How to Get Free Data in Jio: Up to 20 GB Free Data Today

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Hello readers, recently I shared Idea free internet tricks. Now, I am back to provide you all about How to Get Free Data in Jio. Jio is the largest telecom operator In the country.

So if you are a Jio user, enjoy free internet with the latest tricks. You can get unlimited Free Data on Jio with the tricks available. You also get free data with various apps, which I have shared later in this post.

Nowadays, the demand for high-speed data is even higher as people watch a lot of OTT content. If you are looking for Jio Free data tricks, read on...


List of all Tricks of Jio Free Data

Here are verified tricks to get a free data balance on your Jio number. All tricks are 100% working. You can try all the tricks and get up to 10GB of free data on your Jio Number. You can try again and get free internet multiple times if you have availed. Also, get up to 25GB of free data with Jio vouchers. 

Free Data Trick

Free Jio Data

Dessert corner game

300 MB + Upto 1 GB

Bournvita Mann Ki Tayyari

1 GB free Data

Wheel Of Reward

Up to 20 GB of Data

Cadbury Play Pad Game

1 GB Free Data


5 GB Free Data

Jio Data Trick

10GB Free Data

Rozdhan App

Depend on your recharge plan

Happy Box

Rs. 55 bonus data

mRewards App

Get 500 Coins


Earn Money to redeem free data

Fydo App

Rs. 15 bonus Data

Mcent Browser

Unlimited Pack Free 

Jio Lucky Draw

20 GB Free Jio Data

1. Win Up to 1 GB Free Data With Dessert Corner Chat Game

You get 300MB of data on registration and up to 1GB on completion of the game. You can also win additional data for playing the game, which will be credited to your account. To participate, you need to register using your mobile number. 

  • Open the MyJio app

  • Go to Jio engage section on the app

  • Scroll to Dessert Corner Game

  • Enter your mobile number

  • Click on the game banner

  • Enter name, email ID, & continue

  • 300MB of data will be credited to your account

2. Get 1 GB Free Jio Data with Bournvita Mann ki Tayyari

Bournvita Mann ki Tayyari is the latest content on the MyJio app. You can find it in the engage section ot update the MyJio app to the latest version. You need to watch a small video on the app to participate and stand a chance to win. 

After watching the video, the chatbot will start, and you need to enter your details such as name, mobile number, Email address etc. You will get 1 GB of free data. 

  • Open the MyJio app

  • Go to the engage section

  • Click on the Bournvita Mann ki Tayyari banner

  • Watch the short video

  • Enter your name, mobile number & email address

  • 1 GB of data will be credited to your account

3. Jio Wheel Of Reward - Win Up to 20GB of Free Data 

Jio has various games in the engage section, and Wheel of rewards is one of my favourite ones. You can get up to 20GB of free data with the wheel of the rewards game. With the Spin2Win game, you can also win free recharge up to Rs. 50. 

  • Open the MyJio app

  • Tap on Spin2Win Banner

  • Spin the win and answer a simple question

  • Based on your luck, win free recharge or data. 

4. MyJio Cadbury Play Pad Game - Win 1 GB Free Data 

Jio has come up with a new promotional offer - Jio Cadbury Play Pad. With the promotional contest, you stand a chance to win 1 GB of free data and many exciting rewards. 

  • Open the MyJio app

  • Go to Engage section

  • Click on the Cadbury Play Pad Game banner

  • Accept the terms & conditions

  • Download the Cadbury Play pad app

  • Enter the Cadbury Play Pad activation code

  • You will get 1 GB of free data 

5. Win Free Data With Jio Tambola 

With the Jio Tambola on the MyJio app, you can win free data and many exciting rewards. Click the Play Now button to answer a simple question to unlock a ticket. 

Once the game starts, follow the on-screen instructions to play and stand a chance to win exciting rewards. You can also play the game with your friends. 

  • Open the MyJio app

  • Go to the engage section

  • Click on the Tambola banner

  • Select play now

  • Answer a simple question

  • Follow the onscreen instructions

  • Complete the game to unlock free data and rewards 

6. Jio 10GB Free Data Trick

With the trick, 10GB of free internet will be instantly credited to your Jio account. To avail of this trick, you need to install the JioTV app. Here is the complete process in easy steps.

  • Install the JioTv app on your smartphone.

  • If you already installed try clearing the data and cache for the JioTv app.

  • Open the app

  • Log in by skip login.

  • Tap on any channel and watch for a few seconds.

  • Close the app

  • Data will be credited to your account shortly.

7. Get Free Jio Recharge With Rozdhan App

  1. Download Rozdhan App 

  2. Open The App & Signup Using your Mobile Number.

  3. Verify your Mobile Number Using OTP.

  4. Use Referral Code 09BZ0Q

  5. Complete The Signup process Using Email, DOB Etc.

  6. Go to Menu and Tap on Rewards Option.

  7. Transfer your earned money to Paytm

  8. Use the money for recharge or spend as per your wish.

8. Get Free Recharge with Happy Box

1. Download Happy Box app 

2. Give the required app permission

3. Login with your Gmail account

4. or sign up using mobile number

5. Use referral code 0GH5SI to get Rs. 55 welcome bonus

6. Complete Simple tasks to earn money

7. Select the recharge option from the menu

8. Enter your mobile number and proceed to recharge

9. Get Free Jio Recharge with mRewards App

  • Download the app

  • Register on the app

  • Get 500 Coins on Sign up

  • Play games, use apps to earn more coins

  • Redeem the coins for any reward of your choice 

10. Earn Daily Free Recharge with Rewardflix

  1. Download the app

  2. Login with your mobile number

  3. Use Referral code - SAHI2234 

  4. Earn daily login bonus as well

  5. Complete simple tasks to earn money

  6. Redeem your earnings for free recharge

11. Get Free recharge with Fydo App

The app rewards users for sharing local experiences. You also earn coins for refer & earn. The coins earned can be redeemed on mobile recharge. 

You get Rs. 15 on signing up with a referral code. Select a recharge offer from the menu and redeem your coins. You can recharge for all operators such as Airtel, jio, And Vi.

  • Download the app 

  • Enter your number for verification

  • Use referral code SOIDS

  • Get Rs. 15 on Sign up

  • Earn more coins for sharing your experience 

  • Redeem coins for mobile recharge

12. Get Jio Unlimited Pack Free with Mcent Browser

The Mcent app is an internet browser similar to Chrome, Opera. It gives a free recharge to users for browsing sites. Simply browse the web and earn free recharge with the Mcent app. 

  • Download Mcent App

  • Register with your Jio Number

  • Enter Mcent referral code to earn joining bonus

  • Start browsing the internet to earn points

  • Earned points can be redeemed for free Jio recharge

Jio Free Data Offer - Get 1GB Data with Wheel Pack

Today, every person is looking for ways to get free data. Jio has many offers to provide free data to users. Get 1GB of free data with the Wheel Jio offer. You need to purchase a Wheel Active washing powder 1kg pack. With the pack, you get Jio Free data code.

You can redeem the code using the MyJio app to get free data on your number. Jio provides unlimited data with all recharge plans, but the high-speed data limit is very important. You want high-speed data, which you can easily get with Jio wheel free data offer. 

Get 10GB Free Data with Jio Vouchers

Reliance Jio also provides free data to users with vouchers. You can redeem Jio Free vouchers from the MyJio app. Recently, I got a 10GB free data voucher from Jio. The validity of the voucher is 90 days from the date of credit. So you have 90 days to redeem the voucher and get free data on Jio.

Once redeemed, the free data will be valid as per the validity of your current plan. You can redeem Jio Free vouchers one by one from the MyJio app. The free data balance will be credited to your account. You will shortly receive a notification for free data credited to your account. 

Benefits of the JIO Data Offer

  • An Eligible Subscriber is the subsistence of the recharges of their RJIO subscription by profiting from the Recharge; offers shall be entitled to an additional 5 GB 4G data voucher (“Additional Data Voucher”) per Recharge.

  • The Additional Data Coupon will be credited to the valid account of the Qualified Subscriber within two days of Recharge.

  • On any Eligible Device, the Additional Data Coupons can profit for an utmost of four (4) Recharges during the Entitlement Period of the Deal.

  • Where any Additional Data Coupon is bailed during a recharge cycle period, the advantages connected to such Additional Data Voucher shall be restricted to that Recharge cycle period, and any such advantages that remain unutilized at the end of that Recharge cycle term will expire, and be renounced.

  • Additional Data Coupons not bailed within the Entitlement Period shall lapse and be renounced.

  • The Eligible Subscriber shall be permitted to avail only such schemes/offers that first become aT&Cspplicable for the applicable IMEI/TAC coupon code of the Qualified Device at the time of their foremost Recharge after the purchase of the Eligible Device.

Terms and Conditions of the JIO Data Offer

  • This offer is only for Eligible Subscribers.

  • You must know all the terms and conditions before using all the Jio offers mentioned above.

  • Eligible Subscribers need to download the official app of JIO to activate all the additional benefits and avail of the Offers.

  • Only one coupon code offer can apply at a time. You can’t use two offers together, or you can’t use any offer coupon as an alternative to another coupon’s place. However, the Eligible Subscriber will be allowed to avail of the advantages under “Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan” until it is open.

  • The Offer Advantages shall be terminated if the Eligible Subscriber relocates from the Eligible Device to another device. 

  • Any issues, damages, claims, or losses concerning the Eligible Device shall be the only liability and responsibility of the producer of the Eligible Device and RJIO (including its affiliates, parent company, or group companies) as a result of this denies any losses, liability, and claims, whether or not appearing out of, or in connection in complement to that and this terms and conditions governing the Offer and Offer.


I hope this article helped you get all the benefits of JIO free data and answered your question about How to Get Free Data in Jio? Grab all the benefits and advantages as soon as possible before they finish. Read and share this article with your friends and family and let them also enjoy free Data in Jio. For any queries, connect with us or comment your precious views in our comment section.

Q. How to get free internet on my Jio?

A. Here are the steps to get free internet on my JIO app:

  • Install the JioTv app on your phone

  • Open the app and log in 

  • Tap on any channel and watch for a few seconds.

  • Close the app and wait for the data to credit to your account.

Q. How can I use Jio unlimited Internet?

A. Here are the steps to follow while using JIO unlimited internet:

  • Download any free VPN

  • Connect your Data using jionet APN

  • Now connect Vpn by Germany or USA server.

  • Done! You will see a speed increase and also get Unlimited data with 4g speed.

Q. How do I redeem my Jio 10GB?

A. To redeem the voucher, go to My Plans and tap on Vouchers. Jio offers 1 voucher of 10GB which can be redeemed by the user within the validity period. 

Q. How to get free data with Jio Vouchers?

A. Jio users can also get free data with vouchers. You can redeem the data voucher on MyJio App. The data gets credited to your account instantly. 

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