How to Activate Caller Tune in JIO? 4 Best Ways

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Why is activating a Caller Tune in JIO is so hard? Just because you are not familiar with the latest method. Here I will tell you How to Activate Caller Tune in JIO with four methods. 

I like when people call me, and they hear my favourite song. Most of them ask me, "Hey, is it your favourite Song"? Do you also love setting your caller tune your most-loved song?

The process is not at all complicated if you are a JIO user. I have seen so many lands on the most challenging process and later on blame JIO for not making a caller tune procedure easier. 

The below content is all about How to Activate Caller Tune in JIO with some of the best methods. So, let's dig in-

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How to Activate Caller Tune in JIO

How to Activate Caller Tune in JIO? What are the Methods? 

Do you want to activate your Caller tune for Free in JIO? Why not use the methods that are mentioned below? There will be no charges and the process is a cakewalk for JIO users. Here we go-

1. How to Activate Caller Tune via Jio Saavn App

If you are a JIO user, I am sure you have used the JIO Saavn application on your mobile phone. Most people don’t know that it will also help in setting a caller tune. To know the process, I suggest to read the jotted points below-

  • First off, download and log-in to the Jio Saavn app.

  • Your second step is to click on the “Jio Tunes".

  • Now, search for your favourite song that you would like to set a caller tune.

  • Click on that song and tap on the “Set JioTune” option.

  • The final step is to confirm your selection.

2. Steps to Activate Caller Tune in JIO via MyJio App

I have not seen someone who is not familiar with the MyJio application. I know, this app has so many advantages and one of them is helping JIO users to set a caller tune. Do you know how to Activate Caller Tune in JIO? See the steps given below-

  • Your first step is to download and install the MyJio app on your smartphone.

  • Sign-up and click on the JioTunes option.

  • Click on the “Set JioTune” option.

  • Confirm it and you will receive an SMS shortly. 

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3. How To Set Jio Caller Tunes via SMS

This is something new for most JIO users. You may have applied several methods but not landed on the SMS section. Now, you can set a caller tune in JIO via SMS method. Have a look-

  • Your first step is to open the Message section and type “JT”.

  • Send your message on this number: 56789.

  • The third step is to follow the instructions properly.

  • JIO will now share a confirmation message on your registered mobile number. 

4. How to Activate Caller Tune in JIO via IVR

Let me share the most simplest way to set a caller tune. The method is none other than IVR. It will also help in setting a caller tune faster. Read to set your favourite song as a caller tune in JIO? Check below points- 

  • Take your phone and dial the JioTunes activation number 56789.

  • A user needs to follow the instructions.

  • Tap on your favourite song from the Menu section.

  • Click on the Star button on your phone keypad.

  • The last step is to confirm your selection.

What is JioTunes?

Speak it with JioTunes, where you say ‘Hey’. You can place the song of your decision as JioTune, and your callers will attend to it alternatively of the monotonous Tring-Tring.

You can choose JioTunes from the vast selection of songs ranging from Bollywood to International, devotional to Regional and many other kinds.

You can download JioSaavn app from Play Store/App Store & set the song of your selection as JioTune. You can also set JioTune doing MyJio App by selecting ‘JioTunes’ option.

There are a number of different ways that you can activate your Jio caller tune with the best songs. In this article, we have shared some of the best ways that you can do it. All the different ways are mentioned here and you can pick any method that seems suitable for you. The steps are mentioned in clear details so it is very easy and simple to follow and understand.  Here you can get all the answers to the question of how to set caller tune on Jio. 

How To Deactivate Jio Caller Tune? Is it Possible? 

Who said there is no way to deactivate the JIO Caller tune? I will share two easy methods that open the doors of deactivating a caller tune in JIO. Keep your eyeballs below now-

1. SMS

  • Open your phone and go to the SMS section.

  • Type “STOP” and send the SMS on this number: 56789

  • Confirm your deactivation by replying “1”.

  • You will receive an SMS shortly from the JIO team that your caller tune is deactivated. 

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2. MyJio App

  • Open your MyJio application on your mobile.

  • Click on the “JioTunes” option. You will find it in the Menu section.

  • You will land on the “My Subscription” page. 

  • Click on the “Deactivate JioTune”.

  • Your final step is to click on the “Yes” button to confirm. 

How To Copy A Jio Caller Tune?

In matter, if you want to copy a caller tune from one of your Jio connections, you require to press “*” (asterisk) while phoning that connection. An SMS message will come to your number, claiming your permission. You need to reply “Y” to that message to begin the chosen Jio caller tune. Jio will give you another SMS message to verify the activation.

Charges For JioTunes

JioTunes is currently remaining allowed to Jio customers free of cost. You can also increase your JioTune any number of events. Should JioTunes be made possible on responsible data in the expectation, you will get information respectively.


Are you a JIO user and daily search for How to Activate Caller Tune in JIO? I am sure this article has helped you a lot. I have mentioned four easy methods that let you set your favourite song as a caller tune. One of the best parts about these methods is the process is completely free of cost. It will not cost a single penny from a JIO user. The article also covered how to deactivate a caller tune in JIO. Do share your experience in setting a caller tune before knowing these methods. Also, if you have questions, drop them below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to activate Jio tune by SMS?

A1. Follow these steps to activate JIO tune via SMS:

  • Type “JT” and it to 56789.

  • Follow the instructions.

  • The JIO team will share an SMS for confirmation.

Q2. How can I set caller tunes for free?

A2. You can set your caller tunes in JIO for free by using the methods like the Jio Saavn App, MyJio App, SMS, and IVR. 

Q3. How do I turn off Jio tune by message?

A3. Send an SMS on 56789 or 155223 and follow the process properly to turn off JIO tune by message.

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