Top 12 Hotel Booking Sites in India (2024)

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You are not a real traveller when you don't know the top Hotel Booking Sites in India. Do you? If not, I am going to present a complete list of top best hotel booking sites for India with their salient features. 

When searching for the best hotel booking sites, my only requirement is that the website be flawless and user-friendly. There should be no complicated process when booking rooms. I was personally surprised to see numerous websites there, such as MakeMyTrip, Airbnb, Yatra, and so on. 

Now, if someone asks me which website is better for hotel booking, I know the top ones. Are you interested in knowing all the Hotel booking websites? If the answer is yes, make sure not to skip the article in the middle. 

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Hotel Booking Sites in India

What are the Best Hotel Booking Sites in India (2024)

I have curated a list of the best Hotel Booking Sites in India based on their popularity and website traffic. The table will also show you the traffic on these websites. Choose any website to book your rooms. 

Hotel Booking Websites

Website Traffic



OYO Rooms














Review of Top 12 Hotel Booking Sites in India

Are you interested to know about the best hotel booking site for India in detail? Read out the information till the end.

1. MakeMyTrip

There is a good reason why MakeMyTrip is at the top of our list. It is not only a good website, but its services are considered to be one of the best. The site has a large customer base and provides some of the best services a travel website can offer.

It is undoubtedly the best among all of the top 10 hotel booking sites in India.

Why book with MakeMyTrip?

  • MakeMyTrip has the best hotels in Indian and International locations.

  • It also provides great deals on hotel booking online.

  • MakeMyTrip has excellent facilities and services.

  • Thousands of hotel options are available on this website.

2. OYO Rooms

Oyo Rooms is one of India’s biggest hotel and accommodation chains in India. It provides users with many hotels and stays options all over the country. It has managed to grow incredibly fast in India within a very short period of time. 

This website is one of India’s most popular and perhaps the best hotel booking site for India. 

Why book with OYO Rooms?

  • You can compare hotel prices and select the priced hotel.

  • On Oyo, you can also check ratings of hotels.

  • There are multiple options available for hotel booking on this website.

  • OYO wizard membership provides cheaper booking rates.

  • It is one of the top 10 Best Hotel Booking Websites in India.

3. Airbnb

Airbnb is another hotel and stays booking website where you can find homes from all types of categories. It is very easy to book on Airbnb, and the most significant benefit is that it is very affordable to book and stay. 

It is available at almost all major locations throughout the world, making it one of the best hotel booking sites in India and the world.

Why book with Airbnb?

  • On Airbnb, local travel experiences with native experts.

  • More than 6 million holiday homes and rentals are available on the site.

  • Airbnb is available in more than 191 countries.

  • You can make bookings for solo travel, family vacation or work trips.

4. Expedia

Expedia has been one of the most popular travel websites in India because of the plethora of options that are available on its platform. Expedia has some excellent features that make it a sought after destination partner. 

Expedia offers various discounts, offers and deals where customers can get some of the best booking rates and save a lot of money with each transaction. It also has its mobile app, which is considered the best hotel booking app in India 2024.

Why book hotels with Expedia?

  • Over a million hotels are available on Expedia.

  • Expedia rewards program provides reward points and booking with mobile.

  • Free cancellation on select hotels is available on Expedia.

  • Expedia provides exclusive perks and discounts on its website.

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5. Trivago

Trivago is perhaps the most popular travel and hotel booking website in the country. It is well-known for its brilliant options for comparing different hotel booking platforms. This helps get the best rates and deals for each booking. 

Because of its immense popularity, Trivago is one of the top 10 hotel booking sites in India 2024.

Why book hotels with Trivago?

  • Over a hundred of sites available on its platform.

  • On Trivago, you can compare different sites and select the one with the best price.

  • You can enjoy excellent travel discounts on Trivago.

  • Trivago Rating index selects the best hotels for users.

6. Yatra

Yatra is one of India’s leading hotel booking websites and is known for its affordability and also the luxurious hotels it provides on its platform. They offer lucrative discounts and deals for hotel bookings, travel packages and flight bookings which make them a popular choice among many people.

Yatra is undoubtedly one of the best online hotel booking sites in India and is preferred by many people in the country. 

Why book hotels with Yatra?

  • You can make some of the most affordable travel bookings.

  • Has a network of more than 70,000 domestic hotels and 5,00000 International hotels

  • You can look for hotels by area, city name, hotel name and more.

  • User and expert ratings of hotels are also available on this website.

  • You can select amenities like free wifi, breakfast, free cancellation beforehand.

7. Cleartrip

Cleartrip is a popular travel partner for booking hotels, flight, trains and more. You can make travel plans for Indian and international destinations at some of the best prices that you can get. Cleartrip has a lot of options that help you make the best choice for your hotel bookings.

It is used by millions of travellers which makes it one of the best hotel booking websites. It also has its own mobile app that makes it even more popular.

Why book hotels with Cleartrip?

  • It has 360-degree images of the hotels, which help you in making better decisions.

  • You can check reviews and ratings from other users.

  • It also has a smart tag feature which helps in decision making. 

  • You can look for hotels based on landmarks, locations and more on Cleartrip.


As is evident from its name, is a site that is dedicated to hotel and stays booking only. It is a very popular website in India and across the world. It helps you find hotels based on your budget and are an excellent choice for those looking for affordable travel plans. is immensely popular throughout the world and is rightly considered one among the best hotel booking websites in India.

Why book hotels with

  • You can book holiday cottages, luxury resorts, hostels and hotels on this platform.

  • Before making the reservation, you can compare different hotels.

  • It has a 5% discount on select hotels on its website.

  • You can also win rewards and points for your bookings on

9. is one of the most trusted hotel booking websites in the world and is considered as one of the pioneers of hotel booking. It is a vast collection of hotels, resorts and more which you can book swiftly on their website.

It provides good quality images of the hotels that you want to book, which helps users in making the right decisions. It is, without a doubt, one of the best hotel booking websites in India and the world. 

Why book hotels with

  • allows hotel comparison for better decision making.

  • It provides excellent options for a wide budget range.

  • It has more than 135 million verified user hotel reviews. 

  • Multiple filters help to pinpoint the right hotel choice are present on

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10. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is one of the most sought after hotels booking sites and is considered one of the premier sites because of its vast database and huge collection of user reviews. TripAdvisor ratings for hotels are considered to be the best, and many other platforms also depend upon the TripAdvisor ratings.

It connects almost 200 different websites to give you the best choice for hotel bookings and thus finds a prominent place among the top 10 hotel booking sites in India.

Why book hotels with TripAdvisor?

  • On TripAdvisor, you can compare over 200 different sites for hotel booking.

  • You can also browse articles, images and blogs to get more ideas on the best travel plans.

  • It has the world’s largest collection of attractions, tours and more.

  • TripAdvisor forums help you in getting more knowledge from other travellers.

11. Goibibo

Goibibo is another good website on our list. The website is very popular among the people who are interested in traveling and going to different places in and outside the  country. The best thing about this website is that it brings the best deals and offers for its clients on a regular basis. Also, it is said to be one of the most important flight booking aggregators in India.

Why book with Goibibo?

  • Goibibo has the largest network all across the world.

  • It brings the most affordable lodging options for its clients

  • One of the most important flight booking aggregators in India.

  • The most popular hotel booking site.

12. Agoda

The last online hotel booking website that we are going to talk about is Agoda. This website makes sure that its customers have the most reasonable deals by their side. The pricing terms are also flexible and can be negotiated. This website is active in more than 191 countries around the world. They also provide customer care service 24 hours a day in 17 different languages.

Why book with Agoda?

  • Agoda is active in more than 191 countries.

  • The deal prices are negotiable.

  • Offers local travel experiences.

  • They have 6 million vacation homes and rentals.

Top 5 Apps For Booking Hotels Online in 2024

Apps To Book Hotels

Services offered

Book hotel, Motel, Home Stays etc.


Book Hotel, Apartments, Resort online


Book Hotels, Villas, Apartments, Luxury Hotels etc.


Available for both Android and ios platforms.


You can search Hotel by Name, Stars, Rating via Yatra app

Advantages of Online Bookings

Here are some of the advantages that one can find with online hotel booking websites.

  • Online hotel booking websites have a large variety of options for users. 

  • These websites provide lots of information for customers, which make decision making easy.

  • It is much easier to make payments on the travel websites than offline booking. You can book online from the comfort of your homes. 

  • Hotel booking websites have many discounts and offers that are available, which make bookings affordable.

  • Hotel booking websites allow booking that is available 24/7. Therefore you can make a booking at any point in time. 

Disadvantages of Online Hotel Bookings

Apart from the advantages, there are many disadvantages to online hotel booking as well.

  • Data security and privacy are an issue because of the sharing of sensitive data for booking and payment. This makes hotel booking websites a bit unsafe. 

  • Many fake websites are also present which steal information from gullible users easily. So one needs to be careful while making a booking online. 

Wrap It Up

I know that if someone asks you which is the best Hotel Booking Sites in India, you will delay no further in mentioning the names that I have shared in this article. If you love travelling with your friends and family, you must be familiar with all the top Hotel Booking Sites to make your travel journey wonderful. Travel should only choose the secure and best websites, so I have mentioned the right one. Have you had experience with some other hotel booking sites in India? Do share your experience and let me know what more other websites are.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which site is best for hotel booking in India?

A1. If you are looking for the best hotel booking websites, choose MakeMyTrip, Airbnb, Yatra, Cleartrip, etc. 

Q2. What's the best booking site for hotels?

A2. It is easy to book your hotel rooms on websites like MakeMyTrip, which have an easy process.

Q3. Which hotel brand is top in India?

A3. "Taj Hotels" hotel brand is at the top in India. 

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