How to Get Green Tick on WhatsApp? (2024 Guide)

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How to Get Green Tick on WhatsApp? Have you seen the green tick badges appearing on WhatsApp accounts? They appear on the verified business accounts. 

If you are interested in boosting your business reach and visibility, you should definitely know how to get a green tick on WhatsApp

After creating a business account, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of the many benefits provided by WhatsApp. In this article, you will also learn about the Benefits of Having a Green Tick on WhatsApp and the eligibility criteria to do that. 

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how to get green tick on WhatsApp

What is the Green Tick Mark on WhatsApp? 

We have all heard of the double blue ticks on WhatsApp, which are the read receipts. But what about the green tick on WhatsApp, what is that? The green tick on the WhatsApp account means that it is a verified WhatsApp business account. 

Businesses have transcended the boundaries of physical accessibility. They can now reach customers all around the nation, if not the world. WhatsApp is the most used messaging app today, and the benefits of having a WhatsApp business account are undoubtedly advantageous for both big and small businesses. 

WhatsApp is very strict with its business account verification and authentication process. So, a green tick definitely means that you are talking to the real business account of a genuine business and not some fake account. 

Types of WhatsApp Business Account 

There are 2 types of business accounts on WhatsApp. One is ‘Business account’, and the other is ‘Offical Business account’. Let’s have a look at them both before you get confused. 

  • Business Account: A business account shows the official name with the phone number, even if the number is not saved in contacts. You will also have the option to mention other details on your account, like business info, business address, timings, and e-mail ID. This account is mainly for small and medium business enterprises to extend their reach. You can create a business account with the WhatsApp Business app.

  • Official Business Account: This is an upgraded version of the Business account designed for big business enterprises. An official Business account has an official badge (green tick) next to the business name. It only displays the business name and not the phone number, even without saving the contact. However, you can not create an Official Business account with the WhatsApp Business app. 

How to Get Green Tick on WhatsApp? Complete Guide 

As you now know, the green tick on WhatsApp is for a verified business account. So, if you want your business to seem authentic and genuine to the customers, it’s good to have a green tick mark on WhatsApp business account. Unfortunately, you can not get the official badge through the WhatsApp Business app. You have to use a WhatsApp Marketing software for that. 

Let me give you the steps in detail on how to get green tick on WhatsApp: 

Step 1 - Register on WhatsApp Business API’ 

Step 2 - Create your WhatsApp business account using a Business Solution Provider (BSP)’

Step 3 - Start sending WhatsApp campaigns with your account as soon as possible. 

Step 4 - Turn on ‘Two factor authentication’ in the ‘Meta Business settings’. 

Step 5 - In the same tab, complete the verification process as well. 

Step 6 - Then go to ‘WhatsApp accounts’ and select the account you want to apply for the green tick. 

Step 7 - Go to Settings → Contact Support → Ask a Question → WABiz: Request official business account status

Step 8 - Fill in the information asked and submit the required documents. 

You will be updated within a few days. If your application has been successful, then a green tick will appear automatically on your WhatsApp Business account. 

Pro Tip: Reach out to over 1,000 people daily through business-initiated messages to increase your chances of getting the WhatsApp green tick. 

Benefits of Having a Green Tick on WhatsApp Business Account

You have now learned about the process of how to get green tick on WhatsApp. So, let’s have a look at the many benefits of a green tick mark on WhatsApp business accounts. 

  • Boost Credibility: An official badge added to the account adds a layer of trust and credibility. It shows that the account is verified by WhatsApp and that the information provided by the account is genuine. 

  • Enhance Visibility: WhatsApp gives the chance to all types of business accounts from small to big, to reach a larger section of users, which are the potential customers. 

  • Direct Communication: With a WhatsApp business account, you can easily send updates and new information to customers. 

  • Great Marketing Tool: WhatsApp is something which people use very often so it’s a great way to market your products and services on a regular basis. 

  • Add-On Features: You can customise your business profile by adding a business address, e-mail ID, and more. It also gives you access to various other features, like messaging templates, quick replies, etc. 

Telegram has also become a great platform for businesses to connect with their users. Check out the best telegram channels India from many different categories. 

Eligibility for a Green Tick on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has reserved green tick badges for popular brands. So don’t get discouraged if you can’t get one right now. Keep working on your brand and apply again in the future. Meanwhile, let’s find out who can apply for the green tick on WhatsApp

  • Business should be popular. WhatsApp considers a business as popular if it has large social media coverage or presence. 

  • Only businesses can apply for the green tick badge. and not celebrities or influencers.  

  • The business should be using the WhatsApp Business Platform API. 

The criteria for getting a green tick are not precisely clear. However, the website's business reputation and domain authority play important roles. So try to get more coverage on social media platforms weeks before applying for the green tick badge. This will enhance your chances of appearing as a popular business. 

Businesses that Cannot Apply for Green Tick on WhatsApp

Some businesses are not even allowed to create an account on WhatsApp, let alone get the green tick. 

  • Gambling

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Drugs

  • Tobacco 

  • Alcohol

  • Medical products

  • Weapons

  • Adult products and services

  • Dating services

One great thing about the official green tick badge is that it cannot be bought with money, which gives every business a fair chance. 

Wrapping Up!

WhatsApp has now also become a fantastic marketing tool for businesses. More and more businesses are searching for how to get green tick on WhatsApp to enhance their business visibility. You need to register with WhatsApp Business API and apply for the green tick badge through Meta Business Manager. The green tick mark on WhatsApp business account boosts the credibility of the business and makes it appear genuine to the users. Feel free to drop any query related to this article in the comments section. 

Questions You May Have

Q. Is WhatsApp green tick-free?

Ans. WhatsApp does not charge any fees for the green tick badge, and is completely free to get. 

Q. How to Get Green Tick on WhatsApp?

Ans. You can apply for the green tick on WhatsApp through the Meta Business Manager or some other Business Solution Provider. 

Q. How do I turn on green ticks on WhatsApp?

Ans. Go to ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Privacy’. Turn on the ‘Read Receipts’ and green ticks will be visible on the chats. 

Q. How do I get the green symbol on WhatsApp?

Ans. First, you have to create an account on the WhatsApp Business API. Then apply for the green tick badge through Meta Business Manager. 

Q. How to get a Whatsapp business account? 

Ans. You can simply download the WhatsApp Business app and there you can create a normal WhatsApp Business account. 

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