How to Buy and Claim PhonePe Gift Cards in 2024?

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Hey, PhonePe users! Do you know how to Buy and Claim PhonePe Gift cards? Are you also looking for the right methods? If yes, I will help you. This article is all about PhonePe special Gift cards for their users. 

A few days back, I planned to surprise my partner with a special present. Here, a PhonePe Gift card helped me a lot by simplifying the financial transactions. If you are a shopping freak, gift card feature of PhonePe is outstanding. Whenever I shop online, such gift cards save my money. 

You might be wondering how to buy PhonePe Gift cards. After you purchase, what are the steps to claim gift cards? I will answer all your questions. Read this article thoroughly-

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Phonepe Gift Cards

Phonepe Gift Cards Launched - Usage and Benefits 

Phonepe is a cool, convenient and hassle-free UPI based payment mechanism that helped people in the tough time of demonetization. 

With Phonepe Bill payments, recharges and money transfers became so easy and fast. To make itself more useful and engaging it has launched Gift cards that has its own benefits and usage.

PhonePe Gift Cards has become a new trend for the perfect present. People nowadays have their own preferences and gifting a gift card will ensure that the person can have something valuable for himself/herself, Making your gift worthwhile.

That’s why whether you are considering a gift across lifestyle or e-commerce purchases or gifting a holiday, PhonePe Gift Cards are the answer to all special occasions and gifting needs. 

How to Buy PhonePe Gift Cards? All Easy Steps

Are you a newbie to PhonePe app and looking for the right method to purchase gift cards? Make sure to follow these steps given below-

  • Open the PhonePe app and click on “My Money”.

  • Go to the Payment section and click on the “Gift Cards”.

  • Tap on any category mentioned in the list. 

  • Click on the gift card and enter the amount.

  • Choose your payment method of your choice.

  • Tap on the “Pay” option.

  • PhonePe will share a confirmation message with the gift card details.

That’s it! Congrats for your first purchase of a Phonepe gift card. 

How to Claim Your PhonePe Gift Card? 

You have got your gift cards through the PhonePe app. How to claim gift cards? Do you know about it? Check the steps given below-

  • Open PhonePe on your mobile.

  • Click on the “My Money” section.

  • The third step is to click on the “Gift Cards”.

  • The fourth step is to share voucher code and PIN. You have received these details on your email address.

  • Tap on the “Add” button.

  • The process is completed!! You have successfully claimed PhonePe Gift cards.

Terms and Conditions for Phonepe Gift Cards

Here are all the terms of use of PhonePe Gift Cards/Rewards and more.

  • The gift card is valid only for merchant purchases made on PhonePe. 

  • The validity of Phonepe gift cards is 1 year and you can not extend it.

  • PhonePe Gift Card once bought cannot be cancelled. 

  • The maximum value of a gift card is up to Rs.10,000.

  • PhonePe wallet balance or existing Gift Card balance cannot be used to purchase e-gift cards.

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How to Use Phonepe Gift Cards? 

Phonepe Gift cards are a great way to send money as gifts to your friends and loved ones, but apart from that, there are other uses as well. 

There are many benefits of the Phonepe gift cards that make it a very advantageous gift and a beneficial method of sending money to your loved ones. Here are a few benefits that you didn’t know the gift cards had all this time.

A Phonepe gift card can be used in these three ways:

  1. Gift it to another PhonePe user.

  2. Link it to your PhonePe account.

  3. Pay using Phonepe Gift card.

How to Gift PhonePe Gift Card to Another User? 

One of the main uses of the Phonepe gift cards is to send money and finances to other people. If you are looking for such a purpose then you should know about the different methods that you can follow in order to send money to others using the Phonepe gift cards. 

Once you have got a PhonePe gift Card on your own, then you can follow the steps below to gift PhonePe Gift Card to your friends and family :

  • Open your PhonePe app and purchase a Phonepe gift card using the steps mentioned above.

  • Go to your transaction history from the bottom menu.

  • Select the ‘SEND AS GIFT’ option that will be showing in front of your purchased gift card.

  • Mention the name of the recipient. And you are done!

How to link your PhonePe Gift Card to your PhonePe account? 

Are you confused about how to link your account with the Phonepe gift cards? Well, it is not that confusing and difficult to do. This section deals with how to link your account with the Phonepe gift cards. Keep reading for more details. Sometimes, people get confused with the Phonepe Gift Voucher Code. However, with these steps, we hope to remove any confusion. 

Now when you have bought or received a PhonePe Gift Card. Follow the steps below to link your PhonePe Gift Card to your Phonepe account :

  1. Login to your PhonePe account.

  2. Go to the My money section.

  3. Now click on Phonepe Gift card.

  4. And finally, the Claim Now to link it. 

  5. Enter the (16 digits) gift card number and (6 digits) PIN to add the Gift Card to your balance.

  6. Done!!

Final Wordings

It was so complicated, or you can say almost impossible, for most PhonePe users to find the right method to buy and claim PhonePe Gift Cards. This article has solved your problem by mentioning the right procedure to save your efforts. But everybody should understand their Terms and conditions as well. That is why I have also mentioned it to help you. You also learned how to send PhonePe Gift Cards to other users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does PhonePe have a gift card?

A1. You can buy PhonePe gift card by following the steps given below:

  • Tap on the “My Money” option.

  • Click on the category in your list and select the gift card.

  • Enter the amount and select the payment method.

  • Click on the “Pay” option.

Q2. Where to find gifted coupons on PhonePe?

A2. You can find the gifted coupons in the Reward section of the PhonePe app.

Q3. How to convert PhonePe gift card to cash?

A3. Currently, it is not possible to convert any PhonePe gift cards into cash. 

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