How To Check Call History in Airtel App?

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It is easy to keep track of your Airtel call history. The telecom operator has made it convenient for subscribers to access this service with a few clicks. 

While people know that it is possible to get the call history of their number. But most are not aware of the different methods to use this service. 

The common methods to get call history include via USSD code and SMS. Another method is to use the Airtel App. In this post, we discuss how to check call history in the Airtel App.

So scroll down to find all the details on this topic.

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How To Check Call History in Airtel App?

Is it Possible to Check Call History in Airtel?

Yes, it is possible to get call history in Airtel. You need to follow simple steps for this purpose. The call history for your number includes both incoming and outgoing call details. 

As per TRAI, telecom operators need to keep a record of activities such as incoming calls, outgoing calls, SMS, data logs, and recharges for six months. 

So you can get call history for 6 months in a few simple steps. Now let us take a look at the steps to check your call history in Airtel. 

There can be different scenarios in which you need call history. For instance if you have lost any contacts from your device, then it is possible to get the details back by requesting call history. However, you can get the details back only if you have got income or outgoing calls from that number within the last 6 months. 

Also, it is very sensitive information and you need access to the number for which you want to check call history. 

How To Check Call History in Airtel App: 2 Different Ways

Here, we have mentioned two different ways to check airtel call history, you can try either of the ways mentioned below to check call history in Airtel.

1. Through SMS

The most popular option to get Airtel call history is via SMS. You need to send an SMS to 121. Type EPREBILL Month name and EMAIL ID and send to 121. The call history for the month will be sent to your Email ID within six hours.

For instance: Send a message like this EPREBILL JAN to 121. Replace it with your email ID and the month for which you want the call history. 

Shortly, you will receive a confirmation message for your query. You can get up to six months of call history using this method. 

2. Through Airtel Thanks App

To check your call history using Airtel Thanks App, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Install Airtel Thanks App

  • Login/signup into the app with your Airtel number

  • After signing up or logging in, find the call manager option on the home page

  • Tap on that option

  • Here, Airtel Thanks App will ask for your permission, you need to allow it

  • On the top-left corner of the screen under the “Call Manager” section, tap on “all calls”

  • Now you can see all the calls that you made and received on your Airtel number

Is There Any Charge to Check Call History in Airtel App?

I have confirmed this on the Airtel app. Airtel is providing this service for free. You can get call history for all your number free of cost. This information is clearly visible in the screenshot shared below. It clearly mentions that there are no charges for this service. 

So we are at the end of this post on how to get call history in the Airtel app. I hope all the queries on this topic are clear. Using the information, you can easily get the call history of your Airtel number. This service is free and you can get up to 6 months of call history very easily. The details will be sent to your registered email ID. 



So, I hope you get to how to check call history in the Airtel App. I have tried my best to provide all the information related to the topic. In the article, there are two different ways mentioned, both are quite simple and given in steb by step format. If you found the information provided here useful, do not forget to acknowledge us in the comment section below. Also, share this article with your friens and family, so that they can also know about this easy and effective process we discussed herde in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I see my call history on Airtel App?

A. Yes, it is possible to check call history on Airtel app. You just need to send an SMS to 121 typing EPREBILL Month and EMAIL ID. Your monthly call history will be provided to you on your Airtel app.

Q. How can I check my call details in Airtel App?

A.  Open Airtel Thanks App > tap "call manager" button below the flashing banners > all the calls you made using and received on Airtel number will be displayed on the screen.

Q. How can I get Airtel full call history statement?

A. You can easily chack your full call history on Airtel using Airtel Thanks App, read our article to know all the ways using which you can check call history for your Airtel number.

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