How To Increase Jio Fiber Wi-Fi Range?

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Are you also struggling and looking for a solution to your jio fibre wifi network range? Then, Stop right here!

In this article, we have elaborated on all the aspects of how to increase the jio fiber wifi range.

In this busy scenario where everyone wants to work fast, you need a wifi connection that can match your work speed. Jio Fiber fulfils this requirement very well. But sometimes you may face range problems if you have placed jio fibre wifi away from your workplace.

Therefore, we have provided a permanent solution to this problem in detail, as many people are facing this problem nowadays. 

Scroll down to this article and read till the end to get all the detailed information about how to extend wifi range of jio fiber.

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How To Increase Jio Fiber Wi-Fi Range?

How To Increase Jio Fiber wifi Range: 2 Simple Ways

Here are the two simple ways to extend the wifi range of jio fibre:

Serial Number



By Using Old Routers


By Using Jio Extender

1. By Using Old Routers

How To Extend Jio Fiber wifi Range By Using Old Routers?

You can expand the Jio wifi range by using your old routers by following these simple steps: 

  1. Align your new jio wifi device: When you purchase a new jio fibre wifi, it comes with a default name and difficult password. Firstly, reset your password and name so that it becomes easy for you to remember the credentials, and you can use them hustle-free anywhere you want. 

  2. Reset your old router to use it as an extender: Find the reset button on your old router and press it for 10 seconds. By doing this, you will reset the old settings of the respective router. 

  3. Pair your router with your pc/ laptop: You have to connect the old router that you will use as an extender to your pc/laptop after resetting it for further settings. After pairing, open the router's admin panel by using the default Ip Address, Login id, and password provided at the backside of your router. 

  4. Sign in and visit quick set-up: Follow these steps to use the Quick Setup Mode and Setup Range Extender:

  • After logging in, tap on quick set-up mode and click next.

  • Check for the nearest wifi and tap on the connect button of your JioFi name.

  •  Connect with your JioFi wifi utilising your password and tap on Save

  • Further, you will need to restart your router, and you are all done. 

  • Your router is completely set up in range extender mode.

  • You can use this router in any room and get the benefit of jio fibre wifi over there at a good speed.

Kindly look at the JioFi and Repeater router boundaries to prevent Internet speed loss.

2. By Using Jio Extender

How To Increase The Range Of Jio Fiber By Using Jio Extender?

JioExtender JCM0112 expands your current JioFiber network removing weak wifi regions all throughout your home. JCM0112 can pair with either wired (LAN link) backhaul or wireless backhaul to JioFiber HomeGateway. In this situation, JioFiber

HomeGateway will fill in as a Mesh Controller and a gateway to the Internet, though JCM0112 will function as a wifi Extender/Mesh Extender.

JioFiber HomeGateway is JioExtender compatible, but the EasyMesh highlight in JioFiber HomeGateway should be ON before introducing the JioExtender. This should be possible using the JioHome versatile application's MyNetwork or JioFiber HomeGateway's web UI.

Follow these simple steps to set up Jio wifi Extender:

1. Set up the first mesh unit: Pair the main mesh unit through a LAN cable to the JioGigaFiber router. Power ON the mesh unit and hold on for power and wifi LEDs to turn strong green. The unit is connected and ready to use when the wifi LED turns strong green. The connecting method takes up to 3 minutes for all Jio Mesh units.

2. Assembling additional mesh units: Pair the additional mesh unit to the JioGigaFiber router through the LAN link and power on the device. When the wifi LED on the mesh unit turns strong green, the unit is connected and all set to use. Detach the LAN cable and place this additional mesh unit in your ideal area to expand the network.

3. Management of device: You can arrange and manage your home wifi by utilising the JioHome Application's - My network feature or through the JioFiber HomeGateway web GUI. You can Turn ON the HomeGateway's mesh support from its web GUI. JioHome MyNetwork turns ON the HomeGateway mesh during its MyNetwork mesh arrangement procedure.

4. Most effective method to Turn ON the mesh support in JioFiber HomeGateway from its web GUI: Follow these steps - 

Sign in to HomeGateway's web GUI with your authorisations.

The Default IP address is

  • Open your browser and enter 192. 168. 29. 1.

  • Log in by entering the given credentials

  • Visit Status- mesh network option- mesh configuration

  • Activate mesh enable

  • Then save

HomeGateway will reboot, and meh will be activated after the

Reboot. Yet again, kindly confirm the Status by visiting web GUI.

Status- Mesh Organization option.

Mesh Enable Switch must be on.

5. Pairing Your Devices: Pair your device through a LAN or wifi connection. If you have established a JioGigaFiber router with wifi, then use its wifi network default name and password. If not, utilise the current network name and password displayed on the principal mesh unit's label.

6. Wifi LED status specifies the pairing quality of the mesh unit with the additional mesh unit or JioGigaFiber router.

7. You are all set to use your Jio wifi Extender and enjoy a good internet speed.

What Is Jio Extender, And What Does It Do?

JioExtender is a device that expands the wifi range in the home. Jio extender always makes sure that the paired mobile devices are always nearer to the wifi source or paired to the best signal. JioFiber router pairs with Jio Extender to expand the wifi network, removing weak wifi zones all over your home.


This was all about how to increase the jio fiber wifi range. I hope that after going through this article, you must have got all the related and detailed information about how to increase jio fiber router range through an old router and a jio wifi extender. Now, you can enjoy good-speed Internet anywhere at home by increasing the range of your jio fibre using these methods. 

Still, if you face any queries or problems, feel free to ask us about your problems in our comment section, and we will attempt our best to resolve your queries as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Can we increase the range of the Jio wifi router?

Ans. You can put the JioFi wifi in any room and utilise the other router as a repeater to expand the JioFi Reach. The steps for using another router as an extender are given above in the article.

Q.2. What is the maximum range of Jio fibre routers?

Ans. The maximum range of Jio Fiber routers is 1000 sq. ft. (on the same floor).

Q.3. How can I increase my wifi signal strength?

Ans. Keep your wireless router encompassed by open air, away from walls and hindrances, to prevent obstruction and overheating. Place your router in the mid of your home so that the signal can reach each corner of the house effortlessly.

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