Old Monk Price In India 2024: From Budget To Premium

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My Friend is a big fan of Old Monk, and he always tells me that Rum, like a good friend, is always there when you need it. So, I decided to gift him a bottle of Old Monk on his birthday and started looking for Old Monk price in India.

But being a non-drinker, it was hard for me to find the best one for him. Therefore, I went thoroughly to the internet and came to know that Old Monk Supreme Premium Xxx Rum Very Old Vatted is the best among all. 

Hence, after researching, I thought I would share all the old monk rum price in India so that you don’t need to do your research after reading this article. 

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Old Monk Price In India

Entire Catalogue Of Old Monk Price In India

To know in detail about the Old Monk price in India, I went through in-depth research on the Internet and found their prices along with volume. If you also want to know in detail about the old monk rum price in india based on their volume, scroll down to the table. 



Old Monk Price In India

Old Monk Gold Reserve Deluxe Premium Rum


Rs. 200

Old Monk Gold Reserve Deluxe Premium Rum


Rs. 400

Old Monk Gold Reserve Deluxe Premium Rum


Rs. 800

Old Monk Matured Xxx Select Rum Vov


Rs. 120

Old Monk Matured Xxx Select Rum Vov


Rs 240

Old Monk Matured Xxx Select Rum Vov


Rs. 465

Old Monk White Deluxe Premium Rum


Rs. 215

Old Monk White Deluxe Premium Rum


Rs. 410

Old Monk White Deluxe Premium Rum


Rs. 850

Old Monk The Legend Deluxe Premium Rum Very Old Vatted


Rs. 240

Old Monk The Legend Deluxe Premium Rum Very Old Vatted


Rs. 460

Old Monk The Legend Deluxe Premium Rum Very Old Vatted


Rs. 900

Old Monk Supreme Premium Xxx Rum Very Old Vatted


Rs. 2,109

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Alcohol Percentage Of Old Monk

Old Monk Rum is a premium dark rum that is aged in oak barrels for at least seven years using a traditional method. The alcohol content of this organic beverage is 42.8%. Its consistency is creamy and silky. Its flavour combines hints of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate to create a very pleasing harmony.

You can use your rum to make cocktails or just stick to drinking pure rum on its own. The legend of the drink of Gods and Lords is brought to life with the first sip of Old Monk Rum, as the aroma of distilled sugar cane grown in lush green fields of India fills the air. Larger chain grocery stores and stores that specialise in alcohol stock Old Monk Rum in numerous Asian Resturants.

Variants Of Old Monk

Although the most well-liked XXX rum grade is aged for seven years, Supreme and Gold Reserve rum grades are also becoming more and more well-known. These are mixed with extremely mature spirits after being aged for a period of 12 years. Additionally, Supreme is packaged in a unique bottle that resembles a standing monk. The bottle cap, which serves as a peg measure as well, is the upper portion of the monk's head. A 2013 release of a limited edition is available. It says "very old vatted" on the box, but it's unclear how old it is. 

The six different variants of Old Monk Rum are: 

  • Old Monk Supreme Rum: Old Monk Supreme XXX Rum is a dark rum with a late 1820s origin. Even by hors d'age standards, this molasses-distilled rum has been blended and aged for at least seven years, making it an oldtimer. There's no comparison to the quality and flavour of this Old Monk variety. Old Monk Supreme smells unique and subtle, and it's a deep, dark brown colour. Oranges, chocolate, and soft Christmas cakes are among the flavours offered. At 40% alcohol by volume, it has been bottled. 

  • Old Monk Gold Reserve Rum: The color of this Golden Rum is a deep, dark brown. A sweet, fruity aroma that is reminiscent of bananas, dried fruit, figs, and dried oranges greets the nose. This aromatic undertone also comes through in Bourbon Vanilla. The palate opens with hints of burnt caramel, molasses, and nuts, along with the ever-present grilled wood.

  • Old Monk XXX Rum: Old Monk XXX Rum is suitable for individuals who prefer a strong and potent taste. This variation offers a more intense taste and is well-known for having a higher alcohol content. Rum lovers who enjoy a rich, full-bodied rum will find Old Monk XXX Rum appealing due to its unique character and stronger spice content.

  • Old Monk Deluxe XXX Rum: Old Monk XXX A mixture of molasses-based rums aged in oak barrels for at least seven years is used to make Very Old Vatted 7-Year-Old Rum. After blending the rum to create a flavour profile that is well-balanced, it is bottled at 42.8% ABV. 

  • Old Monk White Rum: Although dark rums are Old Monk's specialty, the company also produces a White Rum variety. The flavour profile of this versatile and transparent spirit is fresher and lighter. Old Monk White Rum offers a crisp twist to your drinking experience and is perfect for blending into cocktails or sipping on its own. 

  • Old Monk Legend: Old Monk Legend Rum honours the legendary reputation of the brand. This version, made with a combination of carefully chosen aged rums, is the epitome of quality and tradition. The smooth finish and well-rounded flavors of Old Monk Legend Rum are witnesses to the brand's long history.

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7 Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About Old Monk

One rum, in particular, the Old Monk, really holds out. The world's best wines and whiskies are of no concern to old monk lovers. For them, the monk is their one and only real love.

These are a few lesser-known details about your favourite rum that you most likely were unaware of.

  • Most likely, Old Monk's biggest fans are engineers. It answers nearly every issue they face, including their love lives and dreaded exams. They get high off of it without even breaking the bank.

  • Rum lovers claim that it can heal anything, including heart issues, diabetes, scurvy, and the common cold! In the past, sailors and, well, pirates used it to prevent scurvy.

  • You can use this Rum as an antiseptic as well. Take a sip, savour some more, and if you trip and fall while high, simply dab the drink on your contused behind, and you'll be fine!

  • You’ll be relieved to hear that The Monk isn’t just about rums if you’re not into rums or old monk’s rum in particular. The "Old Monk 10000 Super Beer" is a beer that has a reputation for tasting fairly strongly.

  • The brand is so well-known that it barely advertises and is nearly always at the top. It is the third most popular rum sold worldwide! 

  • People all over the world adore the Indian brand The Old Monk. The Monk is so popular in India that some have even started a campaign to have it designated as the National Drink Of india!

  • It's true that the Monk can be used as a special, hidden ingredient in a lot of delicious recipes. It can be used for so many different things, from desserts like Rum Cake, Rum Caramels, Chocolate Rum Balls, Rum Pineapple Bowl,  etc., to chicken kebabs with spicy Rum Marinade and Rum-Cola Chicken Wings.

9 Healthy Reasons To Drink Old Monk Rum

I remember my friend once told me about the old monk supreme rum price in india and old monk legend rum price in india, and I laughed at him saying that I would love to spend my money on a dietery food instead of rum. But after my research I can say that he wasn't wrong at his place while spending money for buying rum as well because it also has some great benefits.

Do you wanna know more reasons to have your favourite Old Monk Rum? If you nodded yes, go through the benefits of Old Monk below.

  • Old Monk Rum generally works well as a treatment for peripheral heart disease and lowers the risk of heart disease because it prevents artery blockage in the body.

  • Numerous studies on the effects of alcohol have been conducted, and many of them lend credence to the idea that rum, when taken in moderation, may reduce an individual's risk of developing cancer.

  • You can actually get a good night's sleep and less anxiety by using a little peg of Old Monk.

  • It protects against neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and dementia.

  • Old Monk is the perfect beverage to sip when you're suffering from a sore throat or a common cold because it contains anti-bacterial qualities that help ward off annoying viruses.

  • As long as you consume this Rum in moderation, it lowers your cholesterol. Hence, consuming roughly 30ml per day can reduce your risk of diabetes.

  • Consuming Old Monk in moderation helps to fortify bone minerals, which lessens aches and pains in the muscles and joints.

  • Anything overindulged will cause your head to spin the following day. But the likelihood of experiencing that debilitating, head-pounding pain after consuming Old Monk is reduced.

  • Unlike other spirits, Old Monk doesn't contain any fats or carbohydrates, which keeps you far healthier over time. Additionally, compared to other alcohols, it contains fewer calories so that the weight won't jump to your thighs.

Summing Up

I expect that after reading this article, you must have received all the information about the Old Monk Price In India. Every variety of Old Monk Rum has a distinct personality and allure, fitting various tastes and situations. Old Monk guarantees a wide selection of choices to please rum lovers all over the world, regardless of your preference for the smoothness of Supreme Rum, the elegance of Gold Reserve, the boldness of XXX Rum, the freshness of White Rum, or the heritage of Legend Rum.

Questions You May Have

Q. Which Old Monk is best in India?

A. Although the 7-year-old Old Monk XXX Rum is the most well-liked, many individuals also enjoy exploring the premium and Gold collections. Old Monk is not only regarded as India's national drink but also evokes strong feelings in many people.

Q. What is the price of Old Monk 180ml drinks?

A. Old monk rum price in india for 180ml is approximately ₹100 to ₹300.

Q. How much alcohol is in a 180ml Old Monk?

A. Old Monk is a 42.8% alcohol-by-volume dark rum with a noticeable vanilla flavour.

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