Top 20 Kurti Brands In India [Updated]

Buy the best Kurti design from the top 20 Kurti brands in India.

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Top 20 Kurti Brands In India

We all love to wear Kurtis in our daily life then here are the Top 20 Kurti Brands In India. Wearing a Kurti has also become a Fashion game nowadays. You can wear a Kurti with Plazzo, Jenas, Churidar, Pants, and many more things. Now, you can team up your Kurtis with many things. 

You can style up your plain Kurti with designer pants, Palazzos and more. The best thing about the ethnic wear Kurti is that they look good on every India women of all age groups.  In western countries too, Indian Kurtis is quite popular because of the comfort of wearing.

You can wear Top Branded Kurti Name List you're for college, work, Office, etc. But there are many best Kurti brands for women in India. Which to choose is always a question. So, we have listed the top 20 Kurti Brands in India. We've got numerous brands that make fantastic, stylish, Modern and ethnic Kurtis in India. We have picked up the best ones to make your work easy.  So, here is the best Indian to wear Kurti brands in India.

From work gatherings to marriages, all the different variants of the desi kurta will keep you, fellowship, at all kinds of events and experiences. Button-up kurtas with your advanced pair of jeans and voilà! you're done. If you are going out for shopping, a relaxed-fit boho kurta with linen pants makes for the comfiest outlay.

Furthermore, the fusion variants of kurtas will make you want to consume them even when you're heading to a dreamy bistro on a lunch date. Apart from these, of course, we're continually crushing on the Shaadi waali Kurti. So, now that you are hooked up on how the kurta is for anyone and everyone. Let's get you commenced on the best Kurti brands in India.

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List Of Top 20 Kurti Brands In India

It's challenging to maintain hunting down all the various types of kurtas and Kurtis, now, isn't it? The great news is that we have now done the preparation for you so that you can have entrance to the best Kurti brands in the Indian market. Most of these are accessible online, but the ones that aren't you will be happy to drive to the mall for them. Here we have listed the top 20 Kurti brands for you out of which some you can buy online and for some, you have to go out and buy your favourite and latest designs of Top Best Women's Kurta and Kurti Brands in India. Trust us. Here goes:

Serial No.
Kurti Brands
Price Range



Rs. 1,000 Onwards



Rs. 500 Onwards



Rs. 1,400 Onwards



Rs. 499 Onwards


W For Women

Rs. 750 Onwards


Global Desi

Rs. 1,500 Onwards



Rs. 750 Onwards


Melange By Lifestyle

Rs. 350 Onwards


Fab India

Rs. 1,000 Onwards



Rs. 900 Onwards



Rs. 1,000 Onwards



Rs. 499 Onwards



Rs. 1,270 Onwards



Rs. 500 Onwards



Rs. 400 Onwards



Rs. 600 Onwards


Rain & Rainbow

Rs. 500 Onwards



Rs. 1,500 Onwards


All About You

Rs. 600 Onwards



Rs. 800 Onwards


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1. Biba

Biba is one of the most popularity Kurti brands which has stylish Kurti. This brand has a fantastic collection of ethnic wear, be it Kurti, Suit Set or just a Dupatta. You will look gorgeous wearing one of BIBA's Kurtis.  You can even mix match your Kurtis with anything at Biba.

You can buy Biba Kurtis online from Jabong, Amazon, Myntra and many other sites. It is one of the best brands to get the girl Kurtis online and offline too. This brand tops the list of Kurti brand name due to its most enormous demand and the technique. It is an Indian brand that not just gives you Kurtis but also allows comprehensive suit sets that cover the upper, bottom along with the dupattas. The brand has a beautiful ethnic collection and has offerings that suit women who are even in their old age. You will look impressive wearing one of these BIBA's Kurtis. You can buy Biba Kurtas online from Jabong, Amazon, Myntra and many other sites.

The Biba brand tops the list due to its greatest reputation and fashion. Ethnics have always been the most beloved among women, so having Biba branded Kurtis become considerably compulsory. New Kurti arrivals from offers a variety that fits all budgets and fashions and a one that matches all type. Biba is one of the top ethnic brands you can find online with their whole collection and price. 

With quirky combinations and colour varieties, Biba gives unique styles like the saree kurta, Cape kurtas, Toga kurtas and more. If you are thinking to buy a Kurti for a party or just a casual meeting, Biba must be your next hideout. 

The starting price of the Biba Kurtis is from Rs. 1,000 Onwards

Top Kurtis From Biba Are Given Below:


BIBA Women's A-line Kurta

Rs. 1,799


BIBA Women's Cotton Anarkali Kurta

Rs. 3,299


BIBA Women's cotton Anarkali Kurta in Red

Rs. 1,999


BIBA Women's Straight Kurta

Rs. 599


BIBA Women's Cotton Achkan Kurta

Rs. 2,599


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2. Libas

Libas is mostly famous for its stylish Kurtis in India. Libas is purely an Indian brand which offers a lot of designer Kurti. They have Kurti in a straight style and Anarkali. These both types of Kurtis have fantastic style and gives you a signature look. 

Fall in love with Kurtis again then choose Libas's branded Kurti gathering that gives women everything they have been looking for. For all the ladies who are in love with the classical Indian attires, this label gives you an excellent way to keep your love for the same. 

Libas Kurti offers a complete range to pick from simple straight kurtas, A-line, pathani and Anarkali ways. You can select a simple Aztec kurta for your office wear or a beautiful red cloth block print a line kurta for a lunch date.
Hauling these Libas blazed Kurtas is a cakewalk, you can find a palazzo or leggings that easily matches the outfit.

The Prints and Patterns are excellent. Libas have Printed, Embroidery, Thread work and Checkered Kurtis. Libas Kurti brand can be your most favourite if you start exploring it. Kurtis from Libas is available on Amazon, Myntra and Jabong. Libas Palazzo kurta set is trendy and makes it the top Kurti brand in India. It has the pure cotton Kurtis for you to purchase online and offline,

Libas is the entirety of the best Kurti brands in India. The completely Indian brand has so much to offer. They have straight style, and Anarkali both and the methods are astonishing that can give you a trademark look. The print, patterns along with the slit style is excellent. They have Printed, Embroidery, Thread work, Checkered Kurtis. Libas Kurti brand can be your most ideal once you start exploring it. Libas brand of Kurtis is very readily available on Amazon, Myntra and Jabong. Libas Palazzo kurta set is trendy and makes it the top Kurti brand in India.

The starting price of the Libas Kurti is from Rs. 500 Onwards

Top Kurtis From Libas Are Given Below:


Women Navy Blue Block Print Straight Kurta

Rs. 1,199


Women Blue & Pink Embroidered Yoke Design Linen Straight Kurta



Women Mustard Yellow & Burgundy Floral Printed Straight Kurta

Rs. 1,399


Women Grey Yoke Design A-Line Kurta

Rs. 2,499


Women Mustard Yellow Yoke Design Straight Kurta

Rs. 1,799


3. Lakshita

Lakshita is also one of the good brands for Kurti as it has all types of Kurti available and in every size, be it small or XXL. It has short Kurti to long Kurtis. The designs of the Kurtis are very basic. If you are looking for some basic Kurti, then Lakshita is for you all. 

Lakshita was not so popular brand in India, but through time it has gained a lot of popularity due to its latest and amazing designed of Kurtis then they have some great palazzos, skirts, jeans, and much more for making a perfect pair. Lakshita has some amazing colours too on their Kurtis which is perfect for the summers as that's all we want. 

At Lakshita you will also fin the winter wear Kurtis which are stylish and easily available of all size, Colour, and designs. The rest depends upon the choice, but this brand has it all for you in their store. 

Lakshita has its online as well as an offline store from where you can buy your Kurti. At Lakshita you can find the Kurtis for your winter collection as well. There is also matching Leggings and jeans available at Lakshita.

The starting price of the Lakshita Kurtis is from Rs. 1,400 Onwards   

Top Kurtis From Lakshita Are Given Below:                   


Orange Long Embroidery Kurti

Rs. 2,495


Grey Long Embroidery Kurti

Rs. 2,495


Sky Blue Regular Embroidery Kurti

Rs. 1,695


Navy Blue Long Print Kurti

Rs. 2,395


Yellow Regular Embroidery Kurti

Rs. 2,195


4. Rangriti

Rangriti is one of the top listed brands for Kurtis in India. As the Kurtis available at Rangriti is very affordable to buy, plus they have very different and excellent styles. The colours are vibrant, so does the designs. 

Rangriti has speedily become one of India's top kurta brands over the years. Their ideas show off original use of the many colours on the Rainbow in the form of daily and celebratory kurtas. That, too, at affordable prices. What more does a 'desi girl' wants?

 If you are looking for the affordability with the right style, then Rangriti will top the list of best Kurtis in India. The patterns are vibrant, and so does the richness of colours. There are brilliant and complex colours while there can be decorated Kurtis that can be used for special occasions and parties. 

They also have normal wear calm colours. Even for middle-aged women, they have a great collection. You can also tour Rangriti store outlets but to be honest, online shopping for their stuff will give you more discounts and choices.

At Rangriti there are bright and subtle colours which you can wear on special occasions and parties. If you are looking for some regular wear Kurtis then yes Rangriti is the one. It has daily wear sober Colour, Kurtis. 

There are all types of Kurtis available at Rangriti for women. Rangriti will top the list of best Kurtis in India if you see for the affordability with the most suitable fashion. The patterns are vibrant, and so does the colours. There are bright and detailed colours while there can be decorated Kurtis that can be used for specific occasions and parties. They also have normal wear sober colours. Even for older women, they have a good combination. You can also visit Rangriti store outlets but to be fair, online shopping for their material will give you more discounts and opportunities.

The starting price of the Rangriti Kurtis is from Rs.  499 Onwards

Top Kurtis From Rangriti Are Given Below:


Women Navy Blue & White Printed Striped Kurti

Rs. 899


Women Yellow Ethnic Printed Kurti

Rs. 999


Women Teal Blue Solid Kurti

Rs. 999


Orange Printed Layered A-Line Kurti

Rs. 1,299


Women Blue Yoke Design A-Line Kurti

Rs. 899


5. W For Women

Another well known and popular brand in India for Kurti is W for Women. It is an old brand in India which has unconventional designs, prints and patterns. 

This brand is Known chiefly for their classical and fusion work wear kurtas, W is your most reliable bet when you're grounded for options that are convenient replacements for the OfficeOffice. 

Their festive Indian wear is also deserving stopping, though. Examine their modern prints, embroideries, and silhouettes on their website.

W for Women is a well known and successful Kurti brand in India that has original designs, prints and patterns. W for Women is added well known and successful Kurti brand in India that has unique designs, prints and decorations. The price of W Kurtis starts from 450 and are very affordable. The ideal fit Kurtis are just suitable for OfficeOffice going women who would like to feel both desi and fashionable. The unique and stylish patterns with the right touch of culture are the basic idea that they play with.

The ideal fit Kurtis are just suitable for OfficeOffice going women who would like to feel both desi and stylish. The unique and stylish patterns with the right impression of ritual are the original idea that they play with.

Kurtis at W for Women are very affordable as the starting price of the Kurti is from Rs. 450. Here you can buy Kurti for your Office to wear, Regular wear or for a party. The Kurtis out here is very desi and on the same hand are very different. 

The starting price of the W For Women Kurtis is from Rs. 750 Onwards

Top Kurtis From W Are Given Below:


W for Woman Women's Rayon Straight Kurta

Rs. 1,699


W for Woman Straight Kurta

Rs. 1,699


W for Woman A-Line Kurta

Rs. 2,999


W for Woman Straight Kurta In White

Rs. 1,499


W for Woman Women's Cotton Straight Kurta

Rs. 650


6. Global Desi

Global Desi is for sure, the best Kurti brands in India as it has a fresh Bohemian and traditional vibes. The Global Desi Kurti cuts made in such a way that it looks classic as well as modern look. 

The patterns and hemlines are very stylish and excellent. Global Desi designs are stunning, and the prints of the Kurtis can lift your mood up. Global Desi is certainly is one of the best ladies Kurti brands in India that has this young bohemian and classical vibes. The designs and hemlines are too great and fashionable. The trendy design with excellent prints can lift your spirits. They have the plus sizes also, so, even you are a little healthful then too you can go for their works.

Global Desi is also one of the brands which have the Plus Size clothes that to very trendy. So all the women who think they can't find the designer Kurtis at any store because they are little healthy then Global Desi is right there for you. 

The starting price of the Global Desi Kurtis is from Rs. 1,500 Onwards

7. Aurelia

Aurelia name is itself to define how fantastic brand it is for Kurti in India. In the Indian market, Aurelia is the most famous Kurti brand. Aurelia is best known for its ethnic wear clothing for women. You can grab a party to wear Kurti as well as casual wear Kurti. 

You can grab a stylish Kurti at just Rs. 399 onwards. How awesome is that! Aurelia Kurti is a designer with bold prints and beautiful perfect fit. The high low patterns are trendy, and so is the colour-blocked designs.

The starting price of the Aurelia Kurtis is from Rs. 750 Onwards

8. Melange by Lifestyle

Melange is the sub-brand from Lifestyle, and it is popular amongst the new age girls. The prices for the Melange Kurtis are way much affordable. If you want to try some stylish Kurti, then you can buy it from Melange, which is a Kurti brand in Lifestyle. 

The Indian wear at Melange is very contemporary and ethnic. Due to its patterns and designs, Melange is the best Kurti Brands in India. You can buy it from Myntra too!!

The starting price of the Melange By Lifestyle Kurtis is from Rs. 350 Onwards

9. Fab India

Fab India is a well-known brand for women Kurtis as well as for the Men's Kurtis. They sell the FabIndia Kurti online as well as offline as they are available for you every time and everywhere. It is the most popular brand for Kurtis in India. 

The Kurtis are generally in Silk or Khadi so if you are looking for silk or Khadi Kurti then now you know where you can buy.

They utilize traditional techniques with skills with various artistic forms of cloth weaving in India.

The starting price of the Fab India Kurtis is from Rs. 1,000 Onwards

10. Rangmanch

If you are looking for some super stylish, Trendy and elegant traditional wear, then Rangmanch by Pantaloons is there for you. The prices for the Kurti are very minimal; the collection of Kurtis at Rangmanch are perfect for a party or casual occasion. 

The Kurtis of Rangmanch is multicoloured with subtle designs, which makes every Kurti a unique and beautiful. You can grab a look to all the Rangmanch Kurti designs online as well as at Pantaloons. They have all the Printed, Checked, Abstracts, Solid, Paisley and much more varied choice to choose.

The starting price of the Rangmanch Kurtis is from Rs. 900 Onwards

11. Anokhi

Anokhi is a Jaipur based brand in India, and it is best known for its Jaipuri Prints, Handcrafted and Traditional textiles Kurtis. Anokhi is a 30-year-old brand in India. 

The Kurtis in Anokhi is of Hand-block printing, and they also use vegetable colours to create their unique and different designs.  

The only thing I love about Anokhi is that it offers all versions of Kurtis. Like you can choose from a short Kurti, Kurti Dresses and everyone's favourite Straight-fit Bohemian Kurtis. 

The Anokhi don't have an online store, so if you want to buy different types of Kurti, then you have to visit the shop. There are 27 stores across India.

The starting price of the Anokhi Kurtis is from Rs. 1,000 Onwards

12. Ajio

Looking for style Kurtis with differents design and wanted to buy through online websites the Ajio is the best to choose. Ajio is a Reliance Brand, so you don't have to worry about the materials, Colour and prints.

Kurtis at AJIO is affordable to buy. They have a super chic, trendy, and lends freshness and youth to one's ethnic wardrobe collection for all your girls.

Ajio takes cares of all as it makes its customers a happy Customer. Ajio has a lot of designer Kurtis of all sizes. If you are looking for small size or XXL size, you will get it all in one app. that is AJIO.

You can find all types of Kurtis at Ajio be it formal, Party wear, Casual.

The starting price of the Ajio Kurtis is from Rs. 499 Onwards

13. Kilol

Kilol is now one of the top Kurti's brands in India, established in 1986. Kilos is a Jaipur based brand. It encourages traditional printing and weaving techniques to bring together contemporary Indian garments for the country's modern and ever-evolving women. 

You will be in love once you check out the Jaipuria prints Kurti at Kilol. It sells their best Kurtis all over India with affordable prices and prints. 

At Kilol you will find the best Jaipuria designer Kurtis and one of the Top And Best Branded Kurtis Collection For Ladies. 

The starting price of the Kilol Kurtis is from Rs. 1,270  Onwards

14. Soch

The top Kurtis brand that offers bo ethnic and contemporary mixed is none other than Soch. It also has a modern vibe added in the designer Kurtis. This brand can be tried by all the girls who are on a budget as the prices for the Kurtis are very affordable. 

If you are looking for some floral Kurtis and some freshly printed ones, then you have to choose this brand. The prices are low, but its material and designs are not at all low; they have taken full care of it. 

To make the Kurti look traditional and modern all together, Soch put the handpicked designs of fabrics with the designed cuts. Soch is amongst the top Kurtis brand that allows ethnic and modern mixed with cool vibes. It is affordable, and even the girls on funds can try this brand of Kurtis. The floral patterns and the new summertime prints can be your favourite for this spring-summer. The handpicked patterns of fabric, along with the uniquely created cuts, can make you look popular and contemporary at the same time. The brand's Kurtis can be used for everyday wear or even for exceptional circumstances.

Don't go on prices; the designs are unique and different plus very stylish for this Top Brands Women's Kurtas & Kurtis. You can wear the Kurti anywhere you want to be it in Office or party.

The starting price of the Soch Kurtis is from Rs. 500 Onwards

15. Vishudh

There is yet another option for the Kurti brand for all the girls there, which is Vishudh. Now, you can add the pretty Kurtis in your wardrobe from Vishuh. 

If you are fond of Kurtis with vintage charm, then Vishudh is the one from where you can buy it.  

They use designs like the Zari work, sequins, embroidery is their primary detailing. While the fabric used are rayon, cotton, georgette with the patterns like straight fir, high low, Asymmetrical hemlines, Colour blacked patterns and front slits.

The starting price of the Vishudh Kurtis is from Rs. 400 Onwards

16. Sangria

Here is another addition to the list of Top Kurti Brands in India which Sangria. The brand is available on Myntra, Flipkart and more for you to buy. 

The Sangria Kurtis has all the basic touch which a Kurti should have like Design, Cut, Fabric, Pattern, and much more. It is one of the best brands available online to buy the Anarkalis, Straight Fit Kurtis, and A-lines kurtas. 

The Sangria Kurtis and Suit Sets are very affordable to buy, and they have a beautifully crafted Kurtis. They don't just have the normal Kurtis but also the thread work, Placket Work, and Gold Foil Printing Kurtis too many stylish Slits, Buttons, and more type of Kurti are available. 

They also have all the sizes available for your from XS to XXL. You can get all the sizes. 

The starting price of the Sangria Kurtis is from Rs. 600 Onwards


17.  Rain & Rainbow

Rain & Rainbow not a big name for Kurti Brands but it has a perfect collection of stylish Kurtis which are available on Myntra, Amazon, and more for you to buy. 

You can simply uplift your fashion result by wearing a creation of Kurti from rain & Rainbow. This brand has a Kurtis with Savvy, and Boho Chic inspired, which are very trendy now!!

The Top Kurta & Kurti Brands Online in India for Women under Rain & Rainbow has a floral, Embroidery, and Gold Foil Prints in their Kurtis. 

Rain & Rainbow has a truly magical style of Kurtis as they use Cotton, Chambrey, Chanderi, and many more fabrics in the designer Kurtis.
The starting price of the Rain & Rainbow Kurtis is from Rs. 500 Onwards

18. Jaypore

Jaypore has a straightforward yet elegant Kurtis available in India. Every modern Indian Woman should buy the Kurtis from Jaypore. 

The branded Kurtis name list in India sources artisanal materials from all over India and brings them to their buyers at prices that don't do justice to the beauty and quality. 

Even though they have sarees, bottoms, dresses, jewellery, home furnishings and more to offer, we can't do without their beautiful kurtas. It will be your new obsession to buy the Kurtis from Jaypore!!!

The starting price of the Jaypore Kurtis is from Rs. 1,500 Onwards

19. All About You

All About You keeps you updated with all the fashionable Kurtis, Designer Kurtis, and More. You will find the All About You Kurti Brands on Flipkart.

The prices for the Kurtis are also very reasonable for you to buy. So if you are looking for some stylish, girlish Kurtis, then you should buy it from this brand. 

It also has exceptionally vibrant colours which will look the best on you as they have preferred to make the Kurtis as per the Indian Woman. 

Their affordable and off:the: beat Kurtis include designs and patterns that are not just contemporary but are also perfectly fashionable. 

The starting price of the All About You Kurtis is from Rs. 600 Onwards.

20. Anouk

Housing multiple designs, colours, styles and fabrics, Anouk promises every Woman with almost every kind of western Kurti. 

With the superior quality of materials and available discounts, Anouk Kurtis is bound to make you shop with them again and again.

The Anouk Kurtis are available on Myntra for you to buy. You will find all the designer Anouk Kurtis at just one place. 

The starting price of the Anouk Kurtis is from Rs. 800 Onwards.

Adding clothes in your wardrobe is everyone's dream. Listed above are the best brands for you to buy your Kurtis for any occasion. After all, every girl looks beautiful in Indian wear.