pollution can be seen over your face. What can be done?

This 3-minutes Charcoal Face Mask would be the right solution for your mother for all the special occasion. As mentioned the product is capable of Detoxifying, Purifying, Brightening, and Deep Cleaning the skin.

Therefore, a little amount of instant goodness for the skin could be the appropriate gift for your mother this Mother’s Day.

Price: Rs.499/-


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10. Amazon Gift Card

What could be better than the freedom of choice to buy your own gift? If you are dazed and confused about the situation and are not capable of figuring out what could be the best gift for her then this Gift Card would work like a charm.

It is better to authorise the person to choose her own likeness than to drastically fail. Also, the great thing is that most of these gift cards are available to you with customizable templates.

Therefore, consider this one, if you don’t find any of the idea above credible enough to display your affection.


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So these were the Top 10 Mother’s Day Product Within Rs.500. You can choose the best gift for your Mom in 2021. Make your mom feel special with the best gifts. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Mother's day gifts online?
You can buy mother's day gifts online from leading stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, FNP, and IGP among others. These websites make a wide range of choices available for every budget.

How Can I save on a mother's day gift?
Online retailers have come up with Mother's Day offers to take care of your budget. Get up to 70% off on the best gifts for your mom. You can also find many gifts under Rs. 500.

Is there any sale on Mother's Day?
Celebrate Mother's Day 2021 with amazing offers from leading stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and FNP. Choose from the best offers to celebrate mother's day on budget.