How to Get Paytm Wallet Card : Eligibility, Features & More

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Paytm has launched a new payment option "Wallet Card" for users. 

Paytm is the most popular e-wallet, but still, at times we find stores where the Paytm wallet option is not available as a payment option. 

With the Paytm Wallet card, user can use their wallet balance much more freely. This feature has been introduced to make online payments hassle free.

The company already has debit and credit card services available. Paytm Debit card is for Payments bank users. While the company has launched co-branded credit cards in partnership with Citi and HDFC Bank. For more details on Paytm Credit Card click here

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What is Paytm Wallet Card?

Paytm Wallet Card is a prepaid card linked to your Paytm wallet balance. This card is available on the RuPay platform. Currently, it is available as a virtual card. Paytm wallet card is also expected to be launched as a physical card in the future.

Using the 16 digit card and CVV number, you can use this card for online and offline payments. Paytm Wallet card has been rolled out to select users. It will be soon made available for all users soon. 


How to Apply for Paytm Wallet Card?

  • Open the Paytm App

  • Go to My Paytm Section

  • Click on the Paytm Wallet option

  • Choose Paytm Wallet card activation

  • Your Paytm wallet card will be activated soon

Note: Paytm Wallet Card is available for select users. You can check eligibility from the latest version of the Paytm app. 

Paytm Wallet Card Benefits

With the Paytm wallet card, you can make use of your wallet balance at all online stores where the RuPay card is accepted. Although Paytm Wallet is accepted at major online shopping sites. But there are also a few online stores where you will not find the option to use Paytm wallet bank. 

Now, with the launch of the Paytm wallet card use your wallet balance at all stores accepting RuPay debit cards. You can also make POS payments using your wallet balance. And once you get the physical card, it can be used for bus and metro payments as well. 

  • Accepted at leading online stores

  • Make POS payments

  • Easy to manage virtual card

  • Instant activation

  • No additional charges

  • Use for metro & bus payments


How to Make Online Payment Using Paytm Wallet Card?

  • Choose the credit/debit card option

  • Enter your 16 digit Card Number

  • Enter CVV code & expiry date

  • verify with OTP

  • The amount will be deduced from your Paytm balance

How To Add Money In Your Paytm Wallet Card?

Paytm Wallet card is linked to your wallet. So the balance available in your Paytm wallet will be automatically available in your card. The process to add money is the same.

Go to the wallet option and select add money. You can add money using a debit/credit card, UPI, or net banking. A 2% extra charge is applicable on adding money using a credit card on paytm. 

Meanwhile, Paytm has many add money offers as well to reward users. For more details on Paytm Add money promo codes click here

Paytm Wallet Card Number

Paytm Wallet card is a virtual debit card. Once you activate the card, a virtual card will be available on the Paytm app. 

You can find all details such as card number, CVV code, and expiry date on the Paytm App. You need these details to make online payments using this virtual card. 

Difference Between Paytm Debit Card & Wallet Card

Paytm Debit card is linked to the Paytm Bank while the wallet card is linked to the wallet of users. Both cards can be easily managed from the Paytm app. Paytm Debit card is based on Visa while the wallet card is on the Rupay Platform. 

Paytm Wallet Card Eligibility

Paytm has made the card available to select users at the time of launch. The eligible users can activate the Paytm wallet card easily using the app. You will this option on the Paytm app only if you are eligible for this card. 

Even if you are not eligible at this time, you can become eligible later. At the time of launch, this service is made available for select users only. 

We expect this card to become eligible for more users soon. 

How to Order physical wallet card?

Paytm is also allowing users to order physical wallet transit card. You will see the option in the wallet transit card menu. However, the option is not available. 
You can see a coming soon notification in the physical card option. Once the option to order a physical card is available, we will have a better idea about the applicable charges. And you can decide whether to order the physical card or not

With the growing popularity of the Paytm wallet, this payment option has become widely accepted. And with the launch of the Paytm Wallet card, this reach is further enhanced. You can apply for a Paytm Wallet card easily from the app and use multiple benefits for this virtual card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Paytm wallet card?

You can get Paytm wallet card from the Paytm app. This card is available for select users currently. You can check eligibility from the wallet section on the paytm app.

What is difference between Paytm wallet and Paytm bank?

The company has launched Payments bank to provide users access to various payments services. Paytm wallet is an e-wallet any person with a mobile number can sign up for it. Users can also opt to open a Paytm savings account and earn interest on their deposits.

Is ATM card required for Paytm?

Paytm provides a virtual debit card to all Payments bank users. You can manage this card from the Paytm App. Users can also opt to get a physical card to withdraw money at ATMs. 

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