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Looking for a wall putty that lasts longer on your walls? Here is a list of 17 best wall putty in India that are durable and give a smooth finish to the walls of your home.

In this article, we have mentioned the best putty companies in India, along with their market share, price range, key features, pros and cons & more. 

Additionally, we have also given Buying GuideTop PicksWhy Is Wall Putty ImportantHow To Prepare A Wall Putty PasteWays To Apply Wall Putty & Types Of Wall Putty.

Wall Putty is one of the essential factors that you need to consider while making a house. The condition of your walls says a lot about your standard of living.

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Best Wall Putty In India For Your Better Home Decor

List of 17 Best Wall Putty Brands In India

Check out the below table for the list of 17 best wall putties on the basis of their price and market share that you can buy in India.

 Best Wall Putty Brands In India

Price Range

Market Share

Asian Paints 

  From Rs. 70 to 750


JK Cement Ltd

From Rs. 400 to 1,100



From Rs. 54 to Rs. 900


Birla White

From Rs. 500 to 850


Iris Paints

From Rs. 400 to 1,000


Dr. Fixit

From Rs. 35 to 1,500



From Rs. 750 to 1,110


Nippon Paint

From Rs. 500 to 1,000


Sunkoll Industries Ltd

From Rs. 180 to 850


Esdee Paints

From Rs. 180 to 500



From Rs. 50 to150



From Rs. 400 to 800


Arosun Paints 

From Rs. 625 to 1200


Sunanda Global

From Rs. 100 to 500


Berger Paints

From Rs. 600 to 1300


Ezzi Paints

From Rs. 165 to 350


JK Lakshmiplast

From Rs.300 to Rs.900


Buying Guide: 5 Essentials to Look for in a Wall Putty

Buying wall putty in India is not an easy job. If you are looking for the best options among the wall putties available in India, the following tips will definitely be helpful for you in choosing the right one.

Check out the following tips and choose the best wall putty in India. 

  • Composition: Wall putties typically consist primarily of white cement powder as their main component. To give the wall a consistent texture, further chemicals are necessary. Acrylic putty is required for a glossy finish since it improves the surface. On the other hand, the powder works well for rough walls and surfaces. 

  • Compatible To Wall Colour: Choosing a wall putty that complements your decor is vital since it may not produce the shade you want if it comes into touch with the wall colour. So it's important to choose a putty that goes well with the hue of your wall paint. 

  • Smoothening Capacity: India's top wall putty manufacturer offers the ideal texture even when applied to a rough, unforgiving wall. The putty's ability to smooth a surface and hold onto water must be considered. 

  • Water resistance: The best wall putty in India should be able to manage water seepage. Acrylic putty can be a good option in this situation.

  • Expiry Date: A good quality wall putty is okay to be used between a period of 6 to 12 months. Make sure you check the expiry date before you buy a wall putty for your home.

Our Top Picks

Considering all the aspects of a wall putty, Asian Paints wall putty is the best in my opinion. The putty comes in a packet of 40 kg at a reasonable price of Rs. 850. This putty safeguards the walls from destruction. Also, Asian paints is a widely known brand and trusted by many which makes it a reliable brand to put your hands on.

Trimurti White Cement-Based Wall Putty is trustworthy, and at the same time is highly affordable. This putty can be applied on both dry and wet walls,  makes the base concrete or plastered platform powerful, increases the life of the paint, and provides a smooth surface for painting.

  • My Recommendation: Dulux

Dulux, an internationally recognized brand sell wall putties in 3 different categories. Out of these Dulux Aquatech Waterproofing Putty is my personal favourite. It is because, the putty holds the best waterproofing characteristics and at the same time gives your walls a premium luxurious finish. 

Review of Best Wall Putty In India

Here is a review of the above listed wall putty brands. Go through all of them and know more about their features and pros and cons.

1. Asian Wall Putty

Asian paints is the widely recognised brand  for providing the best putty for walls in India. The brand was founded in the year of 1942, and now has become one the most known names in the industry. This Indian multinational company provides the best building material. With its headquarters in Mumbai, this company is involved in making and selling the quality paints, coating, wall putties, and other items related to home decor in the country. Asian paints is generally known for selling the best cemented putties. They go well both on painted as well as fabricated walls.

Key Features

  • Water repellency

  • Flexible usage

  • Smooth finish

  • Use as Interior/Exterior


  • Widely recognised for providing the best wall putty.

  • The Asian Paints wall putty substantially reduces the destruction of the paint.

  • The putty gives a broader space coverage.


  • There are no such cons.

2. JK Cement Ltd

JK Cement Ltd

JK Cement Ltd. is a company that is largely known for producing the best grey cement in the world. Founded in 1975, this company has made a prominent mark in the industry for selling the top quality products that are used in the building process. This company also sells wall putties. The brand’s wall putties are quite popular for filling in the holes, and repairing the cracks on the walls. The putties are an ideal blend of pigments, extenders, acrylic emulsion, and additives. The brand mainly sells 4 types of wall putties which includes, JKC ShieldMaxX is a white cement based Universal Waterproof Putty with Active SiH4 Molecules, JKC LevelMaxX white cement-based wall putty, JKC LevelMaxX Plus water-resistant, white cement-based wall putty, and JKC SmoothMaxX wall putty with micro-particle technology.

Key features

  • Finest quality

  • The  brand assures you to get the best durability and performance.


  • The brand sells this putty in 4 different variants.

  • An ideal blend of pigments, extenders, acrylic emulsion, and additives

  • Trustworthy


  • You may find the putty from this brand a little costly.


The parent company of Nerolac is Kansai Paint. Katsujiro Iwai established Kansai Paint in Amagasaki City, Japan, in May 1918. Kansai Paint is an exhaustive producer of paints and coatings. The Items incorporate automotive, Industrial, Decorative, Defensive, and Marine Coatings. This brand entered India and began as Gahagan Paints & Varnish Co. Ltd. at Lower Parel in Mumbai in 1920. The company has created the top wall putty in India for deep cracks.

Key Features

  • Delivers butter-like consistency on the walls

  • Increases elasticity

  • Great capacity for levelling and filling surfaces


  • Usable on both old and new walls and ceilings

  • No primer application required

  • No unpleasant smell

  • Certified By Green Pro 


  • Not various varieties available

4. Birla White

Birla White

“Birla white wall care putty, kare papdi ki chhutti!”

You must have heard of this line. This advertisement has been playing on our TVs for a long time now. Well, there are quite a number of people who believe this to be true, as they have used and tested the product in their houses. 

Founded in 1998, this is the flagship venture of Aditya Birla Group. This brand has a specialization in producing white cement based products that are high in quality and durability. The wall putties by Birla White have a superior refractive index, that provides extra coverage to the walls. The Birla White wall care putty comes in 2 different variants, i.e that is Birla Wall care putty and Birla Wall levelling putty. The latter one is used to cover the major undulations of the walls, after which the former one is applied to give the final finish. Also, the Birla White putties enable a smooth flow of paint on the walls. 

Containing a high percentage of HP polymers, these wall putties act as a restriction to moisture, and safeguard the wall for longer duration.

Key features

  • Flagship venture of Aditya Birla Group

  • The Birla White wall care putty comes in 2 different variants

  • Enable a smooth flow of paint on the walls. 

  • High percentage of HP polymers


  • The putty from this brand comes in 2 different variants.

  • High percentage of HP polymers

  • Smooth flow of paint on the walls


  • There are no such cons

5. Iris Paints 

Iris Paints

Iris Paints is among the leading producers of wall putty. This wall putty brand was founded in the year 2011, this brand is mainly indulged in selling wall putties with other products, such as paints and white cement , etc. 

Iris paints also believes in safeguarding the interests of the customers. They sell their products at reasonable rates. 

The brand sells white cement wall putty that provides a smooth finishing to the undulation of your walls, for both interior and exterior. This Iris Paints wall putty is available in powder form. Enriched with teflon surface protection,  this wall putty is one of the best wall putties in India. 

Also, you must know that this brand holds a substantial market share in South Asian countries.

Key Features

  • Enriched with Teflon Surface Protection

  • The colors stay rich for ages after applied on this wall putty.


  • This brand sells wall putties at reasonable prices.

  • The putty takes a very little time to dry.

  • Provides smooth flow of paint.


  • There are no variants available.

6. Dr. Fixit

Dr. Fixit

Dr. Fixit is known as India’s leading waterproofing expert. The brand sells different categories of chemical construction products in the country. The products are used for tile fixing, building repairs, coatings and paints sealants, grouts and anchors and industrial floorings. For the coating purpose, Dr. Fixit sells varieties of wall putties exterior to interior walls. The brand also sells separate formulations of bathroom wall putties which provide a strong grip to the tiles there. 

The different variants of Dr. Fixit wall coatings are:

  • DR. FIXIT 201 Crack X Paste for Internal & External Surface Cracks on Roofs,Wall, Flexible Putty with Excellent Bonding,

  • Dr. Fixit 112 Pidifin 2K 2-Parts Flexible Acrylic Cementitious Waterproofing for Bathroom, Roofs, Basement Wall, Suitable for Concrete and Masonry.

  • DR. FIXIT Dampguard Classic Damp-Proof Coating For Internal Walls and RCC Water Tanks,

  • Dr.Fixit 217 Crack X Shrinkfree Crack Filler for Crack-Free Plastered Walls, etc.

Key Features

  • India’s leading waterproofing expert

  • The brand sells different categories of wall putties

  • The wall putties from Dr. Fixit come in multiple different variants.

  • Along with the interior and exterior walls, the brand also sells different formulations for bathroom tiles to provide strong grip.


  • Multiple variants available

  • Waterproofing expert


  • A little costly as compared to other brands

7. Dulux


Dulux is an internationally recognised brand for selling premium quality paints and wall putties. Introduced in the year 1931, this brand has a wide reach and a considerable amount of market share in the paints industries. The wall putties that the brand sells can mainly be categorized in three different variants, which are, Dulux Pollyputty, Dulux Acrylic Putty, and Dulux Aquatech Waterproofing Putty. All the three variants serve their desired purposes along with providing smooth and silky finish to your walls.

Key Features

  • Internationally recognised brand for selling premium quality paints and wall putties

  • The brand holds a considerable amount of market share in the industry.

  • Offers wall putties in 3 different variants


  • Smooth and silky finish

  • Wall putty is available in 3 different variants


  • Costly

Further, if you want to decorate your home with wallpapers, you can opt for them from Best Wallpaper In India.

8. Nippon Paint

Nippon Paint

Nippon Paints is a Japanese brand. The brand is headquartered in Japan with the name of Nippon Paints Holdings Co. Ltd. This brand is considered as Asia’s No. 1 paints and coating expert. The Nippon Paint’s wall putty is said to be a must have construction material. The puttie’s silky masonry cement based finish gives your homes and offices a luxurious look. This formulation of the best quality material has a fine consistency. Easy to apply, this wall putty power is water resistant and provides excellent whiteness to your walls.

Key features

  • Water resistant

  • Masonry Cement based putty

  • Provides excellent whiteness to the walls


  • The putty is water resistant

  • Provides smooth finish to the walls


  • A little costly

9. Sunkoll Industries Ltd.

Sunkoll Industries Ltd.

The Sunkoll Industries Ltd. was launched in the year 2014 in Rajkot, Gujarat. The company is engaged in the manufacturing and wholesaling of adhesive powder, tile leveler, tile spacer and many more. The Sunkoll wall putty is again an white cement based putty that can be applied on both dup and dry surfaces. The putty is uniquely formulated with the best chemicals and polymers that provides a strong grip and smooth finish for your walls. The putty doesn’t let the paint on the walls to flake, and also protects them from moisture. Suitable to be applied on both interior and walls, this putty also helps in protecting your walls from UV rays. Overall, it is a good quality wall putty that is economical and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Uniquely formulated with the best chemicals and polymers

  • Flake and moisture resistant

  • UV rays resistant

  •  Easy to apply


  • Economical

  • Easy to use

  • Resistance to moisture and UV rays


  • There are no such cons

10. Esdee Paints

Esdee Paints

Esdee Paints is an Automotive Refinish and Decorative Paint company that was established in 1963. The brand is one of the leading  manufacturers of  paints and allied products in the country. Esdee Paints is known to emphasize on the quality of the product. It sells a wide category of products including wood finishing, paints and other specialized coatings. Esdee Paints also sells Wall putties. There are mainly 2 types of wall putties that the company manufactures. These are Esdee Paints White Cement Based Wall Putty - Swagat, and Esdee Paints Premium Acrylic Putty ( Interior ).

The best thing about this brand is that it sells premium quality products at reasonable prices. Both the above mentioned putties are quite affordable and of good quality.

Key Features

  • Established in the year 1963

  • Leading  manufacturers of paints and allied products in the country

  • Manufactures 2 variants in wall putty

  • The putties are quite affordable and of good quality


  • Affordable

  • Premium Quality


  • The acrylic putty may melt in case of excessive contact with water.

11. Trimurti 

10. Trimurti Wall Putty White Cement-Based Putty

Launched in 2004, Trimurti has emerged as one of the top brands for wall putty in India. The brand sells multiple products ranging from coatings to plasters. The brand has won a Global Excellence Award for producing the best quality wall putties and POP in North India.

Trimurti sells 3 different types of wall putty. The brand differentiates its wall putties as premium, expert and superior. All three serve their purposes in the best way possible. The premium one is a white cement based wall putty that is made with Korean polymers, the expert one is made with german polymers and the superior one a gypsum plaster based  white powdery wall putty.

Key Features

  • One of the top brand for wall putty

  • Sells wall putty in 3 different variants

  • A global excellence awardee for selling best wall putties and PoP 


  • The wall putty is available in 3 different variants

  • Global excellence awardee for selling best wall putties

  • Trustworthy


  • None in my knowledge

12. AkzoNobel 


AkzoNobel India Ltd. is a brand for paints and coating that has been in the business since 1792. AkzoNobel has its headquarters in the Netherlands with its active ventures in more than 150 countries in the world. India is also one of those.

As far as the wall putty is concerned, AkzoNobal’s ICI Duwel Acrylic Wall Putty is surely the best wall putty that is available in the market. This superior wall putty is easy to spread, provides superior whiteness, and has excellent filling properties. This wall smoothening putty should definitely be considered before you shop for wall putties in India.

Key Features

  • AkzoNobel India Ltd. is a leading name in the industry since 1792

  • A global brand

  • Easy to spread 

  • Provides superior whiteness, and has excellent filling properties


  • Easy to spread 

  • Provides superior whiteness 

  • Excellent filling properties


  • The product usually is out of stock on online marketplaces.

13. Arosun Paints 

Arosun Paints

Arosun Paints and Coatings was launched in 2009. Based in Haridwar, Uttrakhand, the company is engaged in manufacturing and retailing good quality paints such as primer, interior & exterior emulsions, aluminum paints wood primers, furniture colors, acrylic & cement based wall putty, enamels, oil bound distempers, red oxide primers, furniture colors, textures, and stainers, all across the globe.

In case of wall putties, the brand sells 4 different types of wall putties under their brand. They are UK Plus Powder Wall Putty, Ultra Touch Powder Wall Putty, Aro Asia Acrylic Putty, and  Gold Plast Damp Guard Wall Putty. All these putties cost reasonable rates and serve high quality.

Key Features

  • This company was launched in 2009

  • Sells 4 different types of wall putties

  • All the putties cost reasonable rates and serve high quality


  • 4 different variants available

  • High quality at reasonable prices


  • None

14. Sunanda Global

Sunanda Global

Sunandha Global Co. is a leading waterproofing expert in the market. The company has a separate venture for coatings, named Sunanda Speciality Coatings Pvt. Ltd.  It is a flagship venture of the Sunandha Global Group.

The brand offers multiple coating options to you, ranging from interior to exterior as well as bathroom walls. The brand’s White Shade Exterior Coating is a best product to provide protection and a smooth finish to the exterior walls. It has multiple coating options for the interior walls as well, you can check them on their official website.

Key Features:

  • Leading waterproofing expert in the market

  • The brand offers multiple coating options

  • Provides protection and a smooth finish to the exterior and interior walls


  • Multiple coating options

  • Provides protection and a smooth finish to the walls


  • Several options may confuse you

  • The coatings are available only in paste form

15. Berger Paints

Berger Paints

Based in Kolkata, Berger Paints is an Indian Multinational paints company with global reach. The brand has 16 manufacturing units in India, 2 in Nepal, 1-1 in Russia and Poland. Along with paints, the brand also sells wall putties with the name Bison Wall Putty. It can be used for both interior and exterior wall surfaces, is cost effective, and provides your walls a smooth silky finish. Made with a super fine cement, mixed with polymer, cellulose, and many other additives, this wall putty is definitely a must have construction material.

Key Features

  • Indian Multinational paints company with global reach

  • Sells wall putties with the name Bison Wall Putty

  • Made with a super fine cement, mixed with polymer, cellulose, and many other additives

  • Suitable for both interior and exterior walls


  • Cost Effective

  • Can be used for both interior and exterior walls

  • Gives lavish finish to your walls


  • None

16. Ezzi Paints 

Ezzi Paints 

Ezzi Paints sells all types of paints and coatings. Established in 1996, the brand has emerged as a top supplier of paints, coatings or primers in the country. The brand sells mainly 2 types of wall putties, i.e., Ezzi Paints E P Plus Cement Based Wall Putty, and Ezzi Paints Sprint Cement Based Wall Putty.  

Both the putties hold excellent waterproofing characteristics, and are suitable to be used on both indoor and outdoor walls. 

Key Features

  • Ezzi Paints sells all types of paints and coatings.

  • Offers mainly 2 types of wall putties, i.e., E P Plus Cement Based Wall Putty, and Ezzi Paints Sprint Cement Based Wall Putty.  

  • The putties hold excellent waterproofing characteristics.


  • Reasonable Price

  • Offers 2 variants of wall putties

  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor walls


  • Usually is out of stock

17. JK Lakshmiplast

JK Lakshmiplast

JK Lakshmi Cement (JKLC) Ltd was established on 6th August 1938 in the State of Rajasthan. JK Lakshmiplast Wall Putty is a modern solution for covering pin holes and unevenness to surfaces. It is utilised as a filler/fixing specialist and applied before painting the wall in both inside and exterior applications. Being produced using high-virtue white cement and high-strength polymers, this Wall Putty provides a solid base to the surface, which prevents paints from chipping.

Key Features 

  • Waterproof wall putty

  • High-quality purity of the white cement

  • High-strength polymer-based formulations


  • Water-resistant

  • Anti-fungal products

  • Anti-algae products


  • None in my opinion

Why Is Wall Putty Important?

Wall putties serve different advantages to your home walls. Picking the best wall putty shields your walls from various outer components.

  • Wall putties fix the wall and make it solid for a long time.

  • It fills the holes and breaks during fixing and prior to applying paint to make an even surface.

  • It maintains a strategic distance from water leakage and moisture inside the walls.

  • It is pocket-friendly and guarantees that excessive paint isn't utilized.

How To Prepare A Wall Putty Paste?

  • Take the necessary amount of wall putty.

  • Mix water for the wanted density.

  • Mix it robustly for about 10 minutes to make uniform and lump-free cement.

  • After construction, use the wal putty paste within 2 hours.

  • You can do the mixing by electronic mixer or manually.

Ways To Apply Wall Putty

  • To completely rid the surface of dust, filth, etc., sand it using the proper emery paper.

  • Make sure the surface is constructed of cementitious materials or plastered.

  • The ground should only be lightly moist and mildly rough.

  • Use a spatula or blade to apply the initial layer of wall putty (1.5mm thickness) to the wall.

  • After four hours in the summer and twelve hours in the winter, preferably, apply a second layer of wall putty (1.0mm thickness).

  • If the first coat has application marks, use the second coat horizontally to smooth them out.

  • Allow the surface to dry overnight completely, and then use a fine piece of emery paper to remove any remaining application marks. 

2 Types Of Wall Putty 

There are two types of wall putty available in the market that you can use.

  • Cement Wall Putty: Wall putty consisting of cement is known as cement and is frequently used to masonry-type surfaces. By filling up the gaps and cracks, the white cement wall putty smooths out the wall's surface. However, it may also be used to level a primed wall, fix dents and irregularities, prepare plastered walls for painting, and even on wood and metallic surfaces. 
  • Acrylic Wall Putty: Wall putties made of acrylic are more expensive than cement ones, but they stay longer since the acrylic makes them more resistant to water damage. The inside and outside of a building can have a smooth finish from acrylic kinds, which can be applied to plaster and brick surfaces.


So, this is all about the best wall putty in India. I hope I have provided you with everything that you need to know about wall putties. This article has every detail, such as, description, key features, and pros and cons of the best brands of wall putty in India. Kindly read the whole article, share it with your loved ones, and help them build their ideal home.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which is the No 1 putty in India?

A. Nerolac Acrylic Wall Putty and Nerolac Cement Wall Putty are said to be the best ones

Q. Which putty is best for the wall?

A. Nerolac Acrylic Wall Putty and Nerolac Cement Wall Putty are the two greatest selections if you're searching for the best form of wall putty for your walls. They are perfect for both your home improvement tasks and updating the wall paint at your office.

Q. Which wall putty is best for waterproofing?

A. Water is very resistant to Birla White WallSeal Waterproof Putty. It offers stronger protection against seepages in walls and is two times more resistant than typical cement-based putty.

Q. Which is better, Birla putty or acrylic wall putty?

A. Super white cement may be used on freshly plastered walls and does not require water curing. In addition to being the first acrylic putty in India to fulfil international standards and be certified by HBD, Singapore, Birla White WellCare putty is also more cost-effective and useful than conventional acrylic putty.

Q. Is JK wall putty waterproof?

A. JKC ShieldMaxX is a universal waterproof putty with active SiH4 molecules based on white cement. It is suitable for indoor and exterior surfaces because of its ready-to-use quality. The product's cutting-edge composition shields the walls from moisture.

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