Jio Data Booster Plans: Increase Daily Data Limit of your Monthly Plan

Increase you daily data limit on Jio with Data booster packs. Get additional data with Data boosters of Reliance Jio.

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Are you a Jio User?

Do you face the problem of Daily Data Exhaustion?

As we know, Jio recharge packs come with a daily data limit after which the speed drops to 64Kbps. This speed is really low if you want to stream content or watch videos on YouTube. 

In such a situation, Jio Data Booster Plans can be of great help. Jio 4G data vouchers start from as low as Rs. 11. Jio has revamped its Rs. 11 data booster plan. Now, the plan provides 1GB of 4G data to users.

Here in this post, we provide complete information on all available data booster plans for Jio.

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What is Jio data booster?

Jio data booster or Jio add-on packs provide additional data as per your need. For instance: If the daily data limit of your existing plan is 1.5GB/day, and you have already exhausted the data limit.

Jio Data booster packs take care of your additional data requirement.

If your need for data is small, you can choose the Rs. 11 pack, which provides 1GB of high-speed data. In case you want more, choices are available with 2GB, 6GB, and 12GB data booster packs. 

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Jio Data Booster Recharge

Jio Data Booster plans, satisfy your additional high-speed data requirements. You get to choose from recharge plans starting Rs. 11. 

With Jio Data booster packs, you get up to 102GB high-speed 4G data. The data booster plans are available in denominations of Rs. 11, Rs. 21, Rs. 51, Rs. 101, and Rs. 251. 

Once you have selected which Jio Data Booster you want, the next step is to recharge. Check out the video to know more about Jio data booster plans

Update: The Rs. 251 plan is no longer available as a booster pack. The pack is now available in the work-from-home plans of the company. The benefits and validity of the plan have also been changed by Jio.

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Jio Data Booster Price


Rs. 11

Existing Plan


Rs. 21

Existing Plan


Rs. 51

Existing Plan


Rs. 101

Existing Plan



The price of Jio Data Booster packs varies from Rs. 11 to Rs. 101. The Rs. 11 pack provides 1GB 4G data to users. You get 2GB of data with the Rs. 21 Data booster pack. While the Rs. 51 booster pack offers 6GB of data to Jio Users. 

The Rs. 101 data booster pack of Reliance Jio gives you 12 GB 4G data. Recently, Jio introduced new data packs as well for users. In addition to that, you can also extend your daily data limit with work from home plans of the telecom operator. 

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Jio Data Booster Recharge online

You can recharge with the Jio Data Booster pack online using the MyJio app,, or any other recharge portal such as Paytm, Freecharge, or Amazon. Here we tell you how to recharge on 

  • Visit Jio Website From here

  • Go to the plans tab

  • Select 4G data Vouchers

  • Click on data booster of choice

  • Enter your Jio number

  • Proceed to payment

  • Make the payment using a mode of choice


Jio New Data Booster Plans 2021

Data Booster Pack

Rs. 549

84 GB

56 Days

Rs. 251

40 GB

30 days

Rs. 151

30 GB

30 Days

The Rs. 549 data booster pack of the company provides 84GB of data for 56 days. While the Rs. 251 pack provides 50GB of data for 30 days. There is also a new plan available at Rs.201 for Jio users that provides 30GB of data for 30 days. 

The last of the plans introduced by the company costs Rs. 151. These data packs don't provide voice calling and SMS benefits to users. 

Jio Free Minutes with Data Booster Packs [Expired]

As the IUC regime has come to an end, all Jio unlimited plans now come with unlimited calling to all networks. Therefore, the concept of free minutes no longer makes any sense. 

The telecom operator is also providing free minutes to users with its data booster packs. The Rs. 11 pack comes with 75 Jio to Non-Jio minutes. While the Rs. 21 pack provides 200 Jio to Non-Jio minutes to users.

Jio Users get 500 minutes with the Rs. 51 plan. While the Rs. 101 booster pack provides a total of 1000 Jio to Non-Jio minutes. The minutes will be added to the balance of your existing plan. In fact, all the work from home plans of Jio come with 30 days validity. The allotted high-speed data varies as per the plan. 

Jio Data Booster Plans with Validity

Jio Plan

Rs. 251

50 GB

30 Days

Rs. 201

40 GB

30 Days

Rs. 151

30 GB

30 Days

The company has introduced a total of three work from home plans of users. The packs are priced at Rs. 151, Rs. 201, and Rs. 251. These packs offer 30 days of validity to users. The Rs. 151 pack provides 30GB of data while the Rs. 201 pack comes with 40 GB of high-speed data. 

The Rs. 251 pack which was earlier launched as a cricket pack is now available as a work from home plan. It offers a total of 50GB of data for 30 days. There are no voice and SMS benefits provided by the company with any of these packs. 

Jio Data Booster Validity

The validity of Jio Data Booster plans of Rs. 11, Rs. 21, Rs. 51, and Rs. 101 is as per the validity of your existing plan. 

You can use the allotted data until the validity of the existing plan. However, the validity of Jio Rs. 251 booster plan is 30 days. You get a total of 50 GB of data during the validity period. 

How to use Jio data boosters?

There are users who ask how can I use a data booster? Once you exhaust your daily data limit, the data booster starts working automatically. If your daily data limit is 1.5GB, the data booster gets started after you consume 1.5GB for the day. You can enjoy high-speed data even after the end of the allotted data of your existing plan. 

How to check Jio data booster balance?

Keep a track of your Jio data balance on the MyJio app. You also get the information via SMS, IVR, and 

To get Jio Data balance via SMS give a missed call on 1299. Or you can dial 1991 from your Jio number. 

So you have different methods all very simple to get the required information. 

Jio Data boosters take care of your additional data needs. The packs allow Jio subscribers to add additional data to their monthly plan. You can easily increase your daily data limit with Jio Data boosters.

With more people opting for work from home, the demand for high-speed data has increased even more. Reliance Jio has kept the users interested by making available more and more choices. 

Which is the best data booster pack for Jio?

The selection of a booster pack depends on your requirement for high-speed data. Jio provides unlimited data but the speed drops to 64kbps after consumption of the daily data limit. If you want to continue using high-speed data then you can choose a booster pack of your choice.

The Rs. 11 pack is the most affordable booster pack for Jio users, it comes with 1GB of data. There is also a Rs. 21 pack that provides 2GB of data. Then there is Rs. 51 pack with 6GB high-speed data. There is also Rs. 101 data booster pack which gives 12GB of data to users. 

So there are plenty of options available, depending on your need for high-speed data you can choose a booster pack. But the important thing to note here is that the packs don't come with any validity. The validity depends on your existing pack. 

How to recharge with Jio Booster Packs?

The booster packs are similar to any other recharge plans. You can recharge online or offline depending on your convenience. If you choose to recharge online, you can save some money with the online recharge offers of leading apps such as Amazon, Paytm, Freecharge, PhonePe, Mobikwik, and Google Pay among others. 

All these apps have excellent recharge offers to help you save money. You can choose any app and offer which you think is best. For Instance: Amazon is offering 100% cashback on mobile recharge. The offer is applicable on the first recharge of the month. You need to make payment with Amazon Pay UPI to avail of the offer. The maximum cashback is Rs. 30 or Rs. 50 depending on your eligibility. 

Similarly, you can save on Jio recharge with Paytm coupons. Use the Paytm recharge coupon ot get cashback on your recharge. You can also save with Google Pay, Freecharge, and Mobikwik. 

You can easily choose any plan of your choice as recharge using any method as per your preference. You can also save on Data booster packs with Jio Paytm Offer for July. With the offer, you can avail of benefits worth up to Rs. 150 on Jio recharge. Recently, the company also introduced a new pack to provide users with free access to the Disney+ Hotstar subscription. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data booster plan in Jio?

The data booster plans offer only data benefits to users. Jio Data booster plans have validity as per your existing plan. The data booster or 4G data vouchers are available in denominations of Rs. 11, Rs. 21, Rs. 51, Rs. 101, and Rs. 251.

How do I get Jio data booster?

Recharge your Jio number with a 4G data voucher to enjoy data. Jio data booster is available on and MyJio app.

What is the validity of Jio data booster?

The validity is as per your existing Jio plan. The data boosters act as add-on packs for Jio users. 

What is Data booster?

The data booster plans provide Jio users with additional data. These packs work with your existing Plans. The data offered can be used in addition to the daily data limit of your plan.

What is 51 plan in Jio?

It is a data booster pack with 3GB data. If you have exhausted your daily data on Jio, the booster packs provide additional high-speed data on your Jio number.

What is add on-pack?

The add-on packs allow you to increase the data you have in your monthly plan.