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Do you also live in a filmy world like me? I love binge-watching movies back to back, like episodes of a series. 

However, spending a hefty amount of money on various OTT subscriptions doesn't seem like an intelligent choice. That’s why I use Telegram Bot for movies to download my favourite movies and watch them anytime I want. 

In this article, I’ll tell you about the best Telegram Bot for movies that I use myself. Worry not, I'm also gonna teach you how to download the movies using Telegram bots. 

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Telegram Bot for movies

What is a Telegram Bot? 

Many of you might not know what a Telegram Bot is. I also didn’t know until a few months back when I was searching for ways to download movies for free. Telegram Bot is a chat robot designed to interact with Telegram users and solve their queries. Its purpose is to provide users with the asked information and perform the tasks told. Like, if you don’t want to read your messages on Telegram, bot can do that for you. Or, if you want to download a movie or web series, a bot can download it for you. There are many Telegram Bot for movies and web series which you can use to download your favourite movies. 

However, only use a bot offered by a trusted source. Don’t share your personal information, like phone number, credit card information, address, etc., with the bot. If a bot asks for sensitive information, it’s probably a scam, so beware.  

Best Telegram Bot for Movies

Let’s dive into the Telegram movie bots list and download your favourite movies. 

1. Check OTT  (@CheckOTTbot)

This Telegram bot will help you search for the best movies and web series on demand. You can download movies from all genres, including action, romance, horror and more. 

2. The Movie Bot (@MovieDatabaseBot)

You can search for all the popular movies using this Telegram bot. The Movie Bot allows you to download movies from around the world that are trending on Netflix or other OTT platforms. 

3. PopcornFlicks (@PopcornFlicks_Bot)

If you are having trouble finding the right movie, PopcornFlicks is a fantastic Telegram bot that can help. It provides you with movie reviews and film suggestions based on your taste. This bot also helps you find hidden gems in the movie world. 

4. FilmAffinity (@faffinitybot)

This is one of the best Telegram bot for movies. You can search for the movie with the title, actor’s name or director’s name. 

5. IMDb (@imdb)

If you have any questions about a movie, IMDB articles might help. Type your query in the chatbox and add @IMDB after that. It will take you to the relevant article on IMDB. 

6. Subtitles Translate Bot (@Subtitles_Translate_Bot)

Last week, I desperately wanted to watch a Spanish movie, but it was without subtitles. Thank god, I somehow got to know about the Subtitles Translation Bot. It can provide subtitles for movies and web series in more than 18 languages. 

7. αcutєвσt (@acutebot)

This is a very useful bot which helps you find information about your favourite anime, manga, movie, web series etc. 

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How Telegram Movie Bot Can Help To Download Movies? 

During my research on the Telegram bot for movies, I found a 100% working method that helps download movies faster. From my personal experience, I think you all should follow the same steps. Have a look-

  • Your first step is to open the Telegram application.

  • Now, search for the TGMoviesBot.

  • The third step is to click on the TGMoviesBot and tap on the START button.

  • After this, click on the "Find a Telegram file" option. 

  • It will now show you the Inline mode, where you can start a bot by typing @TGMoviesBot into any chat.

  • You will see that the BotBot is activated. 

  • Write the exact name of the film that you want to download. 

  • Click on the required file from the list. 

  • Download now by clicking on the file. 

That's it! Telegram Movie Bot offers a complete procedure for downloading your favourite films or web series. 

Steps to Give Bot Access for Messages in Telegram

Have you successfully created a telegram bot for movies? Now, how will you give access to your BotBot so that it will start dropping messages in a group? Let me guide you through the process-

  • First off, go to @Botfather on the Telegram app.

  • The next step is to type in the command /mybots.

  • Click on your Telegram Bot.

  • After this, tap on Bot Settings.

  • Click on the Group Privacy.

  • The final step is to click on Turn Off. Your Bot'sBot's privacy mode will be disabled. 

Can Telegram Bots Join Groups?

Most people are confused about whether Telegram Movie Bots can join Telegram groups. Let me clarify that bots can join groups, and only the admin can invite them. After your Bot joins the Telegram group, it will start replying to messages and commands in the group automatically.

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How to Delete a Bot on Your Device?

I know you have successfully built your own telegram bot. But if you want to delete the bot for some reason through your device, it is possible to do so. Here are the steps to follow-

  • Open the Telegram app on your smartphone.

  • The second is to swipe left on the chat with BotBot.

  • Click on the Delete option on the chat.

  • The final step is to tap on "Delete and Stop".

The process not only stops BotBot but also deletes the chat.

Bottom Line

Have you made a list of the movies you're gonna watch this weekend? I am sure you are interested in watching the latest movies. Why not download it from Telegram by using the Telegram Bot for movies? It will help you to discover, search for, and share your favourite movie within Telegram chats or channels. The article covers how to download movies via the Telegram bot. The article also talks about how to delete a bot and how to give Telegram bot access. I hope you will not delay any further in downloading your most-loved film. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any movie bot in Telegram?

A1. There are many Telegram bot for movies which can help you find your favourite movie. 

Q2. Which bot is best for movies?

A2. The Movie Bot, Flim Affinity and Movie Swiper are some of the best Telegram bot for movies. 

Q3. Where can I get movies on Telegram?

A3. You can follow popular channels like Cinema Hub, Movie Club, Download Movies and more to watch movies for free. 

Q4. Which is the best Telegram bot for movies download free? 

A4. Movie Swiper, Flea Pit, and Check OTT are some of the best Telegram bot for movies download free. 

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