How to Watch The Kapil Sharma: I am Not Done Yet for free on Netflix?

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Kapil Sharma is one of the famous and loved comedians in India, making us laugh for more than a decade. We have seen his shows on different TV channels, and we are looking forward to seeing him on one of the leading OTT platforms, Netflix. 


It is coming to Netflix this January 2022. He will be seen in a solo role and tell us some interesting facts about his life and journey. This is going to be the digital debut of Kapil Sharma. How to watch Kapil Sharma: I am Not Done Yet and more details about the show. 


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How to Watch The Kapil Sharma: I am Not Done Yet for free on Netflix?


Kapil Sharma: I Am Not Done Yet Release Date 

The release date for the upcoming show of Kapil Sharma is 28th January 2022, only on Netflix. The actor-comedian has been working in this industry for more than 25 years, and we loved to watch him on screen. 


He also added that he had not taken the comedy seriously, and after taking it, it has changed his life forever.  

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Kapil Sharma: I am Not Done Yet Trailer 

Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming show of Kapil Sharma.

 In the recent trailer, he also revisits his drunk tweet to a politician and all the one time when the controversial tweet was from ‘Jack Daniels’ and not him, and the one that was ‘Absolut’ his, but how one shouldn’t ‘Black Label’… oops “black list an artist for small issues”.

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How to Watch Kapil Sharma: I am Not Done Yet for free? 

As we all know, Netflix is one of the leading OTT platforms, and it is a paid platform, but here are some ways to watch Netflix for free. Some of the leading telecom service providers are offering the Netflix subscription for free, check out the complete details here. For more information about how to get Netflix for free, click here

  • Netflix with Vi-  Vodafone is one of India’s largest telecom service providers and with Rs. 1,099, 1699, 2299 REDX postpaid connection, you will Get Netflix subscription free for one year. 

  • Netflix with Reliance Jio-  Jio is offering free Netflix subscriptions to some selected postpaid plans. The plans are Rs.399, Rs.599, Rs.799, Rs.999, and Rs 1499. The validity of the plan will be according to the billing cycle.

Here are the two ways through which you can watch How to Watch Kapil Sharma: I am Not Done Yet for free?.   Besides Ginni and Bharti, Kapil Sharma’s mom was also spotted in the crowd. A few other familiar faces from The Kapil Sharma Show also made a blink and miss appearance in the trailer.


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Netflix Subscription Plans 

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  • Rs. 149 monthly for Mobile version. 

  • Rs. 199 Monthly basic Plan.  

  • Rs. 499 Monthly Standard Plan.

  • Rs. 649 Monthly Premium Plan. 


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149 Mobile Plan

If you want to operate Netflix on your phone only, this is the best plan for you, and you need to pay Rs. 1788 annually. 


199 Monthly Basic Plan 

If you want to operate Netflix, not on a phone and another device like TV, laptop, Notepad, then this is the best plan that you can choose or switch to. Netflix will only operate on a single screen. Content is available in SD resolution only. The annual cost for the plan is Rs 2,388.


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649 Monthly Premium Plan 

The Rs. 649 plan is a kind of family plan wherein the account can be accessed on four screens at a time. All content can be streamed in Ultra HD (4K), and the annual subscription cost for the plan is Rs 7,788.


This is all about the how-to watch Kapil Sharma: I am Not Done Yet for free? Here is the complete detail about the upcoming show on Netflix. 

You can watch it for free as some of the leading telecom service providers offer free subscriptions with their plans. 


Questions You May Have 


Q.  When is the Kapil Sharma show coming?

The show is going to release on 28th January 2022 only on Netflix, and it is the first time we are going to see Kapil Sharma on the OTT platform.

Q.  Who will be a Part of this Kapil Sharma Show on Netflix?

As per the trailer, we have seen Ginny, her wife, her mother, further to clear details available online for the same. 


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