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Are you looking for a perfect partner for your travel trip? If yes, this is the right article for you. 

In this article, I have mentioned the Best Travel Bag Brands In India for you to buy for your perfect travel backpack. Not only this, you will find Best selling Travel Bags of each brand, their essential factors, types of suitcases and much more.

A perfect Travelling bag is a must for any Traveller, marketing professional, and young college student.

Nowadays travelling around the world has become the most attractive profession, people travel solo or with their better-halfs. Having the right backpack or travel bag is essential for travelling. 

I know this question will arise in your mind: What features do you have to look for while purchasing a perfect travel bag?

Well, while purchasing a travel bag, always make sure that they have features like strong Chain locks, multiple compartments, a laptop section, etc.
Let's check out the top travel bags with all the mentioned features.

Best Travel Bag Brands In India

List Of  Best Travel Bag Brands In India with Brand Names and Starting Prices

Here, I have mentioned all the names of the Best Travel Bag Brands in India with their starting Prices. For more details of each brand, Read the article below.




1496 onwards

Dussel Dorf

329 onwards


799 onwards


6000 onwards

F Gear

640 onwards


2000 onwards

Amazon Basics

600 onwards


2,000 onwards


1,500 onwards


3,000 onwards


5,000 onwards


10,000 onwards


4,000 - 15,onwards


13,000 onwards


3,000 onwards


3,000 onwards


2,000 onwards

Reviews Of  Best Travel Bag Brands In India

In this article, I have mentioned the detail information about the best Travel Bag Brands in India with their description and their most selling travel bags.

Wildcraft is Indian clothing and accessory brand based in Bangalore. 4,000 multi-branded merchants and 200+ only stores across the country and overseas offer the company’s items. It brings you a vast collection of luggage and travel bags that are economical and highly upbeat. Also, they provide performance-led quality products that are absolutely a perfect travel companion.

Best-selling Travel Bags of WildCraft

  • Wildcraft Unisex Expedition Travel Duffle Bag - Rs. 2049

  • Wildcraft Unisex Atlaz Large Duffle Bag With Wheel - Rs. 3079

  • Wildcraft Unisex Caster Large Trolley Duffle Bag - Rs. 3519

  • Wildcraft Unisex Rucksack For Outdoors And Trekking - Rs. 1999

  • Wildcraft Unisex Sirius Medium Soft Trolley - Rs. 4799

Dussle Dorf is a Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh-based Indian luggage brand that is best known for having a broad range of trip duffle bags, laptop bags, backpacks, and school bags. It offers reasonable bags with spacious designs to maintain all your items safe and protected. Here you will find the most elevated quality bags, switched to perfection and made with little detailing in mind. This is the correct brand for you if you want a high-utility backpack without compromising on fashion.

Best-selling Travel Bags of Dussle Dorf

  • DUSSLE DORF Polyester Travel Duffle Bag - Rs 1499

Aristocrat is another division of VIP Industries, which has been a global leader for almost 50 years. This brand provides a wide selection of high-quality bags in various styles to assist you in getting everything under one platform. It designs bags high in functionality and provides the latest elements, which helped it to carve a significant user base in India.

Best-selling Travel Bags of Aristocrat

  • Aristocrat Nitron Polycarbonate Trolley Bag - Rs 2,999

  • Aristocrat Hi Space Backpack Teal Blue Laptop Backpack - Rs 1700

  • Aristocrate Haze (Blue) - Rs. 3,696

An international company in over 50 nations and four continents, Carlton is a global luggage and accessories brand. The company’s design origins can be traced back to London. True to perfection, Carlton bags are prepared with style and grace. Here you will find a myriad of the latest fashionable bags that will give travelling a new meaning.

Best-selling Travel Bags of Carlton

  • CARLTON VAULT - Rs. 7,900

  • CARLTON LONDON Laptop Backpack Bags for Unisex Backpack - Rs 1,599    

  • CARLTON Black & Orange Airblade 2-Comp Rectangular Kit Bag - Rs. 5300

F Gear is one of the leading brands of India when it comes to Best Travel Bag Brands in India; its main office is in Banglore. This brand provides travel bags at reasonable prices but without any quality deficit. F Gear brand has a wide collection of travel bags ranging from leatherette backpacks to all those suitable for trekking.

Best-selling Travel Bags of F Gear

  • F GEAR Water-Resistant Laptop Backpack - Rs 1,311

  • F Gear Unisex Grey & Orange Hunter Rucksack - Rs 1890

  • F GEAR Textured Laptop Messenger Bag - Rs 1,029

SwissGear is a Switzerland-based backpacks and accessories organisation that is a partnership with the producer of Swiss Army knives. The owner of the SwissGear brand is Wenger SA, and it is highly known for its Qualitied products, safety and ease of travel products. It offers trustworthy, helpful, well-designed travel bags that are ideal companions for improving the travel experience.

Best-selling Travel Bags of SwissGear

  • Swiss Gear ABS Hard Trolley Suitcase - Rs 6,570

  • SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart Backpack - Rs 11,335

  • Swissgear 3598 Backpack Narrow Daypack - Rs 4,155

Amazon Basics is the personal label of Amazon that sells luggage, household goods, office supplies, and technical supplements. Within a short period, Amazon Basics has created a dedicated following of users who trust the brand for its quality and accuracy. It has an extensive collection of travel bags that are perfect for a 3 to 5 days trip and international check-ins.

Best-selling Travel Bags of Amazon Basics

  • Amazon Basics Outdoor Rucksack Backpack - Rs 5372

  • Amazon Basics Laptop Bag - Rs 1,805

  • Amazon Basics Rolling Bag Laptop Computer Case - Rs 5,434

8. American Tourister

The Samsonite group owns this, and it is founded in the year 1933. This is in India's Top 17 best luggage brands in India 2022 as it is the most reliable travelling bag. In a travelling bag, whatever a person looks for the requirements, this brand meets all the requirements.  

  • American Tourister traveling bags a spacious enough

  • It has a TSA lock

  • The ultralight construction backs it

  • made-in-India luggage brands for your next trip has 4 wheel spinner

  • Safely zippered and sturdy design

Best-selling Travel Bags of American Tourister: 

  • American Tourister Ohio Polyester - Rs. 4,100
  • American Tourister Jamaica Polyester - Rs. 10,800
  • American Tourister Polypropylene 55 cms Linex Black Hardsided Cabin Luggage - Rs. 9,200
  • American Tourister Cruze ABS 70 cms Blue Hardsided Suitcase - Rs. 11,250
  • American Tourister Cruze ABS 80 cms Black Hardsided Carry-On - Rs. 13,200

9. Sky Bags

The world’s second-largest and Asia’s largest luggage makers are VIP Industries Ltd, based in Mumbai. From the VIP group, it is the most prominent brand.

  • Skybags Travel Bags have good likeability amongst the youngster due to good look and the good quality.

  • They are light weighted.

  • Have a textured finish

This famous travel bag brand was the first to introduce stylish-looking Travel Bags in India.

Best-selling Travel Bags of Sky Bags

  • Skybags Trooper 55 Cms Polycarbonate Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage - Rs. 6,499
  • Skybags Mint 80 cms Polycarbonate Graphite Hardsided Check-in Luggage - Rs. 11,240
  • Skybags Rubik Polyester 68 Cms Blue Softsided Check-in Luggage - Rs. 7,420
  • Skybags Mint 65 cms Polycarbonate Graphite Hardsided Check-in Luggage - Rs. 9,220

10. Vip Bags

The world’s second-largest and Asia’s largest luggage maker, VIP Industries Ltd, is based in Mumbai. It manufactures handbags, Briefcases, Travelling bags, plastic molded suitcases, and vanity cases in India.

The VIP has more than 8,000 retail outlets across India and a network of retailers in 50 countries. In 2004 VIP acquired United Kingdom-based luggage brand Carlton.

Apart from working up the noise around its zany sub-brand Skybags, endorsed by youth heartthrob actor John Abraham, it is entering new categories that are growing but were untapped by it so far.

Best selling Travel Bags of Vip Bags

  • Verve Nxt Cabin Luggage - Rs. 9,200
  • 4W Check-in Luggage - Rs. 7,030
  • ORBIT4WSTR72GREEN Expandable Check-in Luggage - Rs. 11,930
  • BIG SIZE 4W STR 81CMS Expandable Check-in Luggage - Rs. 11,160
  • raptor4wstrblue55 Cabin Luggage - Rs. 8,500


11. Tommy Hilfiger

It is formerly known as Tommy Hilfiger Corporation and Tommy Hilfiger Inc. It is an American multinational corporation that manufactures and designs upper market products.

Tommy Hilfiger Bags are very comfortable and handy to carry because of their quick-release strap system. In more than 30 countries, the traveling bag brand enjoys an extensive network for distribution.

Best selling Travel Bags of Tommy Hilfiger

  • AGARO Royal ABS+Polycarbonate Space Grey Hardsided Suitcase/Luggage - Rs. 9,999
  • Tommy Hilfiger ABS 55 cms White Hardsided Check-in Luggage - Rs. 5,890
  • Tommy Hilfiger ABS 77 cms Wine Hardsided Check-in Luggage - Rs. 13,999

12. Victorinox

It was founded in 1884 by Karl Elsener. It is a division of the famous Swiss army knife manufacturer. 

The Victorinox Lexicon Hard-Side Suitcase boasts a scratch-resistant matte finish that increases its longevity while also adding a touch of style. The large zippered pocket built into the bag’s divider features an easy-to-clean lining that makes it ideal for storing dirty laundry. Its fabric-lined interior maximizes packing space with two zippered mesh pockets located in between the trolley poles.

The List Of Top 17 Best Luggage Bag Brands In India Have The Victorinox travel bags Which are

  • Light in weight

  • Tough

  • Sturdy and easy to carry.

  • The material used internally is fully lined 100% Nylon.

  • Lockable coil zippers and custom pills.

Best selling Travel Bags of Victorinox

  • Victorinox Etherius Expandable Spinner - Rs. 30,380
  • Victorinox Etherius Polycarbonate 75 cms Brown Hardsided Check-in Luggage - Rs. 31,590
  • Victorinox Nylon 57 cms Anthracite Softsided Carry-On - Rs. 24,850
  • Victorinox Polycarbonate 60 cms Red Hardsided Check-in Luggage - Rs. 24,390


13. Delsey

This company has expertise in the industry of luggage for 70 years. It is a French Company which manufactures travel bags and travel accessories. This brand offers an innate sense of style and durability in its travel bags.

Delsey has a widespread network of distribution channels in more than 110 countries, including India.

To fulfill the people's demands, Delsey undergoes stringent quality tests so that they can approve both upstream and downstream of the manufacturing process.

A French company that has been making luggage and other travel accessories for more than 70 years appears to be a comfortable travel luggage brand. This one of the best luggage brands in India offers a natural sense of style and strength. Compatible with luxury in travel gear, luggage bags from this brand is worth their cost.

Whether it concerns high-performance polycarbonate for hard side suitcases or ballistic polyamide used in the upscale ranges, all the materials we use (consult our glossary for more details) must complete a series of torture tests.

These Top 17 Best Luggage Bags Brands in India For Travel is subject the products to exacting trials, including resistance to abrasion, discoloration, and high temperatures.

Best selling Travel Bags of  Delsey

  • Delsey BRISBAN Polypropylene 75 Cm 4 Double Wheels Black Hard Suitcase - Rs. 15,999
  • Delsey Misam ABS 66 Cm 4 Wheels Blue Medium Hard Suitcase - Rs. 12,999
  • Delsey Misam ABS 55 Cm 4 Wheels Blue Cabin Hard Suitcase - Rs. 11,400
  • Delsey Carlit Polyester 68 Cm 4 Wheels Brushed Silver Medium Hard Suitcase - Rs. 13,300
  • Delsey Banjul Denier Polyester 78 cm 4 Wheels Purple Soft Suitcase - Rs. 14,000

14. Hartmann 

It was established in 1877 and is a manufacturer of luggage and leather goods. Travel has evolved, so the travel bag has, from trunk suitcases to the sleep carry-ons to today’s jetliners. This brand has understood this extremely well.

Hartmann travel bags are best known for their fine quality,

The company is known for producing a distinctive collection of travel bags such as Wings and Tweed. These are associated with the traditional American style.

15. Tumi Bags

In 1975 Tumi inc was formed by Charlie Clifford. Tumi Bags is a 41-year-old brand that has outlived many innovational boundaries in the history of the world.

Tumi bags are best known for their Black-on-black Ballistic Nylon. This brand is also available at department stores, and it has about 200 shops and over 120 Tumi stores around the world.

TUMI puts a metal plate with a unique 20-digit registration number in each of their bags. To have their contact information, customers can register from the Tumi Tracer program. Then the information will be entered into a central database so that they can reunite with their bags if it is found.

Best-selling Travel Bags of Tumi Bags

  • Grey & Lime Alpha Bravo Large Laptop Backpack - Rs. 43,900
  • TUMI Shatter Print Tahoe Large Backpack - Rs. 39,990
  • TUMI Grey Alpha Bravo Large Laptop Backpack - Rs. 39,900

16. Samsonite

In 1910 Jesse Shwayder founded Samsonite. This exclusiveness travel was a high-quality experience from transportation to the attention to service and even accessories used to carry one’s belongings.

Travel Bags of Samsonite comes in a variety of:

  • Finishing

  • Designs

  • Patterns ranging from brushed metals

  • Lightweight and durable

Best selling Travel Bags of Samsonite

  • Samsonite Polypropylene 55 cm Trolley Bag (Black) - Rs. 8,500
  • Samsonite Octolite Polypropylene 68 cms Teal Green Hardsided Check-in Luggage (SAM OCTOLITE SP 68CM TL.Green) - Rs. 11,400
  • Samsonite Kenning Polyester 66 cms Red Softsided Check-in Luggage (SAM Kenning Spinner 66 EXP RED) - Rs. 12,900

17. Safari Bags

The world’s second-largest and Asia’s largest luggage makers are VIP Industries Ltd, based in Mumbai. To introduce the concept of a fixed 3 dial combination lock, Safari Spartan was the first one.

  • The lock makes it durable and extremely secure.

If you are looking for a good Travel Bag, Backpack, or a good suitcase for your journey, you can look for the available bags at Snapdeal.

  • These Safari Bags are perfect for anyone who is on the move constantly.

  • Few things to keep in mind before buying travel bags

Best selling Travel Bags of Safari Bags

  • Safari RAY Polycarbonate 53 cms Midnight Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage - Rs. 5,999
  • Safari Thorium Sharp Antiscratch 66 Cms Polycarbonate Black Check-In 4 Wheels Hard Suitcase - Rs. 9,690
  • Safari Thorium Stubble 66 Cms Polycarbonate Silver Check-In 4 Wheels Hard Suitcase - Rs. 6,945

 Essential Factors To Think Before Purchasing A Trolley Bag:

  • Your traveling round and the baggage you take.
  • The traveling method, i.e., 2-wheeler or 4- wheeler, train or flight and so on.
  • Is it watertight or not.
  • Can it hold a laptop and other daily carried stuff?
  • The number of pockets.
  • The guarantee & warranty period. 
  • The washing & colorfast factor

Types Of Luggage Bags


Backpacks are the most extensively used bags as they achieve almost every goal. They are utilized by students, ordinary workers, young managers, people who explore, and much more. Whether you use it for a journey or just for a class, a backpack keeps you mobile and prepared.

They are lightweight and more affordable than other bags. There are many types of backpacks possible, and picking one to purchase can be a hard puzzle.

The perfect opportunity for a pupil may be off the label Wildcraft, Nike, Puma, whereas the perfect opportunity for a trip maybe something sporty.

Travel Packs

Travel packs are remarkably effective for someone who is continually exploring. It has the richness of having a tremendous amount of area and being carefully weighted as well. It serves as an advantageous replacement for rolling baggage.

The main benefit of rucksacks is that you can take everything in one pack and still be comfy taking it. You get more normal movement as you don’t have to take anything in your hands while exploring.

Quechua is one of the foremost dealers of travel packs. Most of the adventurists and tourists favor their backpacks.


Suitcases, even if made of lightweight substance, are cumbersome. They are delighted with the accommodation ideas rather than traveling.

However, since there is no law against purchasing bags or using them for touring plans, it is necessary to estimate the bag's size before making the buying.

If you need to purchase more prominent suitcases, it is prudent to purchase ones with trolleys attached to them to manage them. The most advanced suitcase brands are Skybags, American Tourister, Carlton, V.I.P., etc.,

Duffel Bags

They normally have various sections that help you keep your material organized. They are small-sized bags and are also possible with breakers. The rolling duffel bags are vast and fit into over sections quickly.

They are perfect for travelers and work tours also. Their size and capacity are the features that make them useful. There are many most useful agents of duffel bags, one of which is Puma.

Types of Suitcases

A travel bag that varies in the mode of transport you are traveling to. Which can be a flight, by road or by Train.

  • If you are traveling through the air, you should buy a light in weight bag due to air travel weight restriction. The bag should be a strong handle because the luggage gets kicked and thrown into the plane cargo.

  • If you are traveling through road or by train, all you need to do is check the size of the bag,

  • In Train, you need to check the bag's size so that it can fit under your seat.

  • In Road travel, you check that it can make it into your back Dickey of your traveling vehicle.

Two Wheeler v/s Four Wheeler Travel Bags

Two-wheeler Bags: At only two dimensions of the bag have wheels.


  • Through the towns, they are easy to move and can be move on rough surfaces too.

  • They can be easily snapped off as they are recessed in a case.


  • They are like skateboards, and they can only be pushed and pulled.

  • In case you want to shift the direction of the bag, you have to lift it.


FOUR WHEELER BAGS: In all four dimensions of the bag has a wheel.


  • It does not put stress on your shoulders and hands as it has four wheels.

  • In a vertical position in the ground, the bag can smoothly slide.


  • Easily it cannot be snapped off.

  • On an incline, the bag won't remain stationary until and unless it won't’s be laying down or bracing it.


Softshell Bag vs Hard Shell

Softshell bags

  • In small places, it can be accommodated as they are light in weight.

  • For shopping lovers, it is the best type of bag.

  • They are good shock absorbers.

  • These types of bags are not waterproof.

Hard Shell Bags

  • It is waterproof

  • It has outer pockets.

  • It cannot be ripped off easily as it has good security.

  • It cannot be expanded or compressed.

  • It is durable

  • It protects from break rage.

How to pick from the most desirable trolley bags in India?

Here we have mentioned the Best Travel Bag Brands In India for you but now let us provide you with some of the most helpful suggestions on what you must think before you purchase a travel bag online.

Size: Your travel bag's size is a significant factor that you must take into concern when examining out travel bags online. If you see for a bag for foreign travel or a long vacation, then you must ideally pick a big luggage bag. Typically the maximum of a large travel bag is 70 cms or more.

However, if you are moving on a short trip, then you should purchase carry-on bags. Carry on luggage or hand baggage is the luggage that you are permitted to take with you on the flight. Typically hand luggage cases are small and should have the most height of 56 cms.

Number of Wheels: A travel bag with wheels is frequently available in two modifications: dual wheels and singular wheels. What this suggests is that a travel bag with rollers may each have four wheels or eight wheels.

In sequence for a travel bag with only four wheels to run easily on all exteriors, the wheels must be of excellent quality, and the size of the wheels must carry the burden of the bag.

Therefore, you will perceive that a premium-quality luggage bag with wheels normally has eight wheels – dual wheels under every edge of the bag. These give optimal care, take the bag's weight regularly, and run very well on all coverings.

In most circumstances, a bag with eight rings must not even be charged while moving as it can easily roll over all surfaces in a straight manner.

(Of course, some trolley bags still proceed with only two wheels. However, We do not suggest using these as they do not help themselves when being and have to be charged for moving at all ages.)

Hard or Soft: The outer cover of trolley bags could either be hard or soft. Hard case luggage gives more strength as it normally receives the bumps and knocks that a travel bag has to continue.

Additionally, they guard against fraud. It does not have any external pockets, and since you do not run the chance of items being put inside your baggage without your information.

However, the most important downside of hard luggage is that they have minor space than light luggage, and the case needs to be exposed fully, and things need to be prepared in the two different shares of the bag. Therefore you can only sell items that are half as deep as the total extent of the bag.

Soft luggage, on the other hand, allows greater accommodation. It is small bulky, and normally comes with an expander. While it is subjected to more wear and damage and runs the danger of being slit through, it does not damage and is more reliable than luggage.

Travel Bag Warranty:  You must always see that the bag you are buying has a decent warranty given by the manufacturer. In case your bag gets damaged or harmed due to any kind of use, then it can be replaced or repair for free.

The most suitable trolley bags in India are accessible in both alternatives and what you want depends solely on what satisfies your demands.

But, if you are still unclear, read an in-depth comparison of these two types of baggage above. 

TSA Lock

TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. A TSA representative is authorized to open the bag and examine the bag's contents in the US. Therefore, a case with a TSA lock can be opened by its buyer and the TSA representatives. The benefit of purchasing a bag with a TSA lock is that the agents will easily open the bag with their TSA key.

However, if your bag does not become a TSA lock and it wants to be examined, the TSA representative will, regrettably, have to break through your bag by other means that require massively destroying it. Therefore, it is always desirable to purchase a case with a TSA padlock.

However, do mark that the trolley bag cost of such cases is normally more expensive than those without a TSA lock.


I hope this article provides you with all the information about Best Travel Bag Brands In India. Choose your solo travel partner very carefully, and ensure all your requirements while purchasing. Read and share this article with your friends and family and plan your travel trip without thinking about where to put all the luggage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What is the best luggage brand available in India for you?

A1. If you are looking out for the best travel bag brand in India, you can get the bags from HARTMANN, DELSEY, SAMSONITE, VIP BAGS, SKY BAGS many more, which are available online for you to buy.

Q2. From where can I buy bags online?

A2. You can buy the trolley bags online from Amazon, Flipkart, or the official website of the brands like Samsonite, Sky Bag, and many more brands.

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