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Every special occasion is incomplete without the World’s Best Rum! Do you know what I am talking about? Yes, I am highlighting Bacardi Rum here, a popular brand in the beverage industry. 

In this article, we will discuss the latest Bacardi Rum Price in India with some more essential details. 

Whenever my friends organize a party for any reason, I ask, “Have you arranged Black Bacardi Rum?” It’s my favourite! A few days back, I was researching Bacardi Rum and was shocked to see the prices have changed. Well, if you love drinking alcohol, especially this brand, you must be familiar with their latest price. 

Instead of searching on the internet, you can read this article till the end. I have even mentioned Bacardi white rum price in India and Bacardi Limon rum price in India.

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Bacardi Rum Price in India

Complete List of Bacardi Rum Price in India (2024)

To know the latest price of Bacardi rum in India, I researched popular websites, and they have mentioned the updated price with volume (ML). See the list given below-

Brand Name 



Bacardi Orange Rum

275 ml


Bacardi Lemonade Rum    

275 ml


Bacardi Cranberry Rum

275 ml


Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum    

375 ml


Bacardi Limon Original Citrus Rum

375 ml


Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum

750 ml


Bacardi Ginger Original Ginger Rum

750 ml


Bacardi Anejo Cuatro 4 Years Gold Rum

750 ml


Bacardi 8 Reserva Ocho Rum    

750 ml


Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez 10 Years Gold Rum

750 ml


Note: The Price of the Bacardi Rum may be changed as per the Government Tax changes. 

What is the Bacardi Alcohol Percentage?

Are you stuck on a question on the Bacardi Alcohol Percentage? Well, you are now familiar with Bacardi white rum price in India, Bacardi gold rum price in India, etc. So, I will help you here by telling you the alcohol percentage. 

The alcohol percentage of this brand is 40%. When you buy this brand bottle for any occasion and for your home, you will get to know that this brand is available in multiple bottles, colours, and Flavours. During my research, I found that it is a renowned rum brand and sells the most globally. After knowing Bacardi Rum Price in India, you also realize that this brand is affordable for all. 

Do you have a complete list of Bacardi Flavors? No? You landed at the right place. Check the jotted points given below to know all Bacardi Flavors. 

  • Bacardi White Rum

  • Bacardi Limon Rum

  • Bacardi Black Rum

  • Bacardi Gold Rum

  • Bacardi Premium+Orange Rum

  • Bacardi Premium+Lemonade Rum

  • Bacardi Apple Deluxe Rum

  • Bacardi Orange Deluxe Rum

  • Bacardi Premium+Cranberry Rum

What is Black Bacardi Rum?

Black Bacardi Rum is one of my favourites, which is why I mention this flavour brand separately. Some call it Black magic, but I would say Black Bacardi Rum is happiness. Just like me, if you also drink Black Bacardi, it is important to know about its latest price. The table below is all about Black Bacardi Rum Price in India, so check it out-











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Unknown Facts of Bacardi that are Jaw-dropping 

Besides Bacardi Rum Price in India, I have also decided to unlock some hidden facts about this band that no one knows yet. If you love Bacardi, make sure not to skip the points in the middle. 

  • Facundo Bacardí Massó founded this brand on 4th February 1862 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

  • His wife saw fruit bats in the family's distillery. After knowing such symbols, she discussed with Facundo Bacardí Massó to use them as Bacardi's symbol. 

  • Earlier, only Bacardí white rum sold the most. But nowadays, you can see an ample of flavours that alcohol lovers like to drink. 

  • Bacardi won the prize for best-selling rum in the world in 2014.

Amazing Benefits of Drinking Bacardi

By knowing the price of Bacardi rum in India, you will definitely buy the best flavour of Bacardi. But wait; I have a lot more to tell you. Are you interested to know some health benefits of drinking Bacardi? If the answer is yes, check the points below-

  • Say Goodbye to the risk of Heart Disease! Yes, you heard that right. Drinking the best flavour of Bacardi can increase HDL cholesterol levels and eliminate heart disease risk.

  • One of the top benefits of Bacardi rum is it will reduce the risk of diabetes. Alcohol lovers should know that Bacardi can maintain low blood sugar levels in the body.

  • No matter whether you choose Bacardi white rum, black, or any other flavour, it gives you a better relaxation. Try drinking it at home after completing your stressful day outside.

Putting It All Together

Next time, if any of your friends say they are arranging a birthday party, tell them to keep Bacardi there. Most of you have not tried this brand, but I am hundred percent sure you will definitely drink it now. I have given you complete details of Bacardi Rum Price in India, including unknown facts about this brand, the health benefits of drinking Bacardi, and all. Have a question on "price of Bacardi rum in India"? If you want to know more about this fantastic alcohol brand, drop your queries in our comment section. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the price of Bacardi Black Rum 750ml in Mumbai?

A1. If you want to buy Bacardi Black Rum in Mumbai, it will cost you Rs. 2266.

Q2. Which is better Bacardi black or white?

A2. Bacardi White is a perfect choice as it is the best choice for alcohol lovers who are looking for a lighter flavor.

Q3. Is Bacardi high in alcohol?

A3. The alcohol percentage of the Bacardi brand is 40%.

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