13 Best Pen Brands in India 2023

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Pen is one of the essential instruments in our daily lives, especially for working professionals and students. And this is one of the many reasons we need to know the best pen brands in India to invest in the pens that are worth it.

Assuming you are here in the search for the top pen brands in India, I have done some research on the same and decided to share the findings with you here in this article.

Pens listed and mentioned throughout this article are selected based on their popularity among the public and their positioning on the e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Make sure you read this article till the end as this is going to be an informative article for you.
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Best Pen Brands in India

List of Best Pen Brands in India 2023

Here is the list of the best pen brands in India 2023 along with their price range; check them out and then below the list are detailed reviews of each brand. Continue reading through them.

 Brand Name

Type of Pens Available 

Price Range 


Ballpoint Pens, Thermosensitive Erasable Pens, Markers, Fountain Pens, Liquid Ink Rollerballs, Gel Ink Rollerballs, Mechanical Pencils, etc.

70 onwards


Ball Pens

95 onwards


Ball Pens, Fountain Pens, Rollerball Pens, Calligraphy Pens

118 onwards


Ball Pens, Gel Pens, Roller Pens, Fountain Pens, Pentek Pens

35 onwards


Gel Pens, Roller Pens, Markers, Correction Pens

25 onwards


Fountain Pens, Ball Point Pens, Roller Ball Pens, Twist Ball Pens

349 onwards


Gell Pens, Ball Pens, Roller Ball Pens, Calligraphy Pens, Antimicrobial Pens, Fountain Pens

193 (pack of 10)


Button Press Pens, Twist Pens, Roller Pens, Mini Pens, Stylus Pens

330 onwards


Ball Pens, Gel Pens, Fluid Ink System Pens

210 (pack of 30)

Pierre Cardin

Fountain Pens, Ball Pens, Roller Pens

99 onwards


Ball Pens, Gel Pens, Fountain Pens, Roller Pens, Metal Pens

25 onwards


Ball Pens, Gel Pens, Sparkle Pens

390 (pack of 6)


Gel Pens, Ball Pens, Ball Point Pens

200 (pack of 25)

Review of Best Pen Brands in India 2023

Here is the review of best pen brands in India 2023, along with the features of their products. Read this article till the end so that you can make a better decision before making the purchase.

1. Pilot

Price: Rs. 70 onwards

This is one of the leading Japanese pen companies, based in Tokyo. This brand is popularly known for its stationary products, but this company produces jewellery as well. Being the largest pen manufacturer in Japan, it has numerous subsidiaries globally.

They have a broad range of pens to offer their customers, and their roller pens are the most popular, especially among college students and working professionals.

Interestingly, in 2015, some ecological facts regarding Pilot’s pens made using recycled bottles were published by the company, in which the company said that their Bottle-2-Pen are made with 90.4% recycled components. And for this reason, these pens are sometimes called PetPen or PetBall.

Features of Pilot Pens

  • Their pens are long-lasting to give you a good writing experience

  • Made using the ATT system that gives you a quick flow in writing

  • 3-Dimple tip technology of Pilot pens helps you write precisely

  • Lightweight Design

2. Paperkraft

Price: Rs. 95 onwards

Paperkraft is one of the leading pen brands in India. This brand is known for its premium pens. If you are looking for pens to gift someone, this brand will not fail to impress you. On online stores like Amazon and Flipkart, you will find many attractive gift sets from this brand available to purchase at very affordable prices.

Features of Paperkraft Pens

  • Provide good writing experience

  • Affordable Premium Pens are available for gifting

  • Stainless Steel tip

  • Attractive pens

3. Parker

Price: Rs. 118 onwards

Parker is one of the brands that does not need its introduction. Only its name is enough to give you a feeling of status. It feels very nice when you hold the pen of this brand. Parker is the symbol of luxury and one of the top 5 best pen brands in India.

This France-based pen manufacturing company is leading the pen industry in the market, since its inception in 1888.

No matter if you are looking for a pen to take in a party function to flaunt, or for your personal and professional use - Parker pens will be your perfect choice in both of the scenarios.

There are numerous Parker pens available online at affordable prices, you can check and purchase the one according to your choice.

Features of Parker Pens

  • Provide you with the ease of writing

  • Clean handwriting

  • Easy to use

  • Disposable refills

  • Its inks quickly dries

4. Cello

Price: 35 onwards

Just like the Parker pens, Cello has also earned a impressive reputation for its great quality and affordability in the market. It has a range of stationery products such as pens, erasers, sharpeners, geometry box, scale, pencil, etc. 

Bringing technologically advanced German inks into the Indian market while maintaining the affordability for everyone is one of the many reasons of Cello pen’s massive popularity in the Indian market.

Features of Cello Pens

  • Light to hold

  • Can be easily carried

  • Helpful in long and smooth writing

  • Cello pens are said to be the exam especial pen

  • Students’ most preferred pen

5. Reynolds

Price: Rs. 25 onwards

Reynolds is one of the most trusted pen brands in India, since its inception in the year 1945. Its advanced fluid ink technology helps you write smoothly. Reynolds has a variety of pens to offer in its store such as gel pens, roller pens, fountain pens, etc.

Reynolds pens are available at very affordable prices so that everyone can afford to buy it and use it.

Features of Reynolds Pen

  • It is smudge-free

  • Comes with a soft and comfortable grip

  • Transparent and scratch proof built

  • GIves the user a smooth writing experience

6. Hayman

Price: Rs. 349 onwards

Unique and premium designs of Hayman made it one of the best-selling pen brands in India. If you are looking to try some premium pen brands in India, you must check this pen out and see the quality of their products.

International standards are followed by them in the making of Hayman pens, which made them earn a strong position in the pen industry.

Features of Hayman Pens

  • Fountain pens with 18K gold plating

  • It uses German roller refills

  • Incredible Designs

  • One of the top premium pen brands

  • Replaceble inks for all pens

7. Luxor

Price: Rs. 193 (pack of 10)

Luxor produces one of the top 10 best long-lasting pens in India and 119 other nations. Along with pens, there are other stationery products are also available in the market by this brand.

No matter what is your profession, Luxor has something to offer everyone.

Features of Luxor Pens

  • Broad range of prices

  • Inexpensive Pen Brand

  • Its ink is waterproof

  • Provides warranty

8. Legend

Price: Rs. 330 onwards

Legend is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of the instruments of wrfiting for more than 37 years. Legend gives you various pen options to choose from. And it has spread all over the globe.

Features of Legend Pens

  • Top-notch pens

  • State-of-art design 

  • Built on international standards

  • Gives a comfortable writing experience

  • Have solid grip

9. Rorito

Price: Rs. 210 (pack of 30)

It is another one of the top pen brands in India, used by most people across professions. Rorito gives the users a comfortable and smooth feeling while they are writing, its beautiful designs keep attracting people towards it.

It comes in various price range so that it can be afforded by the masses.

Features of Rorito Pens

  • Robotic Fluid Systems

  • Waterproof Ink

  • Impressive designs

10. Pierre Cardin

Price: Rs. 99 onwards

Pierre Cardin is a brand that produces pens of various styles, which makes it one of the most stylish pens in the world. If you are looking for luxurious pens at affordable prices then Pierre Cardin can be the pen that you are looking for.

It has a broad range of styles and design options to choose from and all of the designs of this brand are highly attractive. Just like Parker, pens of this brand can also be used in multiple scenarios such as party functions, gifting, and for personal and professional use as well.

Features of Pierre Cardin

  • Premium quality pens

  • Stylish designs

  • Long-lasting

  • Comes with water-resistant ink

  • One of the best ball pen brands in India

11. Flair

Price: Rs. 25 onwards

This brand is highly known for its Writometer ball pens capable of writing 1300 meters and is one of the 13 top pen brands in India. It also has a wide range of attractive designs available in the market. At the present moment, Flair is dealing in over 650 products.

Features of Flair Pens

  • Advanced fluid ink system

  • Designed for providing a faster writing experience

  • Comes with jumbo ink cartridges

12. Montex

Price: Rs. 390 (pack of 6)

With a remarkable international presence, Montex is also one of the leading most famous pen brands in the world. Their pen is available in various price ranges and designs. This brand puts a lot of effort into making its quality-rich pens for its customers spread across the globe.

Features of Montex Pens

  • Long-lasting pens

  • Great designs

  • Affordable price

13. Linc

Price: Rs. 200 (pack of 25)

It is one of the top players in the pens industry for more than the past 45 years. When it comes to investing in pens, Linc is one of the most preferred pen brands for more than half of Indians, as they are available at highly affordable prices with great built quality.

It provides the users with a smooth writing experience that makes the writing process enjoyable for them.

Features of Linc Pens

  • Budget-friendly

  • Available in different colors

  • Waterproof Ink


So, this was all about the best pen brands in India 2023, where we discussed the 13 top pen brands in India, along with the types of pens available under those brands, features, and their price range. I hope it was an informative and helpful read for you, do not forget to share this article with your friends so that they can also be informed about the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the number 1 pen in India?

Ans. Parker, Cello, Reynolds, and Pierre Cardin are some of the best pen brands in India. To know about more such brands, read our article on the same.

Q. Which is the branded pen in India?

Ans. There are several options to choose from, you can read our article and take the look at the 13 best pen brands in India.

Q. Which pen is the best for students?

Ans. Pens from Pilot and Cello are said to be the best pens for students. However, choices differ from person to person.

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