PhonePe Petrol Offer: Get upto Rs. 150 Cashback 

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PhonePe is a payments app where you can use BHIM UPI, your credit or debit card, or your wallet to recharge everything online. We all know that petrol and diesel prices are on a hike in India and the fuel cost as well  is getting expensive day by day.  

PhonePe already offers many cashback offers on almost every transaction. Here are some PhonePe petrol offers for you to save up to Rs.150 cashback amount by paying through PhonePe.

Now you can quickly load your vehicle with petrol by paying online without carrying cash with you and even get a good amount of cashback on the same. 

Digital modes of payment add so much to your convenience. PhonePe Petrol offers to help you save time as well as money. No time is wasted in waiting for payment. You can pay directly from your smartphone. 

Keep reading to know more.

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PhonePe Petrol Pump Offers

PhonePe Petrol Offer

You can save money on your monthly fuel bills as well. PhonePe helps you save on your transaction with its attractive offers, let's check them out.

Petrol Pump 


Indian Oil

Indian Oil 0.75% Cashback Offer 

Bharat Petroleum

Bharat Petroleum 0.75% Cashback Offer 


HPCL 0.75% Cashback Offer

Review of the PhonePe Petrol Offers

Here, I have provided a detailed review of petrol pump offers. Read each of them for better information.

1. Indian Oil PhonePe Offer

 Indian Oil 0.75% Cashback Offer

You can Get up to 0.75% Cashback offer using the Indian Oil Phone Pe offer.

  • Get up to 0.75% cashback on your fuel purchase. 

  • The maximum cashback you can get per transaction is Rs. 45. 

  • The maximum cashback you can avail on your fuel payment per month is Rs. 150.

  • The offer period for limited period.

  • The offer is valid for PhonePe users. 

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2. Bharat Petroleum PhonePe Offer 

 Bharat Petroleum 0.75% Cashback Offer 

Enjoy up to 0.75% Cashback offer using the Phone app on Bharat Petroleum pumps. 

  • You can get flat 0.75% cashback on your fuel amount. 

  • The maximum cashback you can get per transaction is Rs. 45. 

  • The maximum cashback you can avail of on your fuel payment per month is Rs. 150.

  • The cashback is applicable on every fuel bill per user per device.

  • This offer is for limited period.


3. HPCL PhonePe Offer 

 HPCL 0.75% Cashback Offer 

Get a flat 0.75% cashback offer using the Phone Pe on HPCL Petrol Pumps. 

  • You can get flat 0.75% cashback after you pay for your fuel bill at HPCL petrol pump station. 

  • The maximum cashback you can get per transaction is Rs. 45. 

  • The maximum cashback you can avail of on your fuel payment per month is Rs. 150.

  • The cashback is applicable on every fuel bill per user per device.

  • You can avail of the offer many times during the offer duration. 

  • The offer period is for limited period. 

How to Avail Petrol offer on PhonePe?

To avail cashback rewards, follow the simple steps and enjoy saving money on your petrol purchase. 

  • Click here to download PhonePe app

  • Open the app to perform billing after filling fuel at the petrol pump station

  • Scan the QR code option available at the counter 

  • Offer is applicable only when you select PhonePe as the payment option at checkout

  • Click on Pay to complete the transaction by entering your UPI number. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Avail the Phone Pe Petrol Offer?

  • The offer is valid for all users andy anu number of times during the offer period
  • The offer is valid on the selected payment  instruments
  • BHIM UPI/ Debit Card/ Wallet linked on on Phone Pe or At Pumps. 
  • If the amount is paid by wallet + Credit card, the cashback will be calculated on wallet transaction only.  

Terms and Conditions - Phonepe Petrol offer online

  • The offer is applicable for both iOS and Android users.

  • You should raise a cashback-related query within 30 days post a successful transaction. 

  • The transaction performed should be done using a PhonePe linked bank account via the PhonePe app. 

  • Cashback gift vouchers can be used for recharges and other bill payments and cannot be withdrawn to any bank account or transferred to other users. 

  • PhonePe has the right to end the offer without any prior notice or information. 

  • The cashback amount will be credited to the user's account within 24 hours from the time of the transaction. 

  • PhonePe receives the right to change the terms and conditions of the offer or withdraw it any time without any specific reason or prior notice at its sole discretion. 

When do I Get my Cashback? 

The cashback will be credited as the Phone Pe gift voucher balance within 24 hours of the complete transaction. 

Cashback in Case of Refund/ Cancellation

In the case of any refund and cancellation, the cashback which is given in the transaction will continue to remain as a gift voucher and it will be non-withdrawable to your bank account. It can be used by the App for recharges, bill payment,s and more.

Reasons to Use PhonePe For Petrol Payment

If you are not already using the digital payments app for your fuel payments you are missing out on a lot of benefits. Here we are providing some of the reasons to start using PhonePe for Petrol payment today. You can easily get started in a few steps. So let us start with the top reasons to switch to PhonePe for petrol payment.

Availability: You will find PhonePe as a mode of payment at all major petrol pumps across the country. Whether it is Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, HPCL, or Nayara Energy you will find PhonePe. Just open the app and make payment for your fuel bill without worrying about anything else.

Convenience: Digital payment apps are hassle-free. They allow seamless transactions without any worries. When you use PhonePe offers for Petrol payment you will experience the ultimate ease. The app will make the payment possible without any waiting time. Normally, a lot of time is wasted at petrol payment due to payments but with PhonePe, you are removing the hassles. Your billing process is convenient with PhonePe. 

Attractive offers: In addition to the time and effort you will save with PhonePe, you also get to save money. Earn cash back on your petrol payment with PhonePe app. PhonePe online petrol offers are valid for all major petrol pumps. You will surely save a lot of money every month. The cashback will be credited to your PhonePe wallet. You get cashback on payment at Indian oil, Bharat petroleum, HPCL and more. 

Save time: Have you noticed? When you need to visit a petrol station it is always when you are in a hurry. It happens to most people. You are getting late for office and all of sudden you notice that you need to visit the petrol station for a refill. It is frustrating, but something you can not avoid. In such a situation every minute is crucial. With PhonePe, you can easily some time. The app makes payments possible in a click of button to save time. 

Security: The app is also very secure. PhonePe is a leading app for digital payments in India. You can completely trust it for security. It comes with the necessary security features to take care of payment details. The app is also safer than carrying a lot of cash in your wallet. No need to carry cash as PhonePe has the necessary features to be one solution for all your payments. 


PhonePe petrol offer makes you save money on your petrol by paying online. Carefully read the key points of each offer and avail amazing cashback on your online payment of fuel. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. How to get cashback on IndianOil petrol pump?

 A. After buying what you want on the respective site, select PhonePe as your payment option. Sign in to your PhonePe account after confirming your number and OTP. Pay for Net Payable amount using PhonePe to get Rs.50 Cashback.

Q. How to get offers on petrol?

A. You can get offers on petrol by paying through Paytm or oPhonePe. Read the steps given in this article, to know how.

Q . How can I check my PhonePe offers?

A. Check out the steps mentioned above to avail the offer on PhonePe. 

Q. Is there any cashback on PhonePe?

A. Yes, there are various cashback offers that you can avail from PhonePe. To avail cashback on petrol throughPhonePe, read this article.

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