Jio 1 GB Emergency Data Loan Number 2022

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Do you often run out of daily data limits? What can you do? Emergency data loan service can be the perfect option in such a situation.

Are you aware of the Jio emergency data loan service? Jio has launched a data loan service to give users a 1 GB instant data loan.

So now, are you thinking about how to get data loan on Jio? What is the Jio data loan number? Can I get data loan by SMS & USSD codes?

All the information is just a few scrolls away ... 




What is Jio Data Loan?

Reliance Jio has come up with an instant high-data loan facility for users. In case of an emergency, users can apply for a data loan and pay for it later.

It can be a good tool if you run out of your daily data limit during an online class or a video call. With the service, users get up to 5GB data loan. Each time user will get a 1 GB data loan. 

Telecom operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea have previously come up with data and talk time loan features. However, this is the first time Jio has introduced such a facility for its users.

How to check Jio Data Loan Eligibility

The data loan service is for the prepaid customers of the company. All users with an active base plan in place are eligible for Jio data loan. The user is eligible for 5 data loan packs of 1GB each. You can get up to a 5 GB data loan with this feature. 

Notably, the data speed is reduced to 64Kbps after exhaustion of the daily data limit of your Jio Plan. 

In such a situation, if users need additional data, add-on packs are available. But just in case a user is not able to recharge with a data booster pack, a data loan facility is available as well. 

What is Jio Data Loan Validity?

The validity of the activated data loan pack will be the same as the validity of your active plan. You can use the data until the vaiidty of your existing pack . So the validity of Jio Data pack can vary from 1 day to 365 days depending on the pack active on your number. 

What is Jio Data Loan Number?

If you are looking for USSD codes and numbers to get a Jio data loan, then let us tell you that the emergency data loan facility is available via MyJio. But looking at the popularity of this service, Jio is likely to make it available via USSD code and number. Stay tuned for details on the Jio Data loan number and codes. 

How to Get Jio 1GB Data Loan?

  • Open MyJio App

  • Go to the hamburger menu

  • Select Emergency Data Loan under Mobile.

  • Click Proceed under the emergency data loan banner.

  • Select the Get emergency data option.

  • Tap Activate now.

How to Take Data Loan in Jio Without app?

Most people are searching for other ways to take data loan in Jio. If you think you can take the data loan via SMS or USSD code. Then you need to wait for some time because, currently, this facility is available only via the MyJio app. 

How to Get Free 1 GB Data Loan in Jio?

Jio data loan pack comes with 1GB of high-speed data. This pack can be instantly activated from the MyJio app. You can activate the data loan pack up to 5 times and get up to 5GB of data. However, only the users with an active base plan will be eligible for this loan. The validity of the data loan pack will be the same as your existing plan. 

If you are thinking of getting a free data loan in Jio, then you will be disappointed to know that there is no such service. Once you take a data loan on Jio, you need to repay the amount. However, you can check the Jio free internet tricks for free data. You can get up to 60GB of free data by following simple tricks. These tricks include simple tasks that reward users with free data. 

How to Repay for Data Loan on Jio?

You can apply for data loan up to 5 times and get 5GB of data. If you want to continue using this facility in the future, you need to repay the old data loan taken on your number.

For a 1GB data loan, the user has to pay Rs. 15. Use can pay for the data loan anytime on the MyJio app using any mode of payment. 

Notably, the 1 GB data add-on pack on the company also costs Rs. 15. So Reliance Jio is not charging any extra amount for the data loan facility. 

  • Open the MyJio app

  • Go to the menu 

  • Click on the emergency data loan banner

  • Select Continue

  • Click Clear maturity 

  • Choose a payment mode to repay the loan amount 

Things to Remember About Jio Emergency Data Loan

Here are a few things you should know about the Jio data loan service to make the best use of this service without any hindrance. 

  • Jio data loan can be availed up to 5 times 

  • You get a 1 GB emergency data voucher each time

  • Jio data loan voucher cost is Rs. 15. 

  • The emergency data loan feature is only for prepaid users.

  • No additional charges are applicable for emergency data loan

  • After 5 attempts, you need to clear the previous dues to become eligible for an emergency data loan again 


Jio has launched a data loan facility for users. If you often face “Daily data exhausted” issue, then the emergency data loan can prove useful. Get an instant 1GB data loan that you can repay later. Jio data loan pack is valid 5 times per user. Often people search to Jio Data Loan Number, but the service can be activated from the MyJio app. It is very easy to activate Jio data loan in simple steps and you can pay the loan later. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Data Loan in Jio?

Answer. Jio has come up with a Data loan facility for users. Get up to 5 GB high-speed emergency data loan on your prepaid number. 

Q2. How to get data loan in Jio?

Answer. Get a data loan using the MyJio App. Go to the menu and select emergency data loan and confirm the selection to place your request. Your 1GB data loan pack will be activated instantly.

Q3. Is data loan free in Jio?

Answer. No, it is an emergency service; the user has to repay it later. 1 GB data loan on Jio costs Rs. 15.

Q4. How much free data is available with data loan?

Answer. Jio users get a 1GB data loan pack up to 5 times. So, you can get up to 5GB of data in an emergency and repay it later. 

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