How to Delete Truecaller Search History in 2024?

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Hey, Truecaller users! Do you know how to delete truecaller search history? If not, you landed at the right place as this article will help you to know. 

I don't know about you, but I always keep my privacy at the top. You already know that search history contains sensitive information, so that is why it is mandatory to delete search history on Truecaller. 

For this, I researched to know the procedure. Thankfully, it was much easier, and from now on, I keep deleting my search history to keep my personal information in a safe zone. 

Are you also the one who would like to know how to delete truecaller search history? Well, this article has covered everything. Moreover, you will learn How to Delete Messages on Truecaller. Read this article till the end-

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How to Delete Truecaller Search History

How to Delete Truecaller Search History? All Easy Steps

There can be many methods to delete, but I will share the easiest one, which is 100% working. I also use it, and it deletes my search history. If you are searching for how to delete search history from truecaller, check the jotted points below-

  • Your first step is to download the Truecaller app on your smartphone.

  • After downloading it successfully, open the application. 

  • You will see a Search Bar at the top of the screen.

  • Click on the Search Bar.

  • You will see your search history with the option "Clear History" option.

  • Tap on the "Clear History" option.

  • Now, you will get a confirmation message, so click on the "Delete" button.

Finally!! Your search for how to delete truecaller search history ends here. I have shared the simple procedure to help you. Only follow this method instead of any other challenging one. 

How to Delete Messages on Truecaller?

You no longer need to save messages of one of your friends on Truecaller and are looking for the steps to delete messages. No issues! All you need to do is follow these steps-

  • Have you installed the Truecaller App? If yes, open it.

  • You will see the "Messages icon" next to the Call icon.

  • Your next step is to long press on the message you don't want to keep.

  • Tap on the Delete icon at the top right side.

  • Click on the Delete icon again for confirmation. 

Finally! This is how to Delete Messages on Truecaller. If you are looking for the procedure, share these steps with them.

How to Remove Truecaller as Default Dialer? If you are interested to know about it, read this article

Can I Remove Suggested Name from Truecaller?

Of course you can! Earlier, it was not possible, but now you can do this. The process is quite easy to remove the suggested name from this app. Read out the steps to know how-

  • Firstly, open the Truecaller app on your mobile phone.

  • You will see the three-horizontal icon at the top left side.

  • Tap on it.

  • Your next step is to click on the Settings option.

  • Next is to click on the Privacy Center > Deactivate.

  • Your final step is to click on the "Yes" option.

About TrueCaller and its Key Features 

Truecaller is one of the leading applications that let you enjoy the benefits like Caller ID, call-blocking, flash-messaging, etc. All it needs from you is a standard cellular mobile number to complete the registration for these services. The latest update of this top application is it has 368 million people who use Truecaller daily. Also, the number of installations is 1B, and the app has identified Spam calls and blocked around 100B+. 

  • The call availability feature is there to let other people know when you're on a call or in silent mode. 

  • You will not miss any deadlines or forgotten messages as Truecaller provides a Schedule Messages feature. 

  • There is no need to waste time on pointless phone calls when the Call Reason feature is there to help you. 


Say Goodbye to the long process of deleting search history in Truecaller. I have shared the simple procedure for all those who daily look for how to delete truecaller search history. There can be multiple reasons behind deleting it, and I believe it is a good decision to delete search history every day. So, if someone asks how to delete truecaller search history, I am sure you will share this best procedure to help them. The article also covers how to remove Suggested Name from Truecaller and How to Delete Messages on Truecaller. Still, have lots of questions? Just drop here below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I delete my Truecaller history?

A1. You can delete your search history on the Truecaller app by following these steps-

  • Open the Truecaller app.

  • Click on the Search Bar.

  • Tap on the "Clear History" button.

  • Click on the Delete button.

Q2. Is Truecaller app safe?

A2. Truecaller guarantees to protect users from scams and fraud, as 368 million people currently use the application.

Q3. How can I delete contact from Truecaller search?

A3. Follow these steps to delete contact from Truecaller search:

  • Open the Truecaller app and click on the Contact view.

  • Your next step is to select the identified tab.

  • Click on the Profile>3-dot menu.

  • Click on "Remove".

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