15+ Latest SEBI Registered Telegram Channels in 2024

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I was a newbie in the trading industry, but now I am an expert in the stock market. All credit goes to the best SEBI Registered Telegram Channels that help me a lot. If you want to know those channels, this article is for you. 

Nobody gives free advice on the stock market these days. You can ask your friends, and I am sure they will ask for a penny. But platforms like Telegram are really supportive. 

There are a boatload of channels that give free tips, advice, and charts to those who want to earn money through trading. 

How many of you are excited to know the names of those Telegram channels? To stay updated on stock market trends, I recommend joining these SEBI Registered Telegram Channels mentioned below. 

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SEBI Registered Telegram Channel

Best SEBI Registered Telegram Channels with Subscribers (2024)

I have curated a list below based on their number of subscribers. Moreover, these channels are 100% secure to join. Let's find out the channel's names-


STOCKS TIME is one of the best Telegram channels to make your professional in trading. The channel is handled by Ashish Kumar, who is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst. There are many of you who are dipping their toes into the stock market for the first time, so this channel is fabulous. 

Not only beginners but also experts can join to grab some insightful tips. Isn't it worth it to join STOCKS TIME? I have a lot more to share: you will get daily stock market updates, and it will give you better tips for long-term trading. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 17,535

  • Equity99

For a complete stock market study, I have not found any better telegram channel than Equity99. Do you know why it is so popular these days? It gives the best advice that helps subscribers to earn online through trading. In my list of SEBI Registered Telegram Channels, it is the best channel to join. 

Most subscribers like to learn long—and short-term investment tips for stocks. They should not worry when they join the Equity99 Telegram channel. It is even a stellar choice for understanding mutual funds. Through Equity99, you will always receive authentic calls. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 1,50,553

  • Financial Independence Services

What if a channel is giving you free tips and advice? I am sure you will run towards that channel. So, without any delay, join the Financial Independence Services channel today! It is also the best SEBI-registered channel on TelegramTelegram, and it is on a mission to help people achieve financial independence. 

Besides free calls, this channel is mind-blowing for regular free charts, technical analysis, and so on. One thing that I personally like about the Financial Independence Services channel is they are experts in nifty and bank nifty calls. Do you like option trading and intraday trading? Join this channel now! 

Total Number of Subscribers: 12,800

  • Eqwires Research Analyst

Have you heard about intraday trading? If so, have you joined any channel to seek advice? Are you looking for those telegram channels? Start with the Eqwires Research Analyst channel, which is especially for those who want to learn intraday trading. It is also among the top five SEBI Registered Telegram Channels. 

During research on this channel, what caught my attention was it provides free counselling webinars on equities and technical analysis. They are the best advisors so you can expect genuine research from them to help you earn money faster. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 12,444

  • Stock Gainers    

There is another popular Telegram channel that guarantees to make you an expert in stock trading and investment. Stock Gainers is an ultimate telegram channel run by SEBI-registered analyst Kapil Verna, who gives the best advice to stock market beginners. After all, they need the right guidance in the beginning so that they never get into trouble in the future. 

Do you know the biggest reason why they have plenty of subscribers? There are lots of benefits to joining Stock Gainers, such as providing calls, data, charts, etc, so that you can study the stock market in depth. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 89,176

  • StockPro Online

Are you searching for SEBI Registered Telegram Channels in India? The reason to choose this channel is they provide daily and timely updates on stocks, market trends and trading options. The channel is run by Dr Seema Jain, who is a SEBI registered research analyst. You will get trained in stocks under her guidance. 

Best of all, there is a 98% accuracy in their trading calls, so learning under this channel is beneficial for subscribers. Do you know their specialization? They have a wonderful experience in bank nifty and options trade to help beginners and professionals. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 2,07,598

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  • SharesNservices.com

I know another excellent telegram channel that can provide free calls and tips. Why not join the SharesNservices.com telegram channel? Those who are finding stock market trading and investing a bit challenging should be a part of this channel that makes everything a cakewalk for you. 

Do you know why it is different from other channels? They are providing lots of premium courses at cost-effective prices to save money. You can also recommend others to start these courses to be professionals. How much money to pay to be a part of this channel? No money is required! 

Total Number of Subscribers: 8,096

  • Stockbox Trading 

Stockbox Trading is not so popular, but it is worth joining this SEBI Registered Telegram Channel. Do you know why? Let me tell you that Stockbox Trading is an exceptional choice for those who want to understand the basics of option trading, nifty and bank nifty. 

Just like others, this channel makes sure that subscribers get daily free calls from trading experts. You will also get a daily performance report in this telegram group. What's more? There are both free and premium services available to help subscribers. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 34,105


This SEBI Registered Telegram Channel was introduced two years ago, but from the day it entered till now, it is also considered as the best channel to be an expert in the stock market. The best part about this channel is it is running by the SEBI Registered Research Analysts. Want quick updates of the stock market regularly? Join this channel! 

It is also an under-rated channel for equity and futures & options calls for intraday and swing trading. Through its bank nifty calls, it creates a huge chance to earn lots of money in a short period of time. It is completely Free Telegram channel for users, so join today. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 36,990


Are you curious to know the valuable insight of the stock market from experts? A1 FREE INTRADAY TIPS is a top-notch telegram channel which is handled by a team of SEBI-registered technical advisors. 

Just like other channels, it will also provide daily free share tips or calls. If it is hard to find a great channel that gives the best intraday tips, join A1 FREE INTRADAY TIPS! Want more benefits? You can get Jack Pot Call, Sure Shot Tips, F & O (FNO), etc. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 10,300


If you search daily for the latest SEBI Registered Telegram Channel, let me talk about the EVERYDAY PROFITS Telegram channel. They are expert in providing trade calls for nifty, bank nifty, equity funds, and the list goes on. 

An amateur in the stock market only wants to join a telegram channel that shares immense stock market knowledge. That is why I have mentioned EVERYDAY PROFITS that open the doors for subscribers to start earning passive income. The channel is even superb to get daily stock market updates. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 1,51,047    

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  • Chase Alpha

Who says there is no channel in the TelegramTelegram that provides free calls and stock market views? I know about Chase Alpha, and I have recommended that plenty of people be a part of this channel. This trusted channel is also the top SEBI Registered Telegram Channel that lets you do options trading in nifty and bank nifty. 

No money is required to join Chase Alpha, as their goal is to educate subscribers by giving the best piece of advice on the stock market and trading. You will also find exclusive courses for the stock market. I believe you should not delay in joining Chase Alpha today. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 40,232    


So many of my friends are earning through the stock market, and they thank the "VG STOCK RESEARCH" telegram channel for helping them grow. Want to know about this channel in detail? 

Let me tell you, they give regular stock market tips, make you an expert in nifty and bank nifty trades, provide updates on upcoming IPOs and trades, and the list goes on. For beginners, I believe all these would be helpful for traders to grow and earn better. I also consider it one of the top SEBI Registered Telegram Channels in India. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 2,325     

  • Trading with CA Abhay

Want to gain stock market knowledge from an experienced SEBI Registered Research Analyst? Join Trading with CA Abhay Telegram channel, which makes you a professional in the stock market and trading. Do you know what it offers? 

Here is a list: equity, nifty and bank nifty options. Not only this but also you will get price action, derivatives and chart analysis. If you need short-term and long-term calls with high accuracy, "Trading with CA Abhay" is an ultimate channel to get full support. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 10,325     

  • Patel Wealth

There is another telegram channel in the town called Patel Wealth that is helping stock traders to learn the stock market in-depth. This telegram channel is managed by Manish Patel, who is well-expert in guiding users about the stock market and intraday. 

It is also the top SEBI Registered Telegram Channels in India who promises to give Free intraday tips. Do you want an Intraday stock options call? Get it by joining this telegram channel now. 

Total Number of Subscribers: 1,01,164

  • Market and Stock Updates with Prabhat Mittal    

Another authentic telegram channel that provides lots of stock market information. The name is Market and Stock Updates with Prabhat Mittal, who has more than 15 years of experience in this field to guide newcomers and professionals in earning more money in the stock market and trading. 

The benefits to join this channel are: Stop Loss & Target, Real-Time stock updates, Technical Analysis, Intraday & Short-Term Positional Calls, and much more. I hope you will recommend this SEBI Registered Telegram Channel to all those who want to learn about the stock market. 


Now, everyone who is on a mission to start understanding the stock market and trading will not find anything complicated. I have shared a list of SEBI Registered Telegram Channels that are secure, helpful, and have lots of benefits. In short, these channels hold the keys to unlock your ways of earning money. My personal recommendations for not-to-miss channels are Stock Gainers and StockPro Online. If you still have questions on SEBI Registered Telegram Channels, you can drop all your queries below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Telegram channel is SEBI registered for stock market?

A1. You can join telegram channels, such as StockPro Online, Equity99, EVERYDAY PROFITS, etc. All these are SEBI registered for the stock market. 

Q2. What is the best Telegram channel for the stock market?

A2. Start learning about the stock market and earn money by joining the Telegram channels like Stockbox Trading.

Q3. Does Telegram channel pay?

A3. There are numerous Telegram channels that are paying users.

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