10 Best Travel Bag Brands In India [Updated]

To explore every place, to travel to their dream destinations, is almost every man’s dream. To travel without any obstacles, you need to have a checklist of everything that you may need.

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For Travellers, marketing professionals or for young college students, a Travelling bag is a must. It is bound to find a place in one’s vanity box. Since the luggage bags are a ton of different brands and designs but mostly do the same thing. Every different brand offers something different enough to make the decision difficult for the buyer.

One should travel to their dream destination and much explore every place he/she wanted to go and this is a dream of everyone. To make a trip and travel all around, one needs the most important thing and that is a TRAVEL BAG.

But like I said before, it is very difficult to choose the best Traveling bag brand in India to choose. Here are the most popular brands you will find very easily. Most of the brands are easily available online as well as offline.

List of Top 10 Travel Bag Brands in India



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1. American Tourister

This is owned by the Samsonite group and it is founded in the year 1933. In India, this brand is the most reliable travelling bag. In a travelling bag whatever a person looks for the requirements, this brand meets all the requirements.

  • American Tourister travelling bags a spacious enough

  • It has TSA lock

  • It is backed by the ultralight construction

  • It has 4 wheel spinner

  • Safely zippered and sturdy design

American Tourister Travel bags are a companion for a short or long trip. To know more about American Tourister Travel bags prices in India, click on the provided link.

2) Sky Bags

World’s second largest and Asia’s largest luggage makers is VIP Industries Ltd based in Mumbai. From the VIP group, it is the most prominent brand.

  • Skybags Travel Bags have good likeability amongst the youngster due to good look and the good quality.

  • They are light weighted

  • Have a textured finish

This famous travel bag brand was the first one to introduce the concept of stylish looking Travel Bags in India.

3) Vip Bags

World’s second largest and Asia’s largest luggage makers VIP Industries Ltd is based in Mumbai. It manufactures handbags, Briefcases, Travelling bags, plastic molded suitcases and vanity cases in India.

The VIP has more than 8,000 retail outlets across India and a network of retailers in 50 countries. In 2004 VIP acquired United Kingdom-based luggage brand Carlton.

Apart from working up the noise around its zany sub-brand Skybags, endorsed by youth hearthrob actor John Abraham, it is entering new categories that are growing but were untapped by it so far.

4) Tommy Hilfiger

It is formerly known as Tommy Hilfiger Corporation and Tommy Hilfiger Inc. It is an American Multinational corporation that manufactures and designs upper market products.

Tommy Hilfiger Bags are very comfortable and handy to carry because of its quick release strap system. In more than 30 countries the travelling bag brand enjoys an extensive network for distribution.

5) Victorinox

It was founded in 1884 by Karl Elsener. It is a division of the famous Swiss army knife manufacturer.

The Victorinox Lexicon Hard-Side Suitcase boasts a scratch-resistant matte finish that increases its longevity while also adding a touch of style. The large zippered pocket built into the bag’s divider features an easy-to-clean lining that makes it ideal for storing dirty laundry. Its fabric-lined interior maximizes packing space with two zippered mesh pockets located in between the trolley poles.

The Victorinox travel bags are

  • Light in weight

  • Tough

  • Sturdy and easy to carry.

  • The material used internally are fully lined 100% Nylon

  • Lockable coil zippers and custom pills.

6) Delsey

This company has expertise in the industry of luggage for 70 years. It is a French Company which manufactures travel bags and travel accessories. This brand offers an innate sense of style and durability in their travel bags.

Delsey has a widespread network of distribution channels in more than 110 countries including India.

To fulfill the demands of the people Delsey undergo stringent quality test so that they can approve both upstream and downstream of the manufacturing process.

Whether it concerns high-performance polycarbonate for hard side suitcases or ballistic polyamide used in the upscale ranges, all the materials we use (consult our glossary for more details) must successfully complete a series of torture tests. These subject the products to exacting trials including resistance to abrasion, discolouration and high temperatures.

7) Hartmann

It was established in 1877 and is a manufacturer of luggage and leather goods. Since the travel has evolved over time so the travel bag has, from trunk suitcases to the sleep carry-ons to today’s jetliners. This brand has understood this extremely well.

Hartmann travel bags is best known for its fine quality,

The company is known for producing a distinctive collection of travel bags such as Wings and Tweed. These are associated with traditional American style.

8) Tumi Bags

In 1975 Tumi inc was formed by Charlie Clifford. Tumi Bags is a 41-year-old brand that has outlived many innovational boundaries in the history of the world.

Tumi bags are best known for their Black-on-black Ballistic Nylon. This brand is also available at the department stores and it has about 200 shops and over 120 Tumi stores around the world.

Metal plate with a unique 20-digit registration number is put by TUMI in each of their bags. To have their contact information customers can register rom the Tumi Tracer program and then the information will be entered into a central database so that they can reunite with their bags if it is found.

9) Samsonite

In 1910 Jesse Shwayder founded Samsonite. This exclusiveness travel was a high-quality experience from the transportation, to the attention to service and even accessories used to carry one’s belongings.

Travel Bags of Samsonite comes in a variety of:

  • Finishing

  • Designs

  • Patterns ranging from brushed metals

  • Lightweight and durable

10) Safari Bags

World’s second largest and Asia’s largest luggage makers is VIP Industries Ltd based in Mumbai. To introduce the concept of a fixed 3 dial combination lock, Safari Spartan was the first one.

  • The lock makes it durable and extremely secure.

If you are looking for a good Travel Bag, Backpack or a good suitcase for your journey, that you can look for the bags that are available at Snapdeal.

  • These Safari Bags are perfect for anyone who is on the move constantly.

  • Few things to keep in mind before buying a travel bags

Types of Suitcases

A travel bag which varies in a mode of transport you are traveling to. Which can be a flight, by road or by Train.

  • If you are traveling through the air you should buy a light in weight bag. Due to the weight restriction in air travel. The bag should be a strong handle because the luggage gets kicked and thrown in the plane cargo.

  • If you are traveling through road or by train all you need to do is check the size of the bag,

  • In Train, you need to check the size of the bag, so that it can fit under your seat.

  • In Road travel, you check that it can it into your back Dickey of the vehicle in which you are traveling.

Two Wheeler v/s Four Wheeler Travel Bags

Two-wheeler Bags: At only two dimensions of the bag have wheels.

  • Through the towns, they are easy to move and can be move on rough surfaces too
  • They can be easily snapped off as they are recessed in a case.
  • They are like skateboards, it can only be pushed and pulled.
  • In case you want to shift the direction of the bag you have to lift it up.

FOUR WHEELER BAGS: In all four dimensions of the bag has a wheel.

  • It does not put stress on your shoulders and hands as it has four wheels.
  • In a vertical position in the ground, the bag can smoothly slide.
  • Easily it cannot be snapped off
  • On an incline, the bag won't remain stationary until and unless it won't’s be laying down or bracing it.

Hard Shell vs Softshell Bag

Softshell bags

  • In small places, it can be accommodated as they are light in weight.

  • For shopping lovers, it is the best type of bag

  • They are good shock absorbers.

  • These types of bags are not waterproof.

Hard Shell Bags

  • It is waterproof

  • It has outer pockets

  • It cannot be ripped off easily as it has good security

  • It cannot be expanded or compressed

  • It is durable

  • It protects from break rage.

Travel Bag Warranty

You must always see that the bag you are buying has a decent warranty given by the manufacturer. In case your bag gets damaged or harmed due to any kind of use than it can be replaced or repair it for free.

‘Travelling leaves you speechless but then turns you into a storyteller’ So as to not ruin your amazing travel story. There are top 10 brands of bags in india which you can buy. Each bag has it own ranges and styles. Choose the best that can fit in your budget and need.The above list of travel bag brands in India are one of the best to buy. One can totally rely on these travel bag list.

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