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Pizza Hut New Year Offers

Just hearing the word ‘Pizza’ can bring a smile to our faces.

But did you know that the first time pizza was made in 997 AD. ?…

Yes!! the term pizza can be seen in an old Latin text from Gaeta ( a southern Italian town). According to that text, there was a tenant who was supposed to give ““Duodecim pizza,” (12 pizzas)  to a bishop on every Christmas and for another 12 easters Sundays.

We can easily say that the pizza of that time was totally different from now, because till 1500 AD tomatoes were not discovered in Italy. So, we can assume that pizza in 997 was more of a flatbread seasoned with olive oil and herbs.

Well, luckily we do not live in 997 AD and we have a lot of Pizza options to go with. We can get a pizza that is full of cheese or one that is gluten-free just on the click of a button. Now you don't even need to step out of your home to enjoy the deliciousness of a pizza “of this century”. There are many famous pizza outlets that operate in the online mode to bring your favourite pizza right to your doorstep.

If you are a 90’s kid you would be bedazzled to know that the first ever online order was a pizza hut's pizza in 1994. When many of us didn’t even know how to operate a computer, Pizza Hut had already received an online order.

Being ahead of their time they are actually the best when it comes to ordering a pizza. They are known to experiment with their food menu and the authentic taste that leaves everyone wanting for more. As the New year is coming to an end, pizza hut is keen on delighting its customers with some amazing New Year Discounts. You can expect up to 50% off on your orders and delight your guests by giving them a pizza party.

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