How To Activate 5g In Airtel In Just 2 Minutes?

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Do you remember when it took hours to download a file? Thanks to technological advancements, it now takes just a few seconds.

Many networks have launched their 5G Networks, and today, in this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to activate 5G in Airtel. Humankind has made significant progress toward this achievement with the help of Airtel's phone and internet services. 

The Airtel 5G network offers an extraordinary and unmatched revolution, with incredibly low latency, increased capacity, and, of course, a seamless network. Learn more about Airtel 5G, including its benefits, how to activate it, connect it to smartphones, and much more.

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How To Activate 5g In Airtel?

How To Activate 5G In Airtel?

You can start using Airtel 5G without purchasing a new SIM card if you already have an Airtel 4G SIM card because your current 4G SIM is compatible with the Airtel 5G network. However, whether it's a tablet or smartphone, you must have an Airtel 5G band-capable 5G-enabled device in order to use 5G services. Furthermore, you would still need an active 5G recharge plan even if you live in a 5G-enabled area and own a smartphone that supports 5G. Below, I will tell you about how to enable Airtel 5G on android and iPhone in detail. So, keep reading. 

How To Enable Airtel 5G On Android?

Follow the steps given below to learn how to enable Airtel 5G on Android.

  • Explore Settings.

  • Next, select the SIM or Mobile Network.

  • Choose the Airtel SIM now to activate 5G.

  • Select the tab labelled "Preferred Network Type."

  • You will have options like 2G only, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, and Auto.

  • Choose the 5G or Auto option.

  • In a few seconds, your phone will be activated for 5G.

  • Look for the 5G symbol appearing on the status bar to determine whether 5G is operational.

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How To Enable Airtel 5G On iPhone?

Go through the steps given below to learn how to enable Airtel 5G on iPhone.

  • Browse to Settings.

  • Select the "Cellular" tab.

  • Choose "Cellular Data Options" now.

  • Click "Voice & Data" after that.

  • You can select from a variety of network options here, including 5G Auto.

  • You can use any 5G network to access Airtel 5G services on your iPhone.

How To Check Airtel 5G Compatibility In Phone?

Make sure your device is 5G-enabled before learning how to connect to a 5G network. But how can one find out if a phone is 5G compatible? There are three approaches you can take.

1. Look for any 5G text in the box of your tablet or smartphone. If your phone has a 5G band or sign on the box or label, it is compatible with the Airtel 5G network. 

2. You can also look it up by searching through your phone's Settings app.

  • Open the Settings app.

  • Select the option for Mobile Networks/Mobile Data/SIM.

  • Verify the Preferred Network Type

  • Your phone is 5G enabled if there is a 5G option available in the list.

3. You can use the Airtel Thanks App to verify 5G compatibility as well. Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, then sign up with your Airtel phone number. Click "check if your phone is 5G enabled" on the home tab now.

Benefits Of Using Airtel 5G 

Using the Airtel 5G network on your device has many advantages.

  • They are the top mobile network provider, providing their customers with seamless network services and high-speed internet.

  • Experience up to 30 times faster internet speed.

  • Feel minimal latency ranging from 1 to 50 ms.

  • Availability in almost all the cities and towns.

  • Watch 4K and ultra-HD videos, play games, and take advantage of buffer-free live streaming.

  • You can connect to more devices with higher bandwidth.

What Are The Conditions To Use Airtel 5G Services?

Utilising Airtel 5G Services Requires Five Conditions:

1) A 5G smartphone is required.

2) You need to update the software on your smartphone.

3) You need to be in a 5G area.

4) Your smartphone needs to be in 5G mode.

5) To keep enjoying the benefits of Airtel Unlimited 5G Data, you must have an active postpaid connection on your Airtel sim card or a prepaid base plan with a value of INR 239 or more.

How To Activate Airtel Unlimited 5G Data?

The Airtel Thanks App can be used to claim Airtel Unlimited 5G Data. Follow the instructions below to activate it.

  • Open the Google Play Store and download the Airtel Thanks app.

  • Click this link to download the Airtel Thanks app.

  • Enter your Airtel Number to log in to the Airtel Thanks app.

  • Click "Claim Unlimited 5G Data" after swiping a little bit down.

  • You can view CLAIM NOW if you currently have an active plan that is INR 239 or more.

  • After a few seconds, click the Claim Now button to see a success message. Congratulations!

Now that your Airtel Unlimited 5G Data is active, you can use your device to enjoy 5G for free.

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Final Words 

This was all about How To Activate 5g In Airtel. Get ready to be amazed by what Airtel 5G has to offer. Enjoy higher-than-before internet speeds. Users can enjoy a seamless experience with Airtel 5G in terms of voice quality, low latency networks, and internet speed. I hope you have received the complete information regarding this subject. Therefore, if you liked this article, make sure to share it with all your loved ones. However, if you still have any other queries, you can ask them in our comment section, and we will try to resolve them as soon as possible. 

Questions You May Have

Q. Why is my 5G not working in Airtel?

A. It could be a problem with your phone, the network, or even the fact that you haven't chosen to enable 5G through the My Airtel app. You may have already used up all of the 5G data that was provided.

Q. Is Airtel 5G unlimited free?

A. All Airtel Prepaid customers can get and use unlimited 5G data when they recharge with unlimited packs starting at Rs 239 and above.

Q. What is the Airtel 5G price?

A. You can get unlimited 5G data if you recharge with an Unlimited pack starting at Rs 239 or more, which is available to all Airtel Prepaid customers.

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