Paytm Add Money Offer For December - Earn Up To Rs. 250 Extra [Updated]

Unlock cashback, rewards and other exciting benefits with Paytm add money promo codes.

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Paytm wallet balance is like real cash. You can use Paytm wallet for all types of transactions. While you get cashback on different transactions you can earn with add money on Paytm as well. Find the Paytm promo code for add money to earn cashback. You get these promo codes for new as well as existing users.

Every month Paytm comes up with new add money offers to help users save money. There are many users specific offers on add money as well. For the Paytm add money offers for this month keep reading ...

Meanwhile, the payments company recently launched the Paytm SBI Credit Card. The credit card comes with many exclusive benefits. For more details on the card click here

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Paytm Add Money Offers 2021

Minimum Transaction

Flat 500 Cashback points

Rs. 4000

Flat Rs. 25 Cashback

Rs. 2500

Flat 1X Cashback Points

Rs. 2500

Win a Surprise reward Every Time

Rs. 10

Up to 6000 Cashback Points

Rs. 6,000

Paytm Add Money Coupon Code Today

Paytm has many user-specific offers to reward you for adding money to your wallet. There are three major offers that we found that help you earn bonus money. All the offers are user-specific. If you are eligible for the offer it will visible on the add money screen on your Paytm app. 

With the first offer, you get flat 500 cashback points on add money. The minimum transaction for this offer is Rs. 4000. You need to add Rs. 4000 to your wallet to earn flat 500 cashback points. The offer is for select users only.

Set up automatic Add Money and Earn Up to 6,000 Cashback Points

Set up auto add money on Paytm and earn 2000 cashback points. This offer is applicable on minimum automatic add money transaction of Rs. 1,000. The user will get a scratch card with the reward. 

This offer can be redeemed 3 times during the promotion period to get up to 6,000 cashback points. You can avail this add money offer once in a month. The points will be credited within 7 days of your transaction.

Earn Paytm Cashback Points on Add Money

Select users can add money to Paytm wallet and get 1X cashback Points. The offer is applicable on a minimum transaction of Rs. 2,500. This offer is applicable one time per user. The user has to complete the transaction using a credit card. Paytm Add money offer using a credit card is valid for select users only.

The important thing to note here is that a 2% additional fee is applicable on add money using a Credit card. So before you add money using credit cards to avail this offer, do the calculations to find if it is really rewarding. 

In addition to that, you also unlock surprise rewards worth up to Rs. 1000  on add money. Add Rs. 10 or more to your wallet to unlock a scratch card with surprise rewards. This offer can be availed once per user on add money. The user will receive a scratch card after completing the transaction. After scratching the card, the user will receive his Voucher.  You can redeem the voucher from Vouchers & deals in the cashback & offers section on the app. 

How to use Paytm Add Money promo Code

  • Open Paytm App

  • Click on Add money

  • Enter the amount to add

  • Click on have a promo code

  • Apply the promo code

  • Proceed to add money using the applicable mode of payment

  • Cashback will be credited within 24 hrs of the transaction

Get Flat Rs. 25 on Add Money {Select Users}

Add Rs. 500 to your Paytm wallet and get flat Rs. 25 cashback. This offer is valid for select users only. You need to add a minimum of Rs. 2500 to avail of the offer. Choose any mode to add money such as debit card, UPI, or net banking. The cashback will be credited with 24 hours of your transaction. However, the offer is user-specific, visit the add money section to check eligibility.

Paytm Add Money Offer for New users

Paytm always has many exciting offers for new users. You get special rewards on your first UPI transaction, recharge, bill payment, and add money transaction as well. If you are adding money to your wallet for the first time then you are eligible for the new user add money offer.

Rupay Card Add Money Offer on Paytm

Paytm also has rewards for different credit and debit card users. You can add money using your Rupay card to earn cashback as well. The offer is applicable to all Rupay card users. Use your Paytm Rupay card or any other bank card to avail of this offer. This offer is not active at the moment, we will update the coupon code for the Rupay card add money offer soon.

Paytm UPI add money Offer

In the past, Paytm has also rewarded users for adding money using UPI. This offer is applicable on adding money using your Paytm UPI ID. If you are yet to register for Paytm UPI then create your account now. The back can be back anytime. There are many benefits of using UPI. 

Best Offers on Payment with Paytm Wallet 

Paytm Dominos Offer - 2000 Cashback points

Get 2000 Cashback points with Paytm offer on Dominos. This offer is applicable on a minimum order value of Rs. 399. You can avail of the offer once. The offer is valid for select users only. The user has to make payment via Paytm Wallet. The reward will be credited within 48 hours of your transaction.

  • 2000 Cashback points

  • Select users

  • Aplicable once per user

  • Select Users

Paytm Bigbasket offer - Up to Rs. 500 Cashback 

Pay using Paytm wallet on Bigbasket to earn up to Rs. 500 cashback. The minimum transaction for this offer is Rs. 1500. This offer is valid once per the duration. The reward will be credited within 10 days of your transaction.

  • Up to Rs. 250 cashback
  • Minimum transaction of Rs. 1500
  • Once per user

Paytm Wallet JioMart offer - Up to Rs. 100 Cashback [Expired]

Pay for your order on JioMart using Paytm wallet to get up to Rs. 100 cashback. This offer is applicable once per user on minimum order of Rs. 600. Paytm JioMart offer is applicable once for select users only. The reward will be credited within 10 days of your transaction. 

  • Up to Rs. 100 cashback
  • Minimum transaction of Rs. 600
  • For select users

Paytm Wallet 1mg offer - Up to Rs. 500 Cashback

Get up to Rs. 500 cashback on 1mg. Use Paytm wallet for your transaction on a minimum transaction of Rs. 750 or more. This offer is valid for select customers only. The reward will be credited within 10 days of the successful transaction. 

  • Up to Rs. 500 cashback
  • Minimum Transaction of Rs. 750
  • Select Customers only

Moreover, get Rs. 30 cashback on add money every month with Paytm First Membership. For more details on Paytm First Click here

Paytm Add Money Offer - Get Cashback on Flight Ticket [Expired]

Apply coupon code MONEYFLY on add money to get a flat 3% cashback on flight booking. The maximum cashback of Rs. 1000 is applicable on flight tickets. The offer is valid one time per user. The flight voucher is valid for 30 days. Apply the coupon code on add money to avail the offer. Flight vouchers will be sent via SMS and Email within 24 hours.

The second coupon code you can use on add money is OLAONPAYTM. With the promo code, get Rs. 50 cashback on booking an Ola cab. The offer is valid on Ola Cab booking via the Ola Mini App program on Paytm. Cashback will be credited within 10 days of the transaction. The offer is valid once per user during the period.

Paytm Add Money Offer - Up to Rs. 300 Cashback [expired]

Add Rs. 200 or more to Paytm wallet using a credit card and get up to Rs. 300 cashback. Get Rs. 75 Fastag voucher on first add money transaction. For your 2nd add money transaction, you will get up to Rs. 75 Zomato Voucher. 

When you add money for the 3rd time during the offer duration you get up to Rs., 75 movie vouchers. You get up to Rs. 75 Zomato voucher for add money of Rs. 2000 for the first time during the offer duration.

Paytm First Time Add Money Offer- [Expired]

If you are adding money to your wallet for the first time. Use coupon code NEW40 to get cashback on your transaction. You will get Rs. 40 cashback with the add money promo code. The minimum transaction should be Rs. 40.

In case NEW40 is not working use NEW20 to add Rs. 20 to Paytm wallet. With the coupon code, get Rs. 20 cashback on add money.

  • Use NEW40 on add money

  • Get Rs. 40 cashback

  • Valid for New users

Also, check the Paytm Payments bank app launch for savings account holders. The app to provide banking services at one place.

Paytm Wallet Add Money Offer for Old users - [Expired]

Get 100% cashback with Paytm add money offer for old users. The Maximum cashback is Rs. 100 with the offer. There is no minimum transaction. Lucky winners will get cashback within 24 hrs of the transaction. 100 lucky users have a chance to win every hour.

  • 100 % cashback on add money

  • 100 lucky winner every hour

  • Coupon code can be used any number of times

  • Valid for new and old users

  • Maximum cashback is Rs. 100


Note: Paytm is providing user-specific offers on  add money as well. When you proceed to add money, you can see the eligible offers. Also get Add money promo codes for different transactions. 

Paytm Add Money Offer With UPI- [Expired]

Add money to wallet using your Paytm UPI ID to earn up to Rs. 500 cashback. Use add money promo code 'LUCKYUPI500'. To apply the promo code user has to make payment with Paytm UPI.

The minimum transaction for the add money offer is Rs. 250. With the offer, lucky 250 winners will earn Rs. 500 cashback daily.

  • Minimum add money transaction of Rs. 500

  • Maximum cashback of Rs. 500

  • Use promo code LUCKYUPI500

  • Make payment using Paytm UPI ID

Paytm Add money Offer With SBI Card - [Expired]

You can even get cashback on add money with different bank offers. There is a great offer for SBI Bank users. Add money via SBI Debit or Credit card to get 4 per cent cashback. Use promo code SBIADD on your transaction. The cashback will be credited to your wallet. It is an amazing promotion to get extra value for money.

Axis Bank Offer for Add Money on Paytm- [Expired]

Use promo code WLTAXIS on loading money in your Paytm wallet. The promo code is valid for Axis Bank cardholders. Get 5% cashback on add money with the promo code. The add money coupon is valid for a limited period. So use the promo code before it expires to get extra value for money. 

Paytm Add Money offer today - [Expired]

While adding money to your Paytm account check the Paytm add money offer today. You can always find new promo codes that give you extra value for money. Recently, there was a promo code for UPI users.

With the offer, Paytm UPI users get an extra 1% cashback on add money. Apply the promo code and proceed to pay using UPI to receive the cashback within 24 hrs.

  • Promo code is UPIFIFTY

  • Maximum cashback of Rs. 50

  • Cashback on payment with UPI on Paytm

Paytm Wallet – The Best E-Wallet in India

There is no doubt that Paytm is the best e-wallet in India. It comes with so many powerful features that make digital payment seamless and at the same time provide security as well. On top of that, you can save money with the Wallet offers. 
And with the add money offers, you get more value for money as well. Paytm is the only wallet which allows transaction between users. You can't transfer Pay Balance or any other wallet balance to any other account but Paytm allows users to transact in a hassle-free way. 
You can also transfer your wallet balance to any bank account. This is yet another feature that is only provided by Paytm.

In addition to that, you can get user-specific add money promo codes on Paytm as well. If you are a Paytm First Member you will also get exclusive add money offer.

Recently, Paytm promo code for adding money was available for select bank credit and debit card users. But the offers have expired in case any more add money promo codes are made available we will update this post.

So stay tuned and save more on every transaction with the latest promo codes and offers.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any promo code for adding money to Paytm wallet?
Add money using Paytm UPI to earn up to Rs. 500. The offer is for select users on adding money with UPI. The cashback amount will from Rs. 30 to Rs. 500.

How can I add promo code in Paytm?

  • Download the Paytm App.

  • Login to your account

  • Proceed to recharge/pay your bill.

  • On the payment page, check the “I have Promo code” box

  • Enter the Promo code P50, 

  • Click on Apply.

  • Now proceed to pay for your order

  • Your cashback will come into your wallet shortly.

How can I activate Paytm cashback?

You can activate the offer by going to the "Cashback Offers" on the Paytm App. Select offer you want to activate and tap activate.