26 Top Handbag Brands in India 2023 - Quality And Style

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Handbags are an absolute necessity whenever you step outside the house. It does not just help you in carrying multiple items of use, but also is a fashion statement at the same time. The top handbag brands in India have been delivering some fantastic products which have taken the market by storm. 

Purchasing a handbag for yourself is no big deal if you have the idea as to which brand and its products are more suited for your needs and requirements. If you are looking to purchase a handbag for yourself then you are in the right place. Not only would you get to know about the best brands but also the top prices at which these bags are available online on the most popular e-commerce websites.

Unlike the best travel bags, handbags are more for carrying day to day necessities along with you. Here in this article, we have curated for you some of the best handbag brands in India. Keep reading on for more details.

Meanwhile, if you are searching for wallets, then we also have an article that contains a list of best wallet brands in India, that you can check out.

 Top Handbag Brands In India

List Of Top Handbag Brands In India

Here, we have curated the list of top handbag brands in India on the basis of their popularity. However, if you want to shop for handbags that are within your budget but branded too then scroll down to the article and read it till the end as we have provided several handbag brands that fit everyone’s budget.


Price Range 


Rs. 599


Rs. 505 


Rs. 900 and upwards


Rs. 795  and upwards


Rs. 695 

Da Milano 

Rs. 5000 and upwards

Van Heusen

Rs. 800  and upwards


Rs. 3,999  and upwards


Rs. 758  and upwards


Rs. 1,080

Lino Perros

Rs. 1000 and upwards


Rs. 3000 and upwards


Rs. 1500 and upwards


Rs. 594

Cathy London

Rs. 700 and upwards


Rs. 2,999  and upwards


Rs. 1200  and upwards


Rs. 1000 and upwards

House of Tara

Rs. 700 and upwards

Kenneth Cole

Rs. 5000 and upwards


Rs. 7000 and upwards


Rs. 4000 and upwards

Calvin Klein Jeans

Rs. 6000 and upwards


Rs. 1000 and upwards

Diana Korr

Rs. 1200 and upwards

Steve Madden

Rs. 3000 and upwards

1. Lavie

Price Range - Rs. 599

This brand comes with the latest colours, trends, and designs to fulfil the requirements of modern women. You will find a massive collection of bags from fashionable backpacks to school bags and wallets, under one roof. And this is why Lavie is one of the best bag brands in India.

The company launched its first set of bags in 2010, which has completely revolutionised the Indian handbag market.

The brand's name is derived from a French Phrase, ‘La Vie En Rose’ which means “Life in Pink Hues.”

What do we like about Lavie?

  • A percentage of its profits goes to women's empowerment

  • The 5-stage designing process of the bags


Price Range - Rs. 505 Onwards

If you are looking for higher quality and durable handbags, KLEIO is the brand you can count on.

Handbags offered by this brand are available at affordable prices and in diverse designs that suit every occasion. The minimalistic designs of KLEIO bags give a sophisticated touch to your look.

For anyone wondering what the meaning of the brand’s name KLEIO is, this is a Greek word that means glory. They chose this name because they wanted women who carry KLEIO handbags to be glorious and confident.

What do we like about KLEIO?

  • KLEIO is an Indian brand

  • Top-notch handbags

  • Minimalistic designs handbags

  • Suitable for every occasion

3. Baggit

Price Range - Rs. 900 Onwards

Baggit handbags are some of the top 10 women’s handbag brands in India. They are known for their exclusive and trendy designs that have taken the market by storm.

It is one of the most recognisable brands as they are available in all major retail stores all over India.

Handbags from Baggit are some of the best-designed handbags that one can find. They are available at affordable prices which makes them very popular among customers.

What Do We Like About Baggit?

  • Most affordable brands for handbags

  • Trendy designs

  • It makes a wide range of products for all types of people

  • It is one of the fastest-growing handbag brands in the country

  • This brand is one of the Top handbag brands in India

4. Fastrack

Price Range - Rs. 795 Onwards

Fastrack is the most popular brand selling watches, bags and other accessories. Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan, known for selling timeless watches.

From Fastrack, you can shop for handbags as well. The brand offers you to choose from various handbags in different styled and colours. 

The brand offers you to choose from various handbags in different styled and colours. The bags are suitable to be carried anywhere you go, be it a party, a trip, or an office. Fastrack has everything for everyone. 

What do we like about Fastrack? 

  • Most popular brand for selling watches, bags and other accessories. 

  • Various handbags in different styled and colours.

  • Suitable to carry anywhere you go 

5. Wildcraft

Price Range - Rs. 695 Onwards

Wildcraft is also one of the top 10 handbag brands in India. This brand was established in India and is running successfully all over the world now.

Wildcraft is one such brand that you can blindly trust. Wildcraft sells bags of all types. Be it a handbag, a sling bag, a backpack, or a tourist bag, wildcraft has a wide range of products to offer.

Wildcraft is a prominent producer of bags in India, and with that, it is pretty prevalent in the other markets across the as well.

Wildcraft currently owns 4000 multi-branded stores and more than 100+ exclusive stores globally.

What do we like about Wildcraft?

  • A brand established in India

  • Various range of products to choose from

  • A prominent producer of bags in India

6. Da Milano 

Price Range - Rs. 5000 Onwards

Da Milano handbags are a luxury handbag brand that combines Italian and Indian craftsmanship. Their bags are some of the most sought-after in the industry, and it is one of the top 10 bag brands in India. They have proven to be one of the most trusted and best handbag brands in India because of their quality and premium products that have enthralled the public for many years.

They have their retail store chain and are also available at many other retail stores and e-commerce websites. Because of its fantastic quality, it features in our best handbag brands list in India.

What Do We Like About Da Milano?

  • Da Milano is a premium handbag brand in the country

  • Globally best-selling handbag brand

  • Comfortable and light handbags 

7. Van Heusan

Price Range - Rs. 800 Onwards

Van Heusan sells minimalist, high-quality products that are everlasting in terms of style and durability, which makes its handbags long-lasting.

The brand sells almost everything that you can ever expect from a clothing and accessories brand.

Van Heusen is a brand that owns a rich history of almost 128 years now. The brand started its journey in the year 1990 and since it has ruled the market by selling the best quality premium products. 

Van Huesan handbags are also quite popular among fashionistas. The brand sells not only fashionable handbags but also long-lasting ones. 

What do we like about Van Huesan?

  • Best quality premium products

  • Sophisticated styles of bags

8. UCB

Price Range - Rs. 3,999 Onwards

The handbags that the UCB brand offers come in different styles and colours. UCB is another brand we have included in our list of top handbag brands in India.

UCB stand for United Colors of Benetton, and as the name suggests is a part of the Benetton family.

Benetton is a brand that was started in 1965, and since then it is working its best to provide top-notch clothing and accessories products. 

You can buy USB products online as well as in offline stores.

The brand is currently running 5,00 retail stores in more than 120 countries. 

What do we like about UCB (United Colors of Benetton)?

  • Top-notch clothing and accessories products

  • Available in different categories of styles and colours.

  • You can buy USB products from online as well offline stores.

9. Giordano 

Price Range - Rs. 758 Onwards

Giordano is a  highly reliable brand that offers handbags in various designs.

Giordano is a Chinese brand that was started as a clothing brand for men women and kids. Over the years, the brand has evolved as an accessory brand too. Now, you can buy some quality handbags from Giordano. 

Giordano has got several achievements in its pocket. The brand has been listed in Forbes magazine's list of “Top 100 Brands Making a Difference.”

This is a massive achievement as there are only a few clothing and accessories brands that have made a place for themselves in this list.

What do we like about Giordano?

  • Numerous design options to choose from

  • Forbes’ “Top 100 Brands Making a Difference”

10. Esbeda

Price Range - Rs. 1,080 Onwards

Esbeda offers all sorts of handbags, such as a handbag, sling bags, clutch arm bags, wallets, backpacks, travelling kits, travel bags, and other different types of customised handbags.

The vibrant colours and high-class fashionable designs make Esbeda a world-class brand everybody wishes to have. Esbeda is a brand founded in 2006 by Intouch Leather House India Pvt. Ltd. 

All the bags that Esbeda sells are made of PU synthetic material.  

What do we like about Esbeda?

  • All types of handbags are available

11. Lino Perros

Price Range - Rs. 1000 Onwards

Lino Perros handbags are famous for their unique designs. They can provide a premium look that always matches the latest trends. These bags are very fashionable and are very much affordable as well. In their price range, they can achieve what other brands haven’t been able to. It is one of the top handbag brands in India. 

What Do We Like About Lino Perros?

  • Lino Perros is another of the Top Stylish Handbag Brands in India.

  • Vast collection of designs and products available

  • Available in both budget and premium ranges

  • Comfortable and elegant design

12. Hidesign

Price Range - Rs. 3000 Onwards

They specialise in making genuine leather handbags and are known for their superior quality and innovative and attractive designs that are always trendsetting.

Hidesign handbags are a global force when it comes to handbags. They began in 1978 and have been at the forefront of making the most luxurious and stylish handbags in India.

Their bags are robust, durable and sturdy, making them one of the top 10 handbag brands in India.

What Do We Like About Hidesign?

  • Best genuine leather handbags in the world

  • Top-notch products and attractive designs

  • Durable and sturdy handbags

  • It is one of the most popular premium brands in the world

13. Caprese

Price Range - Rs. 1500 Onwards

Caprese handbags brand is a division of VIP bags, which is India’s most prominent handbag brand when it comes to bags. These bags are made in a way that makes organising cash and cards easier.

They have been growing ever since they entered the market in the year 2012 and are being considered one of the best handbag brands in India.

They have a vast collection of some of the best bag designs, with varying hues and features.

They have recently roped in Alia Bhatt as their brand ambassador.

What Do We Like About Caprese?

  • Caprese has a lot of potentials when it comes it its designs

  • It makes some of the most affordable handbags that serve the market pretty well.

  • One of the Best Handbag Brands in India for women

14. Mango

Price Range - Rs. 594

This Spanish-based fashion brand, Mango, after entering the India market, gained massive popularity for its stunning collection of bags alongside being known for its premium quality clothes.

There are more than 2000 outlets in operation in more than 100 countries across the globe.

What do we like about Mango?

  • Spanish fashion brand

15. Cathy London

Price Range - Rs. 700 Onwards

Cathy London handbags are eco-friendly handbags known to be very popular amongst ecological activists because of its “No Cruelty” policy.

They are a top brand recognised as one of the most trendy and stylish brands that bring out great products without using animal hides or skin in their products.

So, if you are looking for a vegan brand, Cathy London will be the perfect one for you.

What Do We Like About Cathy London?

  • Top-notch craftsmanship

  • Cost-effective price

  • Cruelty-free production

16. Aldo

Price Range - Rs. 2,999 onwards

The brand sells bags, shoes, watches, and eyewear that are finely crafted and made in different styles and colours to suit current trends.

If you like to be on the top in fashion, you must be very familiar with the Aldo brand.

Aldo is a brand founded in 1972 in Montreal, Quebec and is known to add a style statement to your looks.

As we know that Aldo is a big brand, and the products sold under its name are quite expensive. 

What do we like about Aldo?

  • Excellent craftsmanship and available in different styles

  • Premium quality products.

17. Accessorize

Price Range - Rs. 1200 Onwards

Accessorize offers jewellery, belts, scarves, and other types of accessories, too, to add a style statement to your looks. Accessorize uses consciously chosen raw materials to make bags that are reliable and offer considerable durability.

Accessorize is a brand established in 1984 in Covent Garden, London.

Accessorize brand is known for selling quirky and playful handbags. Not just the handbags,  You can choose a handbag for every occasion from Accessorize.

Whether you are going for a vacation, a beach trip or any formal meeting, Accessorize has a perfect handbag for you to carry.

What do we like about Accessorize?

  • Quirky and playful handbags.

  • Not just handbags, Accessorize offers jewellery, belts, and scarves.

  • Produced using consciously chosen raw materials for enhanced durability

18. Aquatan

Price Range - Rs. 1000 Onwards

You can find some of the best combinations of western and Indian designs with Aquatan at very affordable prices.

A new entrant into the leather handbag industry is Aquatan which is rapidly growing among customers looking for new and innovative designs with vegan leather.

What Do We Like About Aquatan?

  • High-quality Vegan Leather

  • Pairable with casual/formal outfits

19. House of Tara

Price Range - Rs. 700 Onwards

One of the most popular brands amongst youngsters, especially college students, is the House of Tara which has been at the forefront of producing the most trendy and stylish handbags in India.

It uses Indian colours and digital prints to deliver some of the most stunning and authentic designs of handbags and totes that have caught the imagination of many. 

What Do We Like About  House of Tara?

  • Offers a complete range of travel and utility handbags

  • Fulfils the gap between aspirations and availability

20. Kenneth Cole

Price Range - Rs. 5000 Onwards

Kenneth Cole is a trendy international brand delivering the best premium handbags for its customers with the best designs and stylish looks.

It has been a favourite of many, and it has a significant international market. In its price range, it provides some of the most stunning handbags that have left many in awe and wonder. 

What Do We Like About Kenneth Cole

  • Brilliant products

  • Great and trendy collections

21. Fossil

Price Range - Rs. 7000 Onwards

Fossil has been involved in producing world-class products like watches and has been considered the king of premium products.

Its range of high-end handbags is equally popular, making it one of the top handbag brands.

It is known for its unique designs and quality for which it lives up to its expectations. 

What Do We Like About Fossil?

  • Supreme quality and great product line

  • Have some excellent features and designs.

22. Kipling

Price Range - Rs. 4000 Onwards

Handbags by Kipling are well known for being very lightweight and having some of the trendiest designs. These handbags have many multipurpose features that make them unique.

 This brand is famous for delivering some of the best quality handbags and is very popular among many customers.

What Do We Like About Kipling?

  • Multipurpose features.

  • Premium quality bags.

  • Excellent designs.

23. Calvin Klein Jeans

Price Range - Rs. 6000 Onwards

They are of excellent quality and are very durable as well. The iconic Calvin Klein has been making some of the best handbags in the industry.

Although it is involved in making many products, its handbags are also trendy, making it undoubtedly one of the best brands of handbags in India.

You can find a variety of designs in their collections.  You can easily purchase their products online or at major retail stores.

What Do We Like About Calvin Klein Jeans?

  • This is one of the world’s most iconic brands for fashion

  • Supreme quality

  • This brand is available at all outlets and e-commerce websites

  • Premium brand

24. Viari

Price Range - Rs. 1000 Onwards

Viari is a very famous Indian brand that produces some of the best genuine leather bags.

It is based in Chennai and has been very much ahead in the race by making the most trendy and stylish bags that are appreciated by many people.

You can find their products online or at any major retail store. It is one of the most popular Indian Handbag Brands.

What Do We Like About Viari?

  • Indian brand of stylish bags.

  • Most brilliant products.

  • Trendy designs.

25. Diana Korr

Price Range - Rs. 1200 Onwards

If you are looking for faux pas leather handbags, then one of the best handbag brands for that is Diana Korr handbags.

They are fashionable bags known for their stylish and vibrant colours which are very popular among young people.

They have an extensive collection of some of the most trendy handbags readily available on e-commerce websites and major retail stores. 

What Do We Like About Diana Korr?

  • Most fashionable designs.

26. Steve Madden

Price Range - Rs. 3000 Onwards

You can get some of the best designs and most vibrant colours in Steve Madden's handbags.

What started as a Shoe Company, Steve Madden has now become a global fashion brand delivering thousands of its products worldwide. 

Steve Madden is one of the top handbag brands, and if you want to buy your bag from this brand, you have certainly made a great choice!

What Do We Like About Steve Madden?

  • Wide range of designs.

  • Unique and iconic designs.

  • Most comfortable handbags.

How To Choose The Best Handbag: Buying Guide

A handbag is a style factor and a utility piece for all of your outings and outdoor activities.There are different handbags discussed later in the article that can help you grace any event you like. It comes in handy and allows you to look stylish and trendy. Earlier, women used to buy those handbags according to their utility. Still, now with a plentiful supply of different types of handbags and a wide range to choose from, they can buy any kind and variety according to the event they are going to, the dress they are wearing, and its use.

Let's discuss these points in detail.

  • Type Of Dress

The dress type determines the type of handbag you need to carry. Choose the one that goes with the dress. 

For example- with Indian wear, you can carry a clutch with a western gown. But if you are planning to wear a summer dress, you need to have a sling bag or an oversized handbag. Similarly, if you are wearing something formal, a handheld bag would suffice, but if you are in your casual best, you can carry a small sling cum backpack and look good.

  • Occasion 

The occasion also determines the choice of handbag. For a party, you may need a clutch, but you would need a messenger bag, sling bag, or big handbag for shopping. Also, to go to the office, you can choose a leather bag and to go for a hang out lunch, you can carry a hobo, envelope clutch or a satchel bag. An occasion plays a significant role in deciding what to carry.

  • Utility And Purpose

The primary factor determining how to choose a handbag and which one to choose is the purpose and utility of carrying it. A handbag is used to store essential items. So the purpose of having it is a vital detail. If you need to take fewer items, you can use a small handheld bag. But if the things are many and the weight is also heavy, you can have a duffle bag or an oversized handbag.

  • Comfort 

All you want is to look good and comfortable in what you wear and carry. Your handbag should add to your comfort minted of increasing your burden. Avoid carrying embellished clutches and heavy material bags to all the places. If you need to take more items, then choose a light material and simple handbag that can carry your items and shouldn't be a burden in itself.

  • Style Statement

Lastly, remember that the handbag should speak your style and taste. No matter what you choose to take with you, choose the one that adds to your style statement. Choose the colours wisely, the type accurately and the comfortable texture. So in that way, you can own a great piece and show off the world your actual taste.

Types Of Handbags

Handbags add to the style quotient of the outfit. They are a necessary accessory that enhances the overall look of the person. It is essential to carry a handbag with you whenever you step out. But having a purse won't make much difference. You should be aware of all the available handbags and which one to choose from for different outfits. There are many handbags available from many brands. To understand what you should buy for your next outing, you should know the handbags' style, look and feel.

There are many types of handbags. The most popular among these are:

  • Duffle Handbag

A duffle bag is a naturally made fabric bag used for rough purposes and can be carried anywhere due to its size. It is often closed with a drawstring.

  • Satchel Handbag

A satchel bag comes with a long strap and a small one to carry anywhere. The long one helps in wearing it cross-body, and the small one helps take it easily and stylishly.

  • Tote Handbag

Tote bags are handy and are used to carry things that can be held in open bags. These are large and often made my reusable fabrics.

  • Folder-Purse Handbag

These are a kind of folder bags that can be used to carry files, documents, etc. These are stylish and handheld. They make good for a formal appearance.

  • Envelope Clutch Handbag

These are wide, handheld clutches that make your look ultra modern. Thes can carry less and are mainly for showy purposes.

  • Bucket Handbag

These are often open bag style handbags resembling the shape of a bucket. They are cylindrical and carry cosmetics perfect;y.

  • Saddle Handbag

These are stylish and can be worn on the waist to look trendy. They resemble the saddlebag

  • Barrel Handbag

They are the most trendy ones these days. They resemble a barrel and are cute. They can be used for a casual outing with friends.

  • Hobo Handbag

Hobo handbags are casual bags for casual parties. They are slouchy bags with long straps.

  • Messenger Handbag

Messenger bags are sack type bags used to carry documents from one place to another. They were popular among couriers and posts, but no0w can be used as a fashion accessory too.


I hope this article helped you to choose your ideal handbag with your requirements from Top Handbag Brands in India . In this article, I have tried to mention about your every requirement, whether it’s prices, details, features or any other specifications. 

My personal favourite is Caprese handbags; I love their comfortable material, trendy designs and all the features of it. 

Kindly read and share this article with your friends and family if they are also interested in handbags for their wardrobe collection. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which brand is best for bag in India?

Ans. Baggit, Mango, and Hidesign are some of the best brands for bag in India. 

Q. Which handbags brand is best? 

Ans. We have written a dedicated article on this topic, refer to the same to learn about the top handbag brands in India. 

Q. Is Lavie luxury brand?

Ans. Yes, Lavie is luxury brand. 

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