Jio Free Data Code 2024: Latest Tricks For Extra Data

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Do you often exceed your daily data limit and worry about escalating data costs? The Jio Free Data Code is a convenient solution for both of these concerns.

Obtaining free data on Jio is now a reality rather than a pipe dream. Additionally, you can add free data to your account by dialling the Jio free code.

Jio offers free data to users in a lot of entertaining ways. To assist you in receiving free data on your phone, I will list all of the codes in this post.

Numerous codes, such as the Jio free 1GB data dial code, allow you to get free data and use it for anything online, including taking classes and watching your favourite shows.

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jio free data code

How To Redeem JIO Free Data Code Today?

There are many ways to get JIO Free Data Code 2024. I will share offers for free data using the MyJio app in this article. So I hope you already have the MyJio app installed on your phone. If not, then download it now to unlock the free data offers. 

Get Free Data in Jio


1. Upto 20GB Data On Recharge 


2. Get 5GB Data On Recharge 


3. Win Free Jio Data with Games


4. Jio Oreo Pledge Game 


5. Bournvita - Jeet Ki Tayyari 

Upto 2 GB 

6. Jio TVS Test Drive Offer 


7. Watch Videos & get Free Jio Data

unlimited free data

8. Jio Cadbury offer

Upto 2 GB

9. Cadbury Play Card offer

1GB free data

10. Perk Chocolate Offer 

upto 400mb free data

11. Jio 1 GB Free Data Code With Cadbury Playpad


12. Paytm Free Data Recharge

1 GB

13. Get Jio Free Data Code Today with Paytm Cashback Points

up to 100% cashback on data recharge 

14. Win Up to 20GB of Free Data on Jio

Upto 20 GB

15. New Free Data offer on Jio

Play games on the MyJio app

1. Upto 20GB Data On Recharge 

Jio has recently launched an offer of 20GB of additional Jio Free Data Code Today on 4G devices. Let me tell you the steps to redeem this coupon. 

Step 1- Open My Jio app

Step 2- Go to the Vouchers section

Step 3- Select Redeem 

Step 4- Now choose the Recharge option

Step 5- Select the 20GB free data coupon  

Step 6- Click on the Recharge option at the bottom

You will receive a confirmation notification for the successful redemption of the voucher. 

2. Get 5GB Data On Recharge 

Good news for all the Jio users out there. Now you can get additional 5GB data on recharge of Rs.309 or above. But here’s a catch. This offer is valid only upto 4 transactions. And the offer is only valid on selected devices

  • Alactel PIxi4 5

  • Alactel PIxi4 6

  • Alactel A3 10

  • Alactel PIxi4 7 4G

  • Alactel U5HD 

  • Alactel A5 LED

  • Alactel A7

  • TCL 560

  • TCL 562 VR

3. Win Free Jio Data with Games

The MyJio app is the one-stop destination for users to find everything from offers to entertainment. Going to the engage section, you can find many daily offers and contests to win free data. One such offer is the fantasy cricket league on the MyJio app. 

  • You can easily spot the banner on the MyJio app. Once you enter, you will have 1000 coins as a balance, and you can use 100 coins in one contest. 

  • There are many contests available to join. For each contest prize is different, I choose to enter the 1GB accessible data contest. Like any other fantasy app, you must pick a team of 11 players: wicketkeepers, batters, bowlers, and all-rounders. 

  • Once you have picked your fantasy team, confirm the selection to enter the contest. You can track your progress using during the match. 

  • Depending on your team's performance, rewards will be credited to your account after the match ends.

4. Jio Oreo Pledge Game & Win 1GB Free Data

Get 1 GB of Jio Free Data Code Today with the Oreo Pledge Game on the MyJio app. You can win 100 MB to 1 GB of data with this game. The free data will be credited to your account instantly. Lucky winners also stand a chance to win Dhoni Merchandise.

  • Win 100 MB to 1 GB of data 

  • Chance to win Dhoni Merchandise

  • Participate using the MyJio app

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5. Bournvita - Jeet Ki Tayyari - Get upto 2GB of Free Data

Get 200mb to 2 GB free data with Bournvita - Jeet Ki Tayyari offer on the MyJio app. The Jio Free Data Code will be credited to your account by just following these simple steps-

Step 1 - Download My Jio app on your phone

Step 2 - Login to your account or sign up now

Step 3 - Scroll down the homepage to see the 'Bournvita offer tab'

Step 4 - Click on the offer tab 

Step 5 - Click on the 'confirmation' option

Step 6 - Answer a few simple questions

You can win upto 2GB of free data if you get lucky. 

6. Jio TVS Test Drive Offer – Get 1GB of Free Data

Get Jio free 1GB data dial code with the TVS test drive offer. Lucky winners also stand a chance to win Jio's annual pack for free. This offer is valid for a limited period only. Once you register, 1GB of Jio free data will be credited to your account. You can claim the request from the MyJio app. 

  • Get 1 GB of free data

  • Chance to win annual recharge for free

  • Limited period offer

7. Watch Videos & Get Free Jio Data

Watch videos on the MyJio app and win free Jio data. Choose from videos on a wide variety of topics as per your interest to get rewarded. After watching the short videos, you must answer a few simple questions. 

So remember to oversee the videos. If you are ready to invest time, you can win unlimited free data using this trick. 

  • Click on the Watch Videos & Win Data banner

  • Finish watching the video

  • Take the quiz

  • Jio Free data will be credited to your account

8. Jio Cadbury offer: Win Up to 2GB of Free Data

Do you want Jio Free data code today? Click on the Cadbury accessible data banner and watch a short video. After watching the video, you need to answer a few questions. 

It is like a short survey. After you finish the survey depending on your answers, you will be rewarded with up to 2GB of free data in Jio. The Jio free data code will be credited to your account, and you can redeem the voucher anytime. 

  • Watch a short video.

  • Take a short survey.

  • Get up to 2GB of free data.  

9. Cadbury Play Card offer - 1GB free data

You can quickly get 1 GB of free data in just a few easy steps. 

Step 1 - Open My Jio app

Step 2 - Scroll down for the Cadbury Play card banner and scratch it

Step 3 - You will get a Cadbury Play card activation code

Step 4 - Download the Cadbury Play Card app from playstore

Step 5 - Open the Cadbury Play Card app and redeem the activation code

You will receive 1 GB of free Jio data on your no. 

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10. Perk Chocolate Offer - upto 400mb free data

Follow these steps to get jio free data code via the Perk chocolate offer on the My Jio app.

Step 1 - Open My Jio app

Step 2 - Look for the Perk chocolate offer in the 'Jio Engage section'

Step 3 - Click on that offer 

Step 4 - You have to upload Perk Rapper (Either eat a perk or search for the image on some other phone and then click that image from your phone)

You will receive 400mb data in your Jio account. 

11. Jio 1 GB Free Data Code With Cadbury Playpad

The Cadbury Playpad app is a great platform to play and learn. The app makes the learning experience more fun for kids. The app is also worth trying for adults. You can also download the Cadbury PlayPad app and get 1 GB of Jio Free Data.

  • Step-1: Open the MyJio app

  • Step-2: Go to Engage section

  • Step-3: Click on the Cadbury Playpad banner

  • Step-4: Download the app 

  • Step-5: Register with your phone number

  • Step-6: 1GB of data will be credited to your account 

12. Paytm Free Data Recharge: Get a 1 GB Data Pack For Free

Paytm is regularly coming up with this offer where you get 100% cashback on data pack recharge. This offer is live mainly in the evening when you need to apply a free Jio data code to get a free 1 GB data pack. You can recharge with a Jio free 1GB data dial code from any operator. Last time the coupon code was HATRICK, valid from 9 to 9:30 PM. So you are getting 100% cashback on your recharge, and the data pack is effectively free. 

13. Get Jio Free Data Code Today with Paytm Cashback Points

Paym has come up with a new offer. Now, you redeem your cashback points for free recharge. You need 100 cashback points to get Jio free data recharge. Under this offer, you are getting 100% cashback on data recharge.

So, you can recharge with Jio Rs. 15 data pack and get Rs. 15 cashback in your Paytm wallet. 

After you redeem the offer from the cashback points section on the Paytm app, use the unique coupon code to get 100% cashback on recharge. This offer is applicable once per user.

  • Go to the Cashback point section on the Paytm app

  • Scroll to recharge offers

  • Redeem 100 cashback points 

  • Use the unique code to get 100% cashback on data recharge

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14. Win Up to 20GB of Free Data on Jio

Jio has created a new offer to win up to 20GB of data for free. This offer applies to the MyJio app. If you have not downloaded the app, download it today to grab the free data offer. You will see a banner on the app. Tap on the flag to enter the lucky draw and stand a chance to win up to 20GB of free data. If you are a lucky winner, the Jio Free Data Code Today will be credited to your account, which you can redeem anytime and enjoy the benefits. 

15. New Free Data offer on Jio

Jio has many requests to provide you with additional data for free. You can play games on the MyJio app for Jio Free Data Code Today. There are many contests and surveys as well. In addition to that, many recharge apps reward users for tasks. I will keep updating new tricks and offers in this post, so stay tuned for updates on jio free data codes and offers. Getting free data on your Jio number is easy if you are ready to invest some time. Reliance Jio has many suggestions to reward users with free data. You need a working internet connection and a smartphone to grab the free data offers. 

Jio Free Data Today

I have mentioned the jio free data dial code and numbers with their offer eligibility.   


Jio free data code & numbers


Free 2GB 4G Data

Call on 1299

New Users

Jio Free Data Dial Code

Dial 121

New Users

Free Data Bonus

First UPI Transaction

New Users

Free-Net USSD Code

Dial *800*888#

All User Offer

Free Internet Data Number

Dial 123356

Select Users

Free 1-10 GB data

Dial *087*907*#

All users 

Free Jio data 

Dial 1299

All users

Why Does Jio Give Its Users Free Data?

Jio is a company that became well-known for its inexpensive data plans and free data services. Therefore, this organisation strives to give alluring deals on different holidays to become a brand or the most fabulous telecom service.

One method to get 10GB of free data on your Jio sim without issues is the Jio free 1GB data code.

  • Can I Get Free Data in Jio?

Yes, it is entirely possible to get free data in Jio. The telecom operator offers regular promotions to reward users with free data. You can participate in the advertisements to get free data. The data vouchers will be credited to your account, and you can redeem them instantly. These promotions are mainly surveys where users need to fill out short surveys. It includes some simple questions. In addition to promotional quizzes, you also get free data with select codes & numbers, which are updated regularly. This post shows you the latest promotions and regulations to get Jio Free Data Code Today on your Jio number. Scroll down for more details on getting free data in Jio. 

  • What is Free Data Code in Jio?

Jio comes up with regular promotions where the user has to dial a short code or a number to get a free Jio data code on their number. You can find such advertisements on the MyJio app. You can also find such free data codes in this post, updated regularly. Find the code and dial using your Jio number to get free data credited to your account instantly. In addition to free data codes, you earn an internet balance with various promotions and apps, which we discuss later in this post. 

  • How Can I Get Jio Code Free Data?

You can use 1299 from the mobile device's dialer program to get free data on a Jio sim. Using this USSD code will immediately and for free add an extra data service to your SIM card. 

  • How Does Jio's Free 1GB Work?

Download the My Jio app from the Play Store, open it, go to the Engage section, click the Corner, and fill out the form to receive a free 1GB Jio sim. You must finish the tasks before receiving 1GB of free Jio data.

  • How To Get Free Data In Jio?

Open the Jio app, navigate to the Jio Engage section, click the Dessert Corner section, complete the form, and instantly receive 1GB of free Jio data. Anyone can use this strategy to obtain free Jio Internet in 2024 because it is so straightforward.

Top Apps to Get Free Data Recharge 

App Names


Referral Code

Happy Box



Roz Dhan






Go Daily






How to Activate Free 4G Internet by using the APN settings?

I have another smart trick to activate Free 4G internet on Jio. It is all possible by using APN Settings. To know the procedure, follow the steps-

  • Go to the Settings section of your Phone.

  • Select your Jio SIM after you check the Network Settings of your phone.

  • Go to Access point name settings and select the new access point option.

  • Now, your next step is to configure the Proxy address.

  • Users need to make sure that APN is left by default.

  • The next step is to input port 80 and select the Google server.

  • You need to save all Settings above, but remember that the rest of the fields should be empty. 

  • Restart your mobile phone now.

  • You can now use 4G internet. 


So now you know about the various coupon codes, including jio free 1gb data dial code to get free data. Jio free data codes will never let you down, whether you want to use it for streaming a new movie or to access vital news online. The above-mentioned coupon codes will make your hustle stress-free and easy. Grab the unique JIO Free Data Code 2024 and avail of all the offers to enjoy the uninterrupted internet of your jio SIM. Share your valuable thoughts in our comment section if you have any concerns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Jio 5G still unlimited?

A.  Absolutely. Every customer who recharges a 5G unlimited-related package can currently access an unlimited amount of data on the Jio 5G network.

Q. Is Jio giving free data?

A. Reliance Jio offers prepaid plans with free data. Two plans, priced at Rs 219 and Rs 399, include extra data benefits of up to Rs 61. They provide 4G data, limitless calling, and more.

Q. How to get Jio data free?

A. Jio is helping its users easily get free data by offering the Cadbury Play Card offer, Paytm Free Data Recharge method, Jio TVS Test Drive Offer, etc. 

Q. How to recharge 1 GB of data in Jio?

A. Recharge your 4G data voucher through the MyJio app and get 1GB of internet data for free. 

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