10 Best Fountain Pens In India: Mastering the Art of Writing

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A pen transmits the voice of a soul - Fennel Hudson.

I always loved writing and the best fountain pens in India have been my companion for years. According to me, writing is the art of delivering what you believe and a fountain pen with different colour choices helps in presenting your thoughts on paper smoothly. 

A fountain pen is a cherished instrument for people who value writing art and a symbol of craftsmanship due to its timeless design and refillable nature.

In this article, I will tell you about the 10 best ink pens in India that glide across paper with grace and invite a special writing experience. So, review this article thoroughly to the end to avoid wasting your time and energy looking for them online.

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Best Fountain Pens In India

List Of 10 Best Fountain Pens In India

Below I will tell you about the 10 Best Fountain Pens In India based on their price and rating on e-commerce websites. Also, I will provide detailed information about each of these pens below the table. So, to get the entire detail, hang on to this article until the end.

Best Fountain Pens In India



Camlin Elegante Fountain Pen

Rs. 225


PENBBS JINHAO 35 Series Fountain Pen

Rs. 431


Parker Vector Standard Calligraphy CT Fountain Pen

Rs. 440


Crewtone 20142 Jinhao 35 Fountain Pen

Rs. 445


GOLD LEAF JINHAO 35 Series Fountain Pen

Rs. 489


Pelikan Jazz Elegance Fountain Pen

Rs. 550


SCHMIDT Jinhao 9019 Fountain Pen

Rs. 890


Lamy Safari Extra-Fine Fountain Pen

Rs. 2,450


Horner Terra Blue Fountain Ink Pen

Rs. 4,455


Sheaffer 100 9371 Satin Blue Fountain Pen

Rs. 5,495


How to Choose the Best Fountain Pens In India?

While choosing the best writing instrument among the many options and brands available, bear the following considerations in mind:

  • Nib Material: Gold nibs give you more flexibility and a smooth, buttery feel on paper, while steel nibs are more affordable. Depending on your writing style, take into account the width and shape of the tip as well.

  • Ink Capacity: Choose an ink capacity that meets your needs, whether it's high-volume piston-fill pens or small-capacity cartridges. Bundled converters increase practicality.

  • Style & Dimensions: Select a writing instrument that encourages and pushes you to write more. Think about the need for portability in terms of pocket-friendly sizes versus longer sessions that call for a thicker barrel.

  • Reputation & Reviews: The fountain pen community is all about enjoying writing and fine craftsmanship. Before making a choice, check brand reputations and reviews.

There is a premium fountain pen that inspires creativity out there, regardless of your needs or budget. The key to finding the perfect writing partner is to try different things.

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1. Camlin Elegante Fountain Pen

The Camlin Elegante fountain pen has a metal cap that snaps on firmly and is converter-filled. Since its founding in 1931 in the vicinity of Mumbai, India, Camlin has produced high-quality fountain pens and accessories. The best components and craftsmanship are used to create the Camlin Elegant Fountain Pen. 

Camlin Elegante Fountain Pen

Writing with this one of the Best Fountain Pens In India is enjoyable because of its exquisite gold-plated nib, which flows smoothly across the page. Are you trying to find a pen that stands out? You only need to look at Camlin's multicoloured pen. For individuals who wish to bring a splash of colour into their lives, this pen is ideal. Both the price and the quality of the ink are excellent. 

Key Features

  • Available in  Jet Blue, Classic Maroon & Royal Black Colours

  • Handcrafted with gold-plated nib

  • Brass Cap Chrome body

  • Elegant design

2. PENBBS JINHAO 35 Series Fountain Pen

The elegant metal body of this refillable fountain pen is finished in matte black. It is strong, long-lasting, and well-made. Excellent metal balance and weight provide a luxurious feel in your hands. Writing is silky smooth thanks to the high-end ink delivery system and JINHAO iridium alloy fine nib. You don't have to worry about skipping anything when you write nonstop. 

PENBBS JINHAO 35 Series Fountain Pen

The simple, ergonomic design makes comfortable to hold. There will be a satisfying click to indicate that the Snap-on cap is closed. outstanding performance in writing, Clean, even lines of ink can also be produced by simply pinching the tail-end and dragging the nib across the paper. This Best Fountain Pen In India has no ink leaks, so you can carry it anywhere by packing it into the elegantly designed sleeve that comes with it.

Key Features

  • The ideal fusion of traditional Chinese culture from ancient times with contemporary industrial technology

  • A distinctive design, premium materials, and reliable quality

  • Provide a steady, even ink flow

3. Parker Vector Standard Calligraphy CT Fountain Pen

Parker Vector Standard Calligraphy CT Fountain Pen

Presenting the Parker Vector Standard Calligraphy Chrome Trim Fountain Pen. This refillable pen comes with blue ink, making it the ideal writing instrument for calligraphy enthusiasts. This chic and elegant pen has a chrome finish and a vibrant blue colour, making it ideal as a gift for friends, family, or coworkers. This pen is going to be a favourite because it can be filled with ink and makes bold writing.

Key Features

  • A sleek and fashionable design provides grip and comfort

  • Ideal pen for fans of calligraphy

  • Fountain pen with chrome trim that is refillable

  • Includes a tight-fitting cap to keep the ink from drying

  • Small and light enough to use 

4. Crewtone 20142 Jinhao 35 Fountain Pen

For all fountain pen users, this is the fountain pen of fountain pens. This best Fountain Pen In India is the ideal present for you, your loved ones, your clients, or anybody else who appreciates the satisfaction of writing with a high-end writing tool. Fountain pens from Healthy Plan are fashionable companions for any occasion thanks to their timeless modern design. 

Crewtone 20142 Jinhao 35 Fountain Pen

The collection consists of several elegantly designed and exquisitely balanced models, each with a 0.5mm nib, an ink refill converter, a plush gift case, and an easy-to-use mechanism. A liquid ink flow system guarantees continuous, excellent writing until the very last ink drop. Smooth writing is guaranteed each and every time you pick up this pen—no blotting, skipping, or bleeding.

Key Features

  • Classical Style. 

  • Beautiful Flow of Ink. 

  • Cutting-edge technology 

  • Enhances the aesthetics of your handwriting 

  • Crafted for the accomplished individual leaving their mark

5. GOLD LEAF JINHAO 35 Series Fountain Pen

Pens are an incredibly potent tool that humans use to transmit feelings, redecorate ideas, and pass down civilizations. This best Fountain Pen In India is not your average writing instrument. All that is needed to make this black beauty glide over the surface is to unscrew it and apply it to the closest writing surface. This pen can be used for both taking quick notes and writing lengthy notes that showcase your handwriting skills. 

 GOLD LEAF JINHAO 35 Series Fountain Pen

This new, sophisticated, dependable fountain pen from our Modern Classic Collection perfectly combines the sophistication of bygone eras with cutting-edge modern technology. Its exquisite design, together with its remarkable writing comfort and high precision for all occasions, is enhanced by its hand assembly and quality control checks. 

Key Features

  • Perfect for Calligraphy and Journaling

  • Refillable and Detachable Converter

  • Provide excellent writing comfort and accuracy.

6. Pelikan Jazz Elegance Fountain Pen

The Jazz collection now includes this brand-new Pelikan writing instrument. The flowing lines of the sophisticated Jazz metal fountain pen give it a lively, light feel. Perfect harmony is achieved between the chrome-plated tip, ring, clip and the matt lacquered upper and lower barrel. 

Pelikan Jazz Elegance Fountain Pen

Because it is spring-loaded, the standard Pelikan beak-shaped clip is especially sturdy. The Jazz fountain pen is easy to use thanks to its convenient cartridge-filling mechanism, which ensures a smooth ink supply. The M-size polished stainless steel nib works well for handwriting with larger swings.

Key Features

  • Metal fountain pen with mechanism to fill cartridges

  • Polished medium-width stainless steel nib

  • Upper and lower barrels lacquered

  • Sturdy and robust clip

  • The ring, grip, and clip are all plated in chrome

7. SCHMIDT Jinhao 9019 Fountain Pen

With its ideal weight and balance, the Jinhao Dadao fountain pen offers a smooth and comfortable writing experience. This best Fountain Pen In India, with its sophisticated design and attractive appearance, is a classic addition to your office supplies. Both professionals and art enthusiasts are drawn to the collection's modern classic design. 

SCHMIDT Jinhao 9019 Fountain Pen

This fountain pen's #8 nib guarantees steady writing and a fluid ink flow. It provides an excellent writing experience as it moves across the paper with ease. Every fountain pen is meticulously assembled by hand and quality-checked. You can use this pen for many years to come because it has a large twist-type converter. 

Key Features

  • Perfectly Weighted and Balanced

  • Provides a comfortable and effortless writing

  • ensures a smooth ink flow

  • Refillable and Durable

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8. Lamy Safari Extra-Fine Fountain Pen

One pen stroke at a time, the LAMY Safari is here to help you navigate the jungle that is life. There's room for a Safari in every pen cup thanks to its exceptional build quality and a design that still feels as contemporary and fresh as it did when it was first introduced in the early 1980s. This charcoal pen has a matte black finish that is slightly textured.

Lamy Safari Extra-Fine Fountain Pen

This pen has a cardboard spacer ring between the grip section and barrel to keep the ink cartridge from puncturing during shipping. Before using the pen, the ring needs to be taken off. Because LAMY dip tested this pen at the factory, there might be ink residue in the nib. 

Key Features

  • Comfortable Writing is Guaranteed by Unique Recessed Grip

  • Writes Fluently Without Smudging, Stuttering, or Skipping Words

  • Ideal for writing, journaling, taking notes, underlining, and much more 

  • Perfect for gifting at conventions, parties, and events

9. Horner Terra Blue Fountain Ink Pen

With the Horner Terra fountain pen, an individual stands out from the crowd. It incorporates the collective experience of a global production chain. Made with the nib from German quality work and the well-known zero-defect tolerance, which are combined with the Japanese preference for high-quality products. 

Horner Terra Blue Fountain Ink Pen

You can benefit from a long service life and excellent craftsmanship for an extended period of time. The high degree of stability at this delicate point is guaranteed by the processed metal thread. This  best Fountain Pen In India fits into the Terra's cap with ease thanks to its top-notch sliding mechanism.

Key Features

  • Has a superior sliding mechanism

  • Because of its balanced shape, your fingers won't get tired

  • Has an extended service life that you will be able to use for a long time

10. Sheaffer 100 9371 Satin Blue Fountain Pen

Sheaffer 100 9371 Satin Blue Fountain Pen

When starting a new chapter or commemorating a milestone, the Sheaffer 100 is a fantastic present. This best fountain pen in India is the ideal tool for allowing ideas to flow naturally onto paper because of its balanced feel, timeless finish options, and modern design. The Sheaffer 100 is a way to elevate writing enjoyment and leave a lasting impression on anyone who enjoys the written word. sleek, graceful silhouette chic cut-out clip features the Sheaffer White Dot, a trademark emblem of exceptional writing packaged in an elegant gift.

Key Features

  • Flexible PVD gold-tone Medium nib

  • Elegant, streamlined silhouette

  • Durable brass body and click-off cap

Various Fountain Pen Types

Fountain pens come in a variety of styles, ranging from basic models to more complex configurations:

  • Fountain Pens with Cartridges: These pens, which are the most popular and reasonably priced type, use pre-filled ink cartridges for effortless writing. When a cartridge is empty, it is simple to swap it out. Standard international cartridges offer the greatest brand flexibility.

  • Fountain Pens with Converters: Allow the use of fountain pen ink in bottles as opposed to cartridges. Similar to a cartridge, a converter fits into the pen and holds ink in a reservoir chamber. This increases the range of possible colours.

  • Piston / Plunger Fill Fountain Pens: Pens that use a piston or plunger fill mechanism are typically found in higher-end models. These pens have a larger capacity than cartridges or even converters because the mechanism draws ink directly into the pen's body which enables you to quickly refill your pen with the greatest convenience.

  • Eyedropper Fill Fountain Pens: The nib screw portion of the barrel seals the ink in eyedropper fill fountain pens, which have a simple filling mechanism. A large volume capacity is offered, but if your ink runs out before it gets to the end of the bottle, it is less portable and convenient. Ideal for writers who write a lot in one sitting and minimal travellers.

Final Words

I hope you have received all the info regarding what are the best fountain pens in India after going through this article. Fountain pens add a personal touch to the fundamental human act of writing, whether the writer is an enthusiast looking for high-end writing instruments or a beginner looking for entry-level pens that are still of good quality. The blank page has limitless possibilities when you use a good fountain pen as your reliable writing companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is India's No. 1 pen?

A. One of India's top manufacturers of pens is Reynolds Pen. Reynolds provides you with a variety of pen options. One of the pens that students use and adore the most is Trimax. Pens with ballpoints are the second most popular type.

Q. What is the most wanted fountain pen?

A. Launched in 1941, Parker 51 is a contemporary interpretation of the iconic design that used to be known as the "world's most wanted." A unique, streamlined design that benefits from Parker's superior craftsmanship and a smooth transition from barrel to nib.

Q. Can you use a fountain pen daily?

A. As long as you enjoy using them, fountain pens are fantastic for regular usage. Naturally, they are not for everyone, just like any other good tool. However, because they make it easier for the ink to flow smoothly and naturally onto paper, handwriters generally find them appealing.

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